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1 fit /ˈfɪt/ adjective
fitter; fittest
1 fit
fitter; fittest
Learner's definition of FIT
: proper or acceptable : morally or socially correct适宜的;恰当的often + for
often followed by to + verb常接动词不定式
: suitable for a specified purpose适用于…often + for
often followed by to + verb常接动词不定式
: physically healthy and strong健壮的;健康的
British slang : sexually attractive : sexy性感的;有魅力的
: having the necessary skills(技能上)适合的,胜任的usually + for
: made ready : put in a suitable state准备妥当的usually + for

fit as a fiddle

informal also British fit as a flea
: in good physical condition : very healthy and strong非常健康

fit for a king

: good enough even for a king : very good极好的;顶级的

fit to be tied

: very angry or upset非常生气;十分恼火

fit to burst

chiefly British, informal
: very much非常;十分

fit to kill

US, informal
: in an impressive way that attracts attention极度地;十分显眼地

see/think fit

◊ To see fit or think fit to do something is to choose to do it because you think it is right or appropriate.认为(做某事)合适

— fitness

noun [noncount]
2 fit /ˈfɪt/ verb
fits; fitted or chiefly US fit; fitting
2 fit
fits; fitted or chiefly US fit; fitting
Learner's definition of FIT
not used in progressive tenses : to be the right size and shape for (someone or something)适合;合身
[+ object]
[no object]
◊ Something that fits (you) like a glove fits (you) very well.非常合身
◊ The phrase one size fits all describes a hat, piece of clothing, etc., that is made in a size that is supposed to fit everyone. This phrase is commonly used figuratively.人人能穿(戴)的;适合每个人的(这个短语常用作比喻)
not used in progressive tenses
[no object] : to go into or through a particular space容纳;通过
[+ object] : to cause (something) to go into or through a particular space使装入;使通过
[+ object] past tense and past participle fitted
: to measure (someone) in order to choose clothes that are the right size and shape for that person给…量身试穿usually used as (be) fitted通常用作(be) fitted
: to change the shape or form of (a piece of clothing) for a particular person修改(服装)
[+ object] : to find time to meet with (someone) or do (something)安排时间会面;安排时间做(某事)usually + in or into
[no object] : to belong in a particular situation, place, or group适应;合得来
usually + in
not used in progressive tenses [+ object]
: to be suitable or appropriate for (someone or something)与…相称;恰如其分
: to make (someone or something) suitable or appropriate for or to something使适合
not used in progressive tenses, [+ object] : to be in agreement with (something or someone)与…一致;符合
[+ object] past tense and past participle fitted : to supply equipment for (something)装备;布置
often + out or up

fit the bill

see 1bill

if the cap fits

see 1cap

if the shoe fits

see 1shoe

— fitter

/ˈfɪtɚ/ noun, plural fitters [count]
see also pipe fitter
3 fit /ˈfɪt/ noun
plural fits
3 fit
plural fits
Learner's definition of FIT
: the way something fits : the way something suits the size and shape of your body or goes into or through a particular space合适;合身
compare 4fit
4 fit /ˈfɪt/ noun
plural fits
4 fit
plural fits
Learner's definition of FIT
: an uncontrolled expression of strong emotion(强烈情感的)发作;冲动
: a sudden occurrence of some activity, emotion, etc.(活动的)突然发生;(感情等的)突然发作
: an abnormal state in which you become unconscious and your body moves in an uncontrolled and violent way(病的)发作,阵发

by fits and starts

or in fits and starts
: by stopping and starting again : in a way that is not constant or steady一阵阵地;间歇地

in fits

British, informal
: laughing very much : in fits of laughter捧腹大笑
compare 3fit


1 of 6


fitter; fittest
: acceptable from a particular viewpoint (as of competence or morality) : proper
a movie fit for the whole family
: adapted to an end or design : suitable by nature or by art
found him to be a fit officer and gentleman Time
: adapted to the environment so as to be capable of surviving
: sound physically and mentally : healthy
keeps fit by playing tennis and handball
: put into a suitable state : made ready
get the house fit for company
getting the ship fit for sea
: being in such a state as to be or seem ready to do or suffer something
fair fit to cry I was Bryan MacMahon
laughing fit to burst
fitly adverb


2 of 6


fitted or fit; fitting; fits

transitive verb

: to conform correctly to the shape or size of
These jeans don't fit me anymore.
: to insert or adjust until correctly in place
Fit the dough into the pan.
He had some trouble fitting all of the pieces back into place.
: to make or adjust to the right shape and size
Theresa uploaded a snapshot on Twitter showing some of the mannequins she uses to fit the costumes. Gemma Strong
: to measure for determining the specifications of something to be worn by
The tailor fitted him for a new suit.
: to make a place or room for : accommodate
She fit all of the books into a single box.
: to be suitable for or to : harmonize with
"My first impression of Joy was that her name fit her perfectly. She radiated joy and calmness …" Beth Coger
archaic : to be seemly or proper for
It fits us, then, to be as provident / As fear may teach us … William Shakespeare
: to be in agreement or accord with
The theory fits all the facts.
: to put into a condition of readiness
His temperament fitted him to understand an age of courageous exploits … Van Wyck Brooks
: to cause to conform to or suit something
You must fit the words to the music.
: supply, equip
fitted the ship with new engines
often used with out
The guest rooms … have been fitted out with antique and reproduction furnishings … Mimi Elder
mathematics : to adjust (a smooth curve of a specified type) to a given set of points

intransitive verb

: to conform to a particular shape or size
The dress fits perfectly.
also : to be accommodated
Will we all fit into the car?
: to be in harmony or accord : belong
often used with in
"He wanted the house to look natural, to fit in with the island landscape. …" Olivia HarrisonI arrived in the United States at age three and grew up wanting both to live up to the … expectations of my parents and to fit in with the customs of my new homeland. Nely Galán
chiefly British : to experience or be affected with a seizure and especially an epileptic seizure
The 48-year-old was shopping in Stourbridge's Ryemarket when she collapsed and began fitting. Birmingham (U.K.) Evening Mail
archaic : to be seemly, proper, or suitable
Why dost thou laugh? It fits not with this hour. William Shakespeare
fitter noun


3 of 6

noun (1)

: the fact, condition, or manner of fitting or being fitted: such as
: the way clothing fits the wearer
: the degree of closeness between surfaces in an assembly of parts


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noun (2)

: an emotional reaction (as in anger or frustration)
has a fit when I show up late
: a sudden burst or flurry (as of activity)
cleaned the whole house in a fit of efficiency
: a sudden violent attack of a disease (such as epilepsy) especially when marked by convulsions or unconsciousness : paroxysm
: a sudden but transient attack of a physical disturbance


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noun (3)

: a division of a poem or song


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dialectal past tense and past participle of fight

fit to be tied
: extremely angry or irritated
Dad was fit to be tied when my sister came home late last night.
fit to kill
: in a striking manner
dressed fit to kill
by fits or by fits and starts or in fits and starts
: in an impulsive and irregular manner
construction proceeded by fits and starts
Choose the Right Synonym for fit

fit, suitable, meet, proper, appropriate, fitting, apt, happy, felicitous mean right with respect to some end, need, use, or circumstance.

fit stresses adaptability and sometimes special readiness for use or action.

fit for battle

suitable implies an answering to requirements or demands.

clothes suitable for camping

meet suggests a just proportioning.

meet payment

proper suggests a suitability through essential nature or accordance with custom.

proper acknowledgement

appropriate implies eminent or distinctive fitness.

an appropriate gift

fitting implies harmony of mood or tone.

a fitting end

apt connotes a fitness marked by nicety and discrimination.

apt quotations

happy suggests what is effectively or successfully appropriate.

a happy choice of words

felicitous suggests an aptness that is opportune, telling, or graceful.

a felicitous phrase

Example Sentences

Adjective Patients are encouraged to get fit. Are you fit enough to walk there? Verb The suit fits him perfectly. I hope this key fits the lock. The two pieces fit each other perfectly. This calculator will fit nicely in your shirt pocket. The two pieces fit together perfectly. How many people can fit in a phone booth? The box was too large to fit through the door. I can't fit all these groceries into the trunk of my car. We weren't able to fit the box through the door. fitting the jacket to the customer See More

Word History



Middle English; akin to Middle English fitten

Verb and Noun (1)

Middle English fitten to marshal troops, from or akin to Middle Dutch vitten to be suitable

Noun (2)

Middle English, from Old English fitt strife

Noun (3)

Middle English, from Old English fitt; akin to Old Saxon fittea division of a poem, Old High German fizza skein

First Known Use


14th century, in the meaning defined at sense 1b(1)


circa 1586, in the meaning defined at intransitive sense 4

Noun (1)

1823, in the meaning defined above

Noun (2)

circa 1541, in the meaning defined at sense 3a

Noun (3)

before the 12th century, in the meaning defined above

Time Traveler
The first known use of fit was before the 12th century


1way sth fits/way two things match適合;匹配ADJECTIVE | VERB + FIT | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEexcellent, good, nice非常合適;很合適;很匹配We need to achieve the best fit between the staff required and the staff available.我們需要在用人上實現供需兩方面的最佳吻合。correct, exact, ideal, perfect, proper, right正好合適;完全合適;十分合適bad, poor不合適The door was a poor fit and didn't open properly.這道門和門框尺寸不合,不好打開。close, snug, tight緊身;完全匹配;嚴密扣合loose有點兒鬆comfortable合身舒適The sweater is a comfortable fit-not too tight and not too loose.這件毛衣不鬆不緊,非常合身。natural天作之合custom (especially NAmE) 均碼The cap is made of 92% polyester with 8% Spandex for a custom fit.這種帽子是由 92% 的聚酯纖維和 8% 的氨綸做的,以便做到均碼。VERB + FITachieve, get, produce達到匹配;變得合適;使之適合File away any excess metal until a snug fit is achieved.銼平多餘的金屬直到完全吻合。ensure保證適合The shoe has a special strap to ensure a good fit.為了保證合腳,這種鞋特別配有一個搭扣。PREPOSITIONfit between⋯之間的相配a good fit between the recruit and the job新雇員和工作之間很好的匹配PHRASESa lack of fit不匹配He argues that there is a lack of fit between our system of values and capitalism.他認為我們的價值體系和資本主義不相稱。


2sudden attack of illness突然發病ADJECTIVE | VERB + FIT | FIT + VERB | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEconvulsive, epileptic, fainting一陣驚厥;癲癇發作;突然昏厥VERB + FIThave, suffer疾病突然發作She suffered a major fit last year.她去年生了一場大病。suffer from突然發病He suffers from fits of depression.他時不時出現抑鬱。bring on, cause, trigger引致/引起/導致病發作He suffers from a brain disorder that can trigger convulsive fits.他患了腦疾,可能會引發驚厥。control控制病發new drugs that can control fits可以控制疾病發作的新藥prevent預防病發FIT + VERBhappen, occur疾病發作The fits usually occur at night.這種病一般在晚上發作。PREPOSITIONduring a fit發病期間She hurt her arm during one of her fits.她在一次發病時弄傷了胳膊。


3short period of coughing/laughter/strong feeling發作;衝動ADJECTIVE | VERB + FIT | FIT + VERB | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEcoughing, sneezing一陣咳嗽;一陣噴嚏crying, giggling, laughing, screaming一陣大哭/傻笑/大笑/尖叫hysterical一陣歇斯底里sudden突然發作In a sudden fit of anger, he snatched the book from her hand.他一怒之下搶走了她手中的書。uncontrollable難以控制的衝動He burst into an uncontrollable fit of laughter.他突然難以自已地大笑起來。major強烈的衝動VERB + FIThave, pitch, throw發脾氣My dad will throw a major fit if he finds out!如果爸爸發現了,他會大發脾氣的!burst into, collapse in, collapse into, erupt in, erupt into, fall into突然爆發;堅持不住而爆發She collapsed in a fit of laughter.她笑得直不起腰。bring on引起一陣⋯The cold air brought on one of his coughing fits.冷風吹來,他又咳嗽了一陣。FIT + VERBbe over, pass一陣⋯之後;衝動過去When her coughing fit was over she continued to speak.她咳嗽了一陣後繼續講話。PREPOSITIONin a fit of一陣⋯之下He pushed the referee in a fit of temper.他一氣之下推了裁判員。fit of一陣⋯a fit of anger / giggles一陣氣憤/傻笑PHRASESin fits, in fits of laughter一陣陣大笑The comedian had them all in fits of laughter.喜劇演員把他們所有人逗得一陣陣大笑。


1right size/type尺寸正確;類型匹配ADVERB | VERB + FIT | PREPOSITION ADVERBclosely, neatly, nicely, securely, snugly, tightly, well絲絲合扣;扣合得很規整;完全合適;合扣而結實;嚴絲合縫;扣合密實;非常合適The pencils fit neatly into this box.鉛筆放進這個盒子正合適。loosely尺寸大exactly, perfectly完全合適The screws fit the holes exactly.這些螺絲剛好能擰進這些孔。properly正合適The shoes don't fit properly.這鞋不合腳。badly, poorly不合適If the top of the box fits badly, the contents will spill out.如果盒蓋蓋不嚴,裏面的東西就會灑落出來。barely, hardly幾乎不相配jeans which barely fit his stout body幾乎容不下他胖大身軀的牛仔褲easily易配That chair should fit into the room easily.那把椅子應該容易和房間相配。comfortably合適而舒坦PDAs are designed to fit comfortably in a jacket pocket.個人數字助理設計得正好裝進夾克的口袋中。together配在一起These two pieces of wood fit together to make the base.這兩塊木頭並在一起作底墊。VERB + FITbe designed to設計適合The waste unit is designed to fit under the sink.垃圾處理裝置按設計應安裝在水槽下。PREPOSITIONin, into, onto, over, under, etc.能放到⋯裏面、上面、下面等Will this box fit into the cupboard?這個箱子能放進壁櫥裏嗎?


2agree/match; make sth suitable相配;使合適ADVERB | PREPOSITION ADVERBperfectly非常一致seamlessly配合得天衣無縫The haunting melody fits seamlessly within the song.這縈繞心頭的旋律與歌曲配合得天衣無縫。PREPOSITIONfor (especially BrE) 符合Your experience fits you perfectly for the job.你的經驗非常適合這項工作。with與⋯相配The words fit perfectly with the music.歌詞與音樂非常相配。


1healthy健康VERBS | ADVERB | PREPOSITION | PHRASES VERBSbe, feel, look, seem健康;感覺身體好;看上去健康;好像健康become, get變得健康the struggle to get fit and stay fit使身體變得健康並加以保持的努力keep, stay保持健康Go for a little jog to keep fit.慢跑一會兒以保持身體健康。make sb使某人健康Exercising once a week is not enough to make you fit.要想身體健康,每週鍛煉一次還不夠。keep sb使某人保持健康gentle exercises designed to keep you fit為使你保持身體健康而設計的舒緩運動ADVERBextremely, fairly, very, etc.極其/相當/非常健康fighting (especially BrE) 身強體壯He seemed fighting fit and ready for action.他看起來身體很棒,已經準備好行動了。fully (BrE) 完全恢復健康John isn't fully fit yet after his operation.約翰手術後還沒完全恢復健康。physically身體健康She felt physically fitter and more alive than she could ever remember.她覺得以前身體從沒有那樣健康,那樣充滿活力。PREPOSITIONfor (BrE) 身體狀況適合⋯The doctor said she was now fit for work.醫生說她現在已經很健康,可以工作了。PHRASESas fit as a fiddle (= very healthy) 非常健康fit and healthy, fit and well (especially BrE) 身體很棒She looks really fit and healthy.她看起來真的很健康。fit and ready狀態很好,一切就緒lean and fit瘦而健康的


2suitable合適VERBS | PREPOSITION | PHRASES VERBSconsider sth, see, think認為⋯合適;知道合適The newspaper did not see fit to publish my letter.報社認為刊登我的信件不合適。You must do as you think fit.你覺得怎麼合適就怎麼做吧。PREPOSITIONfor適合The food was not fit for human consumption.那種食物不適於人食用。PHRASESfit and proper (law法律, especially BrE) 適當circumstances in which someone is not considered a fit and proper person to run a bank某人被認為不適合開辦銀行的情況fit for a king質量一流It was a meal fit for a king.這飯菜算得上御膳了。in no fit state狀態不適合He's so angry he's in no fit state to see anyone.他正在氣頭上,現在不適合見人。
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0_0: Translations of fit
  • # v.
    安: fit, fix, harbor, harbour, instal, install
    稱: fit, suit, call, commend, name, praise
    稱身: fit
    頂: bunt, fit, gore, carry on the head, hook, horn
    鬥: battle, contend, contest, denounce, fight, fit
    副: fit
    合: add up to, agree, close, equal, be equal, fit
    合身: fit, harmonise, harmonize, suit
    合式: befit, fit, suit
    合適: equal, be equal, fit
    配: dose, fit, join, make up, match, mate
    切合: fit, suit
    適: fit, follow, go, pursue, suit
    適合: fit, suit
    適應: adapt, adjust to, fit, suit
    投: cast, deliver, drop, fit, fling, go to
    中: fit, hit the mark
  • # a.
    對的: fit
    合適: acceptable, appropriate, apt, befitting, decent, fit
    健康: fit, in good health, healthy, sound, wholesome
    適: comfortable, fit, proper, suitable, well
    適宜: appropriate, favorable, favourable, fit, suitable
    相當: appropriate, fit, suitable
    相宜: appropriate, fit, suitable
  • # n.
    發: firing, fit, issuance, issue, outgiving, shooting
    發作: attack, convulsion, fit, outbreak, outburst, paroxysm
    趕近: fit

0_0: Definitions of fit
  • # adjective.
    - of a suitable quality, standard, or type to meet the required purpose.
    * the meat is fit for human consumption
    - in good health, especially because of regular physical exercise.
    * the measures would ensure a leaner, fitter company
  • # verb.
    - be of the right shape and size for.
    * those jeans still fit me
    - fix or put (something) into place.
    * they fitted smoke alarms to their home
    - be in agreement or harmony with; match.
  • # noun.
    - the particular way in which something, especially a garment or component, fits around or into something.
    * the dress was a perfect fit
    - a sudden uncontrollable outbreak of intense emotion, laughter, coughing, or other action or activity.
    * in a fit of temper
    - a section of a poem.
    * None

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