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BNC: 1026 COCA: 1547


1 earth /ˈɚθ/ noun
1 earth
Learner's definition of EARTH
[singular] or Earth : the planet on which we live地球
[noncount] : land as opposed to the sea, the air, etc.陆地;地面
[noncount] : the material in which plants grow : soil 土;泥;土壤
[count] British : 1ground 10
[singular] chiefly British, informal : a large amount of money一大笔钱

(a) heaven on earth

see heaven

move heaven and earth

see 1move

on earth

: in the world在世界上
used to make a question more forceful(用于加强疑问语气)究竟,到底

promise someone the earth

see 2promise

the ends of the earth

see 1end

the salt of the earth

see 1salt
2 earth /ˈɚθ/ verb
earths; earthed; earthing
2 earth
earths; earthed; earthing
Learner's definition of EARTH
[+ object] British
: 2ground 5

See also: earth

BNC: 1026 COCA: 1547


1 of 2


: the fragmental material composing part of the surface of the globe
especially : cultivable soil
: the sphere of mortal life as distinguished from spheres of spirit life compare heaven, hell
: areas of land as distinguished from sea and air
: the solid footing formed of soil : ground
often capitalized : the planet on which we live that is third in order from the sun see Planets Table
: the people of the planet Earth
: the mortal human body
: the pursuits, interests, and pleasures of earthly life as distinguished from spiritual concerns
: the lair of a burrowing animal
: an excessive amount of money
used with the
real suede, which costs the earth to clean Joanne Winship
earthlike adjective


2 of 2


earthed; earthing; earths

transitive verb

: to drive to hiding in the earth
: to draw soil about (plants)
often used with up
chiefly British : ground sense 4

intransitive verb

of a hunted animal : to hide in the ground
on earth
used as an intensive
to find out what on earth he was up to Michael Holroyd


Example Sentences

Noun The moisture will eventually fall to earth in the form of rain or snow. We could feel the earth shake.
Recent Examples on the Web
Not only stunningly beautiful but also so funny and down-to-earth. Keaton Bell, Vogue, 19 Sep. 2022 Photos revealed cracked earth and barren canyons while satellite images showed the reservoir's shrinking shorelines from space. Emily Mae Czachor, CBS News, 30 Aug. 2022 The chamber was covered with a mound of earth and gravel surrounded by another circular ring. Jennifer Ouellette, Ars Technica, 24 Aug. 2022 Team members earned medals in many individual events, which tested their science knowledge in a wide range of scientific disciplines, from genetics, chemistry, biology and physics to earth and space science and technology and engineering. Ed Wittenberg, cleveland, 6 June 2022 This 80/20 Merlot/Cabernet Franc biodynamic blend includes aromas of raspberries, sage, wet earth and slight black pepper. Tom Mullen, Forbes, 22 May 2022 The indications include piles of earth and rock near tunnel entrances that suggest recent event excavation work to prepare for a detonation inside. Ken Thomas, WSJ, 22 May 2022 Amid the current uncertainty, expect startup valuations to come back down to earth and companies to slow their spending—including likely through layoffs. Walter Frick, Quartz, 11 May 2022 The new school is designed to focus on various topics related to the climate crisis and its solutions, including earth and planetary sciences, energy technology, food and water security and human health. Rachel Ramirez, CNN, 4 May 2022
Step into nature, hike, perhaps try earthing (which is a practice of removing your shoes and walking on the earth to help rid you of stresses or clear your mind). Krystyna Chávez, Marie Claire, 14 Jan. 2020 The outer cylinder is earthed while the inner one is not, creating a capacitor. The Economist, 1 Aug. 2019 Practitioner John Manning will discuss earthing on Wednesday, Jan. 17, at 7 p.m. at the Enfield Public Library, 104 Middle Road. Courant Community, 9 Jan. 2018 When the aerial is earthed, part of the carrier wave will be absorbed. The Economist, 13 Sep. 2017 But Truth in Advertising, a consumer advocacy group, cited earthing in a database of 50-some instances in which Goop promoted unsubstantiated products or claims. Olga Khazan, The Atlantic, 12 Sep. 2017 Inside, the château is an equal marvel, perfectly restored and filled with contemporary art and, for balance, fragments of a meteorite that fell to earth 200 million years ago. Jon Maksik, Condé Nast Traveler, 20 Apr. 2017 See More

Word History



Middle English erthe, from Old English eorthe; akin to Old High German erda earth, Greek era

First Known Use


before the 12th century, in the meaning defined at sense 1


1575, in the meaning defined at transitive sense 1

Time Traveler
The first known use of earth was before the 12th century
BNC: 1026 COCA: 1547


1the world地球ADJECTIVE | VERB + EARTH | EARTH + VERB | EARTH + NOUN | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEthe entire, the whole整個地球VERB + EARTHcircle, orbit繞地球運行satellites orbiting the earth環繞地球運行的衞星create創造地球destroy毀滅地球protect, save保護/拯救地球inhabit居住在地球上humans and other species that inhabit the earth生活在地球上的人類和其他物種roam, walk, wander在地球漫步;漫遊世界;徘徊人間when dinosaurs roamed the earth恐龍還在地球上漫步的時候She's the most beautiful woman to ever walk this earth.她是迄今為止天下最美麗的女子。a lost spirit, wandering the earth遊蕩人間的迷失魂靈rule統治地球Dinosaurs ruled the earth for hundreds of millions of years.恐龍統治了地球幾億年。hit, reach撞擊/到達地球the last asteroid that hit the earth最後一顆撞擊地球的小行星leave離開地球No one knows what happens to us after we leave this earth.沒有人知道我們離開這個世界後會發生什麼事。EARTH + VERBorbit sth, revolve, rotate, spin地球繞⋯運行/公轉/自轉/旋轉The earth orbits the sun.地球繞太陽運行。The earth revolves on its axis.地球繞地軸自轉。EARTH + NOUNhistory, sciences地球史;地球科學scientist地球科學家orbit地球運行軌道PREPOSITIONabove the earth地面之上We are flying at 30 000 feet above the earth.我們正在距地面 3 萬英尺的高空飛行。around the earth, round the earth (especially BrE) 環繞地球the moon's orbit around the earth月亮環繞地球的軌道on (the) earth在地球上The island was there before there was life on earth.在地球上有生命以前,這個島就存在了。to earth到地球The astronauts were able to send the information back to earth.宇航員能夠把信息傳回地球。PHRASESinherit the earth承受地土The Bible says the meek will inherit the earth.《聖經》上說,溫順的人必承受地土。(the) planet earth行星地球the future of life on planet Earth地球生物的未來the centre/center of the earth, the surface of the earth地球中心/表面the earth's atmosphere, core, surface, etc.地球大氣層、地核、地表等


2the ground; soil泥土ADJECTIVE | ... OF EARTH | EARTH + VERB | EARTH + NOUN | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEbare光禿禿的土地There was nothing but bare earth to be seen.一眼望去只有光禿禿的土地。fertile肥沃的土壤barren, infertile貧瘠的土壤rich富饒的土地soft鬆軟的土壤hard, solid堅硬的土壤dry, parched乾旱的土地damp, moist, wet潮濕的土壤;濕潤的土壤cold, frozen冰凍的土壤;凍土warm溫暖的土壤fresh, freshly dug新鮮的/新挖出來的泥土loose鬆散的泥土I filled the pot with a handful of loose earth.我將一把鬆散的泥土裝進盆子裏。baked (especially BrE) 受太陽炙烤的土壤The sun beat down on the baked earth.太陽直射在炙熱的泥土上。scorched焦土The wreckage of the plane was scattered across the scorched earth.飛機殘骸散落在燒焦的土地上。the retreating army's scorched earth policy (= to set fire to crops, buildings, etc.) 撤退軍隊執行的焦土政策chalky, sandy白堊質的泥土;沙質土dark深色土壤... OF EARTHclod, clump, lump土塊My boots were caked in big clods of wet earth.我的靴子上粘了大塊的濕土。EARTH + VERBshake, tremble大地搖晃/震動EARTH + NOUNbank, mound土堆I scrambled to the top of the steep earth bank.我爬上了陡峭的土堆頂部。tremor地顫Furniture fell over as the room was shaken by an earth tremor.房間在地顫中晃動,傢具都倒了。PREPOSITIONin the earth在土壤裏The plants must have their roots in the earth.植物的根必須扎在土壤裏。under the earth在土壤下面in mines deep under the earth在地下很深的礦裏
BNC: 1026 COCA: 1547
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0_0: Translations of earth
  • # n.
    塵: dirt, dust, earth, this world
    地: earth, field, ground, land, place
    泥土: clay, dirt, earth, soil
    球: ball, bolus, earth, globe, sphere
    土: dust, earth, terra
  • # v.
    培土: earth, hill up, ridge

0_0: Definitions of earth
  • # noun.
    - the planet on which we live; the world.
    * the diversity of life on earth
    - the substance of the land surface; soil.
    * a layer of earth
    - the underground den or home of a badger or fox.
  • # verb.
    - cover the root and lower stem of a plant with heaped-up earth.
    - drive (a fox) to its underground lair.
    * None

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