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1 design /dɪˈzaɪn/ verb
designs; designed; designing
1 design
designs; designed; designing
Learner's definition of DESIGN
[+ object]
: to plan and make decisions about (something that is being built or created) : to create the plans, drawings, etc., that show how (something) will be made设计;计划;制图
: to plan and make (something) for a specific use or purpose(为特定用途或目的)设计
usually used as (be) designed通常用作(be) designed
: to think of (something, such as a plan) : to plan (something) in your mind想出;策划;构思
2 design /dɪˈzaɪn/ noun
plural designs
2 design
plural designs
Learner's definition of DESIGN
: the way something has been made : the way the parts of something (such as a building, machine, book, etc.) are formed and arranged for a particular use, effect, etc.设计方式;设计方案
[noncount] : the process of planning how something will look, happen, be made, etc. : the process of designing something设计;构思
see also interior design
[count] : a drawing of something that is being planned or created设计图;图纸often + for
[count] : a decorative pattern that covers something : a repeating picture, shape, etc., on something装饰图案;花纹
: something that you plan to do : intention目的;打算;意图

have designs on

: to have a secret desire and plan to get (something)企图将…据为己有;图谋得到
formal + humorous : to want to date or have a sexual relationship with (someone)想与(某人)谈恋爱;想与(某人)发生性关系


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de·​sign di-ˈzīn How to pronounce design (audio)
designed; designing; designs

transitive verb

: to create, fashion, execute, or construct according to plan : devise, contrive
design a system for tracking inventory
: to conceive and plan out in the mind
he designed the perfect crime
: to have as a purpose : intend
she designed to excel in her studies
: to devise for a specific function or end
a book designed primarily as a college textbook
a suitcase designed to hold a laptop computer
archaic : to indicate with a distinctive mark, sign, or name
: to make a drawing, pattern, or sketch of
… a curious woman whose dresses always looked as if they had been designed in a rage … Oscar Wilde
: to draw the plans for
design a building
designing a new bike

intransitive verb

: to conceive or execute a plan
: to draw, lay out, or prepare a design
was trained to design for homes and offices
designedly adverb


2 of 2


: a particular purpose or intention held in view by an individual or group
He has ambitious designs for his son.
: deliberate purposive planning
more by accident than design
: a mental project or scheme in which means to an end are laid down
was never part of my design
: a deliberate undercover project or scheme : plot
a declaration of a design upon his life John Locke
designs plural : aggressive or evil intent
used with on or against
he has designs on the money
: a preliminary sketch or outline showing the main features of something to be executed
the design for the new stadium
: an underlying scheme that governs functioning, developing, or unfolding : pattern, motif
the general design of the epic
: a plan or protocol for carrying out or accomplishing something (such as a scientific experiment)
also : the process of preparing this
: the arrangement of elements or details in a product or work of art
… his sense of structure, both in the general design of Paradise Lost and Samson, and in his syntax … T. S. Eliot
: a decorative pattern
a floral design
: the creative art of executing aesthetic or functional designs
studied design in college
Choose the Right Synonym for design

intention, intent, purpose, design, aim, end, object, objective, goal mean what one intends to accomplish or attain.

intention implies little more than what one has in mind to do or bring about.

announced his intention to marry

intent suggests clearer formulation or greater deliberateness.

the clear intent of the statute

purpose suggests a more settled determination.

being successful was her purpose in life

design implies a more carefully calculated plan.

the order of events came by accident, not design

aim adds to these implications of effort directed toward attaining or accomplishing.

her aim was to raise film to an art form

end stresses the intended effect of action often in distinction or contrast to the action or means as such.

willing to use any means to achieve his end

object may equal end but more often applies to a more individually determined wish or need.

his constant object was the achievement of pleasure

objective implies something tangible and immediately attainable.

their objective is to seize the oil fields

goal suggests something attained only by prolonged effort and hardship.

worked years to reach her goals

plan, design, plot, scheme, project mean a method devised for making or doing something or achieving an end.

plan always implies mental formulation and sometimes graphic representation.

plans for a house

design often suggests a particular pattern and some degree of achieved order or harmony.

a design for a new dress

plot implies a laying out in clearly distinguished sections with attention to their relations and proportions.

the plot of the play

scheme stresses calculation of the end in view and may apply to a plan motivated by craftiness and self-interest.

a scheme to defraud the government

project often stresses imaginative scope and vision.

a project to develop the waterfront

Example Sentences

Verb A team of engineers designed the new engine. Who designed the book's cover? He designed the chair to adjust automatically. They thought they could design the perfect crime. design a strategy for battle Noun There are problems with the design of the airplane's landing gear. I like the design of the textbook. I love the sculpture's design. The machine had a flawed design. the design and development of new products Correcting mistakes is part of the design process. a number of design concepts See More
Recent Examples on the Web
In what ways can design inform or help conversations around the climate? Leah Dolan, CNN, 14 Sep. 2022 But what’s notable this year is that Nvidia beat the competition with its new H100 Tensor Core Graphics Processing Units, which are based on an A.I.-specific chip design the company calls Hopper. Jeremy Kahn, Fortune, 14 Sep. 2022 Their input helped officials design final versions of both online and paper forms with simplified language and minimal text on the page. Annie Waldman, ProPublica, 12 Sep. 2022 The data the city collects helps it to manage the flow of tourists at crowded attractions, optimize parking spaces and design new road networks. Josh Chin, WSJ, 2 Sep. 2022 Rapier was not only fully aware of the political activity conducted for the benefit of WellMed but took an active role by helping design many of the political messages, Gutierrez said. Patrick Danner, San Antonio Express-News, 29 Aug. 2022 In the first episode of the new season, host Tamara Day and her dad will help a recent widow, who loves to cook for her family, design her dream kitchen. al, 25 Aug. 2022 With a background as a multidisciplinary artist, Cohen approaches design through a visual lens that plays with composition, color, and form in an approachable way. Allison Duncan, House Beautiful, 23 Aug. 2022 High-definition television has changed the way set decorators design a scene, because viewers now can see every detail, Baseman said. Karen Garcia, Los Angeles Times, 17 Aug. 2022
Learn the basic principles of floral design and create your own table arrangement. oregonlive, 16 Sep. 2022 Wood paneling is a key feature of midcentury modern design. Sophie Flaxman, Better Homes & Gardens, 14 Sep. 2022 As America’s use of sanctions grows, such efforts have become a booming field of public-policy design and, occasionally, bold experiments. Steve Coll, The New Yorker, 14 Sep. 2022 The estimated cost of the project design is in the $35,000 range. Bob Sandrick, cleveland, 13 Sep. 2022 Each designer incorporated different elements of contemporary coastal design into the space, according to the publication, using pops of color, pattern and texture to make the home stand out with both functionality and beauty. Anna Lazarus Caplan, Peoplemag, 13 Sep. 2022 Everything from the soft curves in the white walls to the plants and stone floors were just breathtaking—a reminder of the genius of design when in harmony with nature. Kerry Pieri, Harper's BAZAAR, 12 Sep. 2022 But also the many tools of interactive design, like a first-generation iPod and Susan Kare’s sketchbook of icons for the original Apple Macintosh. WIRED, 11 Sep. 2022 And there is a thriving industry in selling the mythology of sneaker design. New York Times, 10 Sep. 2022 See More

Word History


Verb and Noun

Middle English, to outline, indicate, mean, from Anglo-French & Medieval Latin; Anglo-French designer to designate, from Medieval Latin designare, from Latin, to mark out, from de- + signare to mark — more at sign

First Known Use


14th century, in the meaning defined at transitive sense 3


1565, in the meaning defined at sense 1a

Time Traveler
The first known use of design was in the 14th century


1making drawings of how sth should be made制訂圖樣ADJECTIVE | DESIGN + NOUN | PHRASES ADJECTIVEgraphic繪圖設計computer-aided計算機輔助設計a specialist in computer-aided design計算機輔助設計專業人員architectural, industrial, interior建築/工業/室內設計software, Web, website軟件/網絡/網站設計He set up his own software design company.他成立了自己的軟件設計公司。DESIGN + NOUNbusiness, company, consultancy, firm設計行業;設計公司;設計咨詢公司chief, consultant, director, engineer, professional, staff, team設計總工程師/顧問/主管/工程師/專業人士/人員/小組centre/center, department, studio設計中心/部門/工作室work設計工作She's done some design work for us in the past.她以前為我們做過一些設計工作。process設計過程The new program really speeds up the design process.新程序的確加速了設計進程。phase, stage設計階段/步驟elements that are being included in the next design phase下一設計階段包括的要素goal設計目標One of our main design goals was to make the product easy to use.我們一個主要的設計目標是讓產品更便於使用。tool設計工具Digital design tools are essential.數字設計工具必不可少。program, software設計程序/軟件project設計方案ability, expertise, skills設計能力/專長/技能challenge設計難題Making the building accessible for disabled people was another major design challenge.如何才能方便殘疾人進出大樓,是設計中另一個主要的難題。magazine設計雜誌an interior design magazine室內設計雜誌PHRASESart and design藝術設計I'm doing a course in art and design.我在修藝術設計課程。


2the way sth is made/a drawing of this設計的方式或圖樣ADJECTIVE | VERB + DESIGN | DESIGN + VERB | DESIGN + NOUN | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEbasic, simple基本的/簡單的設計complex, sophisticated複雜的/精巧的設計intelligent (= the claim that life did not evolve, but was created by an intelligent being) 智能設計論(聲稱生命並不進化,而是由一位智者創造的)excellent, good出色的/優秀的設計poor糟糕的設計adventurous, bold, cutting-edge, experimental, innovative, original, revolutionary冒險的/大膽的/前沿/試驗性/創新/原創性/革命性設計modern現代設計new新設計preliminary初步設計attractive, beautiful, sleek, stylish迷人的/美觀的/造型優美的/時尚的設計a car with a sleek modern design一款造型時髦的現代轎車classical, conventional, traditional經典/常規/傳統設計minimalist極簡設計ergonomic工效學設計sustainable可持續設計overall整體設計The overall design of the workspace is critical.工作空間的整體設計極為關鍵。patented具有專利的設計VERB + DESIGNcome up with, create, develop, produce完成/創製/開發/制訂設計方案He's come up with a really good design for a solar-powered car.他拿出了一個極好的太陽能汽車設計方案。employ, follow, use採用/沿用/使用設計We followed the traditional design.我們沿用傳統設計。finalize最終完成設計improve, modify, refine改進/修改/完善設計simplify精簡設計guide, influence指導/影響設計unveil公佈設計方案Last week the architect unveiled his design for a museum on Prague's waterfront.上週這個建築師公佈了他為布拉格濱河博物館設計的方案。DESIGN + VERBinclude sth, incorporate sth設計包括/結合⋯The office designs incorporate quiet rooms where employees can take a break.辦事處的設計中包括幾間清靜房間,可以讓員工休息。allow sth, enable sth設計允許⋯;設計使⋯成為可能The clever design allows natural light to flood into the room.這一巧妙的設計使得房間得到充足的自然採光。offer sth, provide sth設計提供⋯The new label design provides nutrition facts.新的標籤設計提供營養成分表。evolve設計演變DESIGN + NOUNdetail, element, feature設計細節/元素/特點The latest model incorporates some novel design features.最新的款式融入了一些新穎的設計元素。concept, idea, solution設計概念/理念/方案We put forward two alternative design concepts for the new library.我們就新圖書館提出了兩個可供選擇的設計概念。consideration設計依據Building security is now a major design consideration.現在,建築物安全是設計要考慮的一個主要方面。criterion, philosophy, principle, strategy設計標準/理念/原則/策略brief, requirements, specifications設計概要/要求/規格The chair she had sketched was far bigger than stipulated in the design brief.她繪出的椅子草圖比設計指示中規定的大得多。standards設計標準Strict design standards ensure that new buildings are compatible with existing architecture.嚴格的設計標準確保新的建築物可以和現有的建築相協調。fault, flaw設計失誤/瑕疵award設計獎The car wouldn't win any design awards, but it's very reliable.這種汽車不會得設計獎項,但很可靠。competition設計比賽The company won an international design competition for the concert hall.該公司在國際音樂廳設計大賽中獲勝。change, modification設計變動/修改PREPOSITIONin design在設計方面The machine is very simple in design.這台機器的設計很簡單。of... design⋯的設計a vehicle of revolutionary design具有革命性設計的車to a... design以⋯的設計The other houses are built to a more conventional design.其他房屋是按較常規的設計來建造的。design for為⋯的設計the architect's designs for the cathedral建築師為主教座堂所做的設計PHRASESat the design stage在設計階段Their new car is still at the design stage.他們的新車尚在設計中。


3pattern that decorates sth裝飾花樣ADJECTIVE | VERB + DESIGN | DESIGN + NOUN ADJECTIVEelaborate, intricate複雜精美的/花紋精緻的圖案simple簡單的圖案abstract, circular, floral, geometric, symmetrical抽象/環形/花卉/幾何/對稱圖案VERB + DESIGNhave有⋯圖案The building has intricate geometric designs on several of the walls.這棟建築物的好幾面牆上都有花紋精緻的幾何圖案。paint, trace描繪/草擬圖案DESIGN + NOUNtheme圖案主題trendy boutique hotels with avant-garde design themes設計主題前衞的時髦精品旅館motif設計主旨


4intention目的ADJECTIVE | VERB + DESIGN | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEevil, sinister邪惡的意圖;險惡的企圖grand宏偉的計劃His grand design was to connect up every academic institution in the world.他的偉大計劃是在世界上所有的學術機構之間都建立起聯繫。VERB + DESIGNharbour/harbor, have懷有企圖;居心不良I suspected that he had some sinister designs.我懷疑他圖謀不軌。PREPOSITIONby design故意地Had it happened by accident or by design?這件事是意外還是人為策劃的?


ADVERB | PREPOSITION ADVERBcarefully, cleverly, intelligently周密/巧妙/明智地設計These shelves have been designed very cleverly to fit into corners.這些架子設計得很巧妙,恰好能放進牆角裏。badly, poorly設計得很差The website was poorly designed.這個網站設計得很糟糕。beautifully, elaborately, elegantly, intricately, nicely設計美妙/精巧/高雅/複雜/精細especially, explicitly, expressly, specially, specifically特別設計;專門設計the first yogurt designed especially for babies and toddlers第一種專為嬰幼兒設計的酸奶They run specially designed courses for managers.他們開設特別為經理設計的課程。exclusively, solely, uniquely專門/單獨/獨特設計a service designed exclusively for women女士專屬服務largely, mainly, primarily主要地設計Many new performance halls are designed primarily for music.很多新的表演大廳主要是為表演音樂而設計的。initially, originally最初設計The trail was originally designed to give our staff a quiet place to walk.這條小路的設計初衷是為我們的員工提供一個散步的安靜去處。newly最新設計ergonomically根據工效學原理設計PREPOSITIONfor為⋯設計The instruments are designed for use in very cold conditions.這些儀器是為在非常寒冷的環境中使用而設計的。

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