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TOEFL BNC: 4100 COCA: 3582


1 flood /ˈflʌd/ noun
plural floods
1 flood
plural floods
Learner's definition of FLOOD
[count] : a large amount of water covering an area of land that is usually dry洪水;水灾
the Flood : a flood described in the Bible as covering the earth in the time of Noah大洪水(圣经中描述的诺亚时期泛滥全球的洪水)
[singular] : a large amount of things that come or happen at the same time(如潮水般涌来的)大量,大批

in flood

◊ A river that is in flood has so much water in it that it may flow over its banks and flood the land next to it.河水泛滥
◊ The phrase in full flood is sometimes used figuratively to describe the time when something is most active, successful, etc.(有时用作比喻)鼎盛时期
2 flood /ˈflʌd/ verb
floods; flooded; flooding
2 flood
floods; flooded; flooding
Learner's definition of FLOOD
: to cover (land) with a flood淹没
[+ object]
[no object]
[no object] : to become filled or covered by a flood被淹没
[+ object]
: to fill (something) completely充满
: to cause (something) to receive or take in a large amount of things at the same time使充满
[no object] : to go or come in large numbers or as a large amount大量涌来;大量涌去
: to cause too much fuel to go into (an engine)(使)溢流
[+ object]
[no object]
TOEFL BNC: 4100 COCA: 3582


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: a rising and overflowing of a body of water especially onto normally dry land
The flood inundated the whole area.
also : a condition of overflowing
rivers in flood
capitalized : a flood described in the Bible as covering the earth in the time of Noah
: the flowing in of the tide
: an overwhelming quantity or volume
received a flood of phone calls
also : a state of abundant flow or volume or of greatest activity
often used in the phrase in full flood
a debate in full flood a political movement in full flood


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flooded; flooding; floods

transitive verb

: to cover with a flood : inundate
: to fill abundantly or excessively
flood the market
: to supply an excess of fuel to (an engine, a carburetor, etc.) so that engine operation is hampered

intransitive verb

: to pour forth, go, or come in a flood
: to become filled with a flood
flooder noun

Example Sentences

Noun A flood inundated the whole area. the devastating flood of 1936 The water has risen to flood level. We've received a flood of mail. a flood of phone calls Seeing her again brought back a flood of memories. Verb Heavy rains flooded the valley. The rivers are close to flooding. The valley flooded after the heavy rains. The plain floods every spring. The room was flooded with light. The company plans to flood the market with this product. The office has been flooded with phone calls. The phone calls have been flooding in. Refugees flooded into the camp. Light flooded into the room. See More
Recent Examples on the Web
There’s brief peril when an underwater vehicle begins to break down and flood. Common Sense Media, Washington Post, 9 Sep. 2022 Our practice hall was on the boarder by the levee and that’s why the name Puddle of Mudd came up because there was a humongous flood and stuff. Matt Wake | Mwake@al.com, al, 8 Sep. 2022 In the moment of cataclysm, there’s little that a homeowner can do to protect a house from a hurricane, flood, earthquake, or tornado. Ingfei Chen, The New Yorker, 6 Sep. 2022 Torrential rains caused the Pearl River to flood, exacerbating problems with pumps. David Brandt, ajc, 31 Aug. 2022 Through the study, researchers discovered that the effects attributed to climate-change had an outsized impact on Latino communities, particularly those residing in low-income areas outside the 100-year-flood zone. Katharine Jose, Chron, 29 Aug. 2022 During his school years, Fisher-Morris’ family lost homes to a fire, a flood and a foreclosure. oregonlive, 25 Aug. 2022 And that is likely to happen more often as the climate warms, particularly in the Midwest and Great Plains where heat, drought, fire and flood are challenging long-standing farm practices. Daniel Cusick, Scientific American, 24 Aug. 2022 More than 30 years ago, the legislature of this little colony changed its betting taxes, prompting a stream and then a flood of London bookmakers to move there, relieving gamblers of their money while avoiding British taxes. Geoffrey Wheatcroft, The New Republic, 24 Aug. 2022
But unless other countries, including China, join the U.S. effort, drugs such as fentanyl and methamphetamine synthesized with precursors made in China will continue to flood the world. Rahul Gupta, WSJ, 22 Aug. 2022 Riddell would later be arrested for his role in blocking traffic on Interstate 95, but the plans to flood the city with vehicles and protesters never panned out. Joe Heim, Washington Post, 7 Aug. 2022 People who have had their birth control prescriptions or condom purchases denied by large pharmacies continue to flood social media with their stories under the hashtags #BoycottWalgreens and ##CVSDeniesCare. Sara Edwards, USA TODAY, 27 July 2022 The sight prompted Big Bang Theory fans to flood her comments section with a mix of reactions. Selena Barrientos, Good Housekeeping, 14 July 2022 The Black Crowes did not mention the shooting, choosing instead to flood the park with little more than their glorious music. Lauren Warnecke, Chicago Tribune, 13 July 2022 Bidwell saw the triennial as a way to flood the city with global art, and to bring the eyes of the world to a region far more richly endowed with cultural institutions than outsiders (and some locals) realize. Steven Litt, cleveland, 3 July 2022 Barr pushed a conspiracy theory that foreign actors would be able to flood the country with millions of fraudulent ballots, even when top officials in the intelligence community were publicly disputing that was possible. Alexander Mallin, ABC News, 22 June 2022 And as recession predictions continue to flood in from both Wall Street and Main Street, some sectors of the market have fared even worse. Will Daniel, Fortune, 13 June 2022 See More

Word History


Noun and Verb

Middle English, from Old English flōd; akin to Old High German fluot flood, Old English flōwan to flow

First Known Use


before the 12th century, in the meaning defined at sense 1a


1663, in the meaning defined at transitive sense 1

Time Traveler
The first known use of flood was before the 12th century
TOEFL BNC: 4100 COCA: 3582


1large amount of water洪水ADJECTIVE | VERB + FLOOD | FLOOD + VERB | FLOOD + NOUN | PHRASES ADJECTIVEcatastrophic, devastating, great, severe災難性的/破壞性的/巨大的/兇猛的洪水flash驟發的洪水spring, summer, etc.春季、夏季等洪水VERB + FLOODcause引發洪災Heavy rainfall in the mountains caused the floods.山區的暴雨引發了洪災。FLOOD + VERBcome洪水到來No one knew that the flood was coming.沒有人知道洪水就要來了。hit sth, strike sth洪水襲擊⋯This summer the region was struck by devastating floods.今年夏天這個地區遭受了毀滅性的洪水襲擊。inundate sth洪水淹沒⋯The fields were inundated by heavy floods.田野被肆虐的洪水淹沒了。cause sth洪水引起⋯The flood caused widespread destruction.這次洪災造成大面積破壞。subside洪水減退The floods are slowly subsiding.洪水在慢慢退去。FLOOD + NOUNwater (usually floodwater or floodwaters) 洪水The floodwaters did not begin to recede until September.洪水直到 9 月份才開始消退。plain洪泛區damage洪澇災害alert, warning洪水預警/警報victim洪災災民control, defence/defense, prevention, protection, relief防洪;防汛;排澇insurance洪災保險PHRASESbe in (full) flood (especially BrE) 泛濫The river was in full flood (= had flooded its banks).河水已經漫過堤岸。


2large number/amount大量ADJECTIVE | FLOOD + VERB | VERB + FLOOD | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEgreat大量constant持續大量sudden湧現FLOOD + VERBinundate sb/sth大批湧向⋯She was inundated by floods of fan mail.她收到了崇拜者雪片般的來信。VERB + FLOODbring, cause造成/引發大量⋯release, unleash釋放/放出大批PREPOSITIONflood of一大批⋯a great flood of refugees一大批難民PHRASESa flood of memories (especially NAmE) (腦海中)如洪水般湧現的往事Writing about St. John's brings back a flood of nostalgic memories.對聖約翰的記述使往事如潮水般湧上心頭。in floods of tears (= crying a lot) 淚如泉湧The little girl was in floods of tears.小女孩眼淚嘩嘩地流。


VERB + FLOOD | PHRASES VERB + FLOODbe liable to易遭水災The area near the river is liable to flood.河流附近的地區容易遭水災。PHRASESbe badly flooded遭嚴重水災The town had been badly flooded.這個鎮曾經遭受嚴重水災。flood its banks (NAmE) (burst its banks in BrE) 淹沒⋯的堤岸The river had flooded its banks.河水已漫過堤岸。
TOEFL BNC: 4100 COCA: 3582
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0_0: Translations of flood
  • # v.
    氾: float, flood, inundate, overflow
    泛: flood, inundate
    泛濫: deluge, flood, be in flood, inundate, overflow, overrun
    濫: flood, overflow
    漫: brim over, flood, inundate, overflow
    淼: flood
    噴: besprinkle, flood, flow, gush, pour, puff
    滔: flood, inundate, overflow
    淹: flood, submerge
    淹沒: flood, submerge
    注滿: fill, flood, overbrim
  • # n.
    泛: float, flood
    汎濫: flood
    洪: flood
    洪水: deluge, flood, flooding
    洚: deluge, inundation, waterflood, flood
    濫: flood, overflow
    漫: flood, overflow
    淼: flood, infinity
    水災: flood, inundation
    汛: flood, high water, sprinkle water

0_0: Definitions of flood
  • # noun.
    - an overflowing of a large amount of water beyond its normal confines, especially over what is normally dry land.
    * a flood barrier
    - an outpouring of tears or emotion.
    * Rose burst into such a flood of tears and sobs as I had never seen
    - short for floodlight.
  • # verb.
    - cover or submerge (a place or area) with water.
    * the dam burst, flooding a small town
    - arrive in overwhelming amounts or quantities.
    * sunlight flooded in at the windows

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