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1 liberal /ˈlɪbərəl/ /ˈlɪbrəl/ adjective
1 liberal
/ˈlɪbərəl/ /ˈlɪbrəl/
Learner's definition of LIBERAL
[more liberal; most liberal] : believing that government should be active in supporting social and political change : relating to or supporting political liberalism自由派的,自由主义的(认为政府应该积极支持社会及政治改革)
compare 1conservative
Liberal British : of or belonging to the liberal political party in countries like Canada and the United Kingdom(加拿大、英国等国)自由党的
[more liberal; most liberal] : not opposed to new ideas or ways of behaving that are not traditional or widely accepted开明的;不反对新思想和新做法的;不受传统观念束缚的
compare 1conservative
[more liberal; most liberal]
: generous to others : giving time, money, etc., freely to other people大方的;(钱、时间)慷慨的often + with
: very large in amount大量的
[more liberal; most liberal] : not strict or exact不严格的;不精确的
somewhat formal : involving or relating to studies that are intended to give you general knowledge rather than to develop specific skills : relating to the liberal arts文科的;文科教育的

— liberally

/ˈlɪbərəli/ /ˈlɪbrəli/ adverb
2 liberal /ˈlɪbərəl/ /ˈlɪbrəl/ noun
plural liberals
2 liberal
/ˈlɪbərəl/ /ˈlɪbrəl/
plural liberals
Learner's definition of LIBERAL
: a person who believes that government should be active in supporting social and political change : a person who is politically liberal自由主义者
compare 2conservative
Liberal British : a member or supporter of a liberal political party in countries like the United Kingdom and Canada(英国、加拿大等国的)自由党党员,自由党支持者


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lib·​er·​al ˈli-b(ə-)rəl How to pronounce liberal (audio)
: of, relating to, or based on the liberal arts
liberal education
archaic : of or befitting a man of free birth
: marked by generosity : openhanded
a liberal giver
: given or provided in a generous and openhanded way
a liberal meal
: ample, full
obsolete : lacking moral restraint : licentious
: not literal or strict : loose
a liberal translation
: broad-minded
especially : not bound by authoritarianism, orthodoxy, or traditional forms
: of, favoring, or based upon the principles of liberalism
capitalized : of or constituting a political party advocating or associated with the principles of political liberalism
especially : of or constituting a political party in the United Kingdom associated with ideals of individual especially economic freedom, greater individual participation in government, and constitutional, political, and administrative reforms designed to secure these objectives
liberally adverb
liberalness noun


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lib·​er·​al ˈli-b(ə-)rəl How to pronounce liberal (audio)
: a person who is liberal: such as
: one who is open-minded or not strict in the observance of orthodox, traditional, or established forms or ways
capitalized : a member or supporter of a liberal political party (see liberal entry 1 sense 6)
: an advocate or adherent of liberalism especially in individual rights
Choose the Right Synonym for liberal

liberal, generous, bountiful, munificent mean giving or given freely and unstintingly.

liberal suggests openhandedness in the giver and largeness in the thing or amount given.

a teacher liberal with her praise

generous stresses warmhearted readiness to give more than size or importance of the gift.

a generous offer of help

bountiful suggests lavish, unremitting giving or providing.

children spoiled by bountiful presents

munificent suggests a scale of giving appropriate to lords or princes.

a munificent foundation grant

Example Sentences

Adjective On most issues he was thought of as a generally liberal figure, but on gun control he was live-free-or-die National Rifle Association man. Jonathan Raban, Harper's, Aug. 1993 Many fishermen keep their holes from freezing over with liberal injections of antifreeze. Time, 28 Feb. 1974 Alexandra looked at him mournfully. "I try to be more liberal about such things than I used to be. I try to realize that we are not all made alike … " Willa Cather, O Pioneers!, 1913 This cost him considerable, for Dick was rather fastidious about his cigars, and wouldn't smoke the cheapest. Besides, having a liberal nature, he was generally ready to treat his companions. Horatio Alger, Ragged Dick, 1868 She is a liberal Democrat who married a conservative Republican. He made a very liberal donation to the museum. Noun a policy that is supported both by liberals and conservatives in Congress See More
Recent Examples on the Web
In April 2015, she was named the inaugural recipient of the Marsha Hunt for Humanity Award, created by Kat Kramer, the daughter of the famed liberal director-producer Stanley Kramer. Maureen Lee Lenker, The Hollywood Reporter, 9 Sep. 2022 Lower-income, non-white, women, and middle-aged borrowers would benefit the most, according to the Roosevelt Institute, a liberal think tank. Alicia Adamczyk, Fortune, 8 Sep. 2022 Scott Walker, lost his seat on the court in 2020 to Jill Karofsky, a member of the court's liberal minority. Molly Beck, Journal Sentinel, 8 Sep. 2022 Voters in Connecticut and Maryland, liberal states where centrist Republicans have found some success in previous elections, also selected far-right candidates to go up against a Democrat in the general election. Amy Nakamura, USA TODAY, 7 Sep. 2022 The candidate, a longtime Democrat, split the liberal vote, ensuring that a Republican friendly to the utility hung on to the seat. al, 7 Sep. 2022 The two-year degrees—offered in applied computing, liberal studies or business administration—will be issued by Golden Gate University, a nonprofit institution in San Francisco. Lindsay Ellis, WSJ, 7 Sep. 2022 The relationship between economic and political equality is not a liberal idea. Michael Tomasky, The New Republic, 6 Sep. 2022 Paul area, coupled with liberal policies, drove his decision. Amy Nelson, Fox News, 29 Aug. 2022
But Breyer is also viewed as a less doctrinaire liberal than Associate Justices Elena Kagan or Sonia Sotomayor – more willing to side with the court's conservatives in certain law enforcement cases, for instance. John Fritze, USA TODAY, 26 Jan. 2022 Leaders such as Texas Sen. John Cornyn, no one’s idea of a liberal on guns or anything else, began the difficult search for common ground. William A. Galston, WSJ, 26 July 2022 Casten is more of a centrist while Newman is more of a liberal. Amber Phillips, Washington Post, 28 June 2022 And more importantly, Breyer's replacement won't change the ideological balance of the court -- unlike Barrett, who took the place of a liberal. Richard Galant, CNN, 30 Jan. 2022 Or, perhaps, a caricature of a liberal: no need is too trivial to necessitate her bosomy intervention. Ariel Levy, The New Yorker, 10 Jan. 2022 Wickremesinghe is seen as an economic liberal and enjoys good relations with key lenders to his country, including India and China. Hafeel Farisz, BostonGlobe.com, 20 July 2022 But as a card-carrying liberal, nothing quite gets my juices flowing like Tory-on-Tory infighting. Raven Smith, Vogue, 9 June 2022 Jared Polis is often portrayed as a rational liberal whom the Democratic Party would be wise to emulate. David Harsanyi, National Review, 5 Apr. 2022 See More

Word History


Adjective and Noun

Middle English, from Anglo-French, from Latin liberalis suitable for a freeman, generous, from liber free; perhaps akin to Old English lēodan to grow, Greek eleutheros free

First Known Use


14th century, in the meaning defined at sense 2a


1814, in the meaning defined above

Time Traveler
The first known use of liberal was in the 14th century


ADJECTIVEleading自由主義代表人物bourgeois, middle-class資產階級/中產階級自由主義者classical, old-fashioned, traditional古典的/老派的/傳統的自由主義者radical激進的自由主義者market市場自由主義者economic, political, religious, social經濟/政治/宗教/社會自由主義者white白人自由主義者bleeding-heart軟心腸的自由主義者limousine (= a rich person who expresses concern for poor people, but does nothing to help them) (NAmE) (唱高調的)富有自由主義者


1respecting other opinions開明VERBS | ADVERB VERBSbe開明ADVERBextremely, fairly, very, etc.極其/相當/非常開明His attitudes are fairly liberal.他的態度相當開明。remarkably很開明relatively比較開明socially在社會問題上開明


2in politics政治上VERBS | ADVERB | PREPOSITION VERBSbe自由主義ADVERBcomparatively, relatively比較自由主義的comparatively liberal in trade matters在貿易事務上比較自由主義的broadly, essentially大體上/本質上自由主義的a broadly liberal set of policies一套大體上自由主義的政策politically政治上自由主義的PREPOSITIONon在⋯方面自由主義的He is relatively liberal on social issues.他對社會問題的看法是較為自由主義的。


3generous大方VERBS | ADVERB | PREPOSITION VERBSbe慷慨become變得慷慨ADVERBfairly, very相當/非常慷慨Add a fairly liberal amount of olive oil to the pasta.往意大利麪上多加些橄欖油。PREPOSITIONwith在⋯方面慷慨She's very liberal with her advice!她非常樂於提建議!
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0_0: Translations of liberal
  • # a.
    弘: great, liberal
    豁達: big, broad, large, liberal, open and clear, open-minded
    進步: advanced, liberal, progressive
    開通: liberal, open-minded
    慷慨: fervent, generous, liberal, vehement
    雍容大度: big-hearted, charitable, generous, kind, liberal, munificent
    優厚: abundant, advantageous, auspicious, beneficial, bountiful, liberal
    優渥: abundant, bountiful, charitable, copious, free-handed, liberal
    自由派: liberal
    自由主義的: liberal

0_0: Definitions of liberal
  • # adjective.
    - willing to respect or accept behavior or opinions different from one's own; open to new ideas.
    - relating to or denoting a political and social philosophy that promotes individual rights, civil liberties, democracy, and free enterprise.
    - relating to a Liberal party or (in the UK) the Liberal Democrat Party.
    - given, used, or occurring in generous amounts.
    - (of education) concerned with broadening a person's general knowledge and experience, rather than with technical or professional training.
    - (especially of an interpretation of a law) broadly construed or understood; not strictly literal or exact.
  • # noun.
    - a supporter of policies that are socially progressive and promote social welfare.
    - a supporter of a political and social philosophy that promotes individual rights, civil liberties, democracy, and free enterprise.
    - a supporter or member of a Liberal party or (in the UK) the Liberal Democrat Party.

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