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BNC: 1823 COCA: 1559


1 leaf /ˈliːf/ noun
plural leaves /ˈliːvz/
1 leaf
plural leaves /ˈliːvz/
Learner's definition of LEAF
: one of the flat and typically green parts of a plant that grow from a stem or twig叶;叶片;叶子
see color picture on this page
[count] : a sheet of paper in a book : page(书)页usually used figuratively通常用作比喻
see also flyleaf, loose-leaf
[count] : a part that can be added to or removed from a table to change the size of its top surface活动桌板;折叠桌板
[noncount] : a very thin sheet of metal (such as gold or silver) that is used to decorate something装饰用薄金属片;(金、银等)箔

turn over a new leaf

: to start behaving or living in a different and better way洗心革面;重新做人

— leafless

/ˈliːfləs/ adjective

— leaflike

/ˈliːfˌlaɪk/ adjective
2 leaf /ˈliːf/ verb
leafs; leafed; leafing
2 leaf
leafs; leafed; leafing
Learner's definition of LEAF

leaf out

[phrasal verb] US, of a tree
: to produce leaves长出叶子

leaf through

[phrasal verb]
leaf through (something)
: to turn the pages of (a book, a magazine, etc.)翻(书)页
BNC: 1823 COCA: 1559


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plural leaves ˈlēvz How to pronounce leaf (audio) also leafs ˈlēfs How to pronounce leaf (audio)
often attributive
: a lateral (see lateral entry 1 sense 2) outgrowth from a plant stem that is typically a flattened expanded variably shaped greenish organ, constitutes a unit of the foliage, and functions primarily in food manufacture by photosynthesis
: a modified leaf (such as a bract or sepal) primarily engaged in functions other than food manufacture
: foliage
trees in full leaf
: the leaves of a plant as an article of commerce
: something suggestive of a leaf: such as
: a part of a book or folded sheet containing a page on each side
: a part (as of window shutters, folding doors, or gates) that slides or is hinged
: the movable parts of a table top
added a leaf to the table to accommodate more people
: a thin sheet or plate of any substance : lamina
: metal (such as gold or silver) in sheets usually thinner than foil
: one of the plates of a leaf spring
leafless adjective
leaflike adjective

Illustration of leaf

Illustration of leaf
  • 1 needle-shaped
  • 2 linear
  • 3 lanceolate
  • 4 elliptical
  • 5 ensiform
  • 6 oblong
  • 7 oblanceolate with acuminate tip
  • 8 ovate with acute tip
  • 9 obovate
  • 10 spatulate
  • 11 fiddle-shaped
  • 12 cuneate
  • 13 deltoid
  • 14 cordate
  • 15 reniform
  • 16 orbiculate
  • 17 runcinate
  • 18 lyrate
  • 19 peltate
  • 20 hastate
  • 21 sagittate
  • 22 odd-pinnate
  • 23 abruptly pinnate
  • 24 trifoliolate
  • 25
  • 26 palmate


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leafed; leafing; leafs

intransitive verb

: to shoot out or produce leaves
will leaf out in spring
: to turn over pages especially to browse or skim
leaf through a book

transitive verb

: to turn over the pages of


Example Sentences

Noun I heard the rustle of the autumn leaves. a pile of dead leaves The trees drop their leaves in the fall, and new leaves grow again in the spring. The trees have not yet come into leaf. Verb we must have spent hours leafing through wallpaper books before we found something we both liked
Recent Examples on the Web
Falling tree limbs have punched holes in the outer layer of the roof, and leaf debris has fallen into the channels and cannot be removed. Jeanne Huber, Washington Post, 19 Sep. 2022 Some might think red-leaf lettuce, known as a healthy choice, would be best. WIRED, 18 Sep. 2022 That leaf will cure your cold, and this bark will help relieve your arthritis. Palabra, al, 16 Sep. 2022 This year's dry, hot summer could leave leaf peepers with less vibrant fall colors to enjoy. From USA TODAY Opinion: King Charles III must do better than his mother on colonialism and reparations. Steve Coogan, USA TODAY, 16 Sep. 2022 On rare occasions, your banana plant may encounter a few leaf diseases like powdery mildew. Savanna Bous, Better Homes & Gardens, 16 Sep. 2022 Pigments are the chemicals that are found inside each leaf. Shanti Lerner, The Arizona Republic, 16 Sep. 2022 Drape a maple leaf garland on your staircase, create an easy Thanksgiving centerpiece for your dining table and load your front porch with festive fall decor. Alyssa Gautieri, Good Housekeeping, 16 Sep. 2022 Always whole-leaf lettuce, with two, maybe more perfect green arcs. Brandon Mercer, Chron, 16 Sep. 2022
The tree was just starting to leaf out when the April freeze hit. oregonlive, 22 May 2022 Most perennials for shade are white and bloom in early spring for only a couple of weeks before the trees leaf out. Carol Stocker, BostonGlobe.com, 3 July 2022 Residents grew emotional attachment to their trees and took notice of problems, Purcell said, calling him often, like when a tree failed to fully leaf out in the spring. Ryan Martin, The Indianapolis Star, 22 June 2022 Evergreen trees and shrubs and deciduous plants that have started to leaf out and flower will catch more snow than dormant plants. oregonlive, 11 Apr. 2022 At the cusp of what feels like the first genuine spring in three years, who can wait for the trees to leaf out before seizing on the change of season? Wsj Editors, WSJ, 25 Mar. 2022 Ready to leaf the hustle and bustle of city life behind? Annie Blanks, San Antonio Express-News, 12 Jan. 2022 Oh, and don’t be in a hurry to prune what might be slow to leaf out next spring. oregonlive, 4 Dec. 2021 Players can leaf through the issue and read both articles. Andy Greene, Rolling Stone, 29 Oct. 2021 See More

Word History



Middle English leef, from Old English lēaf; akin to Old High German loub leaf

First Known Use


before the 12th century, in the meaning defined at sense 1a(1)


1611, in the meaning defined at intransitive sense 1

Time Traveler
The first known use of leaf was before the 12th century
BNC: 1823 COCA: 1559


ADJECTIVE | VERB + LEAF | LEAF + VERB | LEAF + NOUN | PHRASES ADJECTIVEnew, young新葉;嫩葉autumn, fall (NAmE) 秋葉dead, dry, fallen, falling, rotting枯葉;乾葉;落葉;飄落的葉子;腐葉The ground was thick with dead leaves.地上積了厚厚的枯葉。broad (especially technical術語) , heart-shaped, oval闊葉;心形葉;卵形葉broad-leaf plants闊葉植物green, yellow, etc.綠葉、黃葉等glossy, hairy, leathery, shiny, variegated光滑的/長茸毛的/堅韌的/光亮的/雜色的葉子bay, lettuce, maple, oak, tea, etc.月桂葉、萵苣葉、楓葉、橡樹葉、茶葉等Stop trying to read tea leaves (= predict the future).別再試圖預測未來了。VERB + LEAFhave有葉子This plant has beautifully variegated leaves.這種植物的葉子色彩斑斕,非常漂亮。come into, grow, produce, put out, sprout長出葉子;冒出葉子It was spring and the trees were coming into leaf.春天來了,樹木發芽了。In the spring the plant began to put out new leaves.春天這株植物開始長出新葉。shed落葉Deciduous trees shed their leaves annually.落葉樹木每年都落葉。pick, pluck摘下/扯下葉子He picked a leaf from the basil plant and started to chew it.他摘下一片羅勒葉子嚼了起來。rake耙攏葉子The boys helped by raking the leaves in the yard.男孩們幫忙把院裏的樹葉耙攏起來。LEAF + VERBappear, emerge葉子長出Spring arrived and the first green leaves began to appear.春天到了,第一批綠葉開始長出來了。grow葉子生長turn, yellow葉子變黃The summer was over and the leaves were beginning to turn.夏季過去了,葉子開始變黃。drop, fall葉子掉落/落下blow葉子隨風而動dry leaves blowing in the wind在風中舞動的枯葉rustle葉子沙沙作響The leaves rustled in the light breeze.樹葉在微風中沙沙作響。LEAF + NOUNlitter, mould/mold落葉層;腐葉土the leaf litter on the forest floor森林的落葉層PHRASESin full leaf枝繁葉茂The corn was already ripening and the trees in full leaf.玉米已經成熟,樹木也已枝繁葉茂。

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