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IELTS BNC: 5545 COCA: 7364


1 disguise /dəˈskaɪz/ verb
disguises; disguised; disguising
1 disguise
disguises; disguised; disguising
Learner's definition of DISGUISE
[+ object]
: to change the usual appearance, sound, taste, etc., of (someone or something) so that people will not recognize that person or thing假扮;伪装
often + as
: to hide (something) so that it will not be seen or noticed隐藏;掩藏;掩饰
2 disguise /dəˈskaɪz/ noun
plural disguises
2 disguise
plural disguises
Learner's definition of DISGUISE
[count] : clothes or other things that you wear so that people will not recognize you用于伪装的衣服;伪装物
[noncount] : the act of changing your appearance so that people will not recognize you假扮;伪装

a blessing in disguise

see blessing

in disguise

: wearing a disguise化装;假扮
: made to look like something else : presented as another thing伪装
IELTS BNC: 5545 COCA: 7364


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dis·​guise də-ˈskīz How to pronounce disguise (audio)
 also  diz-
disguised; disguising

transitive verb

: to change the customary dress (see dress entry 2 sense 1) or appearance of
disguised herself in a wig and glasses
: to furnish with a false appearance or an assumed (see assume sense 3) identity
disguised as a beggar
obsolete : disfigure
: to obscure the existence or true state or character of : conceal
unable to disguise his true feelings
də-ˈskīz(-ə)d-lē How to pronounce disguise (audio)
 also  diz-
də-ˈskīz-mənt How to pronounce disguise (audio)
 also  diz-
disguiser noun


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: apparel assumed to conceal one's identity or counterfeit another's
The bank robber was wearing a disguise.
: the act of disguising
: form misrepresenting the true nature of something
blessings in disguise
: an artificial manner : pretense
threw off all disguise
Choose the Right Synonym for disguise

disguise, cloak, mask mean to alter the dress or appearance of so as to conceal the identity or true nature.

disguise implies a change in appearance or behavior that misleads by presenting a different apparent identity.

disguised herself as a peasant

cloak suggests a means of hiding a movement or an intention.

cloaked their maneuvers in secrecy

mask suggests some often obvious means of hiding or disguising something.

smiling to mask his discontent

Example Sentences

Verb He tried to disguise his voice on the phone but I could tell it was him. She disguised herself in a wig and glasses. We disguised the fact that we were disappointed. Noun He wore a disguise of glasses, a fake mustache, and a cap. The famous thief is known to be a master of disguise.
Recent Examples on the Web
Drawers flanking each side disguise less aesthetically pleasing products. Mary Cornetta, Better Homes & Gardens, 25 Aug. 2022 When not feeding, many inchworms disguise themselves like leaf stems or twigs by standing on their hind legs ramrod-straight and freezing like a living statue performer. Miri Talabac, Baltimore Sun, 21 July 2022 Crisis pregnancy centers often disguise themselves as places where people can receive abortions in order to coerce and pressure them not to terminate their pregnancies, according to Planned Parenthood. Kalhan Rosenblatt, NBC News, 8 July 2022 Verdant pine trees and tumbling fuchsia-pink bougainvillea disguise that the fact that the hotel is even there. Angelina Villa-clarke, Forbes, 12 June 2022 Jean Rhys doesn’t disguise her prequel novel’s effort to investigate female sexuality. Dinitia Smith, WSJ, 6 May 2022 In many cases, consultants used a network of dark money nonprofits in an apparent attempt to disguise the source of funding for these endeavors. Annie Martin, Orlando Sentinel, 28 July 2022 That included funneling the profits through several bank accounts in other people’s names as well as business accounts used to disguise the proceeds as legitimate revenue. Matt Bruce, ajc, 20 Aug. 2022 Think vertically to help disguise the walls and soften the space. Sophie Flaxman, Better Homes & Gardens, 18 Aug. 2022
But while there, Chris is subjected to a number of unsettling and terrifying situations, and soon uncovers the family’s chilling disguise. Warner Bros. Leah Campano, Seventeen, 29 Aug. 2022 Some of the anachronisms clashing with the mostly 18th-century costume design—such as Almaviva’s Mormon missionary disguise—were genuinely funny; others, like having Bartolo (Kevin Burdette) do a yoga routine in mid-aria, were distracting. Heidi Waleson, WSJ, 9 Aug. 2022 Glen Steigelman and Steve Halterman outfitted Big Josh, the 21-foot-tall fiberglass cowboy outside their Joshua Tree gift shop, in a pink fringed mask to match the country crooner’s trademark disguise. Los Angeles Times, 8 June 2022 Many folks on Twitter had a similar joke about it, including multiple references to Mets manager Bobby Valentine, who famously returned to the bench with a disguise after an ejection in 1999. Jr Radcliffe, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 15 Nov. 2021 Rosalind in disguise is the mean girl of Arden, self-lacerating and bitter about womanhood. Helen Shaw, The New Yorker, 1 Sep. 2022 RuPaul’s Secret Celebrity Drag Race has been making a splash with top celebrities in disguise absolutely killing it on stage. oregonlive, 26 Aug. 2022 Unfortunately, our instincts are often just biases in disguise. Elizabeth Weingarten, Fortune, 19 Aug. 2022 Though some artists can feel burdened by posting on TikTok to appease their record labels, Trainor says the app has been a blessing in disguise. Starr Bowenbank, Billboard, 5 Aug. 2022 See More

Word History


Verb and Noun

Middle English disgisen, from Anglo-French desguiser, deguiser, from des- dis- + guise guise

First Known Use


14th century, in the meaning defined at sense 1a


14th century, in the meaning defined at sense 1

Time Traveler
The first known use of disguise was in the 14th century
IELTS BNC: 5545 COCA: 7364


ADJECTIVE | VERB + DISGUISE | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEclever, good巧妙的/出色的偽裝thin易看出的偽裝State regulation often served as a thin disguise for corruption.國家規定常常成為腐敗遮羞布。VERB + DISGUISEadopt, don, put on, wear採取/披上/穿上/穿着偽裝She adopted an elaborate disguise to help her pass through the town unrecognized.她的精心偽裝讓她穿過整個鎮子也沒有被認出來。be是偽裝His angelic look is just a disguise.他天使般的面容只是個偽裝。see through看穿偽裝We all saw through his disguise immediately.我們都一眼就看穿了他的偽裝。PREPOSITIONin disguise化了裝He preferred to travel in disguise.他偏愛喬裝打扮出行。


ADVERB | VERB + DISGUISE | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADVERBcleverly, cunningly巧妙地/狡猾地偽裝She was cleverly disguised as a policewoman.她巧妙地扮成警察。VERB + DISGUISEcannot無法掩飾try to試圖掩飾PREPOSITIONfrom對⋯掩蓋You cannot disguise what you are doing from your family.你所做的事對家人是掩蓋不了的。PHRASESan attempt to disguise sth掩飾⋯的企圖He made no attempt to disguise his liking for her.他毫不掩飾對她的好感。disguise yourself as sb/sth把自己偽裝成⋯He was disguised as a police officer.他偽裝成一個警官。heavily disguised, well disguised偽裝得難以辨認/得很好He spoke in a heavily disguised voice.他用完全裝出來的嗓音說話。barely disguised, poorly disguised, thinly disguised略加掩飾;掩飾得不周到;簡單地偽裝In her speech she made several thinly disguised attacks on the president.她在演說中對總統作了幾次幾乎不加掩飾的抨擊。
IELTS BNC: 5545 COCA: 7364
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0_0: Translations of disguise
  • # v.
    扮: disguise, be dressed up as, play a part, play the role
    化裝: disguise
    假扮: disguise, dress up
    偽裝: camouflage, disguise, fake, feign, mask, pretend
    掩飾: conceal, cover, disguise, dissemble, gloss
  • # n.
    假面目: disguise
    假裝: affectation, disguise, feint, simulation

0_0: Definitions of disguise
  • # verb.
    - give (someone or oneself) a different appearance in order to conceal one's identity.
    * we took elaborate measures to disguise ourselves as locals
  • # noun.
    - a means of altering one's appearance or concealing one's identity.
    * his bizarre disguise drew stares from fellow shoppers

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