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IELTS BNC: 5970 COCA: 5586


1 plug /ˈplʌg/ noun
plural plugs
1 plug
plural plugs
Learner's definition of PLUG
: a part at the end of an electric cord that has two or three metal pins that connect the cord to a source of electricity电线插头
see also pull the plug (below)
: a part at the end of a wire or cable that is used to connect machines or devices(用于连接机器或设备的)插头,插塞
chiefly British : outlet 4
: a thing that is used to close a hole in a container or object塞子
: a thing that is used to fill a hole or empty area堵塞物
see also earplug
: a piece of tobacco used for chewing口嚼烟
: something that is said on the radio, on television, etc., in order to create interest in something (such as a book, movie, or restaurant)(广播或电视中的)推销,宣传,广告often + for

pull the plug

: to turn off the machine that is keeping a very sick or injured person alive and allow that person to die关闭(呼吸机等维持生命的机器)电源
: to allow or cause something to end by stopping the money or support that is needed for it(通过停止提供所需资金或支持)使中断usually + on
2 plug /ˈplʌg/ verb
plugs; plugged; plugging
2 plug
plugs; plugged; plugging
Learner's definition of PLUG
[+ object]
: to fill or cover (a hole, space, etc.) with something堵住;填塞
often + up
often used figuratively常用作比喻
: to praise (something, such as a book, movie, or restaurant) publicly in a way that makes people want to buy it, see it, etc. : to advertise (something) by talking about it especially on the radio or television(尤指在广播或电视上为图书、电影、餐馆等)做广告,做宣传
US, informal + old-fashionied : to shoot (someone) with a gun(用枪)射中,射伤,射杀

plug away

[phrasal verb] informal
: to continue doing something even though it is difficult or boring坚持做(尤指困难或乏味的事)often + at

plug in

[phrasal verb]
plug (something) in or plug in (something)
: to connect (something, such as a lamp or television) to an electrical source or to another device by using a plug接电源;插插头
: to put (information, such as a word or number) in something填入(文字、数字等信息)
see also plug-in

plug into

[phrasal verb]
plug into (something) or plug (something) into (something) : to become connected or to cause (something) to become connected to an electrical source or another device(使)连接(电源或另一设备)
sometimes used figuratively有时用作比喻
plug (something) into (something) : to put (information, such as a word or number) into something填入(文字、数字等信息)
IELTS BNC: 5970 COCA: 5586


1 of 2


: a piece used to fill a hole : stopper
: an obtruding or obstructing mass of material resembling a stopper
: a flat compressed cake of tobacco
: a small core or segment removed from a larger object
: something inferior
especially : an inferior often aged or unsound horse
: an artificial fishing lure used primarily for casting and made with one or more sets of gang hooks
: any of various devices resembling or functioning like a plug: such as
: a male fitting for making an electrical connection to a live circuit by insertion in a receptacle (such as an outlet)
: a device for connecting electric wires to a jack
: a piece of favorable publicity or a favorable mention usually incorporated in general matter


2 of 2


plugged; plugging

transitive verb

: to stop, make tight, or secure by inserting a plug
: to remedy (a deficiency) as if by inserting a plug
trying to plug the gaps in their understanding
: to hit with a bullet : shoot
: to advertise or publicize insistently

intransitive verb

: to become plugged
usually used with up
: to work doggedly and persistently
plugged away at her homework
: to fire shots
plugger noun
plug into
: to connect or become connected to by or as if by means of a plug
the city was plugged into the new highway system
: to load into as if by means of a plug
plugged the data into a computer


Example Sentences

Verb We were able to plug the hole with cement. One of the DJs on the local radio station has been plugging the band's new album. He plugged him right in the chest.
Recent Examples on the Web
Of course, that necessitates asking a couple of relevant questions, namely: Why did the Lakers pull the plug? Eric Walden, The Salt Lake Tribune, 6 Sep. 2022 Despite the promise of a live-action feature film project, Stone and Parker pull the plug on their beloved scamps with a final, tear-jerking episode. Chris Norris, SPIN, 13 Aug. 2022 After having a concussion and suffering from injuries following a biking accident last month, Amy Grant has decided to pull the plug on her fall tour to focus on her health. Tomás Mier, Rolling Stone, 12 Aug. 2022 The Videogame Writers Caucus met irregularly in recent years, but many members believe it’s short-sighted for the WGA West to pull the plug on the group now. Katie Kilkenny, The Hollywood Reporter, 5 Aug. 2022 In a statement, the company signaled that low demand and supply chain problems caused Spotify to pull the plug on the product's manufacturing. Michael Kan, PCMAG, 27 July 2022 Twitter is charging forward on its acquisition deal with billionaire Elon Musk, despite the world’s richest man wanting to pull the plug. Faiz Siddiqui, Washington Post, 26 July 2022 Failure to recognize the need to pull the plug on an investment is often the result of behavioral biases. Kate Vitasek, Forbes, 19 July 2022 The Milwaukee Air & Water Show goes on regardless of the weather, but some acts may pull the plug if some weather conditions exist, like dangerous wave conditions or low visibility. Chris Foran, Journal Sentinel, 18 July 2022
Like the Magic did last season, Germany leaning on Wagner’s plug-and-play skills has been beneficial. Khobi Price, Orlando Sentinel, 10 Sep. 2022 Of all vehicles produced in China, more than 30% were electric or plug-in hybrid cars. Selina Cheng, WSJ, 8 Sep. 2022 The government will make available provides $1.5 billion for research and development into methods to monitor methane emissions and plug leaky infrastructure. Tim Mcdonnell, Quartz, 18 Aug. 2022 Health officials recommend that freshwater swimmers plug their noses, avoid putting their heads underwater and avoid activities such as water skiing and tubing, which could force water into the nose, eyes or mouth. Margery A. Beck And Josh Funk, Anchorage Daily News, 18 Aug. 2022 Any electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles purchased new in or after 2010 are eligible for a federal tax credit of as much as $7,500, according to fueleconomy.gov, which also features a list of eligible vehicles. Brett Molina, USA TODAY, 9 Aug. 2022 Uber left out malls and shopping centers like the Galleria, as riders may plug that in as a destination, but whether their ultimate activity is dining out or seeing a movie, for example, is not known. Emma Balter, Chron, 9 Aug. 2022 Yet many automakers, like Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche and Jaguar Land Rover, continue to introduce new plug-in hybrids. New York Times, 5 Aug. 2022 The Metaverse, which is the digital experience NFTs plug into, is a predominant part of the future. Nathaniel Hunter, Forbes, 15 July 2022 See More

Word History



Dutch, from Middle Dutch plugge; akin to Middle High German pfloc plug

First Known Use


1606, in the meaning defined at sense 1a


1630, in the meaning defined at transitive sense 1a

Time Traveler
The first known use of plug was in 1606
IELTS BNC: 5970 COCA: 5586


1electricADJECTIVE | VERB + PLUG | PLUG + NOUN ADJECTIVEelectric, power (NAmE) 電源插頭mains (BrE) 電源插頭three-pin, two-pin三腳/雙柱插頭The iron is fitted with a three-pin plug.熨斗配有三腳插頭。jack (BrE) 單孔轉接頭I pushed the jack plug into the amp.我把單孔轉接頭插入擴音器。VERB + PLUGpull out, remove, take out拔出插頭fit, wire (BrE) 安裝插頭;接插頭be fitted with安裝插頭change更換插頭PLUG + NOUNadapter插塞式接合器socket (especially BrE) 插座My room only has one plug socket.我的房間只有一個插座。


2for a bath, sink, etc.浴盆;水槽ADJECTIVE | VERB + PLUG | PLUG + NOUN ADJECTIVEbath, bathtub, sink浴盆塞;浴缸塞;洗滌槽的塞子VERB + PLUGput in把塞子放進去pull, pull out將塞子拔出來I got out of the bath and pulled out the plug. (BrE) 我出了浴缸,拔出浴缸塞子。I got out of the bathtub and pulled the plug. (NAmE) 我出了浴缸,拔出浴缸塞子。They decided to pull the plug on the project (= cancel it). (figurative) 他們決定撤銷該項目。PLUG + NOUNhole (usually plughole) (BrE) 排水孔
IELTS BNC: 5970 COCA: 5586
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0_0: Translations of plug
  • # n.
    插頭: plug
    插銷: bolt, plug
    塞子: cork, plug, spigot, stopper
    栓: bolt, cork, plug, stopper
  • # v.
    撲落: plug, scatter, shake off, shake out of
    壅: barricade, block, block off, frustrate, hamper, plug
    嗈: block, choke, obstruct, plug, strangle, suffocate

0_0: Definitions of plug
  • # noun.
    - an obstruction blocking a hole, pipe, etc.
    * somewhere in the pipes there is a plug of ice blocking the flow
    - a device for making an electrical connection, especially between an appliance and a power supply, consisting of an insulated casing with metal pins that fit into holes in an outlet.
    * the cable is fitted with a two-pin plug
    - a piece of publicity promoting a product, event, or establishment.
    * he threw in a plug, boasting that the restaurant offered many entrées for under $5
    - a piece of tobacco cut from a larger cake for chewing.
    * they sold chewing tobacco in bars and plugs
    - a lure with one or more hooks attached.
    * None
    - short for fireplug.
  • # verb.
    - block or fill in (a hole or cavity).
    * trucks arrived loaded with gravel to plug the hole and clear the road
    - mention (a product, event, or establishment) publicly in order to promote it.
    * during the show he plugged his new record

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