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1 creep /ˈkriːp/ verb
creeps; crept /ˈkrɛpt/ ; creeping
1 creep
creeps; crept /ˈkrɛpt/ ; creeping
Learner's definition of CREEP
[no object]
: to move slowly with the body close to the ground爬行;匍匐
always followed by an adverb or preposition
: to move slowly and quietly especially in order to not be noticed蹑手蹑脚地移动
: to go or seem to go very slowly缓慢行进
always followed by an adverb or preposition : to appear gradually and in a way that is difficult to notice不知不觉地到来;渐渐出现
of a plant : to grow along the ground or up a surface (such as a tree or wall)(植物)蔓生,攀缘
British, informal + disapproving : to be extremely nice to someone in order to get approval or some advantage for yourself谄媚奉承;巴结;拍马屁

creep out

[phrasal verb]
creep (someone) out or creep out (someone) US, informal
: to cause (someone) to have an uncomfortable feeling of nervousness or fear : to give (someone) the creeps使感到紧张(或恐惧);使毛骨悚然
◊ For creep out, the past tense and past participle creeped is used instead of crept.在短语creep out中,过去式和过去分词用creeped。

creep up on

[phrasal verb]
creep up on (someone) informal
: to slowly and quietly move closer to (someone) without being noticed缓慢地悄悄靠近
often used figuratively常用作比喻

make your skin/flesh creep

◊ If something makes your skin/flesh creep, it causes you to have an uncomfortable feeling of fear or disgust.使感到恐惧(或厌恶);使起鸡皮疙瘩
2 creep /ˈkriːp/ noun
plural creeps
2 creep
plural creeps
Learner's definition of CREEP
[count] : a strange person who you strongly dislike讨厌鬼
the creeps : an uncomfortable feeling of nervousness or fear紧张(或恐惧)的感觉;毛骨悚然之感


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crept ˈkrept How to pronounce creep (audio) ; creeping

intransitive verb

: to move along with the body prone and close to the ground
A spider was creeping along the bathroom floor.
: to move slowly on hands and knees
He crept toward the edge of the cliff.
: to go very slowly
The hours crept by.
: to go timidly or cautiously so as to escape notice
She crept away from the festive scene.
: to enter or advance gradually so as to be almost unnoticed
Age creeps up on us.
A note of irritation crept into her voice.
: to have the sensation of being covered with creeping things
The thought made his flesh creep.
of a plant : to spread or grow over a surface rooting at intervals or clinging with tendrils, stems, or aerial roots
: to slip or gradually shift position
The high temperatures of the jet engine cause the turbine blade to creep.
: to change shape permanently from prolonged stress or exposure to high temperatures


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: a movement of or like creeping
traffic moving at a creep
: a distressing sensation like that caused by the creeping of insects over one's flesh
especially : a feeling of apprehension or horror
usually used in plural with the
That gives me the creeps.
: a feed trough accessible only by young animals and used especially to supply special or supplementary feed

called also creep feeder

: the slow change of dimensions of an object from prolonged exposure to high temperature or stress
: an unpleasant or obnoxious person
: a slow but persistent increase or elevation
This political inertia … makes budget creep inevitable. The Wall Street Journal

Example Sentences

Verb She crept toward the edge of the roof and looked over. I caught him creeping down the stairs to the kitchen. She crept into bed next to her sleeping husband. The hours crept by as we waited for morning. a train creeping through the town The price of gasoline has crept back up to three dollars a gallon. A few mistakes crept in during the last revision of the paper. new words creeping into the language Noun I get the creeps every time he walks by. I hate snakes. They give me the creeps. That guy gives me the creeps. See More
Recent Examples on the Web
This, of course, suggests new uncertainty around the BOJ’s stance could start to creep in early next year. Aaron Back, WSJ, 8 Sep. 2022 But those familiar with the Weeknd’s imagery, specifically his music videos, will likely see a horror influence start to creep into the artist’s music. Los Angeles Times, 7 Sep. 2022 When Will steps foot back in Hawkins, those strange feelings start to creep back. Nick Romano, EW.com, 2 July 2022 Then there are the newcomers like me, moving to the city in droves for work, repopulating the offices that are struggling to creep back to life. New York Times, 1 June 2022 The benchmark diesel contract on the Nymex continues to creep higher, trading at around $4.10 a gallon. Dan Eberhart, Forbes, 1 June 2022 Tomorrow night: Pretty nice evening even as the humidity starts to creep a bit higher. Dan Stillman, Washington Post, 18 May 2022 The heat from the Sacramento Valley will also creep into the Petaluma, Sonoma and Napa valleys this afternoon. Gerry Díaz, San Francisco Chronicle, 5 Sep. 2022 Humidity does creep up for Sunday, along with temperatures that will reach the mid- to upper-80s. Dave Epstein, BostonGlobe.com, 2 Sep. 2022
Other suspects considered Köpernick a heartless lover, a wastrel father, a blackmailer, a fool and a creep. Amy Nicholson, Variety, 7 Sep. 2022 Aging tech products often suffer from what’s known as feature creep: excessive complexity in trying to hold onto users and be everything to everyone. Laura Blasey, Los Angeles Times, 29 July 2022 Seafloor seismometers could measure the creep and map the pressure on different parts of the seafloor, pinpointing the fault zones that are most vulnerable to larger tremors. Jeffrey Marlow, The New Yorker, 26 July 2022 Television crews parked outside the gallery and his apartment, and he was pilloried as a villain and a creep. New York Times, 12 Feb. 2022 The point is that what makes a naked creep is not his lack of clothing but his creepiness. Outside Online, 19 Nov. 2021 Bava begins the proceedings with a tale of a telephone-creep harassing a woman, and closes with ghostly revenge. Declan Gallagher, EW.com, 27 Aug. 2022 From the get-go, Tom has the vibe of a creep and a predator. Owen Gleiberman, Variety, 24 Jan. 2022 Sally keeps in the cab for protection and blasts the creep who’s ready to take delivery. Joe Leydon, Variety, 28 July 2022 See More

Word History


Verb and Noun

Middle English crepen, from Old English crēopan; akin to Old Norse krjūpa to creep

First Known Use


before the 12th century, in the meaning defined at sense 1a


1818, in the meaning defined at sense 1

Time Traveler
The first known use of creep was before the 12th century


ADVERB | PREPOSITION ADVERBquietly, silently悄悄地/默默地行進slowly緩慢地行進stealthily隱蔽地潛行carefully, cautiously小心翼翼地行進about, around, away, back, forward, in, out, up四處潛行;悄悄走開;悄悄走回來;悄悄前行;悄悄走進來;悄悄走出去;悄悄走上去I could hear someone creeping around downstairs.我能聽見樓下有人躡手躡腳地來回走動。He crept up behind me.他在我身後悄悄地跟了上來。PREPOSITIONalong沿着⋯悄悄地走He crept stealthily along the corridor.他沿着走廊躡手躡腳地走。down順着⋯潛行into (figurative) 漸漸透出Suspicion crept into her voice.她的話音裏漸漸透出猜疑。over (figurative) 漸漸出現A feeling of dread crept over him.他漸漸感覺到一種恐懼。out of躡手躡腳地走出up on(從後面)緩慢地悄悄靠近The cat quietly crept up on the pigeon.那隻貓靜悄悄地靠近鴿子。Fatigue was creeping up on her. (figurative) 她漸漸感到疲倦。
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0_0: Translations of creep
  • # v.
    蔓延: creep, extend, overspread, spread
    爬: climb, crawl, creep, grabble, scrabble, shin
    爬行: crawl, creep, sprawl
  • # n.
    爬: climb, creep, scramble

0_0: Definitions of creep
  • # verb.
    - move slowly and carefully in order to avoid being heard or noticed.
    * he crept downstairs, hardly making any noise
    - (of a plant) grow along the ground or other surface by means of extending stems or branches.
    * thorny roses crept up the dull gray walls
    - (of a plastic solid) undergo gradual deformation under stress.
  • # noun.
    - slow movement, especially at a steady but almost imperceptible pace.
    * an attempt to prevent this slow creep of costs

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