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1 patrol /pəˈtroʊl/ noun
plural patrols
1 patrol
plural patrols
Learner's definition of PATROL
: the act of walking or going around or through an area, building, etc., in order to make sure that it is safe : the act of patrolling an area巡逻;巡查
[count] : a group of people, vehicles, etc., that go through an area to make sure that it is safe : a group that patrols an area巡逻队;巡查队;巡逻车队
2 patrol /pəˈtroʊl/ verb
patrols; patrolled; patrolling
2 patrol
patrols; patrolled; patrolling
Learner's definition of PATROL
: to walk or go around or through (an area, building, etc.) especially in order to make sure that it is safe巡逻;巡查
[+ object]
[no object]

— patroller

noun, plural patrollers [count]


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pa·​trol pə-ˈtrōl How to pronounce patrol (audio)
: the action of traversing a district or beat or of going the rounds along a chain of guards for observation or the maintenance of security
: the person performing such an action
: a unit of persons or vehicles employed for reconnaissance, security, or combat
: a subdivision of a Boy Scout troop or Girl Scout troop


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patrolled; patrolling

intransitive verb

: to carry out a patrol

transitive verb

: to carry out a patrol of
patroller noun

Example Sentences

Noun The guard makes a patrol of the building every hour. Soldiers are on patrol along the border. Army patrols combed the area. Verb The squad had orders to patrol the area. The border is patrolled by the army.
Recent Examples on the Web
As a trainee that year, Robles crashed her patrol car while on duty in Boyle Heights, killing two brothers, ages 7 and 9, and severely injuring their mother. Alene Tchekmedyian, Los Angeles Times, 15 Sep. 2022 An Alabama man arrested earlier this year after allegedly stealing an ambulance at Erlanger hospital and later crashing it into a patrol car has died. La Shawn Pagán Chattanooga Times Free Press, al, 13 Sep. 2022 The car rescue happened July 6, 2021, when a driver suffered a medical emergency and fell unconscious, crashing his car into several vehicles and narrowly missing a Chula Vista patrol car. Teri Figueroa, San Diego Union-Tribune, 10 Sep. 2022 As the deputies were returning to their patrol car, a vehicle drove up and someone from inside the vehicle opened fire on them. Landon Mion, Fox News, 10 Sep. 2022 The men got no answer, and headed back to their patrol car, Owens said. Chris Harris, Peoplemag, 9 Sep. 2022 The pursuing officer pulled in behind the car and exited his patrol car, asking the male, later identified to be Aaron Black, to show his hands before exiting the Fusion. The Indianapolis Star, 8 Sep. 2022 According to the Indiana State Police, Parent was seated in his patrol car with emergency lights activated when his fully marked Dodge Charger police car was struck by a black, 2008 Pontiac Grand Prix. Chicago Tribune, 5 Sep. 2022 At that point, Kim wrote, the man stopped running and Kim tried to stop the patrol car to prevent a collision. Los Angeles Times, 1 Sep. 2022
Members are known to rally against gun control efforts, patrol the U.S. border with Mexico and violently confront Muslim Americans. Amanda Rabines, Orlando Sentinel, 24 Aug. 2022 Occupation forces patrol in markets to warn those trying to use the Ukrainian currency, the hryvnia, in transactions. BostonGlobe.com, 17 Aug. 2022 District security officers, now equipped with guns, will patrol clusters of schools, but will not be stationed inside school buildings. Olivia Krauth, The Courier-Journal, 9 Aug. 2022 Oh, and great white sharks also patrol the wider area, too. Fox News, 7 Aug. 2022 Along with low-cost spaying and neutering services, county animal control officers patrol for lost, injured and abandoned animals, investigate animal cruelty cases and provide emergency rescues during natural disasters. Karen Garcia, Los Angeles Times, 2 Aug. 2022 The horses and officers are often at community events, though a significant portion of the job is dedicated to patrol. Sarah Nelson, The Indianapolis Star, 2 Sep. 2022 John Cagianello, promoted to agent, will be assigned to patrol. Stephen Underwood, Hartford Courant, 17 Aug. 2022 Amtrak police guard the inside of the train depot, MPD watches the front drive, and the U.S. Park Police patrol the station’s grassy plaza. James V. Grimaldi, WSJ, 11 Aug. 2022 See More

Word History



French patrouiller, from Middle French, to tramp around in the mud, from patte paw — more at patten

First Known Use


1664, in the meaning defined at sense 1a


1648, in the meaning defined at intransitive sense

Time Traveler
The first known use of patrol was in 1648


ADJECTIVE | VERB + PATROL | PATROL + NOUN | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEroutine日常巡邏special (BrE) 特別巡邏armed武裝巡邏foot步行巡邏Every police car and foot patrol in the area is on full alert.該地區每輛警車和每名步行的巡警都處於高度警戒狀態。mounted騎馬巡邏reconnaissance偵察巡邏dawn, night拂曉/夜間巡邏air, army, military, naval, police, security空中/軍事/海上/警察/安全巡邏enemy敵方巡邏border邊境巡邏coastal, harbour/harbor, maritime, shore海岸巡邏;港口巡邏;海上巡邏highway, traffic (BrE) 公路/交通巡邏The highway patrol has sealed off the area.公路巡警已經封鎖了該地區。helicopters used for traffic patrols用於交通巡邏的直升機safety (NAmE) (= to help children cross the street, etc.) 安全巡邏VERB + PATROLcarry out, conduct, fly, go on執行巡邏任務;作飛行巡邏;進行巡邏The Italians flew regular patrols over the desert.意大利當局定期在沙漠上空飛行巡邏。maintain保持巡邏They maintain a continuous patrol of the oceans with three submarines.他們派出 3 艘潛艇保持不間斷的海上巡邏。send out派遣巡邏隊They sent out four-man patrols to scout the area.他們派出由 4 人組成的巡邏隊去那一地區偵查。ambush, attack伏擊/攻擊巡邏One soldier was killed when his patrol was ambushed.一名士兵巡邏時遭到伏擊身亡。PATROL + NOUNaircraft, boat, car, craft, vehicle, vessel巡邏機;巡邏船;巡邏車;巡邏艇duty巡邏值班PREPOSITIONon patrol巡邏police officers on patrol執行巡邏任務的警察
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0_0: Translations of patrol
  • # n.
    邏: logic, patrol
    巡邏: patrol
  • # v.
    邏: patrol
    巡: patrol, round
    巡邏: patrol
    鎮: chill, cool, cordon, crush, crush out, patrol
    鎮守: cordon, defend, guard, patrol, protect, secure

0_0: Definitions of patrol
  • # noun.
    - an expedition to keep watch over an area, especially by guards or police walking or driving around at regular intervals.
    * we were ordered to investigate on a night patrol
    - a unit of six to eight Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts forming part of a troop.
    * break the Cubs into sixes and Scouts into patrols
  • # verb.
    - keep watch over (an area) by regularly walking or traveling around or through it.
    * the garrison had to patrol the streets to maintain order

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