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TOEFL BNC: 2694 COCA: 2030


talent /ˈtælənt/ noun
plural talents
plural talents
Learner's definition of TALENT
: a special ability that allows someone to do something well天赋;天资;才能
: a person or group of people with a special ability to do something well : a talented person or group有才干的人;人才;天才
[noncount] British slang : people who are sexually attractive性感的人
TOEFL BNC: 2694 COCA: 2030



tal·​ent ˈta-lənt How to pronounce talent (audio)
: a special often athletic, creative, or artistic aptitude
: general intelligence or mental power : ability
: the natural endowments of a person
: a person of talent or a group of persons of talent in a field or activity
: any of several ancient units of weight
: a unit of value equal to the value of a talent of gold or silver
archaic : a characteristic feature, aptitude, or disposition of a person or animal
talented adjective
talentless adjective
Choose the Right Synonym for talent

gift, faculty, aptitude, bent, talent, genius, knack mean a special ability for doing something.

gift often implies special favor by God or nature.

the gift of singing beautifully

faculty applies to an innate or less often acquired ability for a particular accomplishment or function.

a faculty for remembering names

aptitude implies a natural liking for some activity and the likelihood of success in it.

a mechanical aptitude

bent is nearly equal to aptitude but it stresses inclination perhaps more than specific ability.

a family with an artistic bent

talent suggests a marked natural ability that needs to be developed.

has enough talent to succeed

genius suggests impressive inborn creative ability.

has no great genius for poetry

knack implies a comparatively minor but special ability making for ease and dexterity in performance.

the knack of getting along

Example Sentences

a singer with an enormous amount of talent I have no musical talent. Her artistic talent has been obvious ever since she was a child. They sang a duet in the talent show . She has a job that makes the most of her talents. His experience, skills, and talents make him perfectly suited for the job. There are many good players on the team, but she's a special talent. The company has hired some expensive legal talent for the trial. The team has recruited some of the best talent around. The company is doing a talent search to find the right person for the job. See More
Recent Examples on the Web For all of their talent up front, the Jaguars sacked Wentz only once and hit him just four times. The Indianapolis Star, 17 Sep. 2022 Bowie was also an artist, and his fascinating artwork – underscoring his non-musical talent – as well as his acting ambitions and penchant for travel are also duly explored. Melissa Ruggieri, USA TODAY, 16 Sep. 2022 Now, Monty Roberts, 87, is mourning the woman who inspired him to use his talent for transforming frisky and excitable horses into ridable animals. Simon Perry, Peoplemag, 16 Sep. 2022 Black women are showcasing their talent in a way the white masses simply were not prepared for. Brooklyn White, Essence, 15 Sep. 2022 But to nine-year-old Claudie, finding her unique talent amidst a vibrant community of artists is paramount. Sydney Gore, ELLE, 15 Sep. 2022 His protagonist, a movie-mad teenager named Sammy (Gabriel LaBelle), has just made use of his considerable filmmaking talent to whittle a high-school nemesis down to size. Los Angeles Times, 15 Sep. 2022 Duke will be using all of his talent Friday night in rotating players in and out, especially on defense, in a big battle at neighborhood rival 2-1 Jones. Chris Hays, Orlando Sentinel, 14 Sep. 2022 Then on December 30, Barstool will broadcast the Barstool Sports Arizona Bowl, leveraging its talent, including founder Dave Portnoy, to cover the game. Alex Weprin, The Hollywood Reporter, 14 Sep. 2022 See More

Word History


Middle English, from Old English talente, from Latin talenta, plural of talentum unit of weight or money, from Greek talanton pan of a scale, weight; akin to Greek tlēnai to bear; in senses 3–5, from the parable of the talents in Matthew 25:14–30 — more at tolerate

First Known Use

before the 12th century, in the meaning defined at sense 4a

Time Traveler
The first known use of talent was before the 12th century
TOEFL BNC: 2694 COCA: 2030


ADJECTIVE | VERB + TALENT | TALENT + VERB | TALENT + NOUN | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEamazing, considerable, enormous, extraordinary, formidable, genuine, great, immense, incredible, major, obvious, outstanding, prodigious, real, remarkable, tremendous, true, undoubted (especially BrE) 驚人的/相當出眾的/巨大的/卓越的/令人欽佩的/實實在在的/出色的/非凡的/難以置信的/主要的/顯著的/傑出的/絕世的/真正的/突出的/了不起的/真實的/毋庸置疑的才能exceptional, rare, special, unique無與倫比的/罕見的/特殊的/獨特的才能God-given, inborn, innate, natural, raw天資;天生的才能;與生俱來的才能Hard work is important, but it is no substitute for raw talent.勤奮很重要,但替代不了天賦。individual個人才能hidden, undiscovered隱藏的/未發現的才能mediocre平庸的才能fresh, new新秀;新人The company is always looking out for new talent.公司一直在物色新的人才。young青年才俊precocious早慧的天才home-grown, local本土/當地人才one of the few teams that relies on home-grown talent少數依靠本土人才的隊伍之一best, top頂尖人才We are losing our top talent to other countries who pay more.我們的頂尖人才正在流失,去往報酬更豐厚的國家。acting, artistic, athletic, creative, literary, managerial, musical, scientific, sporting, vocal, writing表演/藝術/體育/創新/文學/管理/音樂/科學/運動/聲樂/寫作才能VERB + TALENThave, possess有才能The boy has undoubted talent.這個男孩無疑是有才能的。lack缺乏才能demonstrate, display, reveal, show, showcase展示/顯示/表現/顯露/展現才能put to use使用才能He has been putting his artistic talents to good use.他善於運用自己的藝術才能。show off炫耀才能The banquet gave the chef a chance to show off his talents.宴會給了大廚一展身手的機會。direct, turn將才能導向;轉移才能After making her name as a singer, she turned her talents to acting.歌壇成名後,她轉向演藝事業。discover, find, recognize, see, spot, unearth (especially BrE) 發現/找到/識別/看到/挖掘/發掘人才She has a keen eye for spotting talent.她有識別人才的慧眼。United have unearthed a real talent in this young defender.聯隊發掘了這名天才的年輕後衞。attract, bring in吸引/引進人才The festival attracts talent from all over the world.該節吸引世界各地的人才。build on, cultivate, develop, harness, make the most of, nurture, realize, tap, use, utilize增進才幹;培養才幹;開發才幹;利用才幹;充分利用才幹;發揮才幹an effort to develop his creative talents to the full為充分開發他的創造才能而作的努力squander, waste虛擲/浪費才華His parents accused him of wasting his talents and abilities.他父母批評他虛擲自己的才華。take需要才華It takes real talent to write a great pop song.創作一首一流的流行歌曲需要非凡的才華。TALENT + VERBlie才幹在於⋯Her talents lay in organization.她的才能在於組織方面。come from天賦來自⋯Where does her musical talent come from?她的音樂天賦是從哪裏來的?come through成功There is a shortage of new comedy talent coming through.罕有新的喜劇人才成長起來。TALENT + NOUNagent, scout, spotter人才經紀人;發掘人才的人;伯樂agency人才中介機構competition, contest, show才藝競賽;才藝表演pool人才庫level (especially NAmE) 才能水平PREPOSITIONof talent有⋯才能的He is a violinist of exceptional talent.他是一位才華出眾的小提琴手。with talent, without talent具有/沒有才能kids with musical talent有音樂天分的孩子talent for⋯的才能You have a natural talent for storytelling.你天生會講故事。PHRASESa man, woman, etc. of many talents, a pool of talent多才多藝的男人、女人等;人才儲備Hollywood directors have an amazing pool of acting talent to draw from.好萊塢導演有大量的表演人才可以選擇。a wealth of talent豐富的人才There is a wealth of talent out there in our schools.我們各所學校人才濟濟。

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