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BNC: 720 COCA: 587


1 step /ˈstɛp/ noun
plural steps
1 step
plural steps
Learner's definition of STEP
: a movement made by lifting your foot and putting it down in a different place脚步;迈步
: the sound of a foot making a step : footstep脚步声
: the distance covered in one step一步的距离
also : a short distance短距离
: a mark left by a foot or shoe : footprint脚印
[singular] : the way that someone walks步伐;步态;步履
see also goose step, lockstep
[count] : one of a series of actions that are done to achieve something步骤;措施
[count] : a stage in a process阶段
[count] : a level or rank in a scale水平;级别
[count] : the flat piece of wood, stone, etc., that forms one of the levels of a staircase(楼梯)阶梯,台阶
see picture at house; see also doorstep
[count] : a movement or pattern of movements made by someone who is dancing舞步
US, music : the distance from one tone of a musical scale to the next(音)级,度
see also half step, whole step
[count] : a piece of exercise equipment consisting of a small platform that you use by stepping on and off it健身踏板
see also step aerobics
steps [plural] British : stepladder

a/one step ahead of

: better prepared than (someone or something)领先一步;提前一步
: able to avoid being caught or found by (someone or something)躲过;不被抓住(或发现)

break step

: to stop walking or marching with the same rhythm as another person or group of people乱了步伐

fall into step

: to begin walking or marching with the same rhythm as another person or group of people跟上步伐

in step

: with the same rhythm as someone or something(和…)步伐一致
usually + with
: matching or agreeing with someone or something和…意见相同;与…一致;与…相符合

mind/watch your step

: to walk carefully(走路)小心
: to speak or behave carefully(言行)小心,谨慎

out of step

: not moving with the same rhythm as someone or something和…步调不一致
: not matching or agreeing with someone or something和…看法不一致;与…相左;与…不符
often + with

— steplike

/ˈstɛpˌlaɪk/ adjective

— stepped

/ˈstɛpt/ adjective
2 step /ˈstɛp/ verb
steps; stepped; stepping
2 step
steps; stepped; stepping
Learner's definition of STEP
always followed by an adverb or preposition [no object]
: to move in a specified direction by lifting your foot and putting it down in a different place迈步;跨步;行走
: to move somewhere by walking走向(某地)
: to put your foot down踩;踏usually + in or on

step aside/down

[phrasal verb]
: to leave a job or official position辞职;让位;退位

step back

[phrasal verb]
: to stop doing something or being actively involved in something for a time so that you can think about it and make decisions in a calm and reasonable way跳出圈子(以便冷静客观地看待问题)

step forward

[phrasal verb]
: to give or offer help, information, etc.(主动)站出来(提供帮助、信息等)

step in

[phrasal verb]
: to become involved in an activity, discussion, etc., in order to prevent trouble or provide help介入,出面(以避免麻烦或提供帮助)

step into

[phrasal verb]
step into (something)
: to take a particular role or do a particular task出任;着手做

step lively

see lively

step on it

informal or US step on the gas
: to drive faster开快点

step on someone's toes

see 1toe

step out

[phrasal verb] US
: to briefly leave a place短暂离开

step out of line

: to disobey rules or behave badly犯规;举止不当

step right up

chiefly US
used to invite people to gather around to see a show or to buy things快来(用于招呼人观看演出或买东西)

step up

[phrasal verb]
: to increase in amount or speed增加;提速
: to say openly or publicly that you are the person who should get something or who can do something : to come forward走上前(宣告某事);站出来(承担某事)
: to do better : to succeed in providing what is needed by making a greater effort, improving your performance, etc.努力做好;努力做成
step (something) up or step up (something)
: to increase the amount or speed of (something)增加;加快
: to improve (something)改进;改善
see also step-up

step up to the plate

see 1plate

— stepper

/ˈstɛpɚ/ noun, plural steppers [count]
BNC: 720 COCA: 587


1 of 3


: a rest for the foot in ascending or descending: such as
: one of a series of structures consisting of a riser and a tread
: a ladder rung
: an advance or movement made by raising the foot and bringing it down elsewhere
: a combination of foot or foot and body movements constituting a unit or a repeated pattern
a dance step
: manner of walking : stride
: the sound of a footstep
: the space passed over in one step
: a short distance
: the height of one stair
steps plural : course, way
directed his steps toward the river
: a degree, grade, or rank in a scale
: a stage in a process
was guided through every step of my career
: a frame on a ship designed to receive an upright shaft
especially : a block supporting the heel of a mast
: an action, proceeding, or measure often occurring as one in a series
taking steps to improve the situation
: a steplike offset or part usually occurring in a series
: the interval between two adjacent notes in a musical scale
: a slight lead in or as if in a race
has a step on the competition
steplike adjective
stepped adjective


2 of 3


stepped; stepping; steps

intransitive verb

: to move by raising the foot and bringing it down elsewhere or by moving each foot in succession
They stepped into the elevator.
She stepped inside and closed the door.
I'm sorry, but he just stepped outside for a moment.
When I call your name, please step forward.
She stepped up to the microphone.
I stepped up/down onto the landing.
He stepped back, startled.
Please step away from the moving doors.
They stepped aside to let the paramedics through.
We watched as the passengers stepped ashore.
: dance
Joyfully along the contra lines, the dancers held hands, listened to the caller, and stepped to the music … Joan Donaldson
: to go on foot : walk
She stepped down to the corner store.
see also step out
obsolete : advance, proceed
: to be on one's way : leave
often used with along
told them to step along
see also step aside, step down
: to move briskly
kept us stepping
: to press down with the foot
step on the brake
: to come as if at a single step
stepped into a good job
: to extend by or as if by a stairstep
… the room steps down past a viewing area to a projection television screen hung from the ceiling. Sunset
A wooden retaining wall—which holds the slope above the staircase—steps up in level sections. Susan Lang

transitive verb

: to take (a pace, etc.) by moving the feet in succession
step three paces
: to move (the foot) in any direction : set
the first person to step foot on the moon
: to traverse (something) on foot
… proud … of stepping this famous pavement … Virginia Woolf
: to go through the steps of (something) : perform
step a minuet
: to make (something) erect by fixing the lower end in a step
step the mast
: to measure (something) by steps
step off 50 yards
: to provide (something) with steps
He stepped the front of the stage down into the stalls and built a permanent cyclorama across the full width of the rear wall. Colin Chambers
: to make steps in (something)
step a key
: to construct or arrange (something) in or as if in steps
… we looked down on an expanse of craggy peaks with terraces stepped up the sides … Time

see also step on it, step up


3 of 3

combining form

: related by virtue of a marriage (as of a parent) and not by blood
in step
: with each foot moving to the same time as the corresponding foot of others or in time to music
: in harmony or agreement
out of step
: not in step
out of step with the times

Example Sentences

Noun She took one step forward. The baby took her first steps today. I heard steps on the stairs. The edge of the cliff was only about three steps to my left. The cottage is just steps from the beach. He walks with a spring in his step. She walked down the hall with a quick step. a major step towards independence We are taking steps to correct the situation. Verb She stepped onto the bus. They stepped aside to let her pass. Please step away from the door. He stepped outside for a moment. Step in my office for a minute. See More
Recent Examples on the Web
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LeToya Luckett, Omar Dorsey, and Paulina Singer have joined the series this season, and each of their characters step onto the scene with something to prove. Breanna Bell, Variety, 17 Sep. 2022 Common will step onto a Broadway stage for the first time this winter in Second Stage Theater’s Between Riverside and Crazy. Abbey White, The Hollywood Reporter, 16 Sep. 2022 Two additional Gary Councilmen, Clorius Lay, D-At large, and Cozey Weatherspoon, D-2nd, will step away from their seats Dec. 31 after each successfully ran for other offices. Carrie Napoleon, Chicago Tribune, 16 Sep. 2022 Violinist Blake Pouliot will step into Pine's place. Eric E. Harrison, Arkansas Online, 16 Sep. 2022 Last year's first-rounders (QB Trevor Lawrence, RB Travis Etienne) need to step it up soon, but this year's first-rounders (OLB Travon Walker, LB Devin Lloyd) came out smoking. Nate Davis, USA TODAY, 14 Sep. 2022 Guests will step back in fear, thanks to a slithering mass of snakes. Emily Vanschmus, Better Homes & Gardens, 12 Sep. 2022 Founder and long-serving Chief Executive Officer Andy Conrad will become executive chairman, and Verily’s current president, Stephen Gillett, will step into the CEO role in January. Julia Love, Fortune, 9 Sep. 2022 Chugiak High alumni and former UAA player Nick Walters will step into the position vacated by Trupp, giving the Wolverines an all-Alaska coaching staff. Chris Bieri, Anchorage Daily News, 8 Sep. 2022 See More

Word History



Middle English, from Old English stæpe; akin to Old High German stapfo step, stampfōn to stamp

Combining form

Middle English, from Old English stēop-; akin to Old High German stiof- step-, Old English astēpan to deprive, bereave

First Known Use


before the 12th century, in the meaning defined at sense 1


before the 12th century, in the meaning defined at intransitive sense 1a

Time Traveler
The first known use of step was before the 12th century
BNC: 720 COCA: 587


1in walking, running, etc.步行;跑步ADJECTIVE | VERB + STEP | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVElarge, small大步;小步heavy, light沉重的/輕輕的腳步quick, slow快步;慢步hesitant遲疑的腳步involuntary不由自主的腳步I gasped and took an involuntary step back.我倒吸一口冷氣,不由自主地後退了一步。careful謹慎的腳步shaky, unsteady搖搖晃晃的/踉蹌的腳步VERB + STEPgo, take邁步;跨步He'd only gone a few steps when he realized he'd left his keys behind.他剛走了幾步,就意識到自己把鑰匙落下了。retrace原路折回You might find your ticket if you retrace your steps back to the car.如果你原路折回到車子那兒,就有可能找到你的票。PREPOSITIONstep (away) from離⋯一步之遙She was only a step away from the cliff edge.她離懸崖邊只有一步之遙。step towards/toward朝⋯的一步He took a hesitant step towards / toward her.他猶豫着向她走近了一步。PHRASESa spring in your step腳步輕快I had a spring in my step when I walked into that office for the last time.我最後一次走進那間辦公室時,步子邁得特別輕快。a step ahead, a step behind (both often figurative) 領先/落後一步He lagged a few steps behind.他落後了幾步。She's always one step ahead of the competition.她總是在競爭中領先一步。a step back, a step backwards/backward退後/向後一步a step forward向前一步a step sideways向旁邊一步a step closer更進一步We've moved a step closer to independence.我們又朝獨立邁進了一步。with each step, with every step每走一步He grew fainter with every step.他每走一步,虛弱無力就會更甚一分。


2in dancing舞步ADJECTIVE | VERB + STEP | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEdance舞步jive, tango, etc.搖擺舞、探戈等舞步VERB + STEPexecute, perform跳舞步;表演舞步He executed some dance steps for the judges.他為評委們跳了幾個舞步。learn學習舞步keep in保持舞步She had trouble keeping in step with the others.她跟不上其他人的舞步。PREPOSITIONin step, out of step (with)跟上/跟不上舞步He was out of step with the music.他跟不上音樂的節奏。


3action taken in order to achieve sth為達目的採取的行動ADJECTIVE | ... OF STEPS | VERB + STEP | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEbig, considerable, giant, huge, massive (especially BrE) 一大步;相當大的進步;重大進展small一小步critical, crucial, decisive, essential, great, historic, important, key, major, significant, vital不可或缺的/至關重要的/決定性的/根本性的/重大的/歷史性的/重要的/關鍵的/首要的/意義重大的/必不可少的一步first, initial, preliminary第一步;最初的步驟;初步措施final, last最終/最後步驟additional, extra, further, next追加的步驟;進一步的措施;下一步What's the next step?下一步做什麼?logical, necessary, reasonable符合邏輯的/必要的/合理的步驟We shall take all necessary steps to prevent public disorder.我們將採取一切必要的措施防止公共秩序出現混亂。active積極的措施forward, positive前進的/建設性的一步backward, retrograde (especially BrE) 後退的/倒退的一步The new law is seen by many as a backward step.很多人認為這項新法律是一種倒退。bold, brave大膽的/勇敢的一步dramatic, drastic, extraordinary, rare, unprecedented, unusual不同凡響的/嚴厲的/不一般的/罕見的/空前的/不尋常的措施irreversible, irrevocable不可逆轉的/不可撤銷的一步It suddenly struck her that having a baby was an irrevocable step.她突然意識到生孩子是不可逆轉的一步。careful, precautionary謹慎的/預防措施faltering, tentative遲疑的/試探性的一步They have taken their first tentative steps towards / toward democracy.他們已經向民主邁出了試探性的第一步。practical可行的措施welcome受歡迎的措施immediate, urgent即時/緊急措施I shall take immediate steps to have this matter put right.我會立刻採取措施糾正此事。false錯誤的一步One false step could mean disaster.一步走錯就可能釀成災難。... OF STEPSnumber, series一系列措施VERB + STEPgo, make, take走出一步;採取措施;實施步驟follow遵循步驟If you follow all the steps, nothing will go wrong.如果你遵循所有的步驟,就不會出什麼差錯。PREPOSITIONstep in⋯的步驟The move was a first step in establishing a union.這一行動是建立聯盟的第一步。step towards/toward朝⋯的一步The talks mark a step towards / toward peace.會談標誌着向和平邁出了一步。PHRASESa step closer (to sth)(向⋯)邁進的一步Greece moved a step closer to the final with last night's win.昨晚贏了這一場,希臘隊離決賽又近了一步。a short step from sth to sth⋯距⋯僅一步之遙It's only a short step from disorder to complete chaos.騷亂距全面動亂只有一步之遙。a step back, a step backwards/backward退後的/倒退的一步This can only be seen as a step backward.這只能被視為一種倒退。a step forward向前的一步;進展The offer constitutes a considerable step forward.這項提議是一個重大進展。We seemed to be taking three steps forward and one step back.我們似乎進三步就要退一步。step by step逐步地a step-by-step guide to setting up an aquarium養魚缸的安裝步驟說明a step further更進一步If he goes one step further with this crazy idea, I'll resign.要是他把這個瘋狂的想法再推進一步,我就辭職。a step in the right direction朝正確方向邁出的一步The new speed limit does not solve the problem, but it is a step in the right direction.新的限速規定雖然解決不了問題,但畢竟朝正確的方向邁出了一步。a step on the road to sth, a step on the way to sth往⋯路上的一步


4on stairs, a ladder, etc.梯級ADJECTIVE | VERB + STEP | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEbottom, top最下面/最上面一級台階door (usually doorstep) 門階VERB + STEPmind (especially BrE) 小心台階Mind the step!小心台階!PREPOSITIONon a/the step在台階上She paused on the top step.她在最上一級台階上停了下來。PHRASESa step down, a step up向下/向上一個台階There are three steps down to the kitchen.去廚房要下 3 個台階。


5steps set of steps一組台階或梯級ADJECTIVE | ... OF STEPS | VERB + STEPS | STEPS + VERB | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEfront前樓梯back後樓梯porch (especially NAmE) 門廊樓梯concrete, marble, wooden, etc.混凝土、大理石、木製等樓梯... OF STEPSflight一段台階/樓梯You have to go up four flights of steps to get up to the roof.得往上走 4 段樓梯才能到屋頂。VERB + STEPSgo up, run up, walk up走上/跑上/爬上樓梯She went up the steps to the side entrance.她爬上一段樓梯,來到側門。ascend, climb, mount走上/爬上/登上樓梯descend下樓梯go down, run down, walk down走下樓梯;跑下樓梯sit on坐在台階上STEPS + VERBlead to sth樓梯通向⋯The front steps lead to an enormous terrace.前樓梯通向一片寬闊的露台。PREPOSITIONstep to通往⋯的樓梯the steps to the roof通向屋頂的樓梯step down to, step up to向下/向上通往⋯的台階the steps down to the pool向下通往游泳池的台階PHRASESthe bottom of the steps, the foot of the steps, the top of the steps樓梯底部;台階頂部


ADVERB | PREPOSITION ADVERBbriskly, quickly輕快地走;快步地走hastily, smartly (especially BrE) 步履匆匆地走;步伐敏捷地走He stepped back hastily from the edge.他急忙從邊上退了回來。slowly慢慢地走quietly, silently悄悄地走;默不作聲地走delicately, lightly靈巧地/輕盈地邁步carefully, cautiously, gingerly謹慎地/小心地/輕手輕腳地邁步He stepped gingerly over the cat.他小心翼翼地邁過了那隻貓。boldly大膽邁步aside, away, back, backwards/backward, close, down, forth, forward, inside, out, outside, up邁步讓開/走開/回來/後退/走近/走下/向前/往前/走進/走出/到外面/向上Would you like to step inside for a few minutes?請你進來一會兒好嗎?PREPOSITIONacross, from, in, in front of, into, on, onto, out of, over, towards/toward邁步走過;從⋯邁步;邁步走進⋯;走到⋯前;踩進⋯;踩上⋯;踩到⋯上面;邁步走出⋯;邁步越過⋯;邁步走向⋯Don't step in the puddle.別踩到水坑裏。
BNC: 720 COCA: 587
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0_0: Translations of Step
  • # n.
    步: footsteps, pace, stage, step
    步調: gait, marching orders, pace, step
    步伐: footsteps, march, pace, step
    步驟: measure, move, procedure, step
    步子: footsteps, pace, step
    措施: measure, step
    陔: step, terrace
    級: degree, grade, level, rank, step
    腳步: footstep, pace, step
    階: rank, stairs, step
    躡: chase, step, tread
    梯: ladder, stairs, step
    梯級: stair, step
    一步: step
  • # v.
    蹈: skip, step, tread, trip
    踖: step, walk reverently
    躡: follow, step, tread, walk gingerly

0_0: Definitions of Step
  • # noun.
    - an act or movement of putting one leg in front of the other in walking or running.
    * Ron took a step back
    - a flat surface, especially one in a series, on which to place one's foot when moving from one level to another.
    * the bottom step of the staircase
    - a measure or action, especially one of a series taken in order to deal with or achieve a particular thing.
    * a major step forward in the fight for justice
    - an abrupt change in the value of a quantity, especially voltage.
    * None
    - a block, typically fixed to the vessel's keel, on which the base of a mast is seated.
  • # verb.
    - lift and set down one's foot or one foot after the other in order to walk somewhere or move to a new position.
    * Claudia tried to step back
    - set up (a mast) in its step.
    * None
  • # combining form.
    - denoting a relationship resulting from a remarriage.
    * stepmother

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