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TOEFL BNC: 1112 COCA: 738


scene /ˈsiːn/ noun
plural scenes
plural scenes
Learner's definition of SCENE
: a division of an act in a play during which the action takes place in a single place without a break in time(戏剧中的)一场
: a part of a play, movie, story, etc., in which a particular action or activity occurs(戏剧、电影、故事等的)场景,场面
[count] : a view or sight that looks like a picture景色;景象
[count] : the place of an event or action事发地;现场
often + of
[count] : an occurrence in which someone becomes angry and loud in a noticeable way in a public place(在公开场合的)争吵,吵闹usually singular通常用单数
: a particular area of activity that involves many people活动领域;圈子
: someone's usual area of activity or surroundings : the place where someone lives, works, etc.(某人的)活动范围,生活环境,工作环境used in the phrase change of scene用于短语change of scene
[count] : something that happens : an event or occurrence事情;事件
often + of

behind the scenes

: in or into a private or secret place where things are done without being seen or known by the public秘密地;在幕后
see also behind-the-scenes

enter the scene

see enter

on the scene

used to say that someone or something is or has become an important part of a situation, activity, etc.(重要的人或事物)出现,亮相,登场,问世
see also scene 3 (above)

set the scene

: to give someone information that is needed to understand something提供背景信息
: to create the conditions in which something can happen为…提供条件
TOEFL BNC: 1112 COCA: 738



: one of the subdivisions of a play: such as
: a division of an act presenting continuous action in one place
: a single situation or unit of dialogue in a play
the love scene
: a motion-picture or television episode or sequence
: a stage setting
: a real or imaginary prospect suggesting a stage setting
a sylvan scene
: the place of an occurrence or action : locale
scene of the crime
: an exhibition of anger or indecorous behavior
He has stolen her salad, but she's too well-mannered to make a scene [=act in a disruptive way]. Vincent Canby
: sphere of activity
the drug scene
: situation
a bad scene
behind the scenes
: out of public view
also : in secret
: in a position to see the hidden workings
taken behind the scenes and told just how in fact the actual government … has operated William Clark

Example Sentences

The play's opening scene takes place in the courtyard. The actor was nervous about his big scene. Police are now at the scene.
Recent Examples on the Web The release said traffic has been temporarily diverted while authorities continue to investigate at the scene. Alexandria Brown, Arkansas Online, 21 Sep. 2022 Chauvin, the senior officer at the scene, was convicted in April 2021 of second- and third-degree murder, as well as second-degree manslaughter. Janelle Griffith, NBC News, 21 Sep. 2022 When complications arose during the procedure, Adame and Galaz dialed 911 and left Rajpaul at the scene. Landon Mion, Fox News, 21 Sep. 2022 The woman -- whose father arrived at the scene -- agreed to go to her parents’ home. John Benson, cleveland, 21 Sep. 2022 Marti-Suarez was pronounced dead at the scene, LMPD said at the time, while another man who had been shot was taken to University of Louisville Hospital, where he was treated and released. Ana Rocío Álvarez Bríñez, The Courier-Journal, 21 Sep. 2022 Audio from surveillance cameras captured the sound of about a dozen gunshots at the scene. Steve Helling, Peoplemag, 21 Sep. 2022 Melanie was found unconscious in the girl’s bathroom and was pronounced dead at the scene by paramedics. Summer Lin, Los Angeles Times, 21 Sep. 2022 At the scene, first responders located a 22-year-old resident of Davison with serious chest injuries and a 25-year-old Clay Township resident with a serious leg injury. Susan Selasky, Detroit Free Press, 21 Sep. 2022 See More

Word History


Middle French, stage, from Latin scena, scaena stage, scene, probably from Etruscan, from Greek skēnē shelter, tent, building forming the background for a dramatic performance, stage; perhaps akin to Greek skia shadow — more at shine

First Known Use

circa 1520, in the meaning defined at sense 1

Time Traveler
The first known use of scene was circa 1520
TOEFL BNC: 1112 COCA: 738


1place where sth happened發生地點ADJECTIVE | VERB + SCENE | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEaccident, crash, crime, murder事故/墜機/犯罪/兇殺現場footprints found near the murder scene在兇殺現場附近發現的腳印VERB + SCENEattend, be on到現場;在現場A police officer attended the scene.一名警察來到現場。arrive at, arrive on, reach趕到現場;到達現場An ambulance soon arrived at the scene of the accident.一輛救護車很快趕到了事故現場。return to, rush to回到/趕回現場flee, leave逃離/離開現場be called to被叫到現場The police were called to the scene.警察被叫到了現場。cordon off (especially BrE) 在現場設置警戒線PREPOSITIONat the scene在現場Police say the man died at the scene.警方說那名男子當場死亡。a gun found at the scene of the crime在犯罪現場找到的槍on the scene到現場Photographers were on the scene in seconds.攝影師轉瞬間就到了現場。scene of⋯的現場The criminal often revisits the scene of the crime.罪犯往往會重返犯罪現場。


2what you see around you周圍所見的景象ADJECTIVE | VERB + SCENE | SCENE + VERB | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEbeautiful, charming, idyllic, peaceful, picturesque美景;迷人的景色;田園詩般的景色;寧靜的景象;如畫的風景bucolic, pastoral鄉村景色;田園風光grisly, gruesome, horrific可怕的/嚇人的/恐怖的景象appalling, distressing駭人的/令人痛苦的景象touching動人的景象bizarre, extraordinary, strange怪異的/異常的/奇怪的情景She opened the door on an extraordinary scene of disorder.她打開門,眼前是一片混亂不堪的景象。familiar熟悉的景象domestic家庭景象a touching domestic scene動人的家庭畫面city, country, rural, street城市景色;鄉村景色;田園風景;街景nativity聖誕場景VERB + SCENEstare at, survey, watch, witness注視/查看/審視/目擊情景He surveyed the scene with horror.他查看這一場景時心裏充滿了恐懼。imagine, picture設想/描繪景象recall, remember, replay回憶/記起/重溫景象I replayed the scene in my mind.那一幕情景在我腦海中重現。describe描述情形SCENE + VERBoccur, unfold情形發生/呈現We sat in horror watching the scenes of violence unfold before us.我們驚恐地呆坐着,目睹暴力場景一幕幕在眼前呈現。be reminiscent of sth情景令人回憶起⋯Paramedics tended the wounded in scenes reminiscent of wartime.救護人員照料傷者的情形令人想起戰時歲月。PREPOSITIONamid scenes of在情景之中The star arrived amidst scenes of excitement.明星到達時現場一片歡騰。in a/the scene在情景中scene from來自⋯的情景scenes from Greek mythology希臘神話中的情景scene of⋯的景象He painted scenes of country life.他描繪的是鄉間生活的景象。The battlefield was a scene of utter carnage.戰場完全是一片大屠殺的慘象。PHRASESa change of scene (especially BrE) (usually a change of scenery in NAmE) 環境的改換You're exhausted. What you need is a complete change of scene.你已經筋疲力盡了,你需要的是徹底換一下環境。


3one part of book, play, etc.書;戲劇ADJECTIVE | VERB + SCENE | SCENE + VERB | SCENE + NOUN | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEopening開場climactic, final, last高潮段;終場;最後一幕dramatic, funny, romantic, steamy, touching, tragic戲劇性的/滑稽的/浪漫的/激情的/動人的/悲劇性的場面The movie has several steamy bedroom scenes.影片中有幾場牀上激情戲。courtroom, crowd法庭/群眾場面action, battle, chase, fight動作戲;戰爭場面;追打場面;打鬥場面bedroom, kissing, love, sex牀上戲;吻戲;愛情戲;性愛場面death死亡場景cut, deleted剪切掉的/刪剪了的場景VERB + SCENEact, play演出⋯場面She plays the love scenes brilliantly.她把幾場愛情戲演得有聲有色。rehearse, run through排練⋯場面We ran through the final scene again.我們又把最後一場戲過了一遍。recreate重塑場景write描寫場景film, shoot拍攝⋯場面stage上演⋯場景set設置場景The scene is set in the first paragraph with an account of Sally's childhood.第一段中通過對薩莉童年的描述設定了故事的背景。steal搶戲The little girl stole the scene from all the big stars.這個小女孩比所有那些大明星都搶鏡頭。SCENE + VERBfeature sb一場戲由某人主演depict sth, show sth場景描述⋯/表現⋯begin場景開始take place場景發生shift場景轉換Then the scene shifts to the kitchen.接着鏡頭切換到了廚房。SCENE + NOUNchange場景的改變PREPOSITIONin a/the scene在場景中He appears in the opening scene.一開場他就登台亮相了。scene between⋯之間的戲There is a dramatic fight scene between the two brothers.兩兄弟之間有一場充滿戲劇衝突的打鬥戲。PHRASESbehind the scenes (= behind the stage) 在幕後The documentary takes a look behind the scenes at the making of the hit TV series.這部紀錄片拍攝的是製作熱播電視連續劇的幕後花絮。a change of scene場景的改變


4public display of anger, etc.當眾發火ADJECTIVE | VERB + SCENE | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEbig, little當眾大吵;當眾小鬧一場angry, terrible, ugly, unpleasant當眾發火;粗俗的當眾大吵;令人不快的當眾吵鬧emotional, violent情緒激動的當眾大吵;激烈的當眾吵鬧VERB + SCENEcause, create, make引起當眾吵鬧;大吵大鬧Quiet! Don't make a scene!安靜!不要當眾大吵大鬧!PREPOSITIONscene between⋯之間的爭吵There have been a couple of ugly scenes between him and the manager.他和經理之間有過幾次極不愉快的爭吵。


5area of activity活動領域ADJECTIVE | VERB + SCENE | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEburgeoning, flourishing, lively生機勃勃的/欣欣向榮的/活躍的領域contemporary當代領域international, local, world國際/地方/世界領域art, arts, cultural, literary, music, musical, theatre/theater藝術界;文化界;文學領域;音樂界;戲劇界He is heavily involved in the local art scene.他與當地藝術界關係密切。club, dance夜總會圈子;舞蹈界fashion, political, social時裝界;政界;社會領域dating, singles約會圈子;單身人士圈子gay同性戀圈子drug, drugs, underground毒品圈子;地下圈子folk, jazz, pop, rap, rock, etc.民間音樂、爵士樂、流行樂、說唱音樂、搖滾樂等圈子VERB + SCENEbe involved in, be part of涉足/參與⋯領域appear on, arrive on, come on, come onto出現在⋯領域;現身⋯領域;在⋯領域登場A new face has arrived on the South African literary scene.南非文學界出現了一張新面孔。burst onto, explode onto突然出現在⋯領域;突然在⋯領域顯現vanish from從⋯領域消失Many of the stars of the nineties have completely vanished from the music scene.許多 90 年代的明星已經從樂壇銷聲匿跡了。dominate支配⋯領域PREPOSITIONon the scene, onto the scene出現在⋯領域the eruption of Cuban music onto the world scene古巴音樂在世界樂壇的崛起PHRASESa newcomer to the scene圈內的新人The movie's director is a newcomer to the Hollywood scene.這部影片的導演是好萊塢圈子裏的新人。not your scene (informal) 不是興趣所在Hillwalking is not my scene, so I stayed at home.山地遠足不是我的興趣所在,所以我待在家裏。

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