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1 term /ˈtɚm/ noun
plural terms
1 term
plural terms
Learner's definition of TERM
[count] : a word or phrase that has an exact meaning词语;短语;术语
terms [plural] : the particular kinds of words used to describe someone or something措辞;表达;说法
: the length of time during which a person has an official or political office执政期;任期
: the length of time during which someone is in a prison, jail, etc.服刑期
: the length of time during which something (such as a contract) continues(合同等)期限,有效期
see also long term, medium-term, short term
[count] : one of the parts of the school year学期(一学年中的一部分)
terms [plural] : the conditions or rules that limit something (such as an agreement or a contract) : the things that must be agreed upon in order for something to happen or continue条件;条款;款项
terms [plural]used to describe the kind of relationship that people have with each other(人们之间的)关系
[noncount] medical : the time at which a pregnancy of normal length ends(妊娠)足月

come to terms

: to reach an agreement达成协议
often + with
: to learn how to accept or live with something that is difficult or painful学会接受;忍受+ with

contradiction in terms

see contradiction

in terms of

used to indicate the specific thing that is being described, thought of, etc.就…而言

on your (own) terms

: according to your own wishes : in your own way依据自身的愿望;根据自己的方式

term of address

see 2address

term of endearment

see endearment

terms of reference

: a description of what must be dealt with and considered when something is being done, studied, etc.考虑范围;研究范围;处理范围
2 term /ˈtɚm/ verb
terms; termed; terming
2 term
terms; termed; terming
Learner's definition of TERM
[+ object]
: to give a particular name or description to (something) : to call (something) by a particular name or to describe (something) in a particular way把…称为;把…叫作


1 of 2


: a word or expression that has a precise meaning in some uses or is peculiar to a science, art, profession, or subject
legal terms
terms plural : expression of a specified kind
described in glowing terms
: a limited or definite extent of time
especially : the time for which something lasts : duration, tenure
term of office
lost money in the short term
: the whole period for which an estate is granted
also : the estate or interest held by one for a term
: the time during which a court is in session
: division in a school year during which instruction is regularly given to students
terms plural : provisions that determine the nature and scope of an agreement : conditions
terms of sale
liberal credit terms
terms plural
: mutual relationship : footing
on good terms
: agreement, concord
come to terms after extensive negotiations
: a state of acceptance or understanding
came to terms with the failure of his marriage
: the time at which a pregnancy of normal length terminates
had her baby at full term
: end, termination
also : a point in time assigned to something (such as a payment)
: a unitary or compound expression connected with another by a plus or minus sign
: an element of a fraction or proportion or of a series or sequence
: any of the three substantive elements of a syllogism
: a quadrangular pillar often tapering downward and adorned on the top with the figure of a head or the upper part of the body


2 of 2


termed; terming; terms

transitive verb

: to apply a term to : call, name
in terms of
: with respect to or in relation to
thinks of everything in terms of money
on one's own terms
: in accordance with one's wishes : in one's own way
prefers to live on his own terms

Example Sentences

Noun “I had the feeling that I had been there before.” “The term for that is ‘déjà vu.’” That's an outdated term that no one uses anymore. He spoke about them in glowing terms. The law had been understood in broad terms. The governor will run for a second term. He is currently serving his third term in the U.S. Senate. He was sentenced to a ten-year term in the state penitentiary. The term of the contract is 60 months. His grades have improved since last term. English 122 is not offered this term. Verb They termed the structure a “double helix.” The project was termed a success. See More
Recent Examples on the Web
Even the low end of the near-term target would be a record high for the satellite-service provider, representing a gain of 44% above the annual revenue Globalstar has averaged for the past three years. Dan Gallagher, WSJ, 9 Sep. 2022 The first arc takes place in our near-term future and is centered on a young woman named Flynne. Jennifer Ouellette, Ars Technica, 8 Sep. 2022 That set off alarms because Elorza is term-limited and is not running for any office this year. BostonGlobe.com, 7 Sep. 2022 Yet their ability to influence the dollar’s strength is limited, meaning there’s little prospect for near-term relief. Enda Curran, Fortune, 7 Sep. 2022 Oregon expects to have around 150,000 doses on hand in the near future, enough to meet near-term demand, state officials said. oregonlive, 7 Sep. 2022 Hogan, who is term-limited and cannot run for re-election in blue state Maryland, has been crisscrossing the country in recent months on behalf of fellow Republicans on the ballot in November. Paul Steinhauser, Fox News, 4 Sep. 2022 McKinlay, who also voted in favor of postponement, is term-limited. Wells Dusenbury, Sun Sentinel, 31 Aug. 2022 Robinson suggests setting aside 10% of your annual income for near-term expenses. Sean Mcdonnell, cleveland, 31 Aug. 2022
China has refused to criticize Moscow’s aggression or even term it an invasion, while condemning Western sanctions against Russia and accusing the U.S. and NATO of provoking the conflict. Mark Schiefelbein, The Christian Science Monitor, 8 July 2022 Beijing has so far declined to criticize Russia or even to term its actions in Ukraine an invasion, expressing sympathy with the security concerns Moscow has cited as among the reasons for the military assault. Alex Leary And Lingling Wei, WSJ, 18 Mar. 2022 As laid out in a TIME examination of the case, their common account has since been contradicted by forensic evidence gathered by Franklin’s family, who term his death an assassination. Karl Vick, Time, 7 Oct. 2021 In those critical pre-landfall hours, the storm underwent a process that scientists term rapid intensification — and this is where warming temperatures plays a pivotal role in generating more powerful hurricanes. chicagotribune.com, 31 Aug. 2021 To put it mildly, this is not a great way to embark on the road towards a ‘new world order’ as many politicians now term it, or the building of the post COVID economy. Mike O'sullivan, Forbes, 29 May 2021 Vogel said James came out of Monday's practice fine and would not term Tuesday's absence as precautionary. Joe Reedy, Star Tribune, 11 May 2021 It’s that experienced depth that has caused head coach Kane Wommack to term the defensive line the leaders of the South Alabama defense. Creg Stephenson | Cstephenson@al.com, al, 9 Apr. 2021 The Lions are in a state of rebuild, no matter how Holmes wants to term it, and the only way to do that properly is to tear the organization down to its studs. Dave Birkett, Detroit Free Press, 24 Jan. 2021 See More

Word History



Middle English terme, from Anglo-French, from Latin terminus boundary marker, limit; akin to Greek termōn boundary, end, Sanskrit tarman top of a post

First Known Use


13th century, in the meaning defined at sense 6b


1545, in the meaning defined above

Time Traveler
The first known use of term was in the 13th century


1word or group of words詞;詞組ADJECTIVE | VERB + TERM | TERM + VERB | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEspecific特定用語blanket, broad, general, generic, umbrella概括性用語;泛稱;籠統的用語;總稱;通稱descriptive描述性術語common常用術語basic, key基本/關鍵術語correct, preferred正確/首選術語precise精確的術語ambiguous, vague模稜兩可的/模糊的用語mild, strong溫和的/強硬的措辭His objection was couched in the strongest terms.他用最強烈的措辭表達了他的反對意見。colloquial, slang口語/俚語說法derogatory, pejorative貶稱;蔑稱'Nerd' is a pejorative term for someone who likes computers.Nerd 是對電腦迷的蔑稱。technical術語search搜索條目Try entering the search term 'classical music'.嘗試輸入“古典音樂”這個搜索條目。clinical, legal, medical, musical, etc.臨牀、法律、醫學、音樂等術語VERB + TERMuse使用術語be couched in用⋯言辭表達define, explain定義/解釋術語coin, introduce, invent創造術語;引入術語The term 'acid rain' was coined in the 19th century.acid rain (酸雨)這個術語是 19 世紀創造出來的。borrow借用術語prefer更喜歡⋯術語I prefer the term 'network' to 'community'.network 和 community 這兩個說法我比較喜歡前者。apply應用說法I think we can apply the term 'genius' to the painter.我認為我們可以稱這位畫家為“天才” 。TERM + VERBconnote sth, denote sth, describe sth, mean sth說法有⋯含義;術語意指⋯apply to sth, be applied to sth, cover sth, refer to sth說法適用於⋯;術語應用於⋯;術語涵蓋⋯;術語指⋯The term 'renewable energy' is applied, for example, to energy deriving from solar radiation.renewable energy (可再生能源)這個術語,舉個例子,可以指太陽輻射產生的能量。PREPOSITIONterm for指⋯的用語'Old man' is a slang term for 'father'.old man 是 father 的俚語說法。term of表達⋯的用語a term of abuse / endearment罵人的字眼;親昵的說法PHRASESin glowing terms熱情洋溢地The chairman spoke of the achievements of the company in glowing terms.董事長對公司取得的成就大加讚譽。in no uncertain terms毫不含糊地I let them know in no uncertain terms how disappointed I was.我明確地讓他們知道我是多麼失望。in simple terms以簡單的說法in the following terms用以下說法;用下列術語


2in... terms showing what aspect of something you are considering從⋯方面說ADJECTIVEabsolute, material, practical, real按絕對數值說;就物質方面而言;從實際角度說;真正說來Income has increased in real terms by 5%.收入實際增長了 5%。relative相對而言Iceland has had a mild winter, in relative terms.相對而言,冰島今年的冬天比較暖和。broad, general一般來說;總體而言clear, concrete用清楚的詞語來說;具體來說The law should be set out in clear terms.法律應該用明晰的語言來表達。abstract從抽象的角度international從國際的角度negative從消極的角度She tends to perceive herself in purely negative terms.她往往從完全消極的角度看自己。cultural, economic, financial, historical, money, political, scientific, social, etc.從文化、經濟、金融、歷史、金錢、政治、科學、社會等角度In money terms, the event was a disaster.從錢財的角度而言,這件事是一場災難。


3(usually terms) of an agreement/a relationship協議;關係ADJECTIVE | VERB + TERM | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEfavourable/favorable, unfavourable/unfavorable優惠條件;不優惠條件express, implied (both BrE, law法律) 明確的/暗示的規定the breach of an express term in the contract對合同中一項明確條款的違反contract, credit, peace合同條款;信貸條款;和平條件VERB + TERMdictate, negotiate, set規定條件;協商條款;設定條件Our opponents set the terms of the debate.我們的對手規定了辯論的規則。accept, agree on, agree to接受條件;就條款達成一致;同意條件violate違反條款extend延長條款PREPOSITIONunder the terms of根據⋯條款的規定Under the terms of the alliance, Japan was not obliged to enter the war.根據盟約規定,日本沒有義務參戰。PHRASESon amicable terms, on friendly terms, on good terms關係友善/友好/良好The dispute was resolved on amicable terms.爭端在友好的氣氛中得以解決。on equal terms處於平等的地位It is a sport in which the top men and women can compete on equal terms.這是一項男女頂尖運動員可以平等競爭的體育運動。on familiar terms, on first-name terms關係熟絡/密切I'm on first-name terms with my boss.我和老闆關係不錯,彼此可以直呼其名。on speaking terms能彼此說話的交情They haven't been on speaking terms since they had that big row.他們自從那次激烈爭吵之後還沒有說過話。terms and conditions條款A wide range of accounts are available, with varying terms and conditions.可以選擇的賬戶很多,條款各異。


4 (especially BrE) period of a school/university year學期 see also semester ADJECTIVE | TERM + NOUN | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEcollege, school, university (BrE) 學院的/學校的/大學的學期spring, summer, etc.春季、夏季等學期TERM + NOUNpaper (NAmE) 學期論文I was working on a term paper for a geography class.我正在寫地理課的學期論文。PREPOSITIONduring (the) term在學期期間It's hard to get away during term.學期中間很難脫身。in the term在學期中We have exams in the summer term.我們在夏季學期有考試。PHRASESthe beginning of (the) term, the end of (the) term學期開頭/末尾It's the end of term. (BrE) 期末了。It's the end of the term. (NAmE) 期末了。


5period of time時間段ADJECTIVE | VERB + TERM | TERM + VERB | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVElong, short長期;短期a long term of imprisonment長期監禁full (medical醫學) 滿期The pregnancy went to full term (= lasted the normal length of time).妊娠足月了。fixed固定期限The contract was for a fixed term of five years.合同為 5 年固定期限。jail, prison監禁期;服刑期presidential總統任期first, second第一個/第二個任期The president wants to make tax reform a top priority during his second term.總統想把稅制改革作為他第二個任期的重中之重。VERB + TERMserve度過期限He served a five-year prison term.他服了 5 年徒刑。seek謀求任期She is now seeking her second term in the Senate.她正在謀求在參議院的第二個任期。win贏得任期Blair won a third term of office.布萊爾贏得第三個任期。begin, complete開始/完成任期TERM + VERBrun任期持續Her current term runs until January 2014.她目前的任期到 2014 年 1 月結束。expire, run out期滿;到期His term expires at the end of May.他的任期到 5 月底屆滿。PREPOSITIONat term (medical醫學) 按期Her baby was born at term.她的寶寶足月降生了。PHRASESin the long term, in the medium term, in the near term, in the short term從長期/從中期/從近期/從短期來看In the long term, our efforts will pay off.從長遠來看,我們的努力會得到回報。a term of imprisonment, a term of office刑期;任期The president was sworn in for his second term of office.總統宣誓就職,開始第二個任期。a term of years年期The lease is granted for a set term of years.租約按約定為固定年期。


be termed ADVERB | PREPOSITION ADVERBaptly被恰當地稱作accurately被準確地稱作broadly, loosely被寬泛地/被不嚴謹地稱作commonly, generally, often通常/一般/經常被稱作variously名稱不一This material is variously termed ash, clinker, cinders or slag.這種材料有多種叫法:灰、煤渣、爐渣或礦渣。collectively被統稱為euphemistically (especially BrE) 被委婉地稱作hereafter (formal) 以下被稱為The sampling units (hereafter termed 'local areas') are towns.抽樣單位(以下稱為“地方”)為城鎮。PREPOSITIONas被稱作⋯His condition would be more accurately termed as 'chronic fatigue'.更準確地說,他的病叫作“慢性疲勞”。

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