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BNC: 1661 COCA: 1761


1 slow /ˈsloʊ/ adjective
slower; slowest
1 slow
slower; slowest
Learner's definition of SLOW
[also more slow; most slow]
: not moving quickly : not able to move quickly(行动)缓慢的
: not happening quickly : taking more time than is expected or wanted耗时的
: not operating quickly(运行)缓慢的
: not doing something quickly(做事)慢的
: not able to do something quickly(做事)快不起来的
: not allowing someone or something to move quickly慢速的
: not easily able to learn and understand things理解慢的;迟钝的
: not very busy or interesting不景气的;冷清的;不太有趣的
of a clock or watch : showing a time that is earlier than the correct time(钟、表)慢的
photography : not allowing photographs to be taken very quickly or when there is very little light(快门速度)慢的;(曝光速度)慢的

a slow start

◊ Someone or something that has a slow start is not successful at first but does well eventually.慢热;起初并不好

do a slow burn

see 2burn

slow off the mark

see 1mark

— slowish

/ˈslowɪʃ/ adjective

— slowness

noun [noncount]
2 slow /ˈsloʊ/ adverb
slower; slowest
2 slow
slower; slowest
Learner's definition of SLOW
[also more slow; most slow]
: in a slow way or at a low speed慢慢地
opposite fast
3 slow /ˈsloʊ/ verb
slows; slowed; slowing
3 slow
slows; slowed; slowing
Learner's definition of SLOW
[no object] : to begin to move at a lower speed放慢速度;减速
often + down or up
[+ object] : to make (something, such as a car) move at a lower speed使…低速行驶
often + down or up
[no object] : to become slower变慢
often + down or up
[+ object] : to make (something) slower使变慢often + down or up

slow down

[phrasal verb]
: to stop being very active, talking very fast, etc.安静下来;放慢节奏

— slowing

BNC: 1661 COCA: 1761


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: mentally dull : stupid
a slow student
: naturally inert or sluggish
: lacking in readiness, promptness, or willingness
: not hasty or precipitate
was slow to anger
: moving, flowing, or proceeding without speed or at less than usual speed
traffic was slow
: exhibiting or marked by low speed
he moved with slow deliberation
: not acute
a slow disease
: low, gentle
slow fire
: requiring a long time : gradual
a slow recovery
: having qualities that hinder rapid progress or action
a slow track
: registering behind or below what is correct
the clock is slow
: less than the time indicated by another method of reckoning
: that is behind the time at a specified time or place
: lacking in life, animation, or gaiety : boring
the first chapter is a bit slow
: marked by reduced activity
business was slow
a slow news week
slowish adjective
slowness noun


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: slowly
Slow vs. Slowly: Usage Guide

Some commentators claim that careful writers avoid the adverb slow, in spite of the fact that it has had over four centuries of usage.

have a continent forbearance till the speed of his rage goes slower William Shakespeare

In actual practice, slow and slowly are not used in quite the same way. Slow is almost always used with verbs that denote movement or action, and it regularly follows the verb it modifies.

beans … are best cooked long and slow Louise Prothro

Slowly is used before the verb

a sense of outrage, which slowly changed to shame Paul Horgan

and with participial adjectives.

a slowly dawning awareness … of the problem Amer. Labor

Slowly is used after verbs where slow might also be used

burn slow or slowly

and after verbs where slow would be unidiomatic.

the leadership turned slowly toward bombing as a means of striking back David Halberstam


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slowed; slowing; slows

transitive verb

: to make slow or slower : slacken the speed of
slow a car
often used with down or up

intransitive verb

: to go or become slower
production of new cars slowed sharply
Choose the Right Synonym for slow

delay, retard, slow, slacken, detain mean to cause to be late or behind in movement or progress.

delay implies a holding back, usually by interference, from completion or arrival.

bad weather delayed our arrival

retard suggests reduction of speed without actual stopping.

language barriers retarded their progress

slow and slacken also imply a reduction of speed, slow often suggesting deliberate intention

medication slowed the patient's heart rate

, slacken an easing up or relaxing of power or effort.

on hot days runners slacken their pace

detain implies a holding back beyond a reasonable or appointed time.

unexpected business had detained her

Example Sentences

Adjective The buyers were slow to act, and the house was sold to someone else. He was a quiet boy who seldom spoke, and some people thought he was a little slow. Business is slow during the summer. The first few chapters are slow, but after that it gets better. Adverb My computer is working slow. you need to go slow with this experiment, or you'll make mistakes Verb The car slowed and gradually came to a stop. The extra weight slowed the truck. See More
Recent Examples on the Web
The biggest upset saw North Little Rock finally come to life after a slow start and knock off Little Rock Parkview, which came into the game as our No. 1 team in Class 5A. Rex Nelson, Arkansas Online, 19 Sep. 2022 Cincinnati had a chance to take advantage of that range towards the end of the second quarter trailing 14-3 amidst another slow start. Michael Niziolek, cleveland, 19 Sep. 2022 That long-running problem was intensified by what critics say was former President Donald Trump's administration's slow response to Hurricane Maria, which extended the impact of the storm, including the longest blackout in American history. Glenn Gamboa, ajc, 14 Sep. 2022 The school district fired Police Chief Pete Arredondo for the slow law enforcement response to the shooting. Taylor Wilson, USA TODAY, 8 Sep. 2022 When Princess Diana died in a car crash in August 1997, Queen Elizabeth's slow public response to the tragedy made many question her judgment. Simon Perry, Peoplemag, 6 Sep. 2022 Among the critics of the slow DTE response is U.S. Rep. Rashida Tlaib, whose district includes Detroit and Downriver suburbs. Emma Stein, Detroit Free Press, 31 Aug. 2022 Montes told La Voz that while there has been a slow response from the government, the fear of being the next journalist on the list is still present. Diana García, The Arizona Republic, 31 Aug. 2022 The slow response of the U.S. public health system has galvanized a community that has always had to protect itself. Ofole Mgbako, STAT, 22 Aug. 2022
Worry Darling received an enthusiastic reception at its world premiere Monday night in Venice despite the whiff of slow-burn scandal that has been trailing the film for weeks. Patrick Brzeski, The Hollywood Reporter, 5 Sep. 2022 From the creators of The American, Joel Fields and Joe Weisberg, comes a slow-burn psychological thriller about a serial killer who wants to cure himself of his homicidal tendencies. oregonlive, 29 Aug. 2022 From slow-burn gothic scares and spooky cult weirdness to creative takes on undead freaks and opening wide the gates of hell, this is your sure-fire list of what horror series are hot on Netflix right now. Johnny Loftus, EW.com, 19 Aug. 2022 There is a bit of romance in the book, with a slow-burn attraction between Violet and the prince of the kingdom. Seth Combscontributor, San Diego Union-Tribune, 25 July 2022 See the vibey coastal announcement video — soundtracked by a slow-burn guitar solo presumably taken from the new album — below. Katie Bain, Billboard, 29 June 2022 For those who like to mull over movies (and aren't too susceptible to nightmares) a slow-burn kind of fright is far more satisfying. Lizz Schumer, Good Housekeeping, 22 June 2022 The singer’s new mini-album, Facade, dropped June 14, with five tracks showcasing a mix of slow-burn R&B and groovy dancefloor bangers. Tim Chan, Rolling Stone, 16 June 2022 Liotta’s old-school slow-burn and explosive energy is put to uproarious effect. Mark Olsen, Los Angeles Times, 26 May 2022
While completely stopping the run is all but impossible, Saturday’s game will likely come down to who can slow it the most. Joe Arruda, Hartford Courant, 6 Sep. 2022 Or is this going to slow him down processing or take away? Ryan Kartje, Los Angeles Times, 25 Aug. 2022 If emotions slow you down, Boyle suggests a financial therapist. Laura Mcmullen, oregonlive, 24 Aug. 2022 Trying to tackle too much too soon will slow you down. Forbes, 17 Aug. 2022 Cookies, location services, and ad networks can slow you down and even pose privacy and security risks. Kim Komando, USA TODAY, 11 Aug. 2022 The Bulldogs made eight 3-pointers, six in the second half after the Roman opponent switched to a zone defense in an attempt to slow them down. David Woods, The Indianapolis Star, 4 Aug. 2022 The coming election can either accelerate the country’s move toward this kind of authoritarianism or begin to slow it down. Mark Danner, The New York Review of Books, 3 Aug. 2022 The housing market, as one of the most interest-rate sensitive corners of the economy, has been the epicenter of the Fed’s effort to stimulate growth last year and to slow it this year. Nick Timiraos, WSJ, 27 July 2022 See More

Word History



Middle English, from Old English slāw; akin to Old High German slēo dull

First Known Use


before the 12th century, in the meaning defined at sense 1a


14th century, in the meaning defined above


1557, in the meaning defined at transitive sense

Time Traveler
The first known use of slow was before the 12th century
BNC: 1661 COCA: 1761


ADVERB | VERB + SLOW | PHRASES ADVERBconsiderably, dramatically, markedly, noticeably, sharply, significantly顯著地慢下來;明顯地放慢速度Sales have slowed down quite markedly.銷售明顯放緩。barely, hardly幾乎沒有放慢速度The roadblocks hardly slowed them at all.那些路障幾乎一點兒沒讓他們慢下來。a little, slightly, etc.有點兒/略有些慢下來gradually漸漸慢下來eventually, finally終於/最終慢下來deliberately故意慢下來She very deliberately slowed her steps.她故意放慢了腳步。down, up減速Slow down a little!慢一點兒!VERB + SLOWbegin to開始慢下來try to試圖慢下來Rachel tried to slow her breathing.雷切爾試圖穩住自己的呼吸。be expected to預期變緩Economic growth is expected to slow.預期經濟增長將放緩。seem to好像慢下來Time seemed to slow down as she fell.她倒下時時間好像慢了下來。PHRASESslow to a crawl, slow to a snail's pace, slow to a walk減慢到爬行/蝸牛/步行的速度I was nearing West Road when the traffic slowed to a crawl.我快到西大街時交通慢了下來,車輛緩慢向前蠕動。slow to a halt, slow to a standstill, slow to a stop慢慢停下來The two of them had slowed almost to a stop.他們兩個慢慢減速,都快停下來了。slow to a trickle慢慢減少The flow of people into the building slowed to a trickle.進入大樓的人流逐漸減少。slow your pace放緩腳步Bill slowed his pace to allow her to catch up with him.比爾放慢腳步讓她趕上來。


VERBS | ADVERB | PREPOSITION | PHRASES VERBSbe, prove, seem很慢;證明費時長;看上去緩慢remain仍然很慢ADVERBextremely, fairly, very, etc.極其/相當/非常緩慢incredibly, remarkably緩慢得令人難以置信;非常費時considerably, noticeably, significantly極其緩慢;明顯費時My computer is noticeably slower than before.我的計算機明顯比以前慢了。He was noticeably slow to respond.他明顯反應遲緩。I was considerably slower than the other drivers.我比其他司機慢很多。a little, slightly, etc.有點兒/略有些緩慢comparatively, relatively比較/相對緩慢agonizingly, desperately, excruciatingly, frustratingly, painfully, painstakingly慢得折磨人;慢得令人絕望;慢得要命;慢得令人泄氣Filming was painfully slow.拍電影進程很慢,很辛苦。notoriously出了名地耗時間Civil court proceedings are notoriously slow.眾所周知,民事訴訟程序非常耗時。PREPOSITIONat在⋯方面很慢They are extremely slow at reaching decisions.他們作決定慢得不行。PHRASESslow and steady緩慢而穩步She is showing a slow and steady improvement in her reading ability.她的閱讀能力有了緩慢而穩步的提高。
BNC: 1661 COCA: 1761
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0_0: Translations of slow
  • # a.
    遲: delayed, late, slow, tardy
    遲遲: slow, tardy
    遲鈍: obtuse, slow
    遲緩: slow, sluggish, tardy
    遲慢: late, slow, tardy
    緩: gradual, relaxed, slow, sluggish
    緩慢: dilatory, lazy, slow, tardy
    落後: slow
    慢: rude, slow, sluggish, supercilious
    徐: slow
    逸: leisurely, outstanding, owing, relaxed, restful, slow
    嚚: artificial, brainless, hypocritical, insincere, slow, stupid
  • # v.
    放慢: rein in, slacken, slow
  • # a.
    緩慢: slow
    縵: slow

0_0: Definitions of slow
  • # adjective.
    - moving or operating, or designed to do so, only at a low speed; not quick or fast.
    * a time when diesel cars were slow and noisy
    - (of a clock or watch) showing a time earlier than the correct time.
    * the clock was five minutes slow
    - not prompt to understand, think, or learn.
    * he's so slow, so unimaginative
    - uneventful and rather dull.
    * a slow and mostly aimless narrative
    - (of a film) needing long exposure.
    * None
    - (of a fire or oven) burning or giving off heat gently.
    * bake the dish in a preheated slow oven
  • # adverb.
    - at a slow pace; slowly.
    * the train went slower and slower
  • # verb.
    - reduce one's speed or the speed of a vehicle or process.
    * the train slowed to a halt

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