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BNC: 910 COCA: 928


direction /dəˈrɛkʃən/ noun
plural directions
plural directions
Learner's definition of DIRECTION
[count] : the course or path on which something is moving or pointing方向
often used after in常用在in后
directions [plural]
: a statement that tells a person what to do and how to do it : an order or instruction用法说明;操作指南
: instructions that tell you how to go to a place出行指南
: control or management of someone or something控制;管理
: the act or process of directing a play, movie, television show, or musical performance导演
[count] : the way that something is progressing or developing趋势;动向
[noncount] : a goal or purpose that guides your actions or decisions目标;目的

— directionless

BNC: 910 COCA: 928



di·​rec·​tion də-ˈrek-shən How to pronounce direction (audio)
: guidance or supervision of action or conduct : management
working under the direction of the doctor
archaic : the address placed on the outside of a letter or package to be delivered : superscription
: an explicit instruction : order
carefully read the directions
follow directions
: assistance in pointing out the proper route
usually used in plural
asked for directions to the beach
: the line or course on which something is moving or is aimed to move or along which something is pointing or facing
came from the opposite direction
walking in the same direction
: a channel or direct course of thought or action
deciding which direction to take as a writer
: a guiding, governing, or motivating purpose
His life lacked direction.
: the art and technique of supervising the production of a show or performance : the art and technique of directing an orchestra, band, or a show (as for stage or screen)
music : a word, phrase, or sign indicating the appropriate tempo, mood, or intensity of a passage (see passage entry 1 sense 6b) or movement (see movement sense 4c)
directionless adjective
directionlessness noun

Example Sentences

The army attacked from three different directions. Down the road, he could see a bus coming from the opposite direction. The wind changed direction and started blowing in our faces. Carefully read the directions before you begin the test. Directions appear on the package. We had to stop to ask for directions to the beach. Excuse me. Could you please give me directions to the movie theater? He was put in charge and given overall direction of the program. Twenty-three employees work under her direction. Several nurses working under the direction of this doctor have made complaints. See More
Recent Examples on the Web But preliminary data suggests that by 2019, that number had moved in the opposite direction. WIRED, 16 Sep. 2022 Because of this, Westring said, mothers’ careers have become more aligned with child care while men’s have only gone more in the opposite direction. Jasmine Mithani, Washington Post, 15 Sep. 2022 China’s central bank has gone in the opposite direction, making small cuts to two key interest rates last month. Rebecca Feng, WSJ, 15 Sep. 2022 Of course, things can change instantly and pivot in the opposite direction. Kevin Reynolds, The Salt Lake Tribune, 14 Sep. 2022 Later on, the assailant walked in the opposite direction toward a nearby restaurant and threw a Molotov cocktail near the restaurant's window, however the window didn't break and the device didn't ignite according to police. Jeremy Yurow, The Arizona Republic, 13 Sep. 2022 The Allies moved in the opposite direction, losing colonies over the following decades. Timothy Noah, The New Republic, 12 Sep. 2022 James initially pointed to a 42-yard completion in the second quarter in which Herbert delivered the ball down the right sideline over two retreating defenders to Keenan Allen, who had a safety closing in on him from the opposite direction. Dylan Hernández, Los Angeles Times, 11 Sep. 2022 In the case of one popular Smash Bros. clone, Rivals of Aether, its creators have begun to move in the opposite direction: start with the mascot fighter game, then make traditional games as spinoffs. Sam Machkovech, Ars Technica, 10 Sep. 2022 See More

Word History


see direct entry 1

First Known Use

15th century, in the meaning defined at sense 1

Time Traveler
The first known use of direction was in the 15th century
BNC: 910 COCA: 928


1where to/from方向ADJECTIVE | VERB + DIRECTION | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEsame同一方向They were both going in the same direction.他們倆朝同一個方向走。different, opposing, opposite, reverse, separate (especially NAmE) 不同的方向;相反的方向We are pulled in opposing directions by our emotions.我們因感情問題而分道揚鑣。The ride in the reverse direction is a mere $4.反方向車程只需花 4 美元。We both walked off in separate directions.我們倆朝不同方向走開了。right, wrong正確的/錯誤的方向Unfortunately, we were going in the wrong direction.可惜我們走錯了方向。general大致方向I fired in the general direction of the officer's head, and missed.我朝軍官頭部的大致方向開了槍,卻射偏了。expected, predicted預期的/預計的方向America has not moved in the expected direction.美國沒有朝預期的方向前行。the predicted direction of climate change in the near term近期氣候變化的預測方向unexpected意料之外的方向Support came from an unexpected direction.支持來自於一個出人意料的方面。clockwise順時針方向Turn the dial in a clockwise direction.按順時針方向撥動撥號盤。anticlockwise, counterclockwise (NAmE) 逆時針方向downward, upward向下的/向上的方向These figures may have to be revised in an upward direction.這些數字或許得上調。backward, forward向後的/向前的方向She shoved Sarah in the general forward direction.她大致向前推着薩拉。northerly, southerly, etc.向北、向南等的方向The current flows in a south-easterly direction.水朝東南方向流去。east-west, north-south西東/南北方向The runway was constructed in a north-south direction.跑道是沿南北方向建的。horizontal, vertical水平/垂直方向A scanner deflects the laser beam in horizontal and vertical directions.掃描儀在水平和垂直方向上使激光束轉變方向。random任意的方向He started to run in a random direction.他開始漫無目的地跑。cardinal, compass (both especially NAmE) 基本方位;羅盤方向a house oriented exactly to the cardinal directions一所正南正北的房子I measured the distance and compass direction between successive positions.我測量了相連位置間的距離和羅盤方向。wind風向When sailing, keep a constant check on changes in wind direction.航行時要時刻檢查風向。VERB + DIRECTIONtake選擇方向Which direction do we have to take?我們必須選擇哪個方向?change, reverse, switch改變/掉轉/切換方向The wind had changed direction.風向已經變了。What happens if you reverse the direction of the current?如果倒轉電流方向會怎樣呢 ?Suddenly, the wind switched directions.突然間風向變了。flow in, go in, go off in朝⋯方向流動/走去/走開follow, head in, move in, travel in沿着⋯方向;朝⋯方向前進;朝⋯方向移動Dan followed the direction the sign had pointed.丹沿着路標指示的方向走。The convoy is moving in the direction of the capital.護送車隊正朝首都方向前進。veer in, veer off in轉往⋯方向While he was studying in Paris, his thinking suddenly veered off in a new direction.在巴黎學習期間,他的思想突然轉向了新的方向。come from, come in來自⋯方向He was hit by a truck coming in the opposite direction.他被迎面開來的一輛卡車撞了。face, face in朝向⋯方向I didn't see the accident because I was facing in the opposite direction.我沒有看到事故,因為當時我面朝相反的方向。glance in, look in, nod in, point in朝⋯方向瞥;朝⋯方向看;朝⋯方向點頭;指向⋯方向She glanced in his direction.她朝他的方向瞥了一眼。'Look!' she said, pointing in the direction of the coast.“看 ! ”她指着海岸的方向說道。indicate, point out顯示發展方向;指示⋯方向The adults gazed in the direction indicated.大人們注視着指示的方向。nudge sb in, point sb in把某人朝⋯方向推動;為某人指出⋯方向We have to nudge politicians in the right direction.我們必須把搞政治的推向正確的方向。I can't come with you, but I can point you in the general direction.我不能跟你一起去,不過我可以給你指出大致的方向。pull (sb/sth) in (often figurative) (把⋯)向⋯方向拉There are different considerations, pulling in different directions.有各種不同的考慮,常將事情帶向不同的方向。PREPOSITIONfrom a/the direction從⋯方向There was shriek of laughter from the direction of Sarah's room.從薩拉的房間方向傳來了一陣尖聲大笑。Let's approach the subject from a different direction.讓我們換個角度來看這個問題吧。in a/the direction朝⋯方向The aircraft was flying in a northerly direction.飛機正朝北飛行。PHRASESthe direction of flow, the direction of movement, the direction of travel流動/移動/行進方向I prefer to be facing the direction of travel.我喜歡面朝行進的方向。the direction of sb's gaze某人凝視的方向She followed the direction of his gaze.她順着他凝視的視線望去。from all directions, from both directions從四處;從兩邊People came running from all directions.人們從四面八方跑過來。in all directions, in both directions朝四處;朝兩邊The blast sent debris flying in all directions.爆炸使碎屑向四處飛散。The road was blocked in both directions.路的兩個方向都被堵住了。a glance in sb/sth's direction, a nod in sb/sth's direction朝⋯方向的一瞥/點頭People passed by without a glance in her direction.人們經過時都不朝她那個方向看。The report gives a brief nod in the direction of green issues (= mentions them briefly). (figurative) 這篇報道簡要提到環保問題。a sense of direction方向感I don't have much sense of direction.我沒有什麼方向感。in any particular direction, in no particular direction在任何特定方向;沒有特定方向The story does not go in any particular direction.故事沒有朝特定方向發展。She stalked away, in no particular direction.她漫無目的地大踏步走開了。


2development發展ADJECTIVE | VERB + DIRECTION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEnew新發展方向The party must take a new direction if it is to survive.如果該黨要生存的話,就必須走上新的發展方向。right, wrong正確的/錯誤的發展方向desired期望的發展方向These incentives should move the industry in the desired direction.這些鼓勵措施應促進工業向期望的方向發展。positive積極的發展方向I felt the company was headed in a positive direction.我認為公司朝着積極的方向發展。a step to change your life in a positive direction積極地改變你生活方向的舉措promising有前途的發展方向This points to a promising new direction for cancer research.這為癌症研究指出了新的發展前景。clear明確的發展方向No clear direction in policy can be identified.政策中不見明確的方向。future未來的方向the debate about the future direction of socialism有關社會主義未來方向的爭論policy, strategic政策/戰略方向His understanding of our business will further strengthen our strategic direction.他對我們公司的理解會進一步鞏固我們策略的發展方向。VERB + DIRECTIONtake走上⋯發展方向It is hard to know which direction the Church will take.很難知道教會將朝哪個方向發展。change, shift (especially NAmE) 改變發展方向It's time to change direction and find a new job.該轉變方向找份新工作了。The company needed to shift direction if it was going to survive.如果公司要生存下去,就需要改變發展方向。go in, move in朝⋯方向发展At least things are moving in the right direction now.至少情況正在向正確的方向發展。influence, shape影響發展方向the critical decisions that shape the direction of our lives影響我們生活發展方向的至關重要的決定determine決定發展方向First determine the direction of your expected business growth.首先確定好公司業務的預期增長方向。She's a young woman, determining the direction of her life.她是位決定着自己人生發展方向的年輕女性。set確定發展方向The proposals aim to set a new direction for local government.提議旨在為當地政府確定新的發展方向。indicate指出發展方向The recommendations indicate possible directions for further studies.推薦信指出今後學習可能的發展方向。PHRASESa change of direction發展方向的轉變This was a major change of direction for Britain's foreign policy.這是英國外交政策方向上的一個重大轉變。a shift in direction方向轉變The book signals a shift in direction from her earlier novels.這本書標誌着她不同於早期小說的轉變。a step in... direction向⋯方向的一步The first step in this direction will be a discussion with the unions.朝此方向邁出的第一步將是與工會進行討論。a step in the right direction, a step in the wrong direction向正確方向/錯誤方向的一步The new law is undoubtedly a step in the right direction, but it doesn't go far enough.新法律無疑是向正確方向邁出了一步,可惜步子還不夠大。in one direction朝一個方向發展I was being pushed in one direction.我被推到了只有一條路可選的境地。The market is moving primarily in one direction.市場主要朝一個方向發展。


3purpose目標ADJECTIVE | VERB + DIRECTION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEclear明確的目標Do not let the discussion fragment into a desultory conversation with no clear direction.不要讓討論變得支離破碎,成為沒有明確方向的漫談。VERB + DIRECTIONbe lacking in, lack缺少方向;沒有方向Once again her life felt lacking in direction.她又一次感到人生缺少方向。PHRASESa sense of direction目標感We are looking for somebody with a clear sense of direction.我們要找一個有明確目標的人。


4(often directions) instructions指示ADJECTIVE | VERB + DIRECTION | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEclear, good, precise, specific明確的/良好的/準確的/具體的指示Isabel's directions are always very precise.伊莎貝爾的指示總是很明確。The teacher gives specific directions and corrects your pose.老師給出具體的指示並糾正你的姿勢。step-by-step逐步的指示Each card has step-by-step directions on one side.每張卡片的一面都有一步步的指示。easy-to-follow簡單易學的指南Each chapter includes easy-to-follow directions for a variety of activities.每一章節都包含對各種活動的簡易指南。stage舞台指示Shakespeare's famous stage direction, 'Exit, pursued by a bear.'莎士比亞著名的舞台指示:“退場,一隻熊緊追在後。”driving駕駛指示Internet sites that offer everything from driving directions to subway maps提供從駕駛指南到地鐵地圖的包羅萬象的網站online在線指示Just follow the online directions to take the quiz.根據在線指示進行測驗即可。label (NAmE) 標籤指示Follow label directions for best results.根據標籤指示找到最好的結果。VERB + DIRECTIONask, ask for問路Let's stop and ask for directions.我們停下來問一下路吧。give sb, provide給某人指路;指引道路Can you give me directions for getting to John's?你能告訴我怎樣去約翰家嗎?signs providing directions to the new concert hall指向新音樂廳的標誌get得到指引We got directions to the hall from a man in the town.我們從鎮裏的一個人那兒得知去禮堂的路。follow按照說明Just follow the directions on the box.按照盒子上的說明做就可以了。PREPOSITIONdirection for關於⋯的說明Are there any directions for putting up the tent?有什麼搭建帳篷的指示說明嗎 ?direction to往⋯的指示Can you give me directions to the post office?你能告訴我去郵局怎麼走嗎 ?


5control/guidance管理;引導ADJECTIVE | VERB + DIRECTION | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEclear明確的引導In effective classrooms the teacher provided clear direction.在有效的課堂活動中老師進行明確的引導。strategic戰略導向the strategic direction of the company公司的戰略導向spiritual精神上的指導The monarch looks to the archbishop for spiritual direction.君主向大主教尋求精神上的指引。government政府管理All such research is under government direction.此類研究全部由政府管理。VERB + DIRECTIONgive sb, provide (sb with)給予某人指導;(為某人)提供指導PREPOSITIONunder sb's direction在某人的指導下They work under the direction of a senior manager.他們在一位高級主管的指導下工作。direction from來自⋯的指導The new workers need direction from a supervisor.新工人需要一位主管進行指導。
BNC: 910 COCA: 928
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0_0: Translations of direction
  • # n.
    方: direction, involution, locality, power, region, way
    方位: bearing, points of the compass, direction, position
    方向: direction, path
    趨向: direction, trend
    轄: administration, control, direction, government, linchpin, management
    向: direction, guide, side
    嚮: direction, orientation, part
    轍: direction, furrow, rut, track, trend
    針對性: direction
    指導: advising, direction

0_0: Definitions of direction
  • # noun.
    - a course along which someone or something moves.
    * she set off in the opposite direction
    - the management or guidance of someone or something.
    * under his direction, the college has developed an international reputation

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