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TOEFL BNC: 862 COCA: 1357


aspect /ˈæˌspɛkt/ noun
plural aspects
plural aspects
Learner's definition of ASPECT
[count] : a part of something方面;部分
usually + of
formal : the way a person, place, or thing appears外貌;外形;外表
[singular] formal : the direction that something (such as a room or building) faces or points towards朝向
sometimes used figuratively有时用作比喻
grammar : the characteristic of a verb that expresses the way an action happens(动词的)体
◊ A verb's aspect shows whether an action happens one time and stops quickly, happens repeatedly, or happens continuously.动词的体表示动作发生的三种情况:瞬间发生、重复发生或持续发生。
TOEFL BNC: 862 COCA: 1357



as·​pect ˈa-ˌspekt How to pronounce aspect (audio)
: a particular status or phase in which something appears or may be regarded
They studied every aspect of the question.
: appearance to the eye or mind
the threatening aspect of the dark sky
: a particular appearance of the face : mien
… all that's best of dark and bright / Meet in her aspect and her eyes. Lord Byron
: the position of planets or stars with respect to one another held by astrologers to influence human affairs
also : the apparent position (such as conjunction) of a body in the solar system with respect to the sun
: a position facing a particular direction : exposure
a house with a southern aspect
: the manner of presentation of a plane to a fluid through which it is moving or to a current
: the nature of the action of a verb as to its beginning, duration, completion, or repetition and without reference to its position in time
: a set of inflected (see inflect sense 1) verb forms that indicate aspect
archaic : an act of looking : gaze
aspectual adjective

Did you know?

Since aspectus in Latin means "looked at", an aspect of something is basically the direction from which it's looked at. So we may say that travel is your favorite aspect of your job, or that eating well is one aspect of a healthy life. If you look at a stage set from the front, it looks completely different than from behind, where all the mechanisms are visible, and both aspects are important. The word can be very useful when you're analyzing something, and it's used a great deal in the writings of scholars.

Example Sentences

depending on what aspect of college life you consider most important, there are several colleges which might be good for you he has the aspect of a man used to giving orders and seeing them obeyed
Recent Examples on the Web There are insightful observations of the one-size-fits-all aspect of Marine induction and the ways in which prejudices turn recruits into outsiders, challenging their staying power. David Rooney, The Hollywood Reporter, 8 Sep. 2022 In terms of the Lord of the Rings fan aspect of it, my first scene with Rob Aramayo playing Elrond. Austa Somvichian-clausen, Glamour, 2 Sep. 2022 Because scent can be part of every aspect of our lives. Lindy Segal, Harper's BAZAAR, 31 Aug. 2022 The legalization of a new aspect of gambling has come to the residents of Massachusetts. John Laidler, BostonGlobe.com, 31 Aug. 2022 Which is a way of saying that Mr. Murakami is the master of an aspect of current Japanese visual culture: pushing the cute into the monstrous. Peter Plagens, WSJ, 13 Aug. 2022 For her own videos, Sulewski is in charge of every aspect of production, from the lighting to the direction to what music gets to play in the background. Madison Feller, ELLE, 9 Aug. 2022 Today’s digital interactions have become a part of every aspect of personal and professional lives, driven by the convergence of IT and operational technology, as well as digital transformation across industries. Jason Sabin, Forbes, 8 Aug. 2022 Now, Peter Krouse reports, Apex is taking advantage of another aspect of the law and going straight to the voters. Cliff Pinckard, cleveland, 5 Aug. 2022 See More

Word History


Middle English, from Latin aspectus, from aspicere to look at, from ad- + specere to look — more at spy

First Known Use

14th century, in the meaning defined at sense 2a

Time Traveler
The first known use of aspect was in the 14th century
TOEFL BNC: 862 COCA: 1357


ADJECTIVE | VERB + ASPECT | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEcentral, crucial, essential, fundamental, important, key, main, major, principal, significant, vital核心的/至關重要的/必要的/根本的/重要的/關鍵的/主要的/重大的/首要的/顯著的/必不可少的方面basic, broad, general基本的/廣泛的/總的方面Questions also cover much broader aspects of general health.問題還包括範圍更廣的一般性衞生情況。appealing, attractive, beneficial, encouraging, exciting, fascinating, interesting, pleasing, positive有感染力的/有吸引力的/有益的/令人鼓舞的/令人激動的/吸引人的/有趣的/悅人的/積極的方面controversial, difficult, disappointing, disturbing, negative, problematic, sinister, troubling, unfortunate, worst有爭議的/困難的/令人失望的/令人不安的/消極的/難處理的/不祥的/令人苦惱的/不幸的/最壞的方面the worst aspects of tourism旅遊業最糟糕的方面bizarre, curious, intriguing, puzzling, unusual怪誕的外表;稀奇古怪的樣子;有意思的外觀;令人迷惑的外表;不尋常的外表distinctive, noteworthy, remarkable, striking特別的/值得注意的/傑出的/顯著的方面unique獨特的方面subtle微妙的方面mundane平淡的方面neglected被忽視的方面certain, specific, various特定的/具體的/不同的方面They provided assistance on various aspects of the job.他們給這一職位的方方面面提供幫助。formal, functional, practical, theoretical形式/功能/實踐/理論方面the formal aspects of the language system語言系統的形式the theoretical aspects of the course該課程理論方面的問題business, commercial, cultural, economic, environmental, ethical, financial, historical, human, legal, military, moral, physical, political, psychological, religious, scientific, social, spiritual, technical生意/商業/文化/經濟/環境/倫理/財務/歷史/人性/法律/軍事/道德/形體/政治/心理/宗教/科學/社會/精神/技術方面VERB + ASPECThave有⋯方面The project has two main aspects.這項工程有兩個主要方面。take on呈現出⋯樣子Events began to take on a more sinister aspect.事情開始變得更加兇險。address, consider, cover, deal with, discuss, emphasize, examine, explore, focus on, highlight, investigate, look at, study涉及/考慮/包括/處理/討論/強調/審查/探究/集中於/着重突出/調查/着眼於/研究⋯方面We will be looking at many different aspects of pollution.我們將考慮污染的多個不同方面。demonstrate, illuminate, illustrate, reveal論證/解釋/闡明/揭示⋯方面a unique collection illustrating aspects of art history唯一一批講述藝術史各個方面的藏品ignore, neglect, overlook忽視/忽略/未注意⋯方面PREPOSITIONfrom the... aspect從⋯方面看This plan is very good from the social aspect.從社會的角度來看這個計劃非常好。aspect to⋯的方面the positive aspects to retirement退休的積極方面PHRASESall aspects of sth, every aspect of sth⋯的方方面面in every aspect (of sth)(⋯的)各個方面The service was excellent in every aspect.這項服務的各方面都非常出色。
TOEFL BNC: 862 COCA: 1357
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0_0: Translations of aspect
  • # n.
    側面: aspect, flank, profile, side, side face
    點: aspect, dot, drip, drop, feature, place
    方面: aspect, field, respect, side
    局面: aspect, complexion, phase, situation, uneasiness
    面: aspect, cover, extent, external, face, flat
    面貌: appearance, aspect, face, features, look
    面目: appearance, aspect, face, feature, features, honor
    體: aspect, body, body part, form, style, substance
    頭: aspect, beginning, chief, hair, hairstyle, head
    詳: aspect, detail, element, feature, instance, item
    詳情: aspect, detail, detailed information, element, feature, instance
    樣子: air, appearance, aspect, example, likelihood, looks

0_0: Definitions of aspect
  • # noun.
    - a particular part or feature of something.
    * the financial aspect can be overstressed
    - the positioning of a building or thing in a specified direction.
    * a greenhouse with a southern aspect
    - a grammatical category or form that expresses the way in which time is denoted by the verb.
    * the semantics of tense and aspect
  • # verb.
    - (of a planet) form an aspect with (another celestial body).
    * the sun is superbly aspected by your ruler Mars on the 19th

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