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TOEFL BNC: 2805 COCA: 2741


1 tight /ˈtaɪt/ adjective
tighter; tightest
1 tight
tighter; tightest
Learner's definition of TIGHT
: difficult to move : fastened, attached, or held in a position that is not easy to move很难移动的;系紧的;拴住的
opposite loose
: fitting very close to your body紧身的
opposite loose; see also skintight
: flat or firm from being pulled or stretched拉紧的;绷紧的
opposite loose
: tense or stiff : not relaxed紧张的;不放松的
opposite loose
: hard and muscular结实的;有肌肉感的
: having parts that are very close together紧密的
see also airtight, watertight
: not having or allowing much room狭小的
: not having or allowing much time时间紧张的
: close or equal in score, progress, or ability势均力敌的
: not allowing much freedom : strict about controlling what happens严格控制的
: difficult or awkward困难的;棘手的
: low in supply : not easily available紧张的;不宽裕的
used to describe a situation that is difficult because there is not enough of something因匮乏而困难的
informal + usually disapproving : not giving or spending money freely : stingy or cheap吝啬的;小气的
: having a close personal or professional relationship关系密切的
often + with
: curving or changing direction suddenly急转弯的;陡的
informal + old-fashioned : very drunk烂醉的

run a tight ship

see 1ship

— tightly


— tightness

noun [noncount]
2 tight /ˈtaɪt/ adverb
2 tight
Learner's definition of TIGHT
: in a tight way紧紧地

hang tight

see 1hang

sit tight

see sit

sleep tight

see 1sleep
TOEFL BNC: 2805 COCA: 2741


1 of 2


: having elements close together
a tight formation
a tight line of type
: so close in structure as to prevent passage or escape (as of liquid, gas, or light)
a tight ship
a tight seal
compare lightproof, watertight
: fitting very close to the body
tight jeans
also : too snug
tight shoes
: closely packed : very full
a tight bale of hay
: barely allowing time for completion
a tight schedule
tight deadlines
: allowing little or no room for free motion or movement
a tight connection
a tight crawl space
also : having a small radius
a tight turn
: strongly fixed or held : secure
a tight jar lid
a tight grip on the ladder
: not slack or loose : taut
kept the reins tight
a tight knot
a tight drumhead
also : marked by firmness and muscle tone
a tight stomach
: marked by unusual tension (as in the face or body)
lips tight with anger
a family tight with fear
: difficult to cope with
in a tight spot financially
: relatively difficult to obtain
money is tight just now
also : characterized by such difficulty
a tight job market
: not liberal in giving : stingy
tight with a penny
: characterized by little difference in the relative positions of contestants with respect to final outcome : close
a tight race for mayor
: characterized by firmness or strictness in control or application or in attention to details
tight security
ran a tight newsroom
keeps a tight hand on her investments
: marked by control or discipline in expression or style : having little or no extraneous matter
tight writing
: characterized by a polished style and precise arrangements in music performance
: having a close personal or working relationship : intimate
is tight with the boss
: being such that the subject fills the frame
a tight close-up
: somewhat drunk
chiefly dialectal : capable, competent
tightly adverb
tightness noun


2 of 2


: fast, tightly, firmly
the door was shut tight
: in a sound manner : soundly
sleep tight


Example Sentences

Adjective The lid is too tight. I can't loosen it. She made a tight knot in the rope. Keep a tight grip on his hand when you cross the street. Pull the ribbon tight and make a bow. Adverb Is the door shut tight? She screwed the cap on tight. Don't close the lid so tight. We were packed as tight as sardines on the bus. See More
Recent Examples on the Web
However, the period of historically high inflation has already put pressure on a tight labor market, according to Dennison. Sheryl Estrada, Fortune, 13 Sep. 2022 Trillions of dollars in federal spending hit an economy that was already recovering strongly from the pandemic with a tight labor market. The Editorial Board, WSJ, 8 Sep. 2022 The time-intensive jobs, which usually pay less than comparable executive positions in the private sector, also are unattractive to many workers in a tight labor market, elections experts say. Matthew Brown, Anchorage Daily News, 8 Sep. 2022 Indeed, companies of all sizes are competing for talent in a tight labor market, and are grappling with worker shortages, particularly in low-paying industries like hospitality. Megan Cerullo, CBS News, 7 Sep. 2022 But the tight labor market, and the difficulty in recruiting new hires, means popular work-from-home options are here for the foreseeable future. Brian J. Rogal, Chicago Tribune, 6 Sep. 2022 And in a tight labor market, workers are being spread even thinner. Johnny C. Taylor Jr., USA TODAY, 6 Sep. 2022 Some economists have attributed a surge in union activity in recent months to a tight labor market in which employers are eager to hire, thereby affording leverage to workers. Max Zahn, ABC News, 30 Aug. 2022 Thanks to a tight job market, many employees will have options to find work elsewhere. Susan Tompor, Detroit Free Press, 27 Aug. 2022
First, the seal on the coupling may not be tight enough. Rennie Dyball, Peoplemag, 6 Sep. 2022 In the meantime, sit tight with Diana's nine-part and counting book series. Jacqueline Saguin, Good Housekeeping, 26 June 2022 Xavi Hernandez know about Suarez's wishes too and have told him to sit tight. Tom Sanderson, Forbes, 6 May 2022 The recent changes by the town attorney, Forrest said, were more form than substance, but necessary to make sure the ordinance is air-tight. Steve Smith, Hartford Courant, 14 Apr. 2022 Sony kept the dimensions of the Xperia 5 IV’s display tight. Dave Leclair, PCMAG, 1 Sep. 2022 Shaquille Leonard was back at Colts practice, with full pads on and his helmet strapped tight. Nate Atkins, The Indianapolis Star, 31 Aug. 2022 Cover with foil, making sure to tuck the corners tight, and bake for 1.5 to 2 hours, until the meat is tender and sliding off the bone. Anita Jaisinghani, Robb Report, 29 Aug. 2022 Camden Brown caught a ball from Calzada while tight-roping the sidelines. al, 23 Aug. 2022 See More

Word History



Middle English tiht, thyht dense, solid, watertight, of Scandinavian origin; akin to Old Norse thēttr tight; akin to Middle High German dīhte thick, Sanskrit tanakti it causes to coagulate

First Known Use


14th century, in the meaning defined at sense 1a


1680, in the meaning defined at sense 1

Time Traveler
The first known use of tight was in the 14th century
TOEFL BNC: 2805 COCA: 2741




1not loose不鬆VERBS | ADVERB VERBSbe, feel, look, seem緊;感到緊;看起來緊;好像緊become, get, go變緊Those jeans are getting too tight for me.那條牛仔褲我穿太緊了。The rope suddenly went tight.繩子突然變緊了。hold, hold on抓緊'Hold tight!' She increased her grip.“抓緊!” 她握得更緊了。clamp sth, clench sth, close sth, draw sth, pull sth, shut sth, squeeze sth, stretch sth, tie sth, wrap sth夾緊⋯;握緊⋯;關緊⋯;拉緊⋯;拽緊⋯;閉緊⋯;擠壓緊⋯;繃緊⋯;捆緊⋯;包緊⋯His jaw was clenched tight.他緊咬牙關。Every muscle in her face was drawn tight.她臉上每一塊肌肉都繃得緊緊的。Shut your eyes tight.緊閉你的雙眼。The cloth was stretched tight over the frame.布緊繃在架子上。keep sth, make sth使⋯緊Keep the rope tight.使繩子繃緊。clutch sb/sth, grip sb/sth, hold sb/sth, hug sb/sth抓緊⋯;握緊⋯;抱緊⋯He held his children tight.他緊緊地抱着他的孩子。ADVERBextremely, fairly, very, etc.極其/相當/非常緊a little, slightly, etc.有點兒/略有些緊




2with not much time/money to spare時間或錢不富餘VERBS | ADVERB VERBSbe, look, seem緊張;看起來緊;好像緊get變緊張I think we'd better leave-time's getting very tight.我想我們最好走吧 - 時間很緊了。ADVERBextremely, fairly, very, etc.極其/相當/非常緊a little, slightly, etc.有點兒/略有些緊




3controlled very strictly嚴格控制VERBS | ADVERB VERBSbe, seem嚴格;好像嚴格become變得嚴格remain保持嚴格Security at the airport remains tight.機場安保措施仍然很嚴。ADVERBextremely, fairly, very, etc.極其/相當/非常嚴格incredibly令人難以置信地嚴格increasingly越來越嚴格
TOEFL BNC: 2805 COCA: 2741
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0_0: Translations of tight
  • # a.
    緊: close, compact, hard up, nervous, pressing, tight
    緊張: critical, intense, nervous, in short supply, strained, tight
    困難的: difficile, man-sized, strait, tight, tough
    瘦: not fertile, lean, poor, thin, tight
    嚴: austere, demanding, grave, harsh, severe, tight
    嚴格: demanding, difficult, exacting, firm, hard, tight
    嚴竣: austere, difficult, firm, hard, harsh, tight
    嚴密: close, strict, tight
    笮: confined, narrow, tight
  • # a.
    緊: tight
    緊緊地: flush, tight

0_0: Definitions of tight
  • # adjective.
    - fixed, fastened, or closed firmly; hard to move, undo, or open.
    * she twisted her handkerchief into a tight knot
    - (of a rope, fabric, or surface) stretched so as to leave no slack; not loose.
    * the drawcord pulls tight
    - (of an area or space) having or allowing little room for maneuver.
    * a tight parking spot
    - (of a formation or a group of people or things) closely or densely packed together.
    * he levered the bishop out from a tight knot of clerical wives
    - (of a game or contest) with evenly matched competitors; very close.
    * he won in a tight finish
    - drunk.
    * later, at the club, he got tight on brandy
  • # adverb.
    - very firmly, closely, or tensely.
    * he went downstairs, holding tight to the banisters

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