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BNC: 309 COCA: 503


1 full /ˈfʊl/ adjective
fuller; fullest
1 full
fuller; fullest
Learner's definition of FULL
: containing or holding as much or as many as possible装满的;挤满的;充满的
often + of
always used before a noun
: not lacking anything : complete in number, amount, etc.完整的;全套的
◊ The phrase a full is often used to stress the large size of an amount.(强调数量)足足的,整整的
: not limited in any way完全的
: not reduced or shortened完整的;全部的
: existing or working at the highest or greatest degree : developed as much as possible最高级的;最大程度的;最大量的
always used before a noun : including many things包含很多事物的
: involving many activities涉及很多活动的
: very active忙碌的;充实的
: having a rounded shape : not thin or narrow圆的;丰满的
: having or containing a great number or amount of something很多的;充满的
: having eaten all that is wanted吃饱了的
always used before a noun : large enough to satisfy hunger丰盛的
: having a large amount of material宽松的
: having a large amount of hair毛发多的
: thinking of something all the time老想着…的
◊ If you are full of yourself, you think of yourself more than you should.过多地考虑自己
: having a strong and pleasing quality浓郁的;醇厚的;圆润的
of the moon : appearing as a bright circle(月亮)满的,圆的

full blast

see 1blast

full count

see 2count

full of beans

see bean

full of crap/shit

informal + offensive
: not to be believed : saying things that are not true全是假话;一派胡言

full of it

informal + sometimes offensive
: not to be believed胡说;胡扯

full steam/speed ahead

used to say that something is being done with as much speed and power as possible全力以赴;开足马力

have your hands full

see 1hand

not playing with a full deck

see 1deck

to the fullest

: in a very active and energetic way充分地;最大限度地

— fullness

also fulness noun [noncount]
2 full /ˈfʊl/ adverb
2 full
Learner's definition of FULL
: as much as possible : entirely or completely完全地;充分地
: directly or squarely直接地;正好地

full out

: with as much effort as possible全力地
see also full-out

full well

: very well非常
3 full /ˈfʊl/ noun
3 full
Learner's definition of FULL

in full

: entirely or completely完全地;彻底地

to the full

: to a great or complete degree完全地;最大限度地
: as much as possible尽可能地
: in a very active and energetic way积极地;精力充沛地
BNC: 309 COCA: 503


1 of 5


ˈfu̇l How to pronounce full (audio)
 also  ˈfəl
: containing as much or as many as is possible or normal
a full hamper
often used with of
a bin full of corn
: complete especially in detail, number, or duration
a full report
gone a full hour
my full share
: lacking restraint, check, or qualification
full retreat
full support
: having all distinguishing characteristics : enjoying all authorized rights and privileges
full member
full professor
: not lacking in any essential : perfect
in full control of your senses
: completely occupied by runners
came to bat with the bases full
: having three balls and two strikes
a full count
: being at the highest or greatest degree : maximum
full speed
full strength
: being at the height of development
full bloom
: being a full moon : completely illuminated
the moon is full tonight
: rounded in outline
a full figure
: possessing or containing a great number or amount
used with of
a room full of picturesfull of hope
: having an abundance of material especially in the form of gathered, pleated, or flared parts
a full skirt
used as an intensive to emphasize the large size of an amount
won by a full four strokeswas a full 3 months late with her payment
: rich in experience
a full life
: satisfied especially with food or drink
He was full after eating the large supper.
: large enough to satisfy
a full meal
archaic : completely weary
: having both parents in common
full sisters
: having volume or depth of sound
full tones
: completely occupied especially with a thought or plan
full of his own concerns
: possessing a rich or pronounced quality
a food of full flavor


2 of 5


: very, extremely
knew full well they had lied to me
: entirely
swung full around Morley Callaghan
: straight, squarely
got hit full in the face


3 of 5


: the highest or fullest state or degree
the full of the moon
: the utmost extent
enjoy to the full


4 of 5

verb (1)

fulled; fulling; fulls

intransitive verb

of the moon : to become full

transitive verb

: to make full in sewing


5 of 5

verb (2)

fulled; fulling; fulls

transitive verb

: to shrink and thicken (woolen cloth) by moistening, heating, and pressing
full of it
: not to be believed
in full
: to the requisite or complete amount
paid in full
: to the fullest extent : completely
read the book in full
Choose the Right Synonym for full

full, complete, plenary, replete mean containing all that is wanted or needed or possible.

full implies the presence or inclusion of everything that is wanted or required by something or that can be held, contained, or attained by it.

a full schedule

complete applies when all that is needed is present.

a complete picture of the situation

plenary adds to complete the implication of fullness without qualification.

given plenary power

replete implies being filled to the brim or to satiety.

replete with delightful details

Example Sentences

Adjective The plane was carrying a full load of passengers. The theater was full to capacity. We bought a full set of dishes. They waited for three full months. He has a full array of stereo equipment. The soldiers were wearing full combat gear. This will be his first full season with the team. His theories have not yet found full acceptance. I hope that you'll give us your fullest cooperation. Please give me your full attention. Adverb The cup was filled full to the brim. The ball hit him full in the chest. He kissed her full on the lips. Noun the account is now paid in full See More
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Word History



Middle English ful, full, fol, going back to Old English full, going back to Germanic *fulla- (whence also Old Frisian ful, fol "full," Old Saxon full, Middle Dutch vol, Old High German fol, Old Icelandic fullr, Gothic fulls), going back to Indo-European *pl̥h1nó-, verbal adjective from the base *pleh1- "become full," whence also Old Irish lán "full," Welsh llawn (with length secondary if the proposed law shortening pretonic vowels in Celtic is valid), Latin plēnus (with -ē- from -plēre "to fill"), Old Church Slavic plĭnŭ, Russian pólnyj, Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian pȕn, Lithuanian pìlnas, Sanskrit pūrṇáḥ, Avestan pərəna-; *pleh1- appears with varying ablaut and suffixation in Latin plēre "to fill" (from *plēi̯e-), verbal adjective plētus, Greek pímplēmi "(I) fill," plêto "(it) has become full," Armenian lnowm "(I) fill," Sanskrit pr̥ṇā́ti "(s/he) fills"

Note: For another presumed development of *pleh1- see poly-. Regarding the currency of the verb plēre in Latin see note at complete entry 1.


Middle English ful, full "completely, entirely, very, quite," going back to Old English, derivative of full full entry 1


Middle English fulle "the whole amount, satisfactory amount," going back to Old English fulla, derivative of full full entry 1

Verb (1)

derivative of full entry 1

Verb (2)

Middle English fullen "to full (cloth), trample down, oppress," borrowed from Anglo-French fuller, foler, fouler "to full (cloth), press (grapes), trample under foot, oppress," going back to Late Latin fullāre "to full (cloth)," verb derivative from the base of Latin fullōn-, fullō "fuller (of cloth), launderer," of obscure origin

First Known Use


before the 12th century, in the meaning defined at sense 1


before the 12th century, in the meaning defined at sense 1a


before the 12th century, in the meaning defined at sense 2

Verb (1)

1785, in the meaning defined at intransitive sense

Verb (2)

14th century, in the meaning defined above

Time Traveler
The first known use of full was before the 12th century
BNC: 309 COCA: 503


1holding/containing as much as it will hold裝滿VERBS | ADVERB | PREPOSITION VERBSbe, look, seem滿;看上去滿;似乎滿become, get變得滿滿的The garage is getting full of junk again.車庫裏又開始堆滿亂七八糟的東西。ADVERBabsolutely, completely極其滿;十分滿The kitchen was absolutely full of flies!廚房裏滿是蒼蠅!almost, nearly, virtually (especially BrE) 差不多滿了;幾乎是滿的The reservoirs are all virtually full.所有的水庫差不多都滿了。half, two-thirds, etc.半滿、滿了三分之二等too太滿了PREPOSITIONof滿是⋯The bottle was half full of water.瓶子裝了半瓶水。


2containing a lot of sth包含大量VERBS | ADVERB VERBSbe, look, seem很多;看上去很多;似乎很多ADVERBextremely, fairly, very, etc.極其/相當/非常豐富Her wine glass was still fairly full.她的酒杯裏還有不少酒。


3having had enough to eat or drink吃飽;喝足VERBS | ADVERB | PHRASES VERBSbe, feel飽了;感覺飽了ADVERBabsolutely, completely飽極了;完全吃飽了rather挺飽PHRASESfull up (BrE) 飽極了I'm full up. I can't eat another thing.我飽極了,再也吃不下什麼了。
BNC: 309 COCA: 503
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0_0: Translations of full
  • # a.
    盎然: abundant, exuberant, full, overflowing
    飽: full, plump, satisfied
    飽滿: full, plump
    弸: full
    浡: full, gushing
    充: full, sufficient
    充分: abundant, ample, full
    充份: abundant, ample, full, sufficient
    充滿: brimming, full, very full
    充沛: abundant, full, plentiful
    豐滿: abounding, abundant, ample, bountiful, buxom, full
    盡是: all, full
    稛: full
    彌: full
    詳: complete, comprehensive, detailed, full, miniature, minuscule
    詳盡: careful, comprehensive, detailed, full, methodic, methodical
    詳細: detailed, exhaustive, full, thorough
    盈: filled, full
    盈滿: filled, full
    飫: crop-full, full
    整整: full, whole
    足: ample, enough, full, sufficient
  • # v.
    飽: eat till one is full, full, satisfy
    匝: circle, full, go round
  • # a.
    富有: full
    賅: full
    滿: completely, full
    足: enough, full, as much as
  • # n.
    彌: fill, full
    瀰: fill, full

0_0: Definitions of full
  • # adjective.
    - containing or holding as much or as many as possible; having no empty space.
    * wastebaskets full of rubbish
    - not lacking or omitting anything; complete.
    * fill in your full name below
    - (of a person or part of their body) plump or rounded.
    * she had full lips
  • # adverb.
    - straight; directly.
    * she turned her head and looked full into his face
    - very.
    * he knew full well she was too polite to barge in
  • # noun.
    - the period, point, or state of the greatest fullness or strength; the height of a period of time.
    * None
  • # verb.
    - gather or pleat (fabric) so as to make a garment full.
    * a straight piece fulled into a small band at the top
    - clean, shrink, and felt (cloth) by heat, pressure, and moisture.
    * the fabric is then fulled to produce solid yet soft areas around the holes

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