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1 rear /ˈriɚ/ noun
plural rears
1 rear
plural rears
Learner's definition of REAR
[noncount] : the part of something that is opposite to or away from the front part : the back part of something后部;后面;后边
often + of
[count] informal : the part of your body that you sit on : buttocks屁股usually singular通常用单数

bring up the rear

: to be in the last position in a group, line, etc.位于最后;殿后
2 rear /ˈriɚ/ adjective
2 rear
Learner's definition of REAR
always used before a noun
: at or near the back of something后部的;后面的;后边的
3 rear /ˈriɚ/ verb
rears; reared; rearing
3 rear
rears; reared; rearing
Learner's definition of REAR
[+ object] : to take care of (a young person or animal)抚养;养育;培养;饲养
often + on
[no object] of an animal : to rise up on the back legs with the front legs in the air(动物)用后腿直立
[no object] : to rise high in the air高耸

rear its ugly head

see 1head


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ˈrir How to pronounce rear (audio)
 transitive sense 4 & intransitive sense 2 are also  ˈrer
reared; rearing; rears

transitive verb

: to erect by building : construct
: to raise upright
: to breed and raise (an animal) for use or market
: to bring to maturity or self-sufficiency usually through nurturing care
reared five children
birds rearing their young
: to cause (plants) to grow
: to cause (a horse) to rise up on the hind legs

intransitive verb

: to rise high
of a horse : to rise up on the hind legs
rearer noun


2 of 4


: the back part of something: such as
: the unit (as of an army) or area farthest from the enemy
: the part of something located opposite its front
the rear of a house
: the space or position at the back
moved to the rear


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: being at the back
the rear entrance


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: toward or from the rear
usually used in combination
a rear-driven car
Choose the Right Synonym for rear

lift, raise, rear, elevate, hoist, heave, boost mean to move from a lower to a higher place or position.

lift usually implies exerting effort to overcome resistance of weight.

lift the chair while I vacuum

raise carries a stronger implication of bringing up to the vertical or to a high position.

scouts raising a flagpole

rear may add an element of suddenness to raise.

suddenly reared itself up on its hind legs

elevate may replace lift or raise especially when exalting or enhancing is implied.

elevated the taste of the public

hoist implies lifting something heavy especially by mechanical means.

hoisted the cargo on board

heave implies lifting and throwing with great effort or strain.

heaved the heavy crate inside

boost suggests assisting to climb or advance by a push.

boosted his brother over the fence

Example Sentences

Verb watched a documentary on how wolves rear their young it took all the men in the village to rear the frame for the barn, pulling hard at the ropes until all the sides were standing Noun There are two bedrooms at the rear. the rear of the car was sleekly designed Adjective The car's rear bumper was damaged. go to the back of the building and look out the rear window and you'll see the eagle See More
Recent Examples on the Web
People tend to assume that this is when the desert is most alive, but in truth, even in the most arid conditions, bobcats prowl, coyotes slink, and foxes rear their kits. Lindsay Ryan, The Atlantic, 19 Aug. 2022 The driver of the vehicle who rear-ended the other was transported to a hospital in Mesa, Graves said. Sam Burdette, The Arizona Republic, 18 Aug. 2022 The Pinto’s catastrophic flaw involved the fuel filler neck, which would sever in a rear-on collision and puncture the fuel tank. Matt Crisara, Popular Mechanics, 10 Aug. 2022 During a few dry summers, Hemingson began to see the beetle infestation rear its head. Morgan Krakow, Anchorage Daily News, 25 July 2022 As in-person and hybrid office mandates rear their heads, employees are dragging themselves into headquarters more frequently. Chloe Berger, Fortune, 19 July 2022 In what is a kind of island-style running of the bulls challenge, caixers, or riders, lead their mounts into jaleo movements in which the gorgeous black horses rear for a few seconds while hardy souls try to touching their chest for good luck. John Oseid, Forbes, 17 May 2022 But such an issue could rear its head after months of use when the connectors that confirm earbud placement in a charging case might suffer from wear and tear. Sam Machkovech, Ars Technica, 28 July 2022 Unexpected or forgotten bills could rear their ugly head later, so be aware of your budget and try to stay within its boundaries. Chicago Tribune, 6 July 2022
Ann Wolf took that tack for a local client who wanted to welcome daylight into a home office in the rear of her home. Allison Duncan, WSJ, 15 Sep. 2022 Cabin crew wept in the rear of the plane and passed teary-eyed up and down the aisles. Jaweed Kaleem, Los Angeles Times, 8 Sep. 2022 Police said Surrett was fatally shot in the rear of the store near the produce section. Deon J. Hampton, NBC News, 30 Aug. 2022 In the rear of the house, an outdoor entertainment area comes complete with a pool, spa, kitchen, shower and half-bath. Abby Montanez, Robb Report, 29 Aug. 2022 Authorities responded to the woman's 911 call and arrived at a parking lot at around midnight Monday to find a man asleep on the floor in the rear of a Chevrolet Tahoe. Anna Lazarus Caplan, Peoplemag, 25 Aug. 2022 Firefighters responded to find heavy flames in the rear of a building, which had spread to several other structures, plus boats and cars in the area, Wark said. John Hilliard, BostonGlobe.com, 20 Aug. 2022 Geanna Jarosz, events coordinator for Hog River Brewing, isn’t content to serve beer out of the small taproom tucked in the rear of 1429 Park St. in Hartford. Ed Stannard, Hartford Courant, 26 July 2022 Officers checked on an occupied vehicle parked in the rear of Drake apartments at 3:43 a.m. cleveland, 9 June 2022
The app uses your phone’s front and rear cameras simultaneously, resulting in a post that overlays a candid selfie on an image of whatever’s in front of you. Will Oremus, Washington Post, 17 Sep. 2022 The front suspension uses double wishbones with coil springs, while the back features a solid rear axle with leaf springs. Robert Ross, Robb Report, 12 Sep. 2022 While the building lot is level in the front and rear, this home does take advantage of a slope between the front and back yards to provide a walkout lower level. James Alexander, Hartford Courant, 9 Sep. 2022 Four Baltimore County Police officers opened fire on a motorist in Dundalk in April, shooting through the car’s front and rear windows as the driver tried to get away. Darcy Costello, Baltimore Sun, 25 Aug. 2022 Its track width also grows by about 0.6 inch, and the standard rear-axle steering is said to intervene quicker and improve turn-in response. Eric Stafford, Car and Driver, 19 Aug. 2022 The top-end GMC is fitted with mechanical lockers on both the front and rear axles. Wes Siler, Outside Online, 11 Aug. 2022 This iPad is more modern than past models, with super slim bezels, USB-C connectivity, better color contrast and an excellent front and rear camera. Harry Rabinowitz, Popular Mechanics, 8 Aug. 2022 The front axle features an asynchronous motor, while the rear axle features a permanently excited synchronous motor (the motors are nearly identical in design to those in the EQB 350 4MATIC). Michael Harley, Forbes, 1 Aug. 2022
The driver then reversed and backed into another car, before pulling forward and rear-ending the first car a second time. cleveland, 19 Sep. 2022 This may sound like it has been lifted from the brochure, but a prod of the accelerator out of a low-speed corner really does make the car feel rear-driven. Alistair Charlton, Forbes, 26 Dec. 2021 The man's vehicle reportedly rear-ended an SUV, causing a rollover crash that resulted in the death of a woman, according to police. Salma Reyes, The Arizona Republic, 21 Sep. 2021 The driver of a Toyota Tundra allegedly rear-ended the family buggy in Cumberland County and left the scene but came back a short time later, the statement said. Sahar Akbarzai And Mirna Alsharif, CNN, 20 Oct. 2021 The woman, the sole occupant of the vehicle, was driving a Honda Accord that appeared to have rear-ended the bus. Chris Perkins, sun-sentinel.com, 31 July 2021 Arlington police said the incident happened around 2:31 a.m. on April 17 at Washington and Arlington boulevards when a tractor-trailer was rear-ended by a pickup truck. Washington Post, 29 Apr. 2021 To ensure your child doesn’t outgrow the rear-facing weight and height dimensions, choose your car seat carefully. Bre Richey, chicagotribune.com, 1 Apr. 2021 Babbitt spun her white SUV in a U-turn and began chasing Norris, according to the petition, eventually rear-ending the other woman’s car three times and forcing her to stop. Anchorage Daily News, 11 Jan. 2021 See More

Word History



Middle English reren, from Old English rǣran; akin to Old Norse reisa to raise, Old English rīsan to rise


Middle English rere, short for rerewarde rearward


Middle English rere-, from Anglo-French rere backward, behind, from Latin retro- — more at retro

First Known Use


before the 12th century, in the meaning defined at transitive sense 1


14th century, in the meaning defined at sense 1


14th century, in the meaning defined above


1855, in the meaning defined above

Time Traveler
The first known use of rear was before the 12th century


VERB + REAR | PREPOSITION VERB + REARbring up殿後;處於最後的位置Three drummers brought up the rear (= were last in the parade).3 名鼓手走在最後。attack (sb/sth) from從後面攻擊(⋯)cover, guard, protect斷後face朝向後面Car seats for young babies should face the rear.嬰兒的汽車座椅應該向後放置。PREPOSITIONat the rear在後面The socket for the printer cable is located at the rear of the computer.打印機電纜插座在計算機的後面。from the rear從後面in the rear在後部The radio is loudest in the rear of the car.在汽車後部收音機最響。to the rear, towards/toward the rear向後面A high gate blocks the only entrance to the rear.一扇高大的門擋住了通往後面的唯一入口。


ADVERBintensively (especially BrE) 集約式飼養intensively reared beef cattle集約式飼養的菜牛naturally天然培育naturally reared pork and beef天然飼養所產的豬肉和牛肉successfully成功養育
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0_0: Translations of rear
  • # n.
    背: back of an object, back of the body, rear
    背脊: back of the body, rear
    背面: back, rear, reverse, reverse side, wrong side
    後: back, behind, empress, offspring, queen, rear
    後邊: back, behind, rear
    後部: back, behind, rear
    後面: back, behind, rear
    後身: back, rear
  • # v.
    哺養: feed, rear
    撫養: bring up, foster, foster mother, raise, rear
    豢: feed pigs and dogs, rear
    鞠: bring up, rear
    培育: breed, cultivate, foster, nurture, rear, train
    飼: breed, bring up, feed, raise, rear
    飼養: breed, bring up, feed, raise, rear
    養育: bring up, care, cultivate, foster, further, rear
    育: give birth to, educate, raise, rear
    毓: bring up, feed, nourish, nutrify, rear
  • # a.
    後方: rear

0_0: Definitions of rear
  • # noun.
    - the back part of something, especially a building or vehicle.
    * the kitchen door at the rear of the house
  • # adjective.
    - at the back.
    * the car's rear window
  • # verb.
    - bring up and care for (a child) until they are fully grown, especially in a particular manner or place.
    * he was born and reared in New York City
    - (of a horse or other animal) raise itself upright on its hind legs.
    * the horse reared in terror

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