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BNC: 917 COCA: 676


1 fight /ˈfaɪt/ verb
fights; fought /ˈfɑːt/ ; fighting
1 fight
fights; fought /ˈfɑːt/ ; fighting
Learner's definition of FIGHT
: to use weapons or physical force to try to hurt someone, to defeat an enemy, etc. : to struggle in battle or physical combat战斗;打仗;打斗
[no object]
often + against
[+ object]
[+ object] : to be involved in (a battle, struggle, etc.)进行(战斗、斗争等)
[no object] : to argue in an angry way争吵
[no object] : to try hard to do something that is difficult努力奋斗;努力争取
: to work hard to defeat, end, or prevent something(努力)战胜,消除,防止
[no object]
[+ object]
[+ object] : to struggle against (something)与…斗争
[+ object] : to try not to be affected by (a feeling, urge, etc.)竭力控制(感情、冲动等)
: to participate in the sport of boxing参加拳击运动
[no object]
[+ object]

fight back

[phrasal verb]
: to attack or try to defeat someone who is attacking or trying to defeat you反击;反攻
: to make a new effort against an opponent回击
see also fightback
◊ Someone who is fighting back tears is trying very hard not to cry.强忍住泪水

fight fire with fire

: to fight against an opponent by using the same methods or weapons that the opponent uses以牙还牙

fight for

[phrasal verb]
fight for (something)
: to fight in support of (something)为…而战;为…而奋斗
: to fight or struggle to get, keep, or achieve (something)争取;争夺;为争取…而斗争

fight it out

: to be in a fight发生冲突;打架
: to end a dispute by fighting or arguing以搏斗(或争论)方式解决

fight like cats and dogs

(chiefly US) informal or British fight like cat and dog
: to fight or argue a lot or in a very forceful and angry way激烈冲突(或争吵)

fight off

[phrasal verb]
fight (someone or something) off or fight off (someone or something)
: to defend yourself against (someone or something) by fighting or struggling : to avoid being harmed or overcome by (someone or something) by fighting or struggling击退;竭力避免

fight on

[phrasal verb]
: to continue fighting继续战斗;继续斗争

fight shy of

see 1shy

fight the good fight

: to try very hard to do what is right(为正义而)努力奋斗,抗争

fight with

[phrasal verb]
fight with (someone or something)
: to fight against (someone or something)与…争斗;与…争吵
: to fight on the same side as (someone or something)与…并肩作战
: to fight by using (something, such as a weapon)用(武器等)战斗

fight your way

: to move forward or make progress by pushing, fighting, or struggling奋力前行

— fighting

see also fighting chance at 1chance
Fighting words are angry or insulting words that are likely to cause a fight.挑衅的言辞
◊ In U.S. English, someone who is fighting mad is angry enough to fight.(美国英语)狂怒,暴怒

— fighting

noun [noncount]
2 fight /ˈfaɪt/ noun
plural fights
2 fight
plural fights
Learner's definition of FIGHT
[count] : a violent physical struggle between opponents搏斗;打架;打斗
see also bullfight, dogfight, firefight, fistfight, gunfight
[count] : an argument or quarrel争吵;争论
[count] : a boxing match拳击比赛
see also prizefight
[count] : a struggle to achieve a goal or to defeat something or someone斗争;捍卫
[noncount] : a willingness to fight嗜斗性;斗志
BNC: 917 COCA: 676


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fought ˈfȯt How to pronounce fight (audio) ; fighting

intransitive verb

: to contend in battle or physical combat
especially : to strive to overcome a person by blows or weapons
The soldiers fought bravely.
: to engage in boxing
He will fight for the heavyweight title next month.
: to put forth a determined effort
They were fighting to stay awake.

transitive verb

: to contend against in or as if in battle or physical combat
fought the invaders of his homeland
was fighting a forest fire
: to box against in the ring
fought several strong contenders
: to attempt to prevent the success or effectiveness of
the company fought the takeover attempt
: to oppose the passage or development of
fight a bill in Congress
: wage, carry on
fight a battle
: to take part in (a boxing match or similar contest)
: to struggle to endure or surmount
fight a cold
is fighting cancer
: to gain by struggle
fights his way through
: to resolve by struggle
fought out their differences in court
: to manage (a ship) in a battle or storm
: to cause to struggle or contend
: to manage in an unnecessarily rough or awkward manner


2 of 2


: a hostile encounter : battle, combat
: a boxing match
: a verbal disagreement : argument
: a struggle for a goal or an objective
a fight for justice
: strength or disposition for fighting : pugnacity
still full of fight
fight shy of
: to avoid facing or meeting

Example Sentences

Verb When he was young he was always fighting. He fought like a tiger. The U.S. and Germany fought in World Wars I and II. They vowed to fight the invaders of their homeland. The U.S. fought Germany in World Wars I and II. He and his wife are always fighting over money. We were fighting to protect our jobs. Noun A fight broke out in the bar. When he was young he was always getting into fights. He got into another fight with his wife about money. a fight for the heavyweight title See More
Recent Examples on the Web
All future profits will be aimed to help fight the climate crisis. Steve Coogan, USA TODAY, 16 Sep. 2022 Later Monday, Biden plans to discuss how biotech can help fight cancer in remarks at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library in Boston. Harold Maass, The Week, 12 Sep. 2022 For more on how to help fight to restore a woman’s right to choose, see ELLE’s guide here. Alyssa Bailey, ELLE, 6 Sep. 2022 The course draws union workers and others eager to work on future wind farms that the Biden administration wants to dot U.S. coastlines to help fight climate change. Jennifer Mcdermott, ajc, 4 Sep. 2022 The legislation includes a historic $370 billion in tax incentives and other programs to help fight climate change. Ari Natter, BostonGlobe.com, 2 Sep. 2022 Adequate amounts of vitamin D is needed to help fight off disease-causing germs like viruses, bacteria and parasites. Valerie Agyeman, Good Housekeeping, 1 Sep. 2022 To help fight stubborn acne, Neutrogena recently launched two new acne-fighting products: Stubborn Texture Liquid Exfoliating Treatment and Stubborn Acne Ultra-Thin Blemish Patches. Manee Magee, SELF, 31 Aug. 2022 The Pentagon prepares to send more weapons to Ukraine to help fight Russian troops at closer ranges. Jennifer Hassan, Washington Post, 23 Aug. 2022
Here's how the fight played out from the perspective of USA TODAY Sports' Lance Pugmire. Lance Pugmire, USA TODAY, 18 Sep. 2022 The Republican leaders of the Arizona Legislature will not try to defend a new law limiting up-close filming of police that has been blocked by a federal judge, a decision that essentially ends the fight over the contentious proposal. Bob Christie, Anchorage Daily News, 17 Sep. 2022 All which makes tonight’s fight, between Álvarez and Gennadiy Golovkin in Las Vegas, all the more crucial for Álvarez. Sean Gregory, Time, 17 Sep. 2022 The fight was moved from May to September, and Álvarez was banned for six months. Los Angeles Times, 17 Sep. 2022 The movie follows Janie's determined fight to rescue her daughter. Glenn Garner, Peoplemag, 17 Sep. 2022 Though getting hangry would probably be good fodder for those fight scenes. Clarissa Cruz, EW.com, 17 Sep. 2022 But, the prosecutor continued, Caffey was the aggressor and never tried to withdraw from the fight or give up, and Swagerty did not Tase, pepper spray or strike Caffey. Grant Lancaster, Arkansas Online, 17 Sep. 2022 The scorched-earth fight over a shrinking supply of water in Western states is playing out in key midterm races along the depleted Colorado River. Libby Cathey, ABC News, 16 Sep. 2022 See More

Word History


Verb and Noun

Middle English, from Old English feohtan; akin to Old High German fehtan to fight and perhaps to Latin pectere to comb — more at pectinate

First Known Use


before the 12th century, in the meaning defined at intransitive sense 1a


before the 12th century, in the meaning defined at sense 1a

Time Traveler
The first known use of fight was before the 12th century
BNC: 917 COCA: 676


1struggle using physical force打鬥ADJECTIVE | VERB + FIGHT | FIGHT + VERB | FIGHT + NOUN | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEbig大打出手fierce激戰brutal, nasty, vicious野蠻的/惡意的/惡毒的打鬥real真打實鬥Suddenly the argument developed into a real fight.爭論突然演變成實實在在的打鬥。good精彩的搏鬥There's nothing he likes so much as a good fight.沒有什麼比精彩的搏鬥更讓他喜歡的了。clean, fair規矩的/公平的打鬥It was a fair fight and Stephen won.這是一場公平的打鬥,斯蒂芬贏了。close勢均力敵的打鬥running追擊戰He was killed during a series of running fights outside a disco.他在一家迪斯科舞廳外的一連串鬥毆中被殺。stand-up, straight面對面的硬拚;一對一的兩人競選In a straight fight the army usually won.在面對面的硬拼中,陸軍通常會贏。bar, pub, street(發生在)酒吧的/酒館的/街頭的打鬥gang幫派打鬥fist, knife, sword揮拳鬥毆;持刀打鬥;持劍打鬥food, pillow, snowball, water食物戰;枕頭戰;雪仗;水仗championship, title冠軍爭奪賽the world title fight between Tyson and Lewis泰森和劉易斯之間的世界拳王爭霸賽professional職業比賽heavyweight, etc.重量級的比賽等bull (usually bullfight) , cock, dog鬥牛;鬥雞;鬥狗
boss (in computer games計算機遊戲) 與大頭目戰鬥的遊戲VERB + FIGHTpick, start挑釁;引起打鬥He tried to pick a fight with me.他試圖向我挑釁。I don't know who started the fight.我不知道誰先動的手。be asking for, be looking for, be spoiling for, want尋釁滋事;想打架;按捺不住想打架Andy was drunk and spoiling for a fight.安迪喝醉了,尋釁打架。be in, get into, get involved in, have捲入打鬥;參與打鬥Don't get into any more fights!別再打架了!break up, stop結束/停止打鬥The fight was broken up by a teacher.鬥毆被老師制止了。win贏得打鬥lose輸掉打鬥see, watch觀看打鬥FIGHT + VERBtake place打鬥比賽進行The dog fights took place every Sunday morning.每個星期天早晨都有鬥狗。break out, erupt, start鬥毆爆發;打鬥開始ensue打鬥隨之發生A fight ensued which left one man dead.隨後發生了鬥毆,並致使一人死亡。FIGHT + NOUNscene, sequence鬥毆現場;打鬥比賽的順序club (especially NAmE) 打鬥比賽俱樂部fan迷戀打鬥比賽的人PREPOSITIONin a/the fight在打鬥中He killed a man in a fight.他在打鬥中打死了一個人。fight about, fight over因⋯而爭鬥They nearly had a fight over who should move first.在決定誰應該先挪開的問題上,他們差點兒打了起來。fight between⋯之間的爭鬥fights between hostile clans敵對家族之間的打鬥fight with跟⋯的爭鬥They got involved in a fight with some older boys.他們捲入了一場跟一些大男孩的鬥毆。


2trying to get/do sth爭取ADJECTIVE | VERB + FIGHT | FIGHT + VERB | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEbrave, good, strong勇敢的鬥爭;奮勇抗爭;頑強的鬥爭She died at the age of 43 after a brave fight against cancer.與癌症頑強抗爭一番之後,她在 43 歲時去世了。hard, long, real, tough, uphill (NAmE) 艱苦的/長期的/真正的/艱難的/艱巨的鬥爭a long fight to beat inflation為抑制通貨膨脹進行的長期鬥爭bitter, desperate激烈的/孤注一擲的鬥爭legal法律鬥爭custody (especially NAmE) 監護權的爭奪VERB + FIGHTput up進行鬥爭Coal workers are determined to put up a fight to save their jobs.煤炭工人為了保住他們的工作,決心進行鬥爭。lead, spearhead (especially BrE) 領導/帶領鬥爭lawyers leading the fight for compensation for the injured workers領導為受傷工人爭取賠償鬥爭的律師join, join in加入戰鬥Doctors have now joined in the fight to make this treatment available to all.現在,醫生已經加入到爭取使所有人都能使用這種療法的鬥爭中。face面臨鬥爭Now he is facing his toughest fight yet-back to fitness after a series of injuries.現在他還要面臨最困難的鬥爭 - 在接連幾次受傷之後恢復健康。be engaged in進行鬥爭He is still engaged in a bitter fight with his old company.他仍在同他原來的公司進行激烈的鬥爭。carry on, continue, keep up進行鬥爭;繼續奮鬥;堅持鬥爭She said they would continue their fight to find a cure for AIDS.她說他們會為找到治瘉艾滋病的方法而繼續奮鬥。step up加大打擊力度The government has vowed to step up the fight against crime.政府誓要加大打擊犯罪的力度。take進行鬥爭She vowed to take her fight to the High Court.她發誓要告到高等法院。win打勝仗lose打敗仗Are we losing the fight against illegal drugs?我們要輸掉這場打擊毒品的鬥爭嗎?give up放棄鬥爭She just gave up her fight for life.她就這樣放棄了掙扎求生。FIGHT + VERBbe on鬥爭興起The fight is on to have this brutal practice stamped out.搞這場鬥爭是要廢除這種野蠻習俗。continue, go on鬥爭繼續下去The fight for justice goes on.為爭取正義而進行的鬥爭會一直進行下去。PREPOSITIONwithout a fight不經過戰鬥I'm not giving up without a fight!我不會不戰而降的!fight against, fight with (NAmE) 針對⋯/跟⋯的鬥爭a new weapon in the fight against car crime對付汽車犯罪的新武器his fight with cancer他與癌症的鬥爭fight for爭取⋯的鬥爭their fight for a fair deal他們爭取平等交易的鬥爭PHRASESa fight for life, a fight for survival為了生存而奮鬥the company's desperate fight for survival in a cut-throat market該公司為了在殘酷的市場競爭中生存所作的拼死一搏have a fight on your hands要進行一場戰鬥Union leaders know that they have a real fight on their hands.工會領導人知道他們要面對一場真正的戰鬥。


3competition競爭ADJECTIVE | VERB + FIGHT | FIGHT + VERB | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEbrave, good, great, strong, tremendous勇敢的競爭;激烈的競爭;強有力的競爭straight一對一的競爭VERB + FIGHTput up在競爭中有⋯表現The team put up a good fight (= they played well) but were finally beaten.這個隊在比賽中表現很好,但最終還是輸了。FIGHT + VERBbe on競爭在進行中PREPOSITIONfight between⋯之間的競爭This will be a straight fight between the two parties.這將是這兩個政黨之間一對一的競爭。fight for為⋯的競爭The fight for supremacy in the sport is on.爭奪這項體育賽事霸主的競爭開始了。PHRASESa fight to the death (figurative) 你死我活的爭鬥By 1807 politics had become a fight to the death between the two factions.到 1807 年政治變成了兩個派別之間的殊死鬥爭。a fight to the finish直到最後才決出勝負的鬥爭If the polls are wrong and it's a fight to the finish, the result may not be known until all the votes have been counted.如果民調結果有誤,又是一場直到最後一刻才見分曉的角逐,那麼只有等到統計完所有選票才會知道結果。have a fight on your hands努力做好She now has a fight on her hands (= will have to play very well) to make it through to the next round.她現在得打好這場比賽才能進入下一輪。make a fight of it奮勇拚搏No doubt Ferguson wants his team to make a fight of it.毫無疑問,弗格森希望隊員能奮力打好比賽。


4 (especially NAmE) argument爭吵ADJECTIVE | VERB + FIGHT ADJECTIVEbig, huge, terrible大吵;激烈的爭吵;可怕的爭吵petty, stupid為雞毛蒜皮的事發生的/愚蠢的爭吵little小吵VERB + FIGHThave發生爭吵cause引發爭吵get into, pick, provoke, start捲入/挑起/引起/開始爭吵


1in a war/battle戰鬥ADVERB | VERB + FIGHT | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADVERBbravely, gallantly, valiantly勇敢/英勇/頑強作戰bitterly, fiercely, hard艱苦/勇猛/艱難作戰effectively有效作戰back, off還擊;擊退VERB + FIGHTbe prepared to, be ready to準備作戰He did not believe that the enemy was ready to fight.他相信敵人還沒有準備好進行戰鬥。continue to繼續作戰PREPOSITIONagainst抗擊They fought bravely against the enemy.他們英勇抗擊敵人。alongside並肩戰鬥He fought alongside his comrades.他和他的同志們並肩戰鬥。for為⋯而戰They fought for control of the island.他們為了該島的控制權而戰。over因⋯而戰They were fighting over disputed land.他們在為有爭議的土地而戰鬥。with用⋯戰鬥He taught me how to fight with a sword.他教我如何用劍作戰。PHRASESfight to the death戰鬥到死The soldiers were prepared to fight to the death if they had to.士兵們做好了在不得已的情況下戰鬥到死的準備。


2struggle against/hit sb擊打ADVERB | VERB + FIGHT | PREPOSITION ADVERBbitterly, hard奮力搏鬥dirty卑鄙地戰鬥back, off還擊;擊退He was stabbed as he tried to fight the robbers off.他在試圖擊退劫匪時被捅了一刀。VERB + FIGHTbe prepared to準備打鬥PREPOSITIONagainst抗爭⋯She fought hard against his strong grip.她奮力掙扎要擺脫他的控制。with與⋯搏鬥Riot police fought with militants demonstrating in support of the uprising.防暴警察與示威支持造反的好戰分子對抗。


3in a contest競爭ADVERB | VERB + FIGHT | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADVERBbitterly, hard激烈地競爭successfully競爭成功VERB + FIGHTbe determined to, be prepared to, be ready to決心競爭;準備競爭;樂意力爭We need a good manager who is prepared to fight for a fair share of the funds.我們需要一個願意爭取應得資金的好經理。continue to繼續爭取PREPOSITIONfor為⋯競爭Regional monopolies were bitterly fought for.為爭取地方壟斷權發生了激烈的爭鬥。PHRASESfiercely fought激烈地爭鬥The second half was fiercely fought, but neither side managed to score.下半場比賽非常激烈,但雙方都沒有得分。


4try to stop/achieve sth設法阻止;爭取ADVERB | VERB + FIGHT | PREPOSITION ADVERBhard, like a tiger, tooth and nail (= in a very determined way) 拚命抗爭;竭盡全力爭取He fought hard to overcome his disability. 他努力克服自身的殘疾。She'll fight like a tiger to protect her children.她會像老虎一樣兇猛地保護自己的孩子。The residents are fighting tooth and nail to stop the new development.居民為阻止新的開發項目正奮力抗爭。doggedly, stubbornly, tenaciously不屈不撓地鬥爭;頑強鬥爭;堅決鬥爭desperately拚命奮鬥successfully鬥爭成功back反擊It is time to fight back against street crime.是打擊街頭犯罪的時候了。VERB + FIGHTbe determined to, be prepared to, be ready to, vow to決心抗爭;願意抗爭;發誓抗爭continue to繼續抗爭help (to)有助於抗爭PREPOSITIONagainst與⋯作鬥爭They are committed to fighting against racism.他們誓與種族歧視鬥爭到底。for為⋯而鬥爭We are fighting for equal rights.我們正為爭取平等權利而鬥爭。


5argue爭論ADVERB | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADVERBbitterly激烈爭論constantly持續不斷地爭論PREPOSITIONabout為⋯爭吵It's a trivial matter and not worth fighting about.這是小事,不值得為此爭吵。over為⋯爭論Children will fight even over small things.小孩子甚至會為一些雞毛蒜皮的事爭吵。with與⋯爭吵He's always fighting with his brother.他老是和弟弟吵架。PHRASESfight like cat and dog, fight like cats and dogs (NAmE) 吵得很兇
BNC: 917 COCA: 676
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0_0: Translations of fight
  • # v.
    搏: combat, fight, seize
    搏鬥: buffet, fight, struggle, wrestle
    打: beat, break, build, buy, calculate, fight
    打架: fight, scuffle
    打仗: fight
    敵: fight, match, oppose, resist
    鬥: battle, contend, contest, denounce, fight, make animals fight
    鬥爭: fight, strive for, struggle
    對抗: antagonize, compete, confront, cope, counterwork, fight
    交火: fight
    交戰: fight, be at war
    抗: combat, defy, disobey, fight, refuse, resist
    肉搏: fight
    肉搏戰: fight
    殺: abate, fight, kill, murder, reduce, slaughter
    攖: be against, show aggression, assail, assault, bother, fight
    戰: fight
    戰鬥: battle, fight
    爭: contend, dispute, fight, strive, vie
    爭奪: contest, dispute, fight, scrabble, scramble, struggle
    爭取: compete for a prize, contest, fight, shoot for, strive after, strive for
    作戰: conduct military operations, fight, war
  • # n.
    摔交: fight, struggle, wrestling
    戰: battle, fight, war

0_0: Definitions of fight
  • # verb.
    - take part in a violent struggle involving the exchange of physical blows or the use of weapons.
    * the men were fighting
  • # noun.
    - a violent confrontation or struggle.
    * we'll get into a fight and wind up with bloody noses

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