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IELTS BNC: 2310 COCA: 2559


wealth /ˈwɛlθ/ noun
Learner's definition of WEALTH
: a large amount of money and possessions钱财;财富
: the value of all the property, possessions, and money that someone or something has(某人或某物拥有的全部)财富,资产,财产总值
[singular] : a large amount or number丰富;充裕;大量

share/spread the wealth

: to share your money, goods, etc., with other people共享财富
IELTS BNC: 2310 COCA: 2559



ˈwelth How to pronounce wealth (audio)
 also  ˈweltth
: abundance of valuable material possessions or resources
: abundant supply : profusion
: all property that has a money value or an exchangeable value
: all material objects that have economic utility
especially : the stock of useful goods having economic value in existence at any one time
national wealth
obsolete : weal, welfare

Example Sentences

a nation that has acquired great wealth someone whose sole goal is the accumulation of wealth Her personal wealth is estimated to be around $10 billion. What percentage of the national wealth is spent on health care? I was impressed by the wealth of choices. Libraries offer a wealth of information. See More
Recent Examples on the Web John Fetterman, Pennsylvania’s burly, 6-foot-9 Democratic lieutenant governor, has wielded the weapons of satire and snark on the internet and off to turn Oz’s residency and wealth into a focal point of the race. Elvia Limón, Los Angeles Times, 7 Sep. 2022 The authors—James Dale Davidson, an American investor, and William Rees-Mogg, a British baron and longtime editor of The Times of London—argue that as digital technology makes wealth increasingly hard to tax, the nation-state will dissolve. Anthony Lydgate, WIRED, 6 Sep. 2022 What is the scheme that the Justice Department says a guy at an Independence wealth-management company helped wealthy clients defraud the Internal Revenue Service? Laura Johnston, cleveland, 31 Aug. 2022 The market’s weakness after the Fed’s comments isn’t surprising given this aggressive policy stance, David Bahnsen, chief investment officer of The Bahnsen Group, a wealth management firm, told Fortune. Will Daniel, Fortune, 30 Aug. 2022 After getting out of coaching, Campbell began a career in life insurance and wealth management. Tom Green | Tgreen@al.com, al, 26 Aug. 2022 Perry, who cares for and financially supports her disabled mother, said those obligations act as societal tax on Black people, preventing the growth of generational wealth. Annie Ma, Anchorage Daily News, 26 Aug. 2022 Maybe not, according to analysts from investment and wealth management firm Glenmede. Tristan Bove, Fortune, 23 Aug. 2022 How does this opportunity with private wealth management bring something new into Yasmin's professional life? Alamin Yohannes, EW.com, 2 Aug. 2022 See More

Word History


Middle English welthe, from wele weal

First Known Use

13th century, in the meaning defined at sense 4

Time Traveler
The first known use of wealth was in the 13th century
IELTS BNC: 2310 COCA: 2559


1money, property, etc.財富ADJECTIVE | VERB + WEALTH | PHRASES ADJECTIVEconsiderable, enormous, fabulous, great, immense, incredible, tremendous, unimaginable, unprecedented, untold, vast可觀的財富;巨大的財富;難以置信的財富;難以想像的財富;前所未有的財富;數不盡的財產It is a country of fabulous wealth.這是一個非常富有的國家。growing, increasing日益增長的財富;越來越多的財產relative相對富有the relative wealth of the nation這個國家的相對富有economic, financial, material, mineral, natural經濟財富;金融財富;物質財富;礦產資源;自然資源The country's strong economy was built on its mineral wealth.這個國家強大的經濟是建立在豐富的礦藏基礎上的。The region possesses a vast natural wealth, particularly of timber.這個地區擁有大量的自然資源,木材資源尤其豐富。oil石油資源the great oil wealth of the region該地區豐富的石油資源net淨財富The average family increased its net wealth by 50% between 1989 and 2001.1989 年至 2001 年間,家庭平均淨財富增加了 50%。corporate, national, personal, private公司/國民/個人/私有財富household (especially NAmE) 家庭財富Rising employment and household wealth are bolstering spending.就業率和家庭財富的上升支撑着消費。family, inherited家庭財富;繼承的財產a tax on inherited wealth繼承財產稅new-found新獲得的財富She wants to protect their new-found wealth.她想要保護他們新獲得的財富。instant迅速獲得的財富the pursuit of instant wealth對暴富的追求new新財富the kind of capital that generates new wealth那種能創造新財富的資本accumulated積累的財富the accumulated wealth from his business他做生意積累起來的財富total總財富the total wealth of the global economy全球經濟總財富VERB + WEALTHhave, possess擁有財富accumulate, achieve, acquire, amass, build, gain, increase積累財富;獲得財富;創造財富;增加財富inherit繼承財富lose喪失財富He lost his wealth through poor investment.他因投資不當而賠上了自己的財產。transfer轉移財富create, generate, produce創造財富distribute, share, spread分配財富;共享財富;分攤財富He has no family with whom he can share his wealth.他沒有家人可以共享自己的財富。concentrate集中財富display, flaunt顯露/炫耀財富He's never flaunted his wealth.他從不炫耀自己的財富。enjoy享有財富She enjoys enormous wealth and material pleasures.她擁有巨大的財富和物質享樂。PHRASESa distribution of wealth, a redistribution of wealth財富的分配/再分配a redistribution of wealth through taxation通過稅收實現的財富再分配


2a wealth of a lot of大量ADJECTIVE | VERB + A WEALTH OF | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEenormous, great, immense, incredible, tremendous, whole充裕;豐富VERB + A WEALTH OFhave有大量Switzerland has an enormous wealth of beautiful old buildings.瑞士有無數美麗的老房子。offer, provide提供大量The website provides a wealth of information.該網站提供大量的信息。bring帶來大量He brings a wealth of experience to the cooperative.他給合作社帶來許多經驗。contain含有大量This chapter contains a wealth of information in a very concise form.本章雖然簡明扼要,信息量卻很大。PREPOSITIONof ... wealth擁有大量⋯She is a woman of untold wealth.她是一個財富難以估量的女人。

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