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1 prejudice /ˈprɛʤədəs/ noun
plural prejudices
1 prejudice
plural prejudices
Learner's definition of PREJUDICE
: an unfair feeling of dislike for a person or group because of race, sex, religion, etc.歧视
often + against
[count] : a feeling of like or dislike for someone or something especially when it is not reasonable or logical偏见;成见
2 prejudice /ˈprɛʤədəs/ verb
prejudices; prejudiced; prejudicing
2 prejudice
prejudices; prejudiced; prejudicing
Learner's definition of PREJUDICE
[+ object]
: to cause (someone) to have an unfair feeling of dislike for someone or something使有偏见
formal : to have a harmful effect on (something, such as a legal case)对(法律案件等)产生有害影响


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prej·​u·​dice ˈpre-jə-dəs How to pronounce prejudice (audio)
: injury or damage resulting from some judgment or action of another in disregard of one's rights
especially : detriment to one's legal rights or claims
: preconceived judgment or opinion
: an adverse opinion or leaning formed without just grounds or before sufficient knowledge
: an instance of such judgment or opinion
: an irrational attitude of hostility directed against an individual, a group, a race, or their supposed characteristics


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prejudiced; prejudicing

transitive verb

: to injure or damage by some judgment or action (as in a case of law)
: to cause to have prejudice

Did you know?

Prejudice: For or Against?

Although prejudice, with its connotations of intolerance , implies a negative bias, the word can be used in positive constructions:

I, too, appreciate projects that treat a difficult subject with rigor, although I'll confess to harboring a bit of prejudice toward thing-biographies.
Adam Baer, Harper's, May 2011

That's true for the participial adjective prejudiced as well:

“The question itself as posed in the survey obviously is prejudiced in favor of the program,” said Tod Story, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Nevada.
Neal Morton, Las Vegas Review Journal, 2 Aug. 2016

In negative constructions, prejudice and prejudiced often precede against:

Lee County Circuit Judge Jacob Walker on Tuesday ruled that claims of juror misconduct by former House Speaker Mike Hubbard failed to show that the jury was prejudiced against Hubbard.
Mike Cason, AL.com, 19 Oct. 2016

Choose the Right Synonym for prejudice

predilection, prepossession, prejudice, bias mean an attitude of mind that predisposes one to favor something.

predilection implies a strong liking deriving from one's temperament or experience.

a predilection for travel

prepossession suggests a fixed conception likely to preclude objective judgment of anything counter to it.

a prepossession against technology

prejudice usually implies an unfavorable prepossession and connotes a feeling rooted in suspicion, fear, or intolerance.

a mindless prejudice against the unfamiliar

bias implies an unreasoned and unfair distortion of judgment in favor of or against a person or thing.

a strong bias toward the plaintiff

Example Sentences

Noun But today most black Americans not hampered by poverty or prejudice take for granted their right to study Italian, listen to Britney Spears or opera, play in the NHL, eat Thai food, live anywhere, work anywhere, play anywhere, read and think and say anything. Stephan Talty, Mulatto America, 2003 It is easy to suppose at this late date that there is barely any overt racism left in the United States,  … Kennedy's catalog of mundane cases of explicit anti-black prejudice provides ample illustration of what lurks beneath the surface politeness of many whites. John McWhorter, New Republic, 14 Jan. 2002 The boundaries between hate and prejudice and between prejudice and opinion and between opinion and truth are so complicated and blurred that any attempt to construct legal and political fire walls is a doomed and illiberal venture. Andrew Sullivan, New York Times Magazine, 26 Sept. 1999 When my mother, who, unlike my father, was Jewish, encountered unpleasant social prejudice during my high-school years, I acquired a second marginal identity. Carl E. Schorske, Thinking with History, 1998 The organization fights against racial prejudice. religious, racial, and sexual prejudices We tend to make these kinds of decisions according to our own prejudices. He has a prejudice against fast-food restaurants. Verb Paul Revere … engraved the drawing and printed hundreds of vividly colored copies, which traveled throughout the colonies. Well might one judge at Captain Preston's trial complain that "there has been a great deal done to prejudice the People against the Prisoner." Hiller B. Zobel, American Heritage, July/August 1995 My friends would have had me delay my departure, but fearful of prejudicing my employers against me by such want of punctuality at the commencement of my undertaking, I persisted in keeping the appointment. Anne Brontë, Agnes Grey, 1847 all the bad stories I had heard about the incoming CEO prejudiced me against him even before the first meeting See More
Recent Examples on the Web
The prejudice against welcoming women aboard commercial or military vessels was ancient and held that women would distract male crew members and incite the wrath of the sea. Catherine Musemeche, Smithsonian Magazine, 7 July 2022 Allport said that racial prejudice against Black people could decrease among White Americans if the two groups had interpersonal contact. John Blake, CNN, 3 July 2022 That’s partly a prejudice against writing for teens, and against science fiction. Stephanie Burt, The New Yorker, 20 June 2022 But that sympathy is tempered by anxieties about large-scale immigration to Taiwan, home to 24 million people competing for limited jobs and housing, as well as pockets of long-standing prejudice against migrants from mainland China. Alicia Chen, Washington Post, 31 May 2022 However, some critics fear the menstruation reform may lead to more prejudice against hiring a woman in the workplace. Sophie Mellor, Fortune, 12 May 2022 The organization sought to end prejudice against racial, national and religious groups. San Diego Union-Tribune, 25 Feb. 2022 The overwhelming evidence against Mr. Guzmán also made any possible prejudice against him harmless, the panel said. James Fanelli, WSJ, 25 Jan. 2022 Michael Toussaint, head of the NAACP’s Lafayette chapter, called for additional investigations into all the cases Odinet’s handled for any potential prejudice or bias against people of color. Danielle Wallace, Fox News, 2 Jan. 2022
Her larger concern was whether such evidence could unduly prejudice a jury. Jim Riccioli, Journal Sentinel, 26 Aug. 2022 Federal prosecutors preparing for Hill’s October trial see such statements as an attempt to prejudice potential jurors. Leon Stafford, ajc, 16 Aug. 2022 The trial judge ruled that the essay would not be permitted as evidence because it was written years ago as part of a writing seminar and could unfairly prejudice the jury. Raja Razek And Faith Karimi, CNN, 13 June 2022 The trial judge ruled that the essay would not be permitted as evidence because it was written years ago as part of a writing seminar and could unfairly prejudice the jury. Raja Razek And Faith Karimi, CNN, 13 June 2022 Maryland rules for attorney conduct limit what lawyers are allowed to say about a case in public, barring them from making statements that could prejudice a judge or jury. Alex Mann, Baltimore Sun, 16 June 2022 The trial judge ruled that the essay would not be permitted as evidence because it was written years ago as part of a writing seminar and could unfairly prejudice the jury. Raja Razek And Faith Karimi, CNN, 13 June 2022 The trial judge ruled that the essay would not be permitted as evidence because it was written years ago as part of a writing seminar and could unfairly prejudice the jury. Raja Razek And Faith Karimi, CNN, 13 June 2022 References to Shoffner’s prior conviction were supposed to have been redacted from the video so as not to prejudice the jury, but because of an apparent mix-up the original, unredacted recording was played in court. al, 9 June 2022 See More

Word History


Noun and Verb

Middle English, from Anglo-French, from Latin praejudicium previous judgment, damage, from prae- + judicium judgment — more at judicial

First Known Use


13th century, in the meaning defined at sense 1


15th century, in the meaning defined at sense 1

Time Traveler
The first known use of prejudice was in the 13th century


ADJECTIVE | VERB + PREJUDICE | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEdeep, deep-rooted, deep-seated, strong根深蒂固的偏見;強烈的偏見blatant毫不掩飾的偏見serious, unfair (especially BrE) 嚴重損害;不公平的侵害personal個人的偏見popular流行的偏見She has not been afraid to challenge popular prejudices.她從不害怕挑戰普遍存在的偏見。old舊有的偏見It's hard to break down old prejudices.舊有的偏見很難打破。blind, irrational盲目的/不合理的偏見anti-Catholic, anti-gay, etc.反天主教、反同性戀等的偏見class, colour/color, cultural, ethnic, political, race, racial, religious, sexist, social階級/膚色/文化/民族/政治/種族/宗教/性別/社會偏見VERB + PREJUDICEhave, hold持有/抱有偏見We all have prejudices of some kind.每個人都有某種偏見。air, express表達偏見He sat there airing his personal prejudices.他坐在那兒大談自己的好惡。appeal to, pander to迎合偏見We must not pander to the irrational prejudices of a small minority.我們決不能迎合一小撮人荒唐的偏見。confirm, reinforce證實先入為主的觀點encounter遭遇偏見She had never encountered such deep prejudice before.她以前從未遭遇過如此深的偏見。confront, face遭遇/面對偏見suffer遭受歧視challenge, fight向偏見挑戰;與偏見作鬥爭overcome, put aside克服/擱置偏見It's time to put aside our old prejudices.該是擱置我們陳腐偏見的時候了。break down, eliminate, eradicate打破偏見;消除偏見PREPOSITIONwithout prejudice不帶偏見The tale is told without prejudice or bias.不偏不倚地講完了故事。prejudice about關於⋯的偏見a book written to challenge prejudices about disabled people質疑對殘疾人的歧視的書prejudice against對⋯的偏見deep-rooted prejudice against homosexuals對同性戀者根深蒂固的偏見prejudice among⋯中的偏見prejudice among ignorant people無知者普遍的偏見prejudice towards/toward對⋯的成見prejudice towards / toward immigrants對移民的成見PHRASESa victim of prejudice偏見的受害者


1cause sb to have a prejudice使抱有偏見ADVERB | PREPOSITION ADVERBunfairly使不公平地抱有偏見PREPOSITIONagainst, in favour/favor of使對⋯抱有成見;使偏向⋯Newspaper reports had unfairly prejudiced the jury in her favour / favor.看了報紙的報道後,陪審團的天平不公平地向她傾斜了。


2 (law法律) weaken sth/make it less fair削弱;使欠公平ADVERB | VERB + PREJUDICE ADVERBseriously, severely, substantially嚴重損害This could seriously prejudice her safety.這可能對她的安全很不利。unduly過度地損害VERB + PREJUDICEbe likely to很可能損害She did not disclose evidence that was likely to prejudice her client's case.她沒有公開很可能對其委託人案件不利的證據。

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