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BNC: 3344 COCA: 3626


pond /ˈpɑːnd/ noun
plural ponds
plural ponds
Learner's definition of POND
[count] : an area of water that is surrounded by land and that is smaller than a lake水池;池塘
the pond informal : the Atlantic Ocean大西洋

a big fish in a small pond

see 1fish
BNC: 3344 COCA: 3626


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: a body of water usually smaller than a lake
a fishing pond
sometimes used with the to refer informally or facetiously to the Atlantic Ocean


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ponded; ponding; ponds

transitive verb

: to block (something, such as a stream) to create a pond

intransitive verb

: to collect in or form a pond

Example Sentences

Noun They moved here from across the pond.
Recent Examples on the Web
News reports that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are to remain on the other side of the pond for the time being. Kathleen Walsh, Glamour, 9 Sep. 2022 Daniel Whitmore, of Manchester, was found suffering from stab wounds on a trail at the western edge of the pond at about 10:32 a.m., the New Hampshire attorney general’s office said in a statement Saturday. Adam Sennott, BostonGlobe.com, 3 Sep. 2022 There are also pelicans corralling fish into a corner of the pond before gobbling them up. The Salt Lake Tribune, 25 Aug. 2022 And if the fish ain’t biting in your side of the pond, there are millions of others in the sea. Ineye Komonibo, refinery29.com, 22 Aug. 2022 In the days after the flood, Fugate and his wife took pictures of the retaining wall of a pond about a half-mile up the creek from their house. Phil Mccausland, NBC News, 22 Aug. 2022 Now, a new string of robbers on this side of the pond is scooping Rolexes off the wrists of Bay Area residents in California. Paige Reddinger, Robb Report, 22 Aug. 2022 Katsuyama sources fish from across the pond, leaning on his relationships in Japan, and supplements by working with local companies like DR Delicacy for Petrossian caviar and more. Megha Mcswain, Chron, 2 Sep. 2022 Lindsay Lohan and Bader Shammas are continuing to enjoy their time together across the pond. Jen Juneau, Peoplemag, 29 Aug. 2022
Rain could pond up roads and lead to localized flash flooding, Petr said. Jake Sheridan, Chicago Tribune, 3 Aug. 2022 Diners can take the food to-go or sit at the deck picnic tables at Millwright’s, which overlook the Hop Brook mill pond waterfall behind the restaurant. Susan Dunne, Hartford Courant, 31 May 2022 It has been proven deadly to pond snails, which are pulmonates just like land snails. Clarissa Cruz, EW.com, 18 Mar. 2022 Water will pond and fill ditches and small streams, according to the special weather statement. Cameron Knight, The Enquirer, 16 July 2021 Diners can spread out on the picnic tables on the deck, which are covered with tiki umbrellas and some of which overlook the Hop Brook mill pond waterfall behind the restaurant. Susan Dunne, courant.com, 22 June 2021 The ground is quite soggy from melted snow and recent rain across the region, so water will likely quickly pond in areas. Washington Post, 23 Dec. 2020 About 5p today, deputies responded to pond near Salt Cedar Ln, Kiawah Island, for report of alligator encounter w/ a woman. NBC News, 3 May 2020 Also ponding on the roads is likely, and slide activity is possible in areas prone to slides. oregonlive, 31 Jan. 2020 See More

Word History



Middle English ponde artificially confined body of water, probably alteration of pounde enclosure — more at pound

First Known Use


14th century, in the meaning defined above


1673, in the meaning defined at transitive sense

Time Traveler
The first known use of pond was in the 14th century
BNC: 3344 COCA: 3626


ADJECTIVE | VERB + POND | POND + NOUN | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEbig, large大池塘little, small小池塘shallow淺水池stagnant水不流動的池塘muddy渾濁的池塘frozen結冰的池塘village (BrE) 村裏的池塘backyard, garden後院裏的/花園裏的池塘ornamental (especially BrE) 裝飾性水池duck, fish, lily放鴨的池塘;魚塘;睡蓮池塘a Japanese teahouse and fish pond有魚池的日本茶室retention (NAmE) 滯留池Five retention ponds were constructed to increase storage capacity.建造了五個滯留池塘以增加存貯容量。VERB + PONDbuild, construct, dig建池塘;挖池塘fill將池塘注滿水stock在池塘放養The ponds are fully stocked with rainbow trout.池塘裏放養了大量虹鱒魚。drain, empty把池塘的水排乾The pond is drained every year.池塘的水每年都要排乾。have有池塘The Carters had a pond in their back yard.卡特家後院裏有個池塘。POND + NOUNlife, water池生動物;池塘裏的水PREPOSITIONacross a/the pond穿過池塘She swam across the pond.她游到池塘的對岸去了。in a/the pond在池塘裏There are goldfish in the pond.池塘裏有金魚。into a/the pond到池塘裏Her sunglasses had fallen into the pond.她的太陽鏡掉進池塘了。on a/the pond在池塘水面There were some ducks swimming on the pond.池塘裏有幾隻鴨子在游動。PHRASESthe bottom, edge, middle, surface, etc. of a pond池塘的底部、邊緣、中央、水面等The dog raced around to the other side of the pond.狗飛跑到池塘的另一邊。
BNC: 3344 COCA: 3626
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0_0: Translations of pond
  • # n.
    池: pond, reservoir, stall
    池塘: pond, pool
    池沼: pond, pool
    池子: pond, pool
    蕩: marsh, pond, pool, shallow lake, sway, swing
    潢: lake, pond
    水池: basin, pond, pool, waterpot, sink
    潭: pond, deep pool
    塘: dyke, embankment, pond, pool, hot-water bathing pool
    溏: pond
    瀦: basin, pond, pool, water-hole
  • # v.
    築成池塘: pond

0_0: Definitions of pond
  • # noun.
    - a small body of still water formed naturally or by hollowing or embanking.
    * a garden pond
  • # verb.
    - hold back or dam up (flowing water or another liquid) to form a small lake.
    * the lava can't flow away and gets ponded up in the crater

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