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BNC: 661 COCA: 847


discuss /dɪˈskʌs/ verb
discusses; discussed; discussing
discusses; discussed; discussing
Learner's definition of DISCUSS
[+ object]
: to talk about (something) with another person or group讨论;谈论;商量
: to give information, ideas, opinions, etc., about (something) in writing or speech论述
BNC: 661 COCA: 847



dis·​cuss di-ˈskəs How to pronounce discuss (audio)
discussed; discussing; discusses

transitive verb

: to talk about
discussing the news of the day
: to investigate by reasoning or argument
discuss the matter with your family
: to present in detail for examination or consideration
as discussed in the text
obsolete : declare
discuss the same in French unto him Shakespeare
obsolete : dispel
discussable adjective
or discussible
discusser noun
Choose the Right Synonym for discuss

discuss, argue, debate mean to discourse about in order to reach conclusions or to convince.

discuss implies a sifting of possibilities especially by presenting considerations pro and con.

discussed the need for a new highway

argue implies the offering of reasons or evidence in support of convictions already held.

argued that the project would be too costly

debate suggests formal or public argument between opposing parties

debated the merits of the amendment

; it may also apply to deliberation with oneself.

I'm debating whether I should go

Example Sentences

She discussed the plan with several colleagues. They held a meeting to discuss the future of the company. We'll discuss where to meet later. Have you discussed the matter with your family? In the first chapter, the author discusses childcare issues. The article discusses the theory in depth. See More
Recent Examples on the Web The Sox had a meeting on the mound to discuss the next move. Lamond Pope, Chicago Tribune, 17 Sep. 2022 North Shore police chiefs have not responded to requests by the Journal Sentinel to discuss the study. Alex Groth, Journal Sentinel, 14 Sep. 2022 Council President Patrick Vincenti advised the council to forgo discussion of the motion and allow Kearney to write up the motion to discuss at a future meeting. Jason Fontelieu, Baltimore Sun, 14 Sep. 2022 Mental health has been the collateral damage of the pandemic, but the uncertainty and social isolation of this time has at least raised awareness and increased our willingness to openly discuss things like depression, loneliness and burnout. Karen S. Lynch For Cnn Business Perspectives, CNN, 12 Sep. 2022 Film Festival in order to discuss, with Mexico and Brazil, the need to establish a stable talent relationship corridor. Emiliano De Pablos, Variety, 11 Sep. 2022 Brittany Aldean made an appearance on FOX News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight on Thursday (Sept. 1) to discuss the controversy surrounding her recent social media comments about transgender youth. Jessica Nicholson, Billboard, 2 Sep. 2022 As for the locals’ hesitation to discuss the murder, their reticence seems less about collective guilt than reluctance to revisit family disgrace. Suzanne Berne, Washington Post, 31 Aug. 2022 In statements to the FBI, Rapier said that after Obama was elected, Gutierrez arranged meetings with government officials to discuss the ACA on his behalf. Patrick Danner, San Antonio Express-News, 29 Aug. 2022 See More

Word History


Middle English, from Anglo-French discusser, from Latin discussus, past participle of discutere to disperse, from dis- apart + quatere to shake — more at dis-, quash

First Known Use

15th century, in the meaning defined at sense 1b

Time Traveler
The first known use of discuss was in the 15th century
BNC: 661 COCA: 847


ADVERB | VERB + DISCUSS | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADVERBexhaustively, fully, in detail, thoroughly詳盡討論;充分討論;詳細商討The plan was discussed in great detail.對這項計劃作了極為詳細的討論。at length, endlessly, extensively長時間討論;沒完沒了地商討;廣泛討論These ideas will be discussed at greater length in the next chapter.這些觀點將在下一章中花更大篇幅予以論述。briefly簡短地討論further進一步討論freely, openly自由/公開討論This problem has never been discussed openly before.這個問題以前從未公開討論過。informally非正式討論critically, intelligently, seriously批判地/睿智地/嚴肅地討論Students should be encouraged to discuss critically the information they are given.應該鼓勵學生對獲得的信息進行批判性的討論。publicly公開討論explicitly (especially NAmE) 坦率地討論VERB + DISCUSSconvene (sth) to, meet to召集(⋯)討論;開會討論to convene a conference to discuss the country's political future召集會議討論國家的政治前途The committee meets regularly to discuss these issues.委員會定期開會討論這些問題。want to, wish to, would like to想要討論;希望談論need to需要討論refuse to拒絕討論He refused to discuss it with me.他拒絕跟我討論這個問題。be able to能夠討論be prepared to, be willing to願意討論I'm not prepared to discuss this on the phone.我不願意在電話裏討論這個問題。PREPOSITIONwith與⋯討論I'd like to discuss this matter with you later.我想稍後再與你討論這個問題。PHRASESas discussed如已討論過的We will send you an invoice as discussed.我們將按照討論過的那樣寄給你們一張發票。a forum to discuss sth討論⋯的論壇have sth to discuss有⋯要討論Can you leave us alone? We have business to discuss.能讓我們單獨待會兒嗎?我們有事兒要談。an opportunity to discuss sth討論⋯的機會widely discussed經廣泛討論的The proposals have been widely discussed in the media.這些提議已經在媒體上進行了廣泛討論。

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