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BNC: 1139 COCA: 1533


expression /ɪkˈsprɛʃən/ noun
plural expressions
plural expressions
Learner's definition of EXPRESSION
: the act of making your thoughts, feelings, etc., known by speech, writing, or some other method : the act of expressing something表示;表达;表现
see also self-expression
[count] : a word or phrase词;词语;短语
◊ People say excuse/pardon/forgive the expression when they are using a word or phrase that might offend or annoy someone.无意冒犯;不好意思
[count] : the way someone's face looks that shows emotions and feelings表情;神情
[noncount] : a way of doing something (such as speaking or singing) that shows emotions and feelings(说话、唱歌时等流露情感的)表达方式,表现方式
[count] mathematics : a symbol or a combination of symbols and signs representing a quantity or process式;表达式

— expressionless

/ɪkˈsprɛʃənləs/ adjective

— expressionlessly


— expressionlessness

noun [noncount]
BNC: 1139 COCA: 1533



ex·​pres·​sion ik-ˈspre-shən How to pronounce expression (audio)
: an act, process, or instance of representing in a medium (such as words) : utterance
freedom of expression
: something that manifests, embodies, or symbolizes something else
this gift is an expression of my admiration for you
: a significant word or phrase
: a mathematical or logical symbol or a meaningful combination of symbols
: the detectable effect of a gene
: a mode, means, or use of significant representation or symbolism
especially : felicitous or vivid indication or depiction of mood or sentiment
read the poem with expression
: the quality or fact of being expressive
: facial aspect or vocal intonation as indicative of feeling
: an act or product of pressing out
ik-ˈspresh-nəl How to pronounce expression (audio)

Example Sentences

Dance is a form of artistic expression. He uses some very odd expressions. The expression “to make fun of” means “to ridicule.” Judging from her expression, I think the gift was a complete surprise. We saw his expression change from angry to sad. She wore a smug expression. See More
Recent Examples on the Web Penmanship came to be seen as a marker and expression of the self—of gender and class, to be sure, but also of deeper elements of character and soul. Drew Gilpin Faust, The Atlantic, 16 Sep. 2022 The term nonbinary refers to one’s gender identity or expression. Michael Silverman, BostonGlobe.com, 14 Sep. 2022 Growing up in Texas as the child of Indian immigrants, Vaid-Menon was bullied for their ethnicity and gender expression. Alicia Vrajlal, refinery29.com, 14 Sep. 2022 The government clamped down on freedom of expression and other civil liberties, tying remaining support, like food baskets, to public approval of the administration. Mie Hoejris Dahl, The Christian Science Monitor, 9 Sep. 2022 The program uses music to support stress reduction, resiliency and emotional expression. Linda Mcintosh, San Diego Union-Tribune, 9 Sep. 2022 For example, tech is already opening up so many opportunities to expand creative expression and design. Karlie Kloss, CNN, 8 Sep. 2022 This contrasts with a low-road strategy that depends on low wages, high turnover, and strong resistance to any form of worker expression to remain competitive. Thomas Kochan, Fortune, 6 Sep. 2022 This is going to be a weekend of fun, expression and also safety. Donovan J. Thomas, ajc, 2 Sep. 2022 See More

Word History

First Known Use

15th century, in the meaning defined at sense 1a

Time Traveler
The first known use of expression was in the 15th century
BNC: 1139 COCA: 1533


1on sb's face臉上ADJECTIVE | VERB + EXPRESSION | EXPRESSION + VERB | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEneutral面無表情blank, dazed, glazed, vacant毫無表情;恍惚的神情;呆滯的神情;木然的表情They all just looked at me with blank expressions.他們全都面無表情地看着我。deadpan冷面He cracks jokes with a deadpan expression on his face.他說笑話時緊繃着臉。curious, enigmatic, inscrutable, odd, strange, unreadable奇怪的神色;謎樣的表情;古怪的神情;難以捉摸的表情calm冷靜的神態guarded提防的表情thoughtful深思的神態dreamy, wistful心不在焉的/沉思的神情doubtful, wary懷疑的表情;謹慎的神情anxious, concerned, troubled, worried焦慮的/關切的/擔憂的/不安的神情bleak, grim, serious黯淡的表情;嚴肅的表情annoyed氣惱的表情angry, fierce, furious, stern憤怒的神情;狂怒的表情;嚴厲的表情hangdog, hurt, melancholy, mournful, pained, sad羞愧的/受傷的/憂鬱的/哀傷的/痛苦的/難過的表情He hung around with this pathetic hangdog expression on his face.他帶着一副可憐而羞愧的表情待在一邊。intense, rapt認真的神情;全神貫注的表情horrified, shocked, stunned, surprised驚恐的表情;驚愕的神情;驚奇的表情baffled, bemused, bewildered, confused, puzzled, quizzical困惑的表情;茫然的表情;不解的表情;古怪的表情alert警惕的神情bored厭倦的表情amused, wry覺得好笑的表情; 挪揄的表情benign, sympathetic慈祥的表情;憐憫的神情satisfied, smug滿意的表情;自鳴得意的表情innocent天真的表情fleeting一閃而過的表情facial面部表情The actors's gestures and facial expressions are perfect.演員們的動作和面部表情都很到位。VERB + EXPRESSIONhave, hold, wear有表情;面帶表情She had a very bewildered expression on her face.她面帶極度困惑的表情。The children's faces all wore the same rapt expression.孩子們的臉上都帶着全神貫注的神情。assume, put on裝出表情She carefully put on her most innocent expression.她小心翼翼地裝出毫不知情的樣子。take on呈現表情Rose's face took on the fierce expression of a schoolgirl talking about her most hated teacher.羅絲臉上呈現出女學生在談論最痛恨的老師時那種兇狠的表情。show露出表情His face showed no expression.他面無表情。catch, notice, see捕捉到/注意到/看到表情Catching a fleeting expression on Lucy's face, she persisted with her question.看到露西臉上一閃而過的表情,她繼續追問。examine, observe, watch審視表情;觀察表情gauge, read捉摸表情;解讀表情I looked at her, trying to read the expression on her face.我看着她,試圖讀懂她臉上的表情。change改變表情His face never changed expression.他臉部的表情從來沒有變化。EXPRESSION + VERBalter, change表情改變His expression changed to embarrassment.他的表情變得有些尷尬。grow..., turn...表情變得⋯His expression grew thoughtful.他的表情變得深邃。Her expression suddenly turned serious.她的表情突然變得嚴肅起來。remain sth保持⋯表情relax, soften表情鬆弛下來;表情變柔和His expression softened when he saw her.他看到她時,表情緩和下來。darken, harden表情變陰冷;表情變冷酷Her expression hardened into one of strong dislike.她的表情開始流露出強烈的厭惡。freeze表情僵住betray sth, reveal sth, show sth, suggest sth, tell sb sth表情顯露出⋯/揭示出⋯/表現出⋯/暗示⋯/告訴某人⋯Her expression betrayed nothing of her thoughts.從她的表情一點也看不出她的想法。His grim expression told her it would be useless.他堅定的表情告訴她那將無濟於事。cross sth, flit across sth表情掠過⋯She had been watching the expression that crossed his face.她一直注視着他臉上掠過的表情。appear on sth表情出現在⋯A surprised expression appeared on her face.她的臉上露出驚訝的表情。PREPOSITIONwithout expression無表情'Go on,' she said, without expression.她面無表情地說:“繼續。”expression of⋯的表情He wore an expression of anxiety on his face.他面帶焦慮。PHRASESthe expression in sb's eyes, the expression on sb's face某人眼中/某人面部流露的神情He looked at her with a very strange expression in his eyes.他用非常奇怪的目光看着她。


2showing feelings/ideas表達情感或思想ADJECTIVE | VERB + EXPRESSION | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEclear清晰的表達Her statement was a clear expression of her views on this subject.她的陳述清晰表達了她關於這一問題的觀點。concrete, material, practical, tangible具體的表露;有形的表示;實際的表達The report gave concrete expression to the fears of many immigrants.這份報告切實表達了許多移民的恐懼心理。direct直接的表達Just because there is no direct expression of prejudice, that does not mean the prejudice does not exist.偏見沒有被直接表述出來並非表示偏見不存在。full充分表達The new concept of form reached its fullest expression in the work of Picasso.形式的新概念在畢加索的作品中得到了最充分的表達。highest, perfect, ultimate最高的表現;完美的表達;最終的表達His highest expression of praise was 'Not bad!'他最高的讚賞是 " 還不錯 !"the highest expression of human creativity人類創造力的最高表現effective, powerful有效的表達;有力的表達simple簡單的表達natural自然的表達He wanted to write a verse drama in which the verse would seem a natural expression of modern life.他想寫一部韻文戲劇,其中的韻文應該是對現代生活的自然表達。spontaneous自然而然的流露free自由的表達the right of free expression自由表達的權利open, overt, public公開的表達the open expression of emotion情感的公開表達outward外在的表達the outward expression of inner emotional feelings內心情感的外在表露formal正式的表達characteristic, classic典型的表達;經典的表達Modernism was the characteristic expression of the experience of modernity.現代主義是現代經驗的典型表現。unique獨特的表達collective集體的表達The harvest festival was the occasion for the collective expression of a community's religious values.收穫節是一個團體宗教價值觀集體表達的時刻。individual, personal個人的表達to allow scope for individual expression允許有個人表現的空間visible, visual看得見的表達emotional, physical, sexual感情的表達;身體的表達;性的表達oral, verbal, written口頭/言語/書面表達the verbal expression of one's feelings感情的言語表達A constitution is the written expression of the people's will.憲法是人民意志的書面表達。artistic, creative, cultural, linguistic, literary, musical, poetic, political, religious藝術的/創造性的/文化的/語言的/文學的/音樂的/詩歌的/政治的/宗教的表現human人的表達VERB + EXPRESSIONachieve, find, reach, receive實現表達;得到表達an anger and frustration that finds expression in (= is shown in) violence通過暴力表現出來的氣憤與挫敗感give sth給予⋯表達Only in his dreams does he give expression to his fears.他只有在夢裏才表達出恐懼之情。PREPOSITIONbeyond expression無法表達She suddenly felt happy beyond expression (= so happy that she could not express it).她突然感到難以言喻的幸福。PHRASESfreedom of expression言論自由Freedom of expression (= freedom to say what you think) is a basic human right.言論自由是基本的人權。a means of expression表達的方式Words, as a means of expression, can be limiting.言語作為一種表達方式有時是有限的。


3words詞語ADJECTIVE | VERB + EXPRESSION | EXPRESSION + VERB ADJECTIVEcommon日常用語colloquial, slang, vernacular口語/俚語/方言的表達vulgar粗俗的表達strange, unusual奇怪的表達;不尋常的措辭favourite/favorite喜愛的言辭figurative, idiomatic, metaphorical比喻的/習慣用語的/隱喻的表達方式American, English, etc.美語、英語等中的表達方式geographical地理用語Until the mid-nineteenth century, 'Italy' was just a geographical expression.19 世紀中葉以前,“意大利”只是個地理名詞。VERB + EXPRESSIONuse使用言辭He tends to use strange expressions like 'It's enough to make a cat laugh'.他往往用一些奇怪的表達,像“足以把貓逗笑”。hear聽到表達I've not heard that expression before.我之前沒有聽到過這種表達方法。EXPRESSION + VERBmean sth言辭意思是⋯

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