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BNC: 2881 COCA: 2816


joy /ˈʤoɪ/ noun
plural joys
plural joys
Learner's definition of JOY
[noncount] : a feeling of great happiness高兴;快乐;喜悦
see also (little) bundle of joy at 1bundle
[count] : a source or cause of great happiness : something or someone that gives joy to someone乐事;乐趣;令人高兴的人
[noncount] British, informal : success in doing, finding, or getting something成功
BNC: 2881 COCA: 2816


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: the emotion evoked by well-being, success, or good fortune or by the prospect of possessing what one desires : delight
: the expression or exhibition of such emotion : gaiety
: a state of happiness or felicity : bliss
: a source or cause of delight
joyless adjective
joylessly adverb
joylessness noun


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joyed; joying; joys

intransitive verb

: to experience great pleasure or delight : rejoice

transitive verb

archaic : gladden
archaic : enjoy

Example Sentences

Noun Their sorrow turned to joy. I can hardly express the joy I felt at seeing her again. Seeing her again brought tears of joy to my eyes. The flowers are a joy to behold! What a joy it was to see her again. Verb the whole town is joying in the fact that its oldest church has been restored to its Victorian splendor See More
Recent Examples on the Web
For a few hours, everyone was collectively willed into a state of punch-drunk joy weirdness, and the victory lap was earned. David Fear, Rolling Stone, 9 Sep. 2022 Jay Leno recalled taking a joy ride with President Joe Biden while filming the upcoming season of his show Jay Leno's Garage — and not in the presidential motocade. Stephanie Wenger, Peoplemag, 7 Sep. 2022 The second is the sweet leap of boy-joy that 17-year-old Nate Gibson takes off a rocky ledge and into a pond. Lisa Kennedy, Variety, 1 Sep. 2022 As Schumer takes in the situation, her face appears to deflate—the triumphal joy replaced by panicked recognition. Ariel Levy, The New Yorker, 29 Aug. 2022 But the food itself — clams and various shellfish, sweet corn and new potatoes, all showered with Old Bay Seasoning — plus the way it is served in a big pile at the center of the table, bring carefree, summertime joy indoors, too. Ellie Krieger, Washington Post, 25 Aug. 2022 Lounging seaside in a bikini and linen coverup sparks obvious joy, but the styling opportunities that come with fall are arguably even more exciting. Sam Peters, Harper's BAZAAR, 11 Aug. 2022 The short trailer-like teaser then flashes chaotic scenes from that odyssey, including chase scenes and wild joy rides. Etan Vlessing, The Hollywood Reporter, 10 Aug. 2022 Once complete, the joy jars go to the hospitals for distribution to the kids who are fighting cancer. Fox News, 10 Aug. 2022
They joy and camaraderie between them was infectious. Steve Baltin, Forbes, 26 Mar. 2022 Trump would know about taking the life and joy out of everything. Neil J. Young, The Week, 30 July 2021 If people can pay good deeds forward, causing kindness to grow exponentially, can joy spread from one person to the next? Washington Post, 11 Dec. 2021 The last album, performed by the L.A.-based ensemble Wild Up and overseen by Seth Parker Woods, Richard Valitutto, and Christopher Rountree, is the most vital of the lot—an ode of and to joy. Alex Ross, The New Yorker, 9 Dec. 2021 And each has discovered ways to continue bringing light and joy into the world. Julianna Morano, Dallas News, 16 Sep. 2021 This painting inspires joy rather like Hokusai’s beautiful blue skies, an almost tactile sense of the atmosphere as something that sustains and protects us. Washington Post, 16 July 2021 Typically, a Tanglewood summer sends everyone off with Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9 and its famous paean to joy. BostonGlobe.com, 16 Aug. 2021 Burkina Faso gained its independence from France in 1960 -- and often joy. Nick Remsen, CNN, 22 June 2021 See More

Word History


Noun and Verb

Middle English, from Anglo-French joie, from Latin gaudia, plural of gaudium, from gaudēre to rejoice; probably akin to Greek gēthein to rejoice

First Known Use


13th century, in the meaning defined at sense 1a


14th century, in the meaning defined at intransitive sense

Time Traveler
The first known use of joy was in the 13th century
BNC: 2881 COCA: 2816


ADJECTIVE | VERB + JOY | JOY + VERB | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEpure, real, sheer, true, unadulterated, unalloyed, utter純粹的快樂;全然的快樂;十足的快樂ecstatic, great, overwhelming, wild狂喜;大喜unbridled, unfettered, unrestrained盡情的歡樂indescribable, inexpressible無以言表的快樂simple簡單的快樂childlike孩童般的快樂His childlike joy was infectious.他孩童般的快樂很有感染力。sudden突如其來的快樂inner (NAmE) 內心的喜悅VERB + JOYbring sb給某人帶來歡樂Her books have brought great joy to millions of people.她的書給數百萬人帶來了極大的快樂。experience, feel體驗/感到快樂the pure joy I felt at being free again重獲自由時我感到的純粹的快樂share, spread分享/散播歡樂We want children to share the joy of music-making.我們想讓孩子們分享音樂創作的快樂。be filled with, be full of充滿快樂convey, express傳達/表達快樂imagine想像快樂Imagine our joy when we saw each other again.想像一下我們再次見面時的那種快樂。discover, find, get, rediscover, take發現/找到/得到/重新發現/獲得快樂I find joy in many kinds of music.我享受多種不同的音樂。She got no joy out of working.她從工作中得不到快樂。I took a real joy in telling them the truth.把真相告訴他們讓我非常開心。JOY + VERBgo快樂消失All the joy had gone out of his life.他的生命中已不再有半點兒快樂。PREPOSITIONto your joy令⋯高興的是She found to her joy that the house had a large patio.她欣喜地發現這房子有個大露台。with joy欣喜地I could have shouted with joy.我差點兒高興得叫起來。joy at因⋯感到的快樂Protesters expressed joy at the government's decision.抗議者對政府的決定表示高興。PHRASESdance, jump, sing, weep, etc. for joy高興得跳起舞來/跳起來/唱起來/哭起來等I literally jumped for joy when I heard the news.聽到這消息時我幾乎高興得跳了起來。joy and sorrow, joys and sorrows快樂與悲傷Over the years we have shared our joys and sorrows.這些年來,我們共同經歷了快樂與悲傷。a joy to behold, see, watch, etc.看得見的快樂The children's expressions were a joy to behold.孩子們的表情看了令人心情舒暢。your pride and joy (= a person or thing that makes you feel great pride or satisfaction) 令人自豪/滿意的⋯ Pablo was the couple's pride and joy.巴勃羅是夫婦倆的驕傲和快樂。tears of joy喜悅的淚水

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