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1 distance /ˈdɪstəns/ noun
plural distances
1 distance
plural distances
Learner's definition of DISTANCE
: the amount of space between two places or things距离;间距
see also long distance, middle distance
[singular] : a point or place that is far away from another point or place远处
often used figuratively常用作比喻
: a state in which people are not involved with or friendly toward each other疏远;隔阂

go the distance

also last the distance
: to complete something you have started坚持完成;坚持到底

keep (someone) at a distance

: to be unfriendly toward (someone)(与某人)保持距离

keep your distance

: to stay far enough away from someone or something to be safe与…保持安全距离
: to avoid getting involved in something or becoming friendly with someone避免介入;避免亲近
2 distance /ˈdɪstəns/ verb
distances; distanced; distancing
2 distance
distances; distanced; distancing
Learner's definition of DISTANCE
[+ object]
: to show that you are not involved with someone or something : to end a connection to or relationship with someone or something远离;疏远;避免介入usually + from


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dis·​tance ˈdi-stən(t)s How to pronounce distance (audio)
: the quality or state of being distant: such as
: spatial remoteness
quite a distance between the two hospitals
: personal and especially emotional separation
feels a distance from her brother that wasn't there before
also : reserve, coldness
: difference, disparity
the distance between the two philosophies
mathematics : an extent of area or an advance (see advance entry 2 sense 1) along a route measured in a straight line
measure the distance between point A and point B
the distance between the Earth and the Sun
: an extent of space measured other than linearly
within walking distance
: separation (see separation sense 2b) in time
spanning the distance of several centuries
: length of a race or contest
won both the 400 meter and the 800 meter distances
: the full length (as of a prizefight or ball game)
: a long race
distance training
: an extent of advance from a beginning
they carried Puritan severity quite a distance John Gould
: expanse
A distance of field, woods, and diluted November sky … Elizabeth Bowen
mathematics : the degree or amount of separation between two points, lines, surfaces, or objects
: a distant point or region
gazed out into the distance
: capacity to observe dispassionately
fine arts : aesthetic distance
obsolete : discord


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distanced; distancing

transitive verb

: to make or maintain a personal or emotional separation from : to place or keep at a distance
able to distance themselves from the tragedy
distances herself from her coworkers
: to leave far behind : outstrip
easily distanced the other candidates in the race


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: taking place via electronic media linking instructors and students who are not together in a classroom
distance learning
distance education
go the distance or less commonly last the distance
: to complete a course of action

Example Sentences

Noun What is the distance between the Earth and the Sun? The gas station is a short distance away. Speed is measured in time and distance. She kept the children a safe distance from the road. The sign was hard to read from a distance. We followed them at a distance. She feels a distance from her brother that wasn't there before. Although they were once good friends, there was now considerable distance between them. He wants to put distance between himself and his former boss. See More
Recent Examples on the Web
For the past few months, the rift between the brothers has seemed wider than ever as the couples kept their distance during the Queen's Platinum Jubilee in June. Emily Tannenbaum, Glamour, 10 Sep. 2022 But as a Democratic candidate in a competitive Senate race, Ryan has kept his distance from Biden -- who lost Ohio to then-President Donald Trump by 8 points in 2020. Paulina Tam, ABC News, 9 Sep. 2022 Over the course of the first season, Lucy first keeps her distance from Stephen, recognizing him as a player. Katherine Singh, refinery29.com, 7 Sep. 2022 The editorial argued that individuals looking to reduce their risk of dementia focus on their walking pace over their walked distance. Sandee Lamotte, CNN, 6 Sep. 2022 After the premiere ended and the standing ovation began, Wilde and Pugh reportedly kept their distance, as Styles turned to Kroll and gave him a quick smooch. Devan Coggan, EW.com, 5 Sep. 2022 Many Democrats, meanwhile, are keeping their distance from Biden, whose approval rating has rebounded but remains underwater. Isaac Arnsdorf, Michael Scherer And Josh Dawsey, Anchorage Daily News, 3 Sep. 2022 In fact, her distance from your exact situation—but closeness with you—might give her a perspective nobody else can offer. Dan Ariely, WSJ, 1 Sep. 2022 Despite its distance from Asia, there’s a very good chance Guam will come under missile attack if war in the Pacific breaks out. Kyle Mizokami, Popular Mechanics, 29 Aug. 2022
The large spaces at the Dena’ina Center won’t be a problem for people wanting to socially distance. Alex Demarban, Anchorage Daily News, 11 Aug. 2022 But some Democrats up for reelection sought to distance themselves from Biden's action. Joey Garrison, USA TODAY, 25 Aug. 2022 Now, Abrams is trying to distance herself from the movement. Fox News, 23 Aug. 2022 Alibaba and Ant have sought to distance themselves from one another in the wake of Beijing’s crackdown on China’s big tech platforms, The Wall Street Journal has reported. Raffaele Huang, WSJ, 26 July 2022 Young sought to distance himself from Gold’s fundraising. Spencer S. Hsu, Washington Post, 16 June 2022 Young sought to distance himself from Gold’s fundraising. Spencer S. Hsu, Anchorage Daily News, 16 June 2022 Porter also appears to distance herself from Logan with a trip to Paris, which catches him by surprise. Greta Bjornson, PEOPLE.com, 10 Mar. 2022 New Orleans began to distance itself with a 42-point third quarter. Duane Rankin, The Arizona Republic, 27 Feb. 2022
Jornet, a 34-year-old endurance athlete from the Catalan region of Spain is considered by many to be the best ultra-distance runner of his generation. Brian Metzler, Outside Online, 15 July 2022 The problem is, every single one of them is either a short- or mid-distance light. Wes Siler, Outside Online, 27 Jan. 2022 Overall, the Escape Pursuit is a seemingly simple shoe that checks all the boxes for short- to mid-distance runs on hilly terrain. The Editors, Outside Online, 7 Nov. 2021 Thirty-six-year-old Anchorage cyclist John Lackey, riding a fat bike, blew through the 2015 Iditarod Trail Invitational human-powered ultra-distance race that began Sunday, breaking two records, reports the Alaska Dispatch News. The Editors, Outside Online, 4 Mar. 2015 Most runners should spend time lifting in this range, as heavy lifting benefits sprinters and ultra-distance runners alike. Kyle Norman, Outside Online, 10 Sep. 2020 This summer’s ultra-distance races will be the true test to see if the Flight shakes up the trail scene the way carbon super shoes did for road racing. Adam Chase, Outside Online, 11 Feb. 2021 At one point, the former employee said, Johnson called out the employee and a mid-distance runner in front of the team during a training session inside the Moshofsky Center, the school’s indoor practice facility. Ken Goe For The Oregonian/oregonlive, oregonlive, 2 Dec. 2021 Most of us want to rejoin our pre-mask, pre-distance lives, to celebrate this new level of freedom that has accompanied the enormous victory for vaccinations and our attentiveness to CDC mandates. John Duffy, CNN, 16 May 2021 See More

Word History



see distant


see distant


see distant

First Known Use


14th century, in the meaning defined at sense 5


1578, in the meaning defined at sense 1


1970, in the meaning defined above

Time Traveler
The first known use of distance was in the 14th century


1amount of space between two points兩點之間的空間ADJECTIVE | VERB + DISTANCE | DISTANCE + NOUN | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEconsiderable, enormous, fair, good, great, huge, large, long, vast可觀的/巨大的/相當遠的/很遠的/非常遠的/很大的/極大的/很長的/遙遠的距離The town is a considerable distance from the coast.鎮子到海邊距離相當遠。It's quite a good distance to the nearest town.到最近的小鎮有好遠的路。The people travel vast distances to find food.人們要走很遠的路去尋找食物。short, small短距離;近距離reasonable適當的距離certain, given一定的距離average, mean平均/中等距離the average distance covered during pursuits by cheetahs獵豹追趕獵物時奔跑的平均距離equal等距離maximum, minimum最大/最小距離optimal, optimum最佳/最適合的距離correct, right合適的距離exact確切的距離estimated估計的距離full全程extra額外距離fixed固定距離varying不同的距離infinite無限的距離comfortable, discreet, respectful, safe舒適的/保險的/表示恭敬的/安全的距離The cat sat and watched us from a safe distance.那隻貓待在安全距離之外瞅着我們。braking, stopping制動距離Allow for greater stopping distances when pulling a loaded trailer.牽引載重拖車時,要留出更遠的制動距離。geographic, geographical, physical地理距離;物理距離These immigrants face problems of physical distance.這些移民面臨着地域隔閡的問題。VERB + DISTANCEcover, cross, go, move, travel, traverse行經⋯的距離;橫跨⋯的距離;走過⋯的距離;穿越⋯的距離He moved a short distance up the valley.他沿山谷往上行進了一小段距離。The spacecraft has the ability to traverse great distances.這個航天器能夠穿越很長距離。Nobody thought he would last 15 rounds but he went the full distance. (figurative) 沒人以為他能堅持下全部 15 個回合,但他做到了。drive, fly, swim, walk, etc.駛過、飛過、遊過、走過等⋯的距離The young birds were soon flying distances of 200 feet or more.雛鳥不久後就能飛行 200 英尺甚至更遠。She sprinted the entire distance.她全速跑完全程。bridge, span跨越⋯距離The arch spans a distance of 285 feet.該拱形結構跨越 285 英尺。keep, maintain保持距離I kept a comfortable distance behind the van.我在廂式貨車後面保持着適當的距離。close, shorten縮短距離He was gradually closing the distance between himself and the other runners.他漸漸縮短了自己與其他跑步者的距離。calculate, determine, measure計算/測定/測量距離estimate, gauge, judge估算/測量/判斷距離It is very difficult to judge distances in the desert.在沙漠裏很難判斷距離。DISTANCE + NOUNrunner, swimmer長跑運動員;長距離游泳運動員a champion distance swimmer長距離游泳冠軍running長跑PREPOSITIONat a distance隔開一段距離;在遠處She followed them at a discreet distance.她跟在他們的後面,謹慎地保持着距離。at a distance from離⋯有一段距離When launching a kick, it is essential to be at the correct distance from your opponent.踢擊對手時距離適當至關重要。at a distance of離⋯有一定距離The town is situated at a distance of twenty miles from Porto.該鎮位於離波爾圖 20 英里遠的地方。from a distance (of)從(⋯)遠處Visitors can only view the painting from a distance of three yards.參觀者只能在 3 碼之外欣賞這幅油畫。over a distance (of)在⋯外的距離The sound can be heard over a distance of more than five miles.聲音可以在 5 英里以外的地方聽到。within a distance不超過一定的距離children living within a certain distance of the school住在離學校一定距離內的孩子們distance away from離⋯的距離The house is a short distance away from the bus station.房子離公共汽車站不遠。distance between⋯之間的距離What's the distance between London and Edinburgh?倫敦和愛丁堡相隔多遠?distance from從⋯的距離distance to到⋯的距離the distance from our house to the school從我們家到學校的距離PHRASESa... distance ahead, away, apart, etc., some distance ahead, away, apart, etc.⋯距離之前、之外、之遙等;一段距離之前、之外、之遙等The leaders in the race were a considerable distance ahead.比賽中領跑者遙遙領先。A bomb exploded some distance away.一顆炸彈在一段距離外爆炸。within commuting distance, within driving distance, within walking distance乘坐公交/開車/步行能到達的範圍之內The bars are within walking distance.酒吧走着去就行。within shouting distance, within spitting distance, within striking distance, within touching distance (especially BrE) 近在咫尺;就在附近;在攻擊距離內;在伸手可及處The cat was now within striking distance of the duck.貓處在鴨子的攻擊範圍之內了。We came within spitting distance of winning the cup. (figurative) 我們離獲得獎杯只有一步之遙。


2point a long way away/being far away遠處;遙遠ADJECTIVE | VERB + DISTANCE | DISTANCE + NOUN | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEfar, middle遠處;較遠處I could just see the hills in the far distance.我僅能看見遠處的山巒。VERB + DISTANCEgaze (off) into, look (off) into, stare (off) into極目遠眺;向遠處看;凝望遠方stretch (off) into延伸到遠方The road stretches off into the distance.這條路一直延伸到遠方。DISTANCE + NOUNeducation, learning遠程教育/學習The college offers a wide range of distance-learning courses.學院開設一系列遠程學習課程。vision遠視力to have good distance vision有良好的遠視力PREPOSITIONat a distance在遠處At a distance it is difficult to make out the detail on the building.從遠處難以看清建築物的細節部份。from a distance從遠處We admired the palace from a distance.我們從遠處欣賞這座宮殿。in the distance在遠處In the distance was a small town.遠處有個小鎮。


3not being too closely involved不過於投入ADJECTIVE | VERB + DISTANCE | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEcritical, professional臨界/專業距離emotional, psychological, social感情/心理/交際距離VERB + DISTANCEkeep, maintain保持距離She was warned to keep her distance from Jay if she didn't want to get hurt.她受到警告:如果不想受傷害,就應與傑伊保持距離。Sociologists must maintain critical distance from the ideas of society at any particular time.社會學家任何時候都必須與社會觀念保持臨界距離。PREPOSITIONdistance from和⋯之間的距離He felt a sense of distance from the others.他感到自己與其他人關係疏遠。PHRASESa sense of distance疏離感

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