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IELTS BNC: 624 COCA: 763


simple /ˈsɪmpəl/ adjective
simpler; simplest
simpler; simplest
Learner's definition of SIMPLE
[or more simple; most simple]
: not hard to understand or do简单的;易理解的
: having few parts : not complex or fancy结构简单的;朴素的
always used before a noun : not special or unusual : ordinary普通的;一般的;平凡的
always used before a noun : complete and total完全的;不折不扣的used for emphasis用于强调
grammar, of a sentence : having only one main clause and no additional clauses(句子)无从句的,简单的
old-fashioned : not very intelligent智力低下的;笨的

pure and simple

see pure

the simple life

◊ If you live the simple life, you do not own many things or use many modern machines and you usually live in the countryside.简朴生活
IELTS BNC: 624 COCA: 763


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sim·​ple ˈsim-pəl How to pronounce simple (audio)
: free from guile : innocent
: free from vanity : modest
: free from ostentation or display
a simple outfit
: of humble origin or modest position
a simple farmer
: lacking in knowledge or expertise
a simple amateur of the arts
: lacking in intelligence : stupid
: not socially or culturally sophisticated : naive
also : credulous
: sheer, unmixed
simple honesty
: free of secondary complications
a simple vitamin deficiency
: having only one main clause and no subordinate clauses
a simple sentence
of a subject or predicate : having no modifiers, complements, or objects
: constituting a basic element : fundamental
: not made up of many like units
a simple eye
: free from elaboration or figuration
simple harmony
: not subdivided into branches or leaflets
a simple stem
a simple leaf
: consisting of a single carpel
: developing from a single ovary
a simple fruit
: controlled by a single gene
simple inherited characters
: not limited or restricted : unconditional
a simple obligation
: readily understood or performed
simple directions
the adjustment was simple to make
of a statistical hypothesis : specifying exact values for one or more statistical parameters compare composite sense 3
simpleness noun


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: a person of humble birth : commoner
thought very little of anybody, simples or gentry Virginia Woolf
: a rude or credulous person : ignoramus
: a medicinal plant
: a vegetable drug having only one ingredient
: one component of a complex
specifically : an unanalyzable constituent
Choose the Right Synonym for simple

simple, foolish, silly, fatuous, asinine mean actually or apparently deficient in intelligence.

simple implies a degree of intelligence inadequate to cope with anything complex or involving mental effort.

considered people simple who had trouble with computers

foolish implies the character of being or seeming unable to use judgment, discretion, or good sense.

foolish stunts

silly suggests failure to act as a rational being especially by ridiculous behavior.

the silly antics of revelers

fatuous implies foolishness, inanity, and disregard of reality.

fatuous conspiracy theories

asinine suggests utter and contemptible failure to use normal rationality or perception.

an asinine plot

synonyms see in addition easy

Example Sentences

Adjective The solution to the problem was relatively simple. The answer is really quite simple. There are three simple steps to follow. The camera is simple to use. Don't go into too much detail in the report. Just keep it simple and to the point. The melody is very simple. I'm a simple farmer just trying to make a living. He enjoys the simple pleasure of spending time with his wife and kids after work. Relaxing on the beach and watching the sunset is one of life's simple pleasures. See More
Recent Examples on the Web
The design is simple and chic, with a ribbed texture and super soft fleece material. Annie Burdick, Peoplemag, 16 Sep. 2022 While some people are naturally gifted in the kitchen and make fixing dinners for the family look simple and fun, others need a little more help. Ysolt Usigan, Woman's Day, 15 Sep. 2022 That's why something as simple and sweet as a care package can change your perspective on the week (all while showing you that there are people who support you and notice your hard work). Mariah Thomas, Good Housekeeping, 15 Sep. 2022 The menu keeps it simple with tender platters and slider plates. Sofia Krusmark, The Arizona Republic, 14 Sep. 2022 The showstopping piece needed hardly any accessories, so Turner kept things simple, wearing only diamond drop earrings and her engagement ring and wedding band, and coordinating her glam to match the rosy tones of the dress. Rosa Sanchez, Harper's BAZAAR, 13 Sep. 2022 It’s a fiduciary duty and responsible business, plain and simple. Halla Tómasdóttir, Fortune, 13 Sep. 2022 The Free State strategy is simple and incremental: Attract more members to this small state, acquire and concentrate political power, and then disassemble government from the inside out. Brian Macquarrie, BostonGlobe.com, 13 Sep. 2022 Another one-shoulder gown, but this time simple and sheer, almost like a second skin against Alexandra Daddario’s subtle tan. Lauren Puckett-pope, ELLE, 13 Sep. 2022
Lizzo kept her glam simple, opting for a natural, glossy makeup look, and her hair up in a messy ballerina bun. Rosa Sanchez, Harper's BAZAAR, 12 Sep. 2022 Creating a nest of spaghetti sets the base, while freezer meatballs and pre-made sauce keep this appetizer recipe simple. Kristy Alpert, Better Homes & Gardens, 24 Aug. 2022 Thompson kept Rodriguez's base simple with a little bit of blush on the cheeks. Gabi Thorne, Allure, 23 June 2022 Clarity is key and communications teams should focus on keeping the messaging simple and engaging for employees. Expert Panel®, Forbes, 12 Aug. 2022 Brassybra's boob tape cups make boob tape application simple. Amanda Constantine, Good Housekeeping, 4 Aug. 2022 The seven-time National Championship winning mentor, who has sent more than 100 players to the NFL, made the conversation simple. Don Yaeger, Forbes, 31 July 2022 Apps like Roadtrippers and RV Life Trip Wizard make that last part simple, enabling you to plot your route based on dozens of waypoint categories (like camping, restaurants, and outdoor activities) and how much driving you’d like to do per day. Outside Online, 12 July 2022 If the Fed can decree credit free as the simple in our midst routinely claim, why do Valley startups routinely hand over large equity positions to venture capitalists in return for cash? John Tamny, Forbes, 22 May 2022 See More

Word History



Middle English, from Anglo-French, from Medieval Latin simplus, alteration of Latin simplic-, simplex single, having one ingredient, plain, from sem-, sim- one + -plic-, -plex -fold — more at same, -fold

First Known Use


13th century, in the meaning defined at sense 1


14th century, in the meaning defined at sense 1a

Time Traveler
The first known use of simple was in the 13th century
IELTS BNC: 624 COCA: 763


VERBS | ADVERB VERBSappear, be, look, prove, seem, sound顯得簡單;簡單;看起來簡單;證明簡單;好像簡單;聽起來簡單remain仍然簡單keep sth, make sth使⋯(保持)簡單When creating your design, keep it simple.設計時要保持簡潔。Is all this technology making our lives simpler?這些技術使我們的生活更方便了嗎?find sth發覺⋯簡單I found the work fairly simple.我發現這份工作相當容易。ADVERBextremely, fairly, very, etc.極其/相當/非常容易Don't worry-it's all very simple.不要擔心,這非常容易。amazingly, breathtakingly, incredibly, remarkably驚人地簡單;極其容易devastatingly (especially BrE) 簡單得令人震驚The logic of the plan was devastatingly simple.這個計劃的邏輯簡單得令人瞠目。comparatively, relatively比較/相對簡單apparently, seemingly表面/看似簡單This seemingly simple task ended up taking hours.這項看似簡單的任務結果卻用了好幾個小時才完成。deceptively, disarmingly, surprisingly貌似簡單實則不然;簡單得讓人放心;出人意料地簡單a deceptively simple technique貌似簡單的技藝beautifully, elegantly簡單極了;簡潔明快The engine design is elegantly simple.引擎設計簡潔明快。brilliantly, wonderfully (both especially BrE) 簡單巧妙It is a brilliantly simple idea.這主意簡單絕妙。refreshingly簡單得令人耳目一新Their approach is refreshingly simple and direct.他們的方法簡單而直接,令人耳目一新。

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