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1 convert /kənˈvɚt/ verb
converts; converted; converting
1 convert
converts; converted; converting
Learner's definition of CONVERT
[+ object] : to change (something) into a different form or so that it can be used in a different way(使)转变,转化,转换usually + to or into
[no object] : to change to a different system, method, etc.改变,变换(系统、方法等)usually + to
[no object] : to change from one form or use to another改成;变成usually + to or into
[no object] : to change from one religion, belief, political party, etc., to another改变(宗教、信仰、政派等)often + to
[+ object] : to persuade (someone) to change from one religion, belief, political party, etc., to another使改变(宗教、信仰、政派等);使皈依often + to
see also preach to the converted at preach
: to score extra points after a goal or touchdown in rugby or American football(达阵后)得附加分
[no object]
[+ object]
: to use (an opportunity, such as an opportunity to score points) successfully把握机会(得分)
[+ object]
[no object]
2 convert /ˈkɑːnˌvɚt/ noun
plural converts
2 convert
plural converts
Learner's definition of CONVERT
: a person who has changed to a different religion, belief, political party, etc.皈依者;改变信仰的人


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con·​vert kən-ˈvərt How to pronounce convert (audio)
converted; converting; converts

transitive verb

: to bring over from one belief, view, or party to another
They tried to convert us to their way of thinking.
: to bring about a religious conversion in
The missionaries converted the native people to Christianity.
: to alter the physical or chemical nature or properties of especially in manufacturing
converting starch into dextrose
: to change from one form or function to another
converted the attic into a bedroom
: to alter for more effective utilization
convert a coal furnace to oil
: to appropriate without right
: to exchange for an equivalent
convert foreign currency into dollars
convert a bond
obsolete : turn
: to subject to logical conversion
: to make a goal after receiving (a pass) from a teammate
: to score on (an attempt, such as a try for point or free throw)
: to make (a spare) in bowling

intransitive verb

: to undergo conversion
He converted to Islam.
: to succeed in an attempt for a point, field goal, or free throw


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con·​vert ˈkän-ˌvərt How to pronounce convert (audio)
: one that is converted
a convert to Christianity
Choose the Right Synonym for convert

transform, metamorphose, transmute, convert, transmogrify, transfigure mean to change a thing into a different thing.

transform implies a major change in form, nature, or function.

transformed a small company into a corporate giant

metamorphose suggests an abrupt or startling change induced by or as if by magic or a supernatural power.

awkward girls metamorphosed into graceful ballerinas

transmute implies transforming into a higher element or thing.

attempted to transmute lead into gold

convert implies a change fitting something for a new or different use or function.

converted the study into a nursery

transmogrify suggests a strange or preposterous metamorphosis.

a story in which a frog is transmogrified into a prince

transfigure implies a change that exalts or glorifies.

joy transfigured her face

Example Sentences

Verb They tried for two points but could not convert. They had many chances to score but they couldn't convert their opportunities. They had chances to score but couldn't convert. Noun I didn't think I'd like paying my bills online, but now I'm a convert. the converts were the most vocal and fervent worshippers in the church
Recent Examples on the Web
In addition, large trucking companies would have to gradually convert their existing fleets to zero-emission vehicles, buying more over time until all are zero emissions by 2042. Nadia Lopez, San Francisco Chronicle, 17 Sep. 2022 Under state law, the fee to convert to recreational cannabis is $1 million for retailers and $3 million for producers. Stephen Underwood, Hartford Courant, 16 Sep. 2022 In June, state officials set aside $400 million to offer developers incentives to convert offices to affordable housing over the next two years. Roger Vincent, Los Angeles Times, 14 Sep. 2022 Instead, Gaevoy argued that the new setup is better for USDC holders, who previously had to pay fees to convert back and forth to BUSD or USDT. Leo Schwartz, Fortune, 6 Sep. 2022 The Crow will be a flagship project for Penzing Studios, which is currently expanding its facility with plans to convert the former airplane hangars to 12 soundstages with a total of 270,000 square feet of production space. Scott Roxborough, The Hollywood Reporter, 6 Sep. 2022 Will the budget airline seek to convert to that boarding method at Orlando’s airport, known by its code of MCO and under pressure to provide airlines with more gates? Kevin Spear, Orlando Sentinel, 5 Sep. 2022 While estimates show that $2 billion is needed to convert all petrol motorbikes in Kenya to electric, the current efforts are a step in the right direction with the country leading the e-mobility charge in Africa. Faustine Ngila, Quartz, 31 Aug. 2022 The project, which would bring hydroelectric energy from Quebec, through the wilds of western Maine and into Massachusetts, is a key piece of how Massachusetts plans to convert its energy grid from fossil fuels to clean energy. Sabrina Shankman, BostonGlobe.com, 30 Aug. 2022
The wedding had been for Matt Wage, the early earning-to-give convert. Gideon Lewis-kraus, The New Yorker, 8 Aug. 2022 Countless celebrities have fallen for the designer’s sultry looks—her stylish gen-Z fans include Dua Lipa, Emma Corrin and Zendaya—the most recent convert being Olivia Rodrigo. Alice Cary, Vogue, 28 July 2022 With a second chance at life, the recent Christian convert dedicates the rest of his time to helping others, even while struggling with an illness. Maggie Horton, Country Living, 24 June 2022 One such convert is Rando, the accountant, who plans to go all-electric for her next car. cleveland, 19 Feb. 2022 But before the Lone Peak 4.5 was released, its predecessor, the Lone Peak 4, made our columnist Wes Siler a convert. The Editors, Outside Online, 1 Dec. 2020 As a white American convert to Islam, none of her family or friends share her faith. Sophie Carson, Journal Sentinel, 22 Aug. 2022 Plus many convert into handheld models with an assortment of brushes and other attachments to clean moldy grout, greasy grill grates and dirty windows and even de-wrinkle fabrics. Carolyn Forté, Good Housekeeping, 8 July 2022 Akshata was a recent, work-from-home convert to BTS who’d come from Bangalore, on vacation from her job as an investment banker. E. Tammy Kim, The New Yorker, 21 June 2022 See More

Word History



Middle English, from Anglo-French convertir, from Latin convertere to turn around, transform, convert, from com- + vertere to turn — more at worth

First Known Use


14th century, in the meaning defined at transitive sense 1a


1561, in the meaning defined above

Time Traveler
The first known use of convert was in the 14th century


ADJECTIVE | VERB + CONVERT | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEnew, recent新近的/最近的皈依者enthusiastic熱情的皈依者reluctant不情願的皈依者Catholic, Jewish, etc.天主教、猶太教等的皈依者VERB + CONVERTbecome成為皈依者attract, gain, make, win吸引皈依者;爭取皈附者;使成為皈依者an attempt to gain converts to her cause為她的事業爭取皈附者的一次努力seek尋找皈依者PREPOSITIONconvert from來自⋯的皈依者Pope Clement was a convert from paganism.克雷芒教皇是來自異教的皈依者。convert to皈依⋯的人a recent convert to Catholicism最近皈依天主教的人
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0_0: Translations of convert
  • # v.
    變: alter, become, change, convert, metamorphose, shift
    變換: alternate, convert, vary
    兌: add, cash, convert, exchange
    兌換: convert, exchange
    改造: alter, change, convert, reform, transform
    歸心: convert
    化: expend, spend, change into, convert, melt, transform
    折: break, loose money in business, snap, roll over, turn over, convert
    折兌: convert, exchange for money
    折合: amount, convert
    折價: convert, evaluate
    折算: convert
  • # n.
    改宗者: convert
    皈依者: convert

0_0: Definitions of convert
  • # verb.
    - cause to change in form, character, or function.
    * production processes that converted raw material into useful forms
    - change one's religious faith or other beliefs.
    * at sixteen he converted to Catholicism
    - score from (a penalty kick, pass, or other opportunity) in a sport or game.
  • # noun.
    - a person who has been persuaded to change their religious faith or other beliefs.
    * he is a recent convert to the Church

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