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1 scent /ˈsɛnt/ noun
plural scents
1 scent
plural scents
Learner's definition of SCENT
: a pleasant smell that is produced by something香味;芳香
: a smell that is left by an animal or person and that can be sensed and followed by some animals (such as dogs)(动物或人留下的)臭迹,气味
often used figuratively常用作比喻
: a slight indication of something that is going to happen or that might happen迹象;预示
: a quality that suggests or shows the existence of something痕迹
[count, noncount] : a liquid that is put on your body to give it a pleasant odor : perfume香水
2 scent /ˈsɛnt/ verb
scents; scented; scenting
2 scent
scents; scented; scenting
Learner's definition of SCENT
[+ object]
: to become aware of (something) by smell闻到;嗅到
often used figuratively常用作比喻
: to give (something) a pleasing smell使有香味
often used as (be) scented常用作(be) scented


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: effluvia from a substance that affect the sense of smell: such as
: an odor left by an animal on a surface passed over
: a characteristic or particular odor
especially : one that is agreeable
: power of smelling : sense of smell
a keen scent
: power of detection : nose
a scent for heresy
: a course of pursuit or discovery
throw one off the scent
: inkling, intimation
a scent of trouble
: bits of paper dropped in the game of hare and hounds
: a mixture prepared for use as a lure in hunting or fishing
scentless adjective


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scented; scenting; scents

transitive verb

: to perceive by the olfactory organs : smell
: to get or have an inkling of
scent trouble
: to imbue or fill with odor
scented the air with perfume

intransitive verb

: to yield an odor of some specified kind
this scents of sulfur
also : to bear indication or suggestions
: to use the nose in seeking or tracking prey
Choose the Right Synonym for scent

fragrance, perfume, scent, redolence mean a sweet or pleasant odor.

fragrance suggests the odors of flowers or other growing things.

the fragrance of pine

perfume may suggest a stronger or heavier odor.

the perfume of lilacs

scent is very close to perfume but of wider application because more neutral in connotation.

scent-free soaps

redolence implies a mixture of fragrant or pungent odors.

the redolence of a forest after a rain

smell, scent, odor, aroma mean the quality that makes a thing perceptible to the olfactory sense.

smell implies solely the sensation without suggestion of quality or character.

an odd smell permeated the room

scent applies to the characteristic smell given off by a substance, an animal, or a plant.

the scent of lilacs

odor may imply a stronger or more readily distinguished scent or it may be equivalent to smell.

a cheese with a strong odor

aroma suggests a somewhat penetrating usually pleasant odor.

the aroma of freshly ground coffee

Example Sentences

Noun The flower has a wonderful scent. The dogs followed the fox's scent. The prisoner escaped because the dogs lost his scent. Verb The dog scented a rabbit. She scented the air with perfume.
Recent Examples on the Web
Dogs are renowned for their ability to identify and track objects by scent. Tom Metcalfe, NBC News, 26 July 2022 For those who aren’t soothed by the scent of cordite, Super offered an alternative. Evan Osnos, The New Yorker, 18 July 2022 Chiklak heard a commotion on Tuesday night as bears went inside a nearby tent, drawn by the scent of food. Emily Goodykoontz, Anchorage Daily News, 30 June 2022 Every spring there is a moment when I am overcome by the scent of the new season. Genevieve Fullan, Longreads, 12 Apr. 2022 At Plénitude, the chef works like a perfumer, seeking to evoke the range of emotion aroused by a unique scent, but through his own medium: sauces. Vivian Song, Robb Report, 16 Jan. 2022 Jocelyn Bennett paints her daughters’ toenails, not bothered by the strong scent of nail polish filling the room at the HomeTown Studios in Orlando. Vladimir Isachenkov, orlandosentinel.com, 6 Aug. 2021 Maybe Asha and Ravi want to throw nosy aunties off the scent. Sonia Rao, Washington Post, 17 Aug. 2022 The lip glosses were designed to resemble the sauces not just in color but also in scent. Gabi Thorne, Allure, 29 July 2022
But, scent aside, both sticks are infused with sodium PCA. Sarah Han, Allure, 18 July 2022 Dr Acharya mentions that essential oils (concentrated oils extracted from plants) are also used to scent products (often by brands which market themselves as 'natural' or 'clean'). Jacqueline Kilikita, refinery29.com, 8 Feb. 2022 For a few precious weeks, its regal petals scent the surrounding area with a lemony fragrance. BostonGlobe.com, 6 May 2022 This hand-poured, clean-burning soy candle will scent your apartment for up to 60 hours. Bon Appétit, 26 Apr. 2022 The cluster of pines that scent my favorite picnic spot. Shawnté Salabert, Outside Online, 22 Apr. 2022 Anyone who has experienced a rainy day in the desert knows about that delicate fragrance that rises to scent the shifting winds. San Diego Union-Tribune, 25 Dec. 2021 But its main purpose is to scent your space for up to eight cordless hours. Nykia Spradley, Allure, 29 Nov. 2021 At the moment, L’Oreal is benefitting from a boom in fragrances, to scent the return to real life. David Meyer, Fortune, 4 Nov. 2021 See More

Word History



Middle English sent, from Anglo-French sente, from sentir


Middle English senten, from Anglo-French sentir to feel, smell, from Latin sentire to perceive, feel — more at sense

First Known Use


15th century, in the meaning defined at sense 1


15th century, in the meaning defined at transitive sense 1a

Time Traveler
The first known use of scent was in the 15th century


1pleasant smell香味ADJECTIVE | VERB + SCENT | SCENT + VERB ADJECTIVEheady, heavy, intoxicating, pungent, rich, sharp, strong醉人的芳香;濃重的香味;刺鼻的香味;濃郁的香氣;濃烈的香味the heavy scent of Indian cooking印度菜濃郁的香味delicate, faint, soft淡雅的香味;幽香;淡淡的香味lingering揮之不去的香氣sweet芳香beautiful, delicious, lovely, pleasant美妙的香味;怡人的香氣fresh清新的香味the fresh scent of flowers鮮花的清香warm溫潤的香氣floral, flowery花香jasmine, lavender, pine, etc.茉莉花、薰衣草、松木等的香氣musky, spicy麝香的/香料的芬芳exotic異國情調的香味Frank inhaled the exotic floral scent of her perfume.弗蘭克嗅了一下她的香水散發出來的異國花香。familiar熟悉的香味VERB + SCENThave有香味This flower has no scent.這花沒有香味。be filled with充滿香味The air was filled with the scent of lilac.空氣中瀰漫着丁香花的芬芳。give off, release釋放出/散發出香味The flowers give off a heady scent at night.這些花在晚上散發出醉人的芳香。breathe in, inhale, smell吸入/嗅到/聞到香味SCENT + VERBcome, drift, waft香味撲鼻而來;香氣飄來From the vine outside came the scent of honey.外面的葡萄藤飄來花蜜的香味。fill sth香氣充滿⋯The scent of pine filled the room.松木的香氣瀰漫整個房間。linger香氣不散The scent of incense lingered in the air.熏香的氣味還留存在空氣中。


2smell that an animal/a person leaves behind動物或人留下的氣味ADJECTIVE | VERB + SCENT | SCENT + NOUN ADJECTIVEbody, human, masculine, personal, sexual體味;人體氣味;男性體味;個體氣味;與性別相關的氣味VERB + SCENTbe on, have循着/嗅着臭跡The dog was on the scent of a rabbit.狗循着野兔的臭跡追踪。The hounds have the scent.獵犬嗅着臭跡。leave留下氣味The cat had left its scent on the sofa.沙發上留下了貓的氣味。catch, pick up聞到/嗅出臭跡One of the hounds had picked up the scent of a fox.其中一條獵犬嗅到了狐狸的臭跡。lose失去臭跡follow跟踪臭跡SCENT + NOUNgland氣味腺mark, marking氣味標記trail臭跡
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0_0: Translations of scent
  • # v.
    發覺: discern, espy, find, scent, sniff
    燻: fume, fumigate, scent
    熏: fumigate, scent, smoke
  • # n.
    香水: aromatic water, cologne, nosegay, perfume, scent
    香味: fragrance, fragrancy, perfume, scent, sweet smell

0_0: Definitions of scent
  • # noun.
    - a distinctive smell, especially one that is pleasant.
    * the scent of freshly cut hay
    - a trail indicated by the characteristic smell of an animal and perceptible to hounds or other animals.
    * the hound followed the scent
    - the faculty or sense of smell.
    * the dog, having the help of scent as well as of sight
  • # verb.
    - impart a pleasant scent to.
    * a glass of tea scented with lemon balm
    - discern by the sense of smell.
    * a shark can scent blood from well over half a mile away

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