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1 outline /ˈaʊtˌlaɪn/ noun
plural outlines
1 outline
plural outlines
Learner's definition of OUTLINE
[count] : a drawing or picture that shows only the shape of an object轮廓often + of
[noncount] : a style of drawing in which only the outer edges of an object are shown轮廓图;草图
[count] : a line that is drawn around the edges of something轮廓线
: a written list or description of only the most important parts of an essay, speech, plan, etc.提纲
2 outline /ˈaʊtˌlaɪn/ verb
outlines; outlined; outlining
2 outline
outlines; outlined; outlining
Learner's definition of OUTLINE
[+ object]
: to draw a line around the edges of (something)画…的轮廓usually used as (be) outlined通常用作(be) outlined
sometimes used figuratively有时用作比喻
: to list or describe only the most important parts of (an essay, speech, plan, etc.) : to give an outline of (something)概述


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out·​line ˈau̇t-ˌlīn How to pronounce outline (audio)
: a line that marks the outer limits of an object or figure : boundary
the jagged outline of the mountains
: shape
the sharpening outline of her face Willa Cather
: a style of drawing in which contours are marked without shading
drew a dog in outline
: a sketch in outline
prepared several outlines of the suggested mural
: a condensed treatment of a particular subject
an outline of world history
: a summary of a written work : synopsis
Students were required to give an outline for each assigned paper.
: a preliminary account of a project : plan
gave the class an outline of the points he intended to cover
: a fishing line set out overnight


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outlined; outlining; outlines

transitive verb

: to draw the outline of
: to indicate the principal features or different parts of
outlined their responsibilities
Choose the Right Synonym for outline

outline, contour, profile, silhouette mean the line that bounds and gives form to something.

outline applies to a line marking the outer limits or edges of a body or mass.

traced the outline of his hand

contour stresses the quality of an outline or a bounding surface as being smooth, jagged, curving, or sharply angled.

a car with flowing contours

profile suggests a varied and sharply defined outline against a lighter background.

a portrait of her face in profile

silhouette suggests a shape especially of a head or figure with all detail blacked out in shadow leaving only the outline clearly defined.

photograph in silhouette against a bright sky

Example Sentences

Noun The pictures were drawn in outline and then filled in with color. The leaves etched into the vase have a gold outline. Organize your essay by writing an outline in which you state your main idea followed by your supporting points. a brief outline of American history Her speech was written in outline on note cards. Verb The President outlined his agenda for the next term. The book outlines the major events of the country's history. All players must follow the rules outlined above. See More
Recent Examples on the Web
Spiky leaves that grow upwards and have a red outline make the name of this plant absolutely perfect. Brittney Morgan, House Beautiful, 8 Sep. 2022 Pearce, 32, grew up in Taylor Mill, Kentucky, and has an outline of the Bluegrass State tattooed on her right wrist. Kirby Adams, The Courier-Journal, 7 Sep. 2022 Creep was born primarily from a five-page outline and about a week's worth of improvisation between Brice and Duplass. Randall Colburn, EW.com, 6 Sep. 2022 On it, the board showed an outline of boxes with eight columns titled for each episode. Jacqueline Saguin, Good Housekeeping, 3 Sep. 2022 The video below includes our hands-on rundown of the device and an outline of its features. Matthew Buzzi, PCMAG, 1 Sep. 2022 Calm and poised, the younger Moss floats into the kitchen in heavy combat boots and a long black floral chiffon skirt, the outline of her diabetes monitor visible through the tissue-like fabric. Emma Elwick-bates, Vogue, 31 Aug. 2022 The debt forgiveness will only be available to borrowers with incomes less than $125,000 and households earning $250,000 or less, according to an outline of the president’s plan. Chris Quintana, USA TODAY, 25 Aug. 2022 The setlist then draws an outline for the story the performance will tell, which the creative director can then execute with the tone and aesthetic the artist desires. Rebecca Milzoff, Billboard, 25 Aug. 2022
But those statutes do not outline a step-by-step process for the president to do so. CBS News, 28 Aug. 2022 The White House meeting convened experts to discuss the advantages of developing new vaccines, but didn’t outline any plans for how to get them. Ryan Cross, BostonGlobe.com, 10 Aug. 2022 The current bill doesn’t outline specific projects that could be funded, and supporters hope that will make clear that communities get to drive it in the direction that works best for them. Caitlin Looby, Journal Sentinel, 25 July 2022 The statement didn’t outline a plan for peace or mention Russia by name. WSJ, 7 May 2022 The letter did not outline a cost to repair all the properties. Bailey Loosemore, The Courier-Journal, 4 Apr. 2022 But the president did not outline plans for student debt forgiveness, as many Democrats had been asking for. New York Times, 28 Mar. 2022 Getty also highlighted the technological cost and concern that the bill, which grants remote access only to proceedings already deemed public by the court, does not clearly outline what authority judges have to close a hearing at their discretion. Washington Post, 17 Mar. 2022 In the case of Measure W, the county didn’t outline specific projects that would be financed, instead leaving those decisions to a bureaucratic process that has been slow to put shovels in the ground. Ralph Vartabedian, Los Angeles Times, 4 Mar. 2022 See More

Word History

First Known Use


1662, in the meaning defined at sense 1a


circa 1790, in the meaning defined at sense 1

Time Traveler
The first known use of outline was in 1662


1line that shows the shape/outside edge of sb/sth輪廓線ADJECTIVE | VERB + OUTLINE | OUTLINE + NOUN | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEclear, sharp清晰的輪廓The sharp outline of the island had become blurred.那個島的清晰輪廓已變得模糊不清。dim, faint, vague朦朧的/隱約的/模糊不清的輪廓simple簡明的輪廓VERB + OUTLINEdraw, make, trace畫出輪廓The children made an outline of their hands.孩子們畫出了自己手的輪廓。make out, see認出/看見輪廓I could just make out the dim outlines of the house in the mist.在薄霧中我只能辨認出房子的模糊輪廓。soften使輪廓柔和OUTLINE + NOUNdrawing, map輪廓畫;略圖PREPOSITIONaround the outline, round the outline (especially BrE) 沿着輪廓to cut around the outline沿着輪廓剪in outline以輪廓顯示He sketched the street in outline only.他只勾畫了街道的略圖。outline of⋯的輪廓


2most important facts/ideas about sth梗概ADJECTIVE | VERB + OUTLINE | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEbare, basic, brief, rough最基本的情況;基本綱領;簡潔的綱要;概要a brief outline of Chinese history中國史綱要broad, general粗略的提綱course課程大綱VERB + OUTLINEgive (sb), provide (sb with), write(給某人)概述;(給某人)提供概要;寫出大綱Write an outline for your essay.寫出你的文章的提綱。PREPOSITIONin outline扼要地Here's the plan in outline.這是計劃的提綱。outline for, outline of⋯的提綱;⋯的梗概


ADVERB | VERB + OUTLINE | PREPOSITION ADVERBbriefly簡潔地勾勒clearly清晰地描畫出外形roughly粗略地概述He roughly outlined the plot of the opera.他粗略地概述了該歌劇的劇情。here在此概述above, earlier, previously如上概述;如前概述the plan outlined above前面概述的計劃below概述如下VERB + OUTLINEattempt to, seek to, try to試圖勾勒;盡量概述PREPOSITIONto向⋯概述She outlined to Mona the details of her mother's relationship.她向莫娜扼要地講明了她母親親戚關係的具體情況。
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0_0: Translations of outline
  • # n.
    草稿: draft, outline, sketch
    概述: outline
    概要: compendium, outline, schema, schematic, summarization, summary
    畫略圖: delineation, outline
    剪影: outline, paper cut silhouette, sketch
    廓: outline
    領: collar, lead, neck, outline
    輪廓: adumbration, contour, figure, lineament, outline, profile
    略: outline, plan, scheme, strategy, summary
    提綱: outline
    要略: outline, summary
    議程: agendum, outline, plan, program, programme, schedule
  • # v.
    領: collar, get, lead, outline, receive, understand
    輪廓: contour, outline, silhouette
    提綱: outline

0_0: Definitions of outline
  • # noun.
    - a line or set of lines enclosing or indicating the shape of an object in a sketch or diagram.
    * fill in the outlines with color
    - a general description or plan giving the essential features of something but not the detail.
    * an outline of the theory of evolution
  • # verb.
    - draw, trace, or define the outer edge or shape of (something).
    * her large eyes were darkly outlined with eyeliner
    - give a summary of (something).
    * she outlined the case briefly

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