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1 flat /ˈflæt/ adjective
flatter; flattest
1 flat
flatter; flattest
Learner's definition of FLAT
: having a smooth, level, or even surface : not having curves or bumps平的;平坦的
: having a wide, smooth surface and little thickness扁平的
of a shoe heel : very low and wide(鞋后跟)矮宽的
also of a shoe : having a flat heel or no heel(鞋)平跟的,平底的
: spread out on or along a surface平伸的;平躺的;平趴的
: very clear and definite : absolute断然的;直截了当的
◊ In British English the expression and that's flat! is used to stress that a statement or decision is definite and will not be changed.(英国英语)断然无疑,就这样决定了
: not changing in amount数量不变的;统一的;固定的
: not having much business activity生意冷淡的;不景气的;萧条的
: not having much interest or energy : dull平淡的;无聊的
of a drink : no longer having bubbles(饮料)跑了气的,无泡的
of a tire : not having enough air(轮胎)瘪的,气不足的
: lower than the true pitch音调偏低的
: lower than a specified note by a semitone降半音的
compare 1natural 8, 1sharp 13
of lighting conditions : not producing strong shadows(灯光照明)明暗对比不明显的,轮廓不清的
: not shiny无光泽的
British, of a battery : no longer producing electricity : dead(电池)电用完了的,无电的

(as) flat as a pancake

: very flat非常平的

— flatly


— flatness

noun [noncount]
2 flat /ˈflæt/ noun
plural flats
2 flat
plural flats
Learner's definition of FLAT
: a level area of land平地usually plural通常用复数
: a flat part or surface平面;扁平部分
: a musical note that is one semitone lower than a specified note(音符的)降半音
: a written symbol ♭ that is placed before a note to show that it should be played a semitone lower降半音符号(♭,置于音符前,表示该音符降半音) compare 2natural, 3sharp
US : a shallow box in which young plants are grown(栽培秧苗的)浅箱,苗床
chiefly US : a shoe or slipper that has a flat heel or no heel平底鞋;低跟鞋usually plural通常用复数
chiefly British : an apartment typically on one floor(通常在同一楼层的)套房,公寓
compare apartment
: a tire that does not have enough air撒了气的轮胎
3 flat /ˈflæt/ adverb
3 flat
Learner's definition of FLAT
: on or against a flat surface平放地;平铺地
: in the position of someone or something that is lying spread out on the ground or another surface平直地;平伸地
: exactly or precisely正好used to describe something that happens quickly形容迅速发生的事情
informal : completely or absolutely完全;断然
see also flat out
: below the correct musical pitch音调偏低地
compare 2sharp 2

fall flat

see 1fall


1 of 4


flatter; flattest
: lying at full length or spread out upon the ground : prostrate
The soldiers were lying flat on the ground.
: utterly ruined or destroyed
buildings flat from the blast
: resting with a surface against something
Push the chairs flat against the wall.
: having a continuous horizontal surface
the flat landscape of the prairie
: being or characterized by a horizontal line or tracing without peaks or depressions
a flat EEG
: having a relatively smooth or even surface
a flat computer disk
: arranged or laid out so as to be level or even
maps flat on the desk
: having the major surfaces essentially parallel and distinctly greater than the minor surfaces
a flat piece of wood
of a shoe heel : very low and broad
flat shoes for work
: clearly unmistakable
a flat denial
: not varying : fixed
a flat rate
: having no fraction either lacking or in excess : exact
in a flat 10 seconds
of a frequency response : not varying significantly throughout its range
: lacking in animation, zest, or vigor : dull
He spoke in a flat, tired voice.
: lacking flavor : tasteless
The stew is too flat.
: lacking effervescence or sparkle
flat ginger ale
: commercially inactive
also : characterized by no significant rise or decline from one period to another
sales were flat
of a tire : lacking air : deflated
chiefly British, of a battery : dead sense 3c, discharged
of a tone : lowered a half step in pitch
: lower than the proper pitch
of the vowel a : pronounced as in bad or bat
: having a low trajectory (see trajectory sense 1)
made a flat pass that was intercepted
of a tennis stroke : made so as to give little or no spin to the ball
: not having an inflectional ending
flat adverbs
of a sail : taut
: uniform in hue or shade
figures standing out against a background of flat wash
: having little or no illusion of depth
of a photograph or negative : lacking contrast
of lighting conditions : lacking shadows or contours
: free from gloss : having a nonreflective finish
a flat paint
: two-dimensional sense 3
flat characters
: of, relating to, or used in competition on the flat
a flat horse
of a universe : having a mass such that expansion halts only after infinite time and collapse never occurs
flatly adverb
flatness noun
flattish adjective


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: a level surface of land
usually used in plural
sagebrush flatstidal flats
: a stretch of land without obstacles
especially : a track or course for a flat race
usually used with the
has won twice on the flat
: a flat part or surface
the flat of one's hand
: a musical note or tone one half step lower than a specified note or tone
: a character ♭ on a line or space of the musical staff indicating a half step drop in pitch
: something flat: such as
: a shallow container for shipping produce
: a shallow box in which seedlings are started
: a flat piece of theatrical scenery
: a shoe or slipper having a flat heel or no heel
chiefly British : an apartment on one floor
: a deflated tire
: the area to either side of an offensive football formation


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: in a flat manner : directly, positively
: in a complete manner : absolutely
flat broke
: below the proper musical pitch
: without interest charge
especially : without allowance or charge for accrued interest
bonds sold flat


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flatted; flatting

transitive verb

: to lower in pitch especially by a half step

intransitive verb

: to sing or play below the true pitch
Choose the Right Synonym for flat

level, flat, plane, even, smooth mean having a surface without bends, curves, or irregularities.

level applies to a horizontal surface that lies on a line parallel with the horizon.

the vast prairies are nearly level

flat applies to a surface devoid of noticeable curvatures, prominences, or depressions.

the work surface must be flat

plane applies to any real or imaginary flat surface in which a straight line between any two points on it lies wholly within that surface.

the plane sides of a crystal

even applies to a surface that is noticeably flat or level or to a line that is observably straight.

trim the hedge so it is even

smooth applies especially to a polished surface free of irregularities.

a smooth skating rink

insipid, vapid, flat, jejune, banal, inane mean devoid of qualities that make for spirit and character.

insipid implies a lack of sufficient taste or savor to please or interest.

an insipid romance with platitudes on every page

vapid suggests a lack of liveliness, force, or spirit.

an exciting story given a vapid treatment

flat applies to things that have lost their sparkle or zest.

although well-regarded in its day, the novel now seems flat

jejune suggests a lack of rewarding or satisfying substance.

a jejune and gassy speech

banal stresses the complete absence of freshness, novelty, or immediacy.

a banal tale of unrequited love

inane implies a lack of any significant or convincing quality.

an inane interpretation of the play

Example Sentences

Adjective the flat top of the table the flat landscape of the prairie Coins are usually round and flat. a flat piece of wood Noun the flat of your hand the flat of a sword Adverb Lay the map flat on the desk. He slipped and landed flat on his back. We asked for more time but they turned us down flat. See More
Recent Examples on the Web
The $1,800 is a flat fee for three years and is paid by the school. Lauren Hertz, The Arizona Republic, 16 Sep. 2022 In exchange for keeping their entire commission, La Rosa agents pay a flat transaction fee for every sale, along with a monthly fee. Tim Barker, Orlando Sentinel, 16 Sep. 2022 Instead of charging a flat monthly fee, users can choose between $10, $20 and $30 tiers, each that come with a certain number of credits that can be spent on movies. Marisa Dellatto, Forbes, 25 Aug. 2022 Relying on one risks your own safety and damage to your vehicle, and could leave you stranded due to a problem as simple as a flat tire. Wes Siler, Outside Online, 24 Aug. 2022 Officers located the suspect vehicle, which had a flat tire, at the Speedway on Detroit Road at Bradley Road. Bruce Geiselman, cleveland, 20 Aug. 2022 On a very hot day in 1995, Matt Pettigrew and his sister, Ann, were birding along a desolate dirt road in southeastern Arizona’s Huachuca Mountains when their rental car got a flat tire. John Kelly, Washington Post, 16 Aug. 2022 There is so little weight on the front end that the car can be driven to a service station without damaging a flat front tire. Car and Driver, 11 Aug. 2022 Already multiple laps down after a Lap 24 incident that gave him a flat right-front tire, Kyle Larson suffered what appeared to be a brake failure on Lap 61 in a scary incident that was nearly much, much worse. Nathan Brown, The Indianapolis Star, 31 July 2022
Jared Goff lobbed a pass to Swift in the right flat. Dave Birkett, Detroit Free Press, 19 Sep. 2022 Alice and Amy bought a £505,000 two-bedroom flat in Walthamstow last year on the Help to Buy scheme. Lydia Spencer-elliot, refinery29.com, 25 Apr. 2022 In 2018, longtime Outside writer and passionate cyclist Andrew Tilin was killed when he was hit by a driver of a truck while fixing a flat on his bike outside Austin, Texas. Christopher Keyes, Outside Online, 4 May 2020 Spaghetti straps, the ballet flat, and pockets and zippers on dresses were all McCardell innovations. Rachel Tashjian, Harper's BAZAAR, 2 Sep. 2022 Till’s lynching—a catalyst that sparked the civil rights movement through the ’50s and ’60s—Mamie Till-Mobley lived in her mother’s 1897 two-flat in Chicago. Rachel Silva, ELLE Decor, 20 July 2022 The trio move into a small flat with extended family, and Rose gets a job as a hotel maid. Lovia Gyarkye, The Hollywood Reporter, 27 May 2022 The new 6th Street Viaduct crosses more industry than water, spanning a scruffy flat of lofts, warehouses and rail lines. Rachel Uranga, Los Angeles Times, 9 July 2022 The fire broke out early Sunday in the basement of a two-story brick two-flat in the 4000 block of West Potomac Street. Stephanie Casanova, Chicago Tribune, 30 June 2022
If McBride is hinting that Carol will be back, and Reedus is flat-out promising it, what does Walking Dead chief content officer Scott M. Gimple have to say about all of this? Dalton Ross, EW.com, 6 Sep. 2022 There are ways in which schools can make their NIL cases directly to prospects – or players who have entered the transfer portal - without flat-out offering them incentives. Steve Megargee, Chron, 31 Aug. 2022 Like a flat-out drop on a short inside route early in the scrimmage. San Diego Union-Tribune, 13 Aug. 2022 Trump’s and many Republicans’ suggestions that the search was political in nature and evidence of some sort of state overreach are flat-out wrong. Eli Stokolsstaff Writer, Los Angeles Times, 10 Aug. 2022 My dating life since choosing celibacy has been met with skepticism, resignation, ghosting, and flat-out shock. Desiree Johnson, refinery29.com, 9 Aug. 2022 Critic Bob Lefsetz crossed the line calling Taylor dumb, naive, and a flat-out bad singer following her 2010 Grammys performance with Stevie Nicks. Maggie Horton, Country Living, 2 Aug. 2022 Could be an option if the Heat seek a flat-out bucket getter, perhaps if the anticipation is of moving Tyler Herro in a trade. Ira Winderman, Sun Sentinel, 20 June 2022 JESSE GREEN Theater, particularly musical theater, has often abetted the distortion and flat-out erasure of inconvenient histories. New York Times, 27 May 2022
The process is pretty straightforward: Find a rough surface, and place the top of the can flat against it. Christopher Michel, Country Living, 20 Apr. 2022 By flatting the top, more main string gets lengthened, also improving control. Tim Newcomb, Popular Mechanics, 21 Jan. 2020 Lead is harmful at any dose, and especially toxic to the nervous system; arsenic can flat-out kill you, the inspector general wrote. Zoë Schlanger, Quartz, 19 Nov. 2019 The main assumptions are 11 million barrels a day of crude oil production, Brent flat at $65 a barrel, net refining margins of $3 a barrel and chemicals net margins of $100 a tonne. Washington Post, 4 Oct. 2019 Brian Snyder, Arizona Republic One can flat shoot it. Duane Rankin, azcentral, 3 July 2019 Thoughtfully, my mother suspected this might be the case, and a few days before the wedding found an ideal backup: Manolo Blahnik flats with ample space for injured toes. Alexandra Macon, Vogue, 12 July 2019 Plus, the dude can flat-out sing, though no one else matches his pitch-perfect acting turn. USA TODAY, 26 June 2019 The fashionable royal has shown us that flats like knee-high boots and sneakers can be just as stylish (and functional) on the job, and yesterday was no exception. Erica Gonzales, Harper's BAZAAR, 29 Mar. 2019 See More

Word History


Adjective, Noun, Adverb, and Verb

Middle English, from Old Norse flatr; akin to Old High German flaz flat, and probably to Greek platys broad — more at place

First Known Use


14th century, in the meaning defined at sense 1a


14th century, in the meaning defined at sense 1a


1531, in the meaning defined at sense 1


circa 1604, in the meaning defined at transitive sense 1

Time Traveler
The first known use of flat was in the 14th century


1 (BrE) set of rooms單元套房 see also apartment ADJECTIVE | ... OF FLATS | VERB + FLAT | FLAT + VERB | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEbig, spacious大的/寬敞的公寓modest大小適中的公寓cramped, little, poky, small, tiny狹小的公寓;小公寓;窄小的公寓comfortable, cosy舒適的公寓beautiful, nice漂亮的公寓luxury, posh豪華的公寓shabby破舊的公寓modern現代化公寓self-contained設施齊全的公寓purpose-built為特定目的建造的公寓furnished, unfurnished有傢具的住房;沒有傢具的公寓one-room, studio單間公寓房one-bedroomed, two-room, etc.一居室、二居室等公寓bachelor, granny單身公寓;老人套房Even the prices of small bachelor flats are unbelievable.就連小型單身公寓的價格都令人咋舌。They converted two rooms of their house into a granny flat for Tony's elderly mother.他們將自己房子的兩個房間改成了獨立套房給托尼的老母親住。attic, basement, bottom, downstairs, first-floor, ground-floor, penthouse, top, top-floor, upstairs閣樓公寓房;地下室公寓房;底樓公寓房;樓下公寓房;二樓公寓房;一樓公寓房;頂層豪華公寓;頂層套房;頂樓公寓房;樓上公寓房the people who live in the downstairs flat住樓下公寓的人high-rise高層公寓a block of high-rise flats一棟高層公寓樓empty, unoccupied閒置的公寓rented租用的公寓council(租金由政府補貼的)市建公寓holiday度假公寓next隔壁公寓They live in the next flat.他們住在隔壁公寓。... OF FLATSblock一幢公寓樓The tall blocks of flats dominated the skyline.那些高高的公寓樓聳入雲端。VERB + FLAThave, own擁有公寓They have a flat in Paris and a house in Normandy.他們在巴黎有一套公寓,在諾曼底有一套房子。rent租房The musician rented a flat in a fashionable area of London.那位音樂家在倫敦高級住宅區租了一套房。let, sublet出租/轉租公寓The landlady found they had been illegally subletting the flat.女房東發現他們一直在違法轉租公寓。buy, sell購買/出售公寓find (sb), look for(為某人)找公寓;尋找公寓Do you think that the council could find me another flat?你認為市政當局能給我再找一套公寓嗎?get (sb)(為某人)找到公寓We got her a flat in the same block as ours.我們幫她在我們住的公寓樓找到了一套住房。live in, occupy, stay in住在公寓Our flat is one of the two occupied in the block.這棟住宅樓中兩套有人入住,我們的是其中一套。share合住公寓move into搬進公寓move from, move out from, move out of從公寓搬出build修建公寓decorate, refurbish裝修公寓;整修住房a contract to refurbish 18 council flats整修 18 套市建公寓房的合同lock, lock up鎖上公寓房let sb/yourself into讓某人/自己進入公寓She let herself into the flat with the spare key.她用備用鑰匙開門進了公寓。leave, let sb/yourself out of離開公寓;讓某人/自己出了公寓break into撬門入公寓evict sb from將某人驅逐出公寓FLAT + VERBbe located公寓位於The flat is located in a modern development.公寓位於一個現代化的新建住宅區。face sth, overlook sth公寓朝向⋯/俯瞰⋯a luxury block of flats overlooking the marina俯瞰小港灣的豪華公寓樓PREPOSITIONat a/the flat在公寓I'll meet you back at your flat.我回你公寓找你。in a/the flat在公寓She lives in the top flat.她住在頂樓公寓。PHRASESconvert sth into flats, divide sth into flats, make sth into flats, turn sth into flats把⋯變為公寓房;把⋯分隔為公寓房The house has now been converted into flats.這幢房子現已被改建為公寓樓了。


2flats low-lying land低地ADJECTIVE | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEcoastal, tidal沿海平地;潮灘mud (usually mudflat) , salt, sand泥沼;鹽灘;沙灘
mud and sand flats rich in animal life動物種類豐富的泥沼和沙地PREPOSITIONon the flat在平地上These birds live on the tidal flats.這些鳥生活在潮灘上。


VERBS | ADVERB VERBSbe, look平;看起來平become變平lie, stay保持平整I can't get this material to lie flat.我沒法將這料子展平。She lay flat on the ground.她平躺在地上。remain, stay保持平穩Interest rates have remained flat.利率一直保持平穩。fold sth, get sth, make sth, press sth把⋯摺平/展平/變平/壓平Shall I fold the paper flat or roll it up?我是該把這張紙平摺還是捲起來?knock sb把某人撞倒在地He knocked me flat on my back.他撞得我仰面躺倒在地上。ADVERBextremely, fairly, very, etc.極其/相當/非常平坦absolutely, completely, perfectly絕對/完全/極其平坦The sea was almost completely flat.海面上可算是波平如鏡。almost, nearly幾乎可算是平
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0_0: Translations of flat
  • # a.
    扁: flat
    蒼白: flat, lifeless, pale, pallid, wan
    降號: flat
    平: average, calm, common, flat, level, peaceful
    平板: flat, monotonous
    平底: flat
    平坦: flat
    瀡: eely, even, flat, glossy, lubricious, slick
  • # a.
    斷然地: decidedly, determinedly, flat, once and for all
    平: flat
    平坦地: flat
    平著: flat
  • # n.
    面: aspect, cover, extent, external, face, flat
    片: disc, disk, film, movie, sheet, flat
    平面: flat
    平原: field, flat, flatland, plane
    套間: apartment, flat, inner room, suite
    住所: domicile, dwelling place, flat, habitation, residence
    住宅: house, dwelling, flat, housing, residence, tenement

0_0: Definitions of flat
  • # adjective.
    - smooth and even; without marked lumps or indentations.
    * trim the surface of the cake to make it completely flat
    - lacking interest or emotion; dull and lifeless.
    * “I'm sorry,” he said, in a flat voice
    - (of a sparkling drink) having lost its effervescence.
    * flat champagne
    - (of a fee, wage, or price) the same in all cases, not varying with changed conditions or in particular cases.
    * a $30 flat fare
    - (of musical sound) below true or normal pitch.
    - relating to flat racing.
    * the Flat season
  • # adverb.
    - in or to a horizontal position.
    * he was lying flat on his back
    - completely; absolutely.
    * I'm turning you down flat
    - below the true or normal pitch of musical sound.
    * it wasn't a question of singing flat, but of simply singing the wrong notes
  • # noun.
    - the flat part of something.
    * she placed the flat of her hand over her glass
    - an upright section of painted stage scenery mounted on a frame.
    - a musical note lowered a semitone below natural pitch.
  • # verb.
    - make flat; flatten.
    * flat the loaves down

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