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IELTS BNC: 831 COCA: 1038


1 total /ˈtoʊtl̟/ adjective
1 total
Learner's definition of TOTAL
: complete or absolute完全的;彻底的;绝对的
: after everything or everyone is counted总计的;总共的
2 total /ˈtoʊtl̟/ noun
plural totals
2 total
plural totals
Learner's definition of TOTAL
: the number or amount of everything counted : sum总数;总额
see also grand total, subtotal, sum total
3 total /ˈtoʊtl̟/ verb
totals US totaled or British totalled US totaling or British totalling
3 total
totals US totaled or British totalled US totaling or British totalling
Learner's definition of TOTAL
[+ object]
: to produce (a total) when added together总计;合计
: to add numbers together to find out the total计算…的总数
often + up
US : to damage (something, such as a car) so badly that it is not worth repairing彻底损坏(汽车等)
IELTS BNC: 831 COCA: 1038


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to·​tal ˈtō-tᵊl How to pronounce total (audio)
: comprising or constituting a whole : entire
the total amount
: absolute, utter
a total failure
a total stranger
: involving a complete and unified effort especially to achieve a desired effect
total war
total theater


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: a product of addition : sum
: an entire quantity : amount


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totaled or totalled; totaling or totalling

transitive verb

: to add up : compute
: to amount to : number
: to make a total wreck of : demolish
specifically : to damage so badly that the cost of repairs exceeds the market value of the vehicle
totaled the car


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Choose the Right Synonym for total

whole, entire, total, all mean including everything or everyone without exception.

whole implies that nothing has been omitted, ignored, abated, or taken away.

read the whole book

entire may suggest a state of completeness or perfection to which nothing can be added.

the entire population was wiped out

total implies that everything has been counted, weighed, measured, or considered.

the total number of people present

all may equal whole, entire, or total.

all proceeds go to charity

Example Sentences

Adjective a total lack of support a total eclipse of the sun He demanded total control of the project. What was the total amount of the bill? the total number of words The country has a total population of about 100 million. Noun a total of 25 square miles that's the total for our wheat harvest this year Verb He carefully totaled the bill. two and two total four See More
Recent Examples on the Web
The Razorbacks led 597-409 in total offense, but Missouri State won the turnover battle 3-0. Rex Nelson, Arkansas Online, 20 Sep. 2022 Second-year quarterback Justin Fields went 8-of-17 for 121 yards, throwing two touchdowns with an interception as the Bears only had 204 yards of total offense. Scooby Axson, USA TODAY, 19 Sep. 2022 The Rockets are producing 385 yards a game in total offense, balanced almost equally between the run (194.7 ypg) and the pass (190.3 ypg). San Diego Union-Tribune, 19 Sep. 2022 The Cowboys only had seven first downs in the second half and 110 yards of total offense. Michael Niziolek, cleveland, 19 Sep. 2022 Jackson finished with 437 yards of total offense and four scores, becoming the first player in NFL history to run and pass for a touchdown of at least 75 yards in the same game. Jonas Shaffer, Baltimore Sun, 18 Sep. 2022 Utah’s defense showed up for a second straight game, allowing just 173 yards of total offense and only 60 passing yards. Alex Vejar, The Salt Lake Tribune, 18 Sep. 2022 The Penguins had 192 yards of total offense, 58 of them on the ground. Brett Dawson, The Courier-Journal, 17 Sep. 2022 The Bulls have been a sieve defensively, allowing 1,059 yards of total offense — 418 to Howard of the Football Championship Subdivision. Edgar Thompson, Orlando Sentinel, 17 Sep. 2022
The over/under point total for the game is set at 44.5. Jason Hoffman, The Enquirer, 9 Sep. 2022 The governor’s office did not provide an estimate for a statewide total that would result from the discount. Kevin Spear, Orlando Sentinel, 9 Sep. 2022 Battery life is slightly better, at six hours of listening time and 30 hours total in the charging case. WIRED, 9 Sep. 2022 Oddsmakers set the over/under for the Bears win total at 6½. Dan Wiederer, Chicago Tribune, 8 Sep. 2022 LaRose’s office also took issue with the Blystone campaign listing thousands of dollars in contributions not by individual donors but in an aggregate total collected for each campaign event. Jeremy Pelzer, cleveland, 8 Sep. 2022 West Virginia limited Pittsburgh to 76 yards rushing, that total bolstered by five sacks for minus-39 yards. Stephen Hawkins, Chron, 8 Sep. 2022 Following a blowout monthly job gain of 526,000 in July, a more moderate 315,000 jobs were added in August, representing the second-lowest monthly total in 16 months. Alicia Wallace, CNN, 8 Sep. 2022 Last week’s season opener against Arizona was Ken’s 448th SDSU football game, which is 340 from Tom’s total. San Diego Union-Tribune, 8 Sep. 2022
Safeties Lamarcus Joyner and Marcus Maye played in just seven games total. Jonas Shaffer, Baltimore Sun, 10 Sep. 2022 But as Insider noted, Amazon and other streaming services analyze multiple metrics to determine the success of content, rendering the old-fashioned viewership total a bit outdated. Jacob Carpenter, Fortune, 6 Sep. 2022 Why: Auburn allowed 26 yards total on two kickoff returns by Mercer. . Tom Green | Tgreen@al.com, al, 5 Sep. 2022 The sparkling Nicole Rose ring features a 3.5-carat square brilliant cut cushion diamond with two half-moon diamonds on the side, making the ring 4.02 carats total. Anna Lazarus Caplan, Peoplemag, 29 Aug. 2022 Daily liquidity for bitcoin-USDC was $2.15 billion, with Groups 1 and 2 splitting that total 39% and 60%, respectively. Javier Paz, Forbes, 26 Aug. 2022 Police said there were five people total in the vehicle. Dave Clark, The Enquirer, 21 Aug. 2022 The fire destroyed two units and damaged six units total in the 31-unit apartment complex. Olivia Ebertz, Anchorage Daily News, 17 Aug. 2022 The Lions lost 3-0 to New England a week ago, a result that allowed the Revolution to equal Orlando City’s points total in the Eastern standings. Orlando Sentinel, 12 Aug. 2022
What makes his opinions potentially tricky is the fact that Britain has a constitutional monarchy, which is very different from the type of absolute monarchies that wield total, undemocratic political power in Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states. Alexander Smith, NBC News, 8 Sep. 2022 The offensive player to watch is C Logan Gallina (.333, 21 HR, 62 RBIs), the only Aggies player with a double-digit home run total. San Diego Union-Tribune, 3 June 2022 Last year, there were five ozone action days total. Liliana Webb, Detroit Free Press, 11 July 2022 Golden Gate, with a difficulty rating of 5.13b, contains 41 pitches total, with the toughest ones awaiting in the final ten, which is partly what makes the route such a demanding one to free-climb within 24 hours. Andrew Bisharat, Outside Online, 6 Nov. 2020 Their lineup suffered one of its quietest nights all year, matching its season-low run total on just four hits. Jack Harris, Los Angeles Times, 9 May 2022 Now a junior, Bond is well on his way from breaking last year's home run total. Shelby Dermer, The Enquirer, 7 Apr. 2022 The 28 points scored total in the second quarter comes out to a 2.8-point-per-second-quarter average. Steve Svekis, sun-sentinel.com, 12 Nov. 2021 Washington has appeared in two games this season, seeing two defensive snaps and 12 special teams snaps total and combining with safety Jordan Richards for a kickoff return tackle in Week 5. Jonas Shaffer, baltimoresun.com, 29 Oct. 2021 See More

Word History



Middle English, from Anglo-French, from Medieval Latin totalis, from Latin totus whole, entire

First Known Use


14th century, in the meaning defined at sense 1


1557, in the meaning defined at sense 1


1716, in the meaning defined at sense 1


1601, in the meaning defined above

Time Traveler
The first known use of total was in the 14th century
IELTS BNC: 831 COCA: 1038


ADJECTIVE | VERB + TOTAL | TOTAL + VERB | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEannual, daily, monthly年總額;日總額;月總額current當前總額combined, cumulative, grand, overall, sum綜合總計;累計總額;總計;共計;總共His two goals give him a grand total of 32 for the season.他的兩次進球使他本賽季進球總計達 32 粒。The sum total of my knowledge is not impressive.我的知識總共加起來也沒有多少。estimated估計總數額running累加值;累計總數Players keep a running total of the score.運動員記錄累計得分。final最後總額high, huge, record高額;巨額;創紀錄的總額a record total of victories創紀錄的獲勝總數low低總額national, world全國/世界總額jobless (especially BrE) 失業總人數Britain's jobless total rose by 20 000 last month.英國的總失業人數上月增加了兩萬人。vote (NAmE) 投票總數We had an early vote total of about 1.7 million people.我們早期的得票總數大約為 170 萬人。career (sport體育) 職業生涯總數He won a career total of 19 gold medals.他在職業生涯中一共贏得 19 枚金牌。point, run, win, etc. (sport體育) 積分、得分、獲勝場次總計等VERB + TOTALadd up to, give, make, make up總計;合計Their earnings were €250, €300 and €420, giving a total of €970.他們的收入分別為 250 歐元、300 歐元和 420 歐元,總計達到 970 歐元。earn, receive總共掙得/收到pay, spend總計支付/花費bring, take(使)總量達到A donation of $250 has been received, bringing the total to $3 750.收到了 250 美元的捐款,這樣總額已達到 3,750 美元。achieve, reach, win總共獲得/達到/贏得The Greens achieved a total of 18 seats.綠黨總共獲得 18 個席位。TOTAL + VERBrise總數增加fall總數減少PREPOSITIONin total總共In total, they spent 420 hours on the project.他們在這項工程上總共花了 420 個小時。out of a total of總量⋯中的180 vehicles out of a total of 900 examined were not roadworthy.900 輛受檢車輛中有 180 輛不適合上路行駛。total of⋯的總量
IELTS BNC: 831 COCA: 1038
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0_0: Translations of total
  • # a.
    共計: total
    合計的: added, aggregate, bulk, combined, entire, total
    全面: all-around, comprehensive, overall, total
    全球: entire, global, total
    整個: entire, total, whole
    終: all, total, whole
    總: general, overall, total
    總額: total
    總體: entire, overall, total
  • # n.
    合計: aggregate, entirety, gross, sum, summation, total
    總計: total
    總數: sum, total
  • # v.
    合計: add up, aggregate, amount, tot, total

0_0: Definitions of total
  • # adjective.
    - comprising the whole number or amount.
    * a total cost of $4,000
    - complete; absolute.
    * a total stranger
  • # noun.
    - the whole number or amount of something.
    * he scored a total of thirty-three points
  • # verb.
    - amount in number to.
    * they were left with debts totaling $6,260

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