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TOEFL BNC: 1686 COCA: 1270


1 crowd /ˈkraʊd/ verb
crowds; crowded; crowding
1 crowd
crowds; crowded; crowding
Learner's definition of CROWD
[+ object] : to fill (something) so that there is little or no room for anyone or anything else : to take up much or most of the space in (an area or space)挤满;塞满;使拥挤
[+ object] : to push or force (something) into a small space使挤进;把…塞进
[no object] : to move into a small space涌进;挤进+ into or onto
[+ object] : to form a tight group around (something or someone)聚集在…周围;聚拢
[+ object] chiefly US : to stand very close or too close to (someone or something)站得离…(太)近;靠近;贴近
sometimes used figuratively有时用作比喻

crowd around/round

[phrasal verb]
crowd around/round or crowd around/round (something)
: to form a tight group around (something or someone)围着;聚集在…周围

crowded together

◊ If a group of people or things are crowded together, they are next to and usually touching each other in a space that is too small.挤在一起;挨着堆放在一起

crowd in

[phrasal verb]
: to move as a group into a small space挤进;涌入
of thoughts, memories, etc. : to come into your mind : to occupy your thinking(想法、记忆等)涌入(脑海)often + on

crowd out

[phrasal verb]
crowd out (something or someone) or crowd (something or someone) out
: to push, move, or force (something or someone) out of a place or situation by filling its space挤出;挤掉;排挤出
2 crowd /ˈkraʊd/ noun
plural crowds
2 crowd
plural crowds
Learner's definition of CROWD
[count] : a large group of people who are together in one place人群
the crowd : ordinary people : people who are not special or unusual民众;百姓;普通人
◊ Someone who is just another face in the crowd is not famous or well-known.普通人
◊ Someone or something that stands out from the crowd is unusual in a good way.脱颖而出;与众不同
◊ Someone who follows the crowd or goes with the crowd does whatever most other people are doing.随大流;从众
[singular] : a group of people who spend time together or have something in common(共度时光或有共同之处的)一伙人,一帮人
usually used with the通常与the连用

join the crowd

: to become part of a larger group : to do what most other people are doing加入群体;从众
informalused to say that the problems or feelings someone is having are problems or feelings that you have had yourself深有同感;感同身受

two's company, three's a crowd

see company
TOEFL BNC: 1686 COCA: 1270


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crowded; crowding; crowds

intransitive verb

: to press on : hurry
The ships crowded northward.
: to press close
The players crowded around the coach.
: to collect in numbers
Police officers warned people not to crowd.

transitive verb

: to fill by pressing or thronging together
crowd a room
: to press, force, or thrust into a small space
crowded the people into the bus
: push, force
often used with off or out
crowd a person off the sidewalk
: to urge on
… I crowded him until streams of sweat ran from his beard. Jesse H. Stuart
: to put on (sail) in excess of the usual for greater speed
: to put pressure on
Don't crowd me, I'll pay.
: throng, jostle
… changes … crowd each other in a whirl of confusing images when we try to picture this century … Nicholas Murray Butler
: to press or stand close to
The batter was crowding the plate.
: to approach or come close to (an age or amount)
a friend who's crowding 70
… a sedan that crowds $100,000 when all the option boxes have been checked. Jeff Sabatini


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noun (1)

: a large number of persons especially when collected together : throng
: the great body of the people : populace
: most of one's peers
follow the crowd
: a large number of things close together
… I saw a crowd … of golden daffodils … William Wordsworth
: a group of people having something (such as a habit, interest, or occupation) in common
in with the wrong crowd
the Hollywood crowd
: an ancient Celtic stringed instrument that is plucked or bowed

called also crwth

dialectal, England : violin

Illustration of crowd

Illustration of crowd
  • 3crowd 1
Choose the Right Synonym for crowd

crowd, throng, horde, crush, mob mean an assembled multitude.

crowd implies a close gathering and pressing together.

a crowd gathered

throng and horde suggest movement and pushing.

a throng of reporters
a horde of shoppers

crush emphasizes the compactness of the group, the difficulty of individual movement, and the attendant discomfort.

a crush of fans

mob implies a disorderly crowd with the potential for violence.

an angry mob

Example Sentences

Verb Boxes crowded the floor of my apartment. There are too many products crowding the market. The club has been accused of crowding too many people into too small a space. By the end of the 10th mile, three bicyclists were crowding the racer in front. Please move back. You're crowding me.

Word History



Middle English crouden "to push forward, jostle, press, push or drive (something wheeled)," going back to Old English crūdan "to crowd, press (against), press forward (of a ship)," going back to Germanic *krūdan- "to press, push forward" (whence also Middle Dutch crûden "to push, shove, trundle," Norwegian regional kryda (preterit kraud) "to flow together, congregate"), of uncertain origin

Note: Old English crūdan, a Class II strong verb, is attested twice in poetic texts, as crydeþ (third person singular present) and cread (third singular preterit); evidence in other old Germanic languages is lacking. Nominal derivatives *kruda- and *krudan- are evident in Old English lindgecrod "shield-bearing crowd" and lindcroda "shield-press, battle"; the same underlying forms may be evident in Middle Dutch crod "hindrance, bother," Middle High German krot "annoyance, distress," kroten, kröten "to bother, annoy." (Further Frisian and Low German forms are detailed in the Oxford English Dictionary, first edition, s.v. crowd.) See also crud entry 2.

Noun (1)

derivative of crowd entry 1

Noun (2)

Middle English crouþ, croude, borrowed from Middle Welsh crwth "crowd (the instrument), fiddle, hump, humpback, anything round or bulging," going back to Celtic *krutto- "round or bulging object" (whence also, from a feminine derivative *kruttā, Welsh croth "womb, belly"; also Middle Irish crott, cruitt "harp, lyre, hump," Middle Breton courz "female genitals"), probably of expressive origin

Note: The word crotta as the name of a musical instrument was used by the sixth century Latin poet and hymnodist Venantius Fortunatus ("… crotta Britanna canat" - "… may the British crotta sing"). The grounds for the shift from th to d in the English word are uncertain.

First Known Use


before the 12th century, in the meaning defined at intransitive sense 1a

Noun (1)

1565, in the meaning defined at sense 1

Noun (2)

14th century, in the meaning defined at sense 1

Time Traveler
The first known use of crowd was before the 12th century
TOEFL BNC: 1686 COCA: 1270


1large number of people in one place聚集的人群ADJECTIVE | VERB + CROWD | CROWD + VERB | CROWD + NOUN | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEbig, bumper, capacity, enormous, good, great, huge, large, massive, packed, record, sell-out, vast一大群人;座無虛席;人數空前的一大群人The show played to capacity crowds.那場表演座無虛席。small一小群人gathering, growing不斷聚集的/不斷增多的人群assembled聚集在一起的人The president read a declaration to a vast assembled crowd.總統向大批聚在一起的人宣讀了聲明。entire, whole整個人群jostling, milling, surging推推搡搡的人潮;湧動的人潮We pushed our way through the milling crowds of guests.我們從湧動的賓客人群中擠了出來。noisy嘈雜的人群admiring, adoring, appreciative, cheering, enthusiastic, excited, expectant仰慕的/敬慕的/讚賞的/喝彩的/充滿熱情的/興奮的/期待的人群angry, hostile, partisan憤怒的/充滿敵意的/成幫結夥的人群rush-hour (especially BrE) 交通高峰時間的人群diverse, motley (especially BrE) 魚龍混雜的人群the usual motley crowd of tourists, hawkers and pigeons像往常一樣混雜着遊客、小販和易上當者的人群football, theatre/theater足球賽/劇院觀眾home, hometown (= at a sports game) (NAmE) (體育比賽)主場觀眾VERB + CROWDattract, bring, bring in, draw, gather, get, pull, pull in吸引觀眾Boxing is a sport that always attracts large crowds.拳擊這項運動總能吸引大批觀眾。break up, disperse驅散/疏散人群Police were called to disperse the crowd.警察奉召到場驅散人群。control控制人群address, entertain, play to, work對聽眾講話;娛樂觀眾;為觀眾表演;帶動觀眾join, mingle with加入/混入人群avoid避開人群If you want to avoid the crowds, get there early.如果你不想挨擠,就早點兒到那裏。face面對人群scan, search, watch盤查/搜查/監視人群get lost in在人群中迷路She was afraid she might get lost in the crowd.她擔心自己在人群中迷失方向。CROWD + VERBassemble, collect, gather人群聚集An expectant crowd gathered outside his house.滿懷期待的人群聚集在他房子外面。grow, swell人群擴大The crowd grew to over 15 000.人群擴大到超過了 15,000 人。rush人群奔湧The crowd rushed forward.人群湧向前去。flock, mill, throng sth, throng around sb/sth人群蜂擁;人群湧動;人群擁塞⋯Crowds have been flocking to the beaches in this hot weather.在如此炎熱的天氣裏人們都湧到了海灘。crowds thronging the streets of Rio里約街頭湧動的人潮A crowd thronged around the wounded man.一群人聚集在那個受傷的人周圍。disperse, melt away, thin out人群散開;人群逐漸散去After the ambulance drove off, the crowd dispersed.救護車開走後,人群就散開了。part人群分離chant, cheer, erupt, roar, scream人群反複呼喊/歡呼/突然爆發出/大喊/尖叫boo, hiss, jeer人群發出一陣噓聲;人群發出嘲笑聲line the street人群聚集在街道兩旁Crowds lined the streets of the city as the president's car approached.總統的車駛近時,人們聚集在市區街道兩旁。CROWD + NOUNcontrol人群控制favourite/favorite觀眾的最愛She didn't win but she was clearly the crowd favourite / favorite.她雖然沒有獲勝,但顯然是最受觀眾喜愛的一位。noise人群的喧譁scene人群場景PREPOSITIONamong a/the crowd在人群中A bewildered child was wandering among the crowd.一個不知所措的孩子徘徊在人群中。in a/the crowd在人群裏I saw some familiar faces in the crowd.我在人群裏看到了一些熟悉的面孔。through a/the crowd穿過人群She fought her way through the crowd.她從人群中擠了出來。crowd of一群⋯a big crowd of football supporters一大群足球迷PHRASESthe back of a crowd, the front of a crowd, the middle of a crowd人群的後部/前部/中間


2the crowd ordinary people民眾VERB + THE CROWD | PHRASES VERB + THE CROWDbe one of, follow是普通人;從眾She's happy to follow the crowd.她願意隨大溜。stand out from與眾不同We all like to think we stand out from the crowd (= are different from other people).我們都希望自己與眾不同。PHRASESa face in the crowd芸芸眾生之一To her I'm just another face in the crowd.對她而言,我不過是人群中的另一張普通的面孔。

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