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BNC: 318 COCA: 360


1 low /ˈloʊ/ adjective
lower; lowest
1 low
lower; lowest
Learner's definition of LOW
: not rising or extending upward a great distance低的;矮的
opposite high
: extending or reaching upward less than other things of the same kind低于同类事物的
opposite high
: not located far above the ground or another surface离地面近的;低的
opposite high
always used before a noun : not rising above surrounding land低洼的;凹陷的
opposite high
: cut far down at the neck领口开得很低的
: less than usual in amount, number, or degree低于通常数量(或数字、水平)的
opposite high
: near or at the bottom of a range在底部的;接近底部的
opposite high
: not having enough or the amount needed不足的;低于所需数量的
: having less than the usual or average amount of something低于通常水平(或平均量)的often used in combination常用于合成词
opposite high; see also low in (below)
: not favorable不利的;不好的;不令人满意的
opposite high
: sad or unhappy伤心的;不开心的
: not good : below a certain quality or standard低劣的;低于一定质量(或标准)的
opposite high
: morally bad不正直的;道德水平低下的。
opposite high
: below others in power, importance, etc.低等的;次要的
opposite high
: not loud : soft低声的;轻柔的
: near the bottom of a range of sounds低音的
: occurring near the bottom of the musical scale低音阶的
opposite high
: not strong or forceful微弱的
: not bright暗淡的;微弱的
: not very hot温度低的
: having qualities that do not appeal to intelligent people拙劣的
opposite high
of a river, stream, etc. : having less water than usual(江河、小溪等)低于通常水位的
opposite high

low in

: containing a small amount of (something)含量低的

— lowness

noun [noncount]
2 low /ˈloʊ/ adverb
lower; lowest
2 low
lower; lowest
Learner's definition of LOW
: at or to a low place or level低地;向下地;不高地
: in or to a low or poor condition状况不佳地;境遇不好地
: at a low rate处于低水平地
: at a low price低价地
: with a quiet voice : not loudly低声地;轻声地

high and low

see 2high

lie low

see 1lie
3 low /ˈloʊ/ noun
plural lows
3 low
plural lows
Learner's definition of LOW
[count] : a low point or level低点;低水平
[noncount] US : a gear that is used for slow speeds in a vehicle(汽车的)低速挡
called also (US) low gear
[count] weather : an area of low atmospheric pressure(天气)低气压区
4 low /ˈloʊ/ verb
lows; lowed; lowing
4 low
lows; lowed; lowing
Learner's definition of LOW
[no object] literary
: to make the low sound of a cow : moo(牛)哞哞叫
BNC: 318 COCA: 360


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lower ˈlō-ər How to pronounce low (audio) ; lowest ˈlō-əst How to pronounce low (audio)
: having a small upward extension or elevation
a low wall
: situated or passing little above a reference line, point, or plane
low bridges
: having a low-cut neckline
: not extending as high as the ankle
low oxfords
: situated or passing below the normal level, surface, or base of measurement, or the mean elevation
low ground
: marking a nadir or bottom
the low point of his career
: small in number or amount
: substandard, inadequate
a low level of employment
a low income group
: cheap
low prices
: short, depleted
Oil is in low supply.
: of lesser degree, size, or amount than average or ordinary
low energy
: of lesser position, rank, or order
: intended to attract little attention
kept a low profile
: unfavorable, disparaging
had a low opinion of her
: lacking spirit or vivacity : depressed
a low frame of mind
: lacking strength, health, or vitality : weak, prostrate
very low with pneumonia
: being near the horizon
: being near the equator
low northern latitudes
: falling short of some standard: such as
: morally reprehensible : base
a low trick
: lacking dignity or elevation
a low style of writing
: coarse, vulgar
low language
: not loud : soft
: characterized by being toward the bottom of the range of pitch attainable (as by an instrument)
: socially or economically humble in character or status
a person of low birth
: designed for slow and usually the slowest speed
low gear
: not advanced in complexity, development, or elaboration
low organisms
often capitalized : low church
: being near the basket or net
a player in the low post
: dead
used as a predicate adjective with lay
laid the enemy low
: articulated with a wide opening between the relatively flat tongue and the palate : open
\ä\ is a low vowel.
low adverb
lowness noun


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noun (1)

: something that is low: such as
: depth
a new low in advertising
: a region of low barometric pressure
: the transmission gear of an automotive vehicle giving the lowest ratio of driveshaft to crankshaft speed


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verb (1)

lowed; lowing; lows

intransitive verb

: moo
In barns cows lowed to be milked. Esther Forbes


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noun (2)

: the deep sustained sound characteristic especially of a cow


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noun (3)

variants or lowe
chiefly Scotland


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verb (2)

variants or lowe
lowed; lowing



Choose the Right Synonym for low

base, low, vile mean deserving of contempt because of the absence of higher values.

base stresses the ignoble and may suggest cruelty, treachery, greed, or grossness.

base motives

low may connote crafty cunning, vulgarity, or immorality and regularly implies an outraging of one's sense of decency or propriety.

refused to listen to such low talk

vile, the strongest of these words, tends to suggest disgusting depravity or filth.

a vile remark

Example Sentences

Adjective The apartment has low ceilings. They have a home in the low country. The houses are built on low ground. temperatures as low as 10 below zero He's being treated for low blood pressure. a low dose of medicine She earns a low salary. Demand for his books has remained low. Temperatures were in the low eighties. Our supply of fuel is getting low. See More

Word History



Middle English lah, low, from Old Norse lāgr; akin to Middle High German læge low, flat; probably akin to Old English licgan to lie

Verb (1) and Noun (2)

Middle English loowen, lowen, going back to Old English hlōwan, going back to Germanic *hlōan- (whence also Old Saxon hlōinga "mooing," Old Low Franconian luon, luogin "to moo, bellow," Old High German luoen), going back to Indo-European *kloh1-, presumed o-grade derivative of a verbal base *kleh1-, *kl̥h1- "call," whence also Germanic *halōn-, *hulōn- "to summon" (whence Old English geholian "to obtain, get," Old Saxon halon, haloian "to fetch, get, bring," Old High German halōn, holōn "to fetch, send for, summon"), Latin calāre "to announce, summon," Umbrian kařetu "(he must) call," Greek kaléō, kaleîn "to call, summon," and perhaps Hittite kalliš- "entice, elicit, evoke"

Note: Old English hlōwan is taken to be a Class VII strong verb (as grōwan "to grow," blōwan "to bloom, blow entry 3"), despite the lack of attested forms outside the present tense. The a vocalism of the Greek and Italic forms is variously explained. The suggestion that the base is *kalh1-, with a primary -a-, eliminates some of the difficulties.

Noun (3)

Middle English, from Old Norse logi, log; akin to Old English lēoht light — more at light

First Known Use


12th century, in the meaning defined at sense 1a

Noun (1)

13th century, in the meaning defined at sense 1

Verb (1)

before the 12th century, in the meaning defined above

Noun (2)

circa 1522, in the meaning defined above

Noun (3)

13th century, in the meaning defined above

Verb (2)

14th century, in the meaning defined above

Time Traveler
The first known use of low was before the 12th century
BNC: 318 COCA: 360


ADJECTIVE | VERB + LOW | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEall-time, new, record有史以來最低;新低;創紀錄的新低點The pound has hit a new low against the dollar.英鎊對美元的匯率已跌至新低。VERB + LOWfall to, hit, reach, sink to降到低點PREPOSITIONat a low處於低水平Morale is at an all-time low.士氣空前低落。PHRASEShighs and lows起起落落He had experienced all the highs and lows of an actor's life.演員人生中的那些起起落落他全經歷過了。


1not far above the groundVERBS | ADVERB VERBSbe, look, seem矮;看上去矮;好像矮The windows look very low to me.這些窗子在我看來很矮。ADVERBextremely, fairly, very, etc.極其/相當/非常低矮The river was extremely low for winter.這條河冬天的水位極低。a little, slightly, etc.有點兒/稍有些矮


2small in degree/amount程度低;數量少VERBS | ADVERB | PREPOSITION VERBSbe, look, seem少;看上去少;好像少become, get, run變少Our stocks of food were getting low.我們的食物貯備越來越少。Supplies ran low.供應短缺。remain, stay依然低水平keep sth使⋯保持低水平The government wants to keep taxes low.政府希望保持低稅率。ADVERBextremely, fairly, very, etc.極其/相當/非常低下The failure rate is extremely low.失敗率極低。comparatively, moderately, reasonably, relatively比較/適度/合情理地/相對低下a little, slightly, etc.有點兒/稍有些低下dangerously低得危險His blood pressure was dangerously low.他的血壓低得危險。abnormally, unusually低得不正常;異常低artificially人為造成的低下naturally自然低ridiculously低得令人難以置信historically從歷史上看低historically low marriage statistics歷史上較低的婚姻統計數據PREPOSITIONin在⋯方面少This dish is very low in fat.這道菜脂肪含量很低。
BNC: 318 COCA: 360
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0_0: Translations of low
  • # a.
    矮: low, low in grade, low in rank, short
    卑下: base, low, mean, vile
    鄙: base, coarse, humble, ignoble, low, ordinary
    低: low
    低級: low, elementary, rudimentary, vulgar
    低廉: cheap, inexpensive, low
    低微: humble, low, lowly
    低下: low, lowly
    僻: eccentric, low, out-of-the-way, rare, rustic, secluded
    隰: low
    庸俗: low, philistine, vulgar
    憂愁: anxious, apprehensive, bothering, cheerless, concerned, low
    憂悶: dejected, depressed, despondent, disheartened, down, low
    憂傷: dejected, depressed, despondent, disheartened, down, low
  • # v.
    低落: low
  • # n.
    輊: back and lower of chariot, low, short

0_0: Definitions of low
  • # adjective.
    - of less than average height from top to bottom or to the top from the ground.
    * the school is a long, low building
    - below average in amount, extent, or intensity; small.
    * bringing up children on a low income
    - ranking below other people or things in importance or class.
    * jobs with low status
    - (of a sound or voice) not loud or high.
    * his low, husky voice
    - depressed or lacking in energy.
    * I was feeling low
  • # noun.
    - a low point, level or figure.
    * his popularity ratings are at an all-time low
    - a sound made by cattle; a moo.
  • # adverb.
    - in or into a low position or state.
    * she pressed on, bent low to protect her face
    - in a low voice or at a low pitch.
    * we were talking low so we wouldn't wake Dean
  • # verb.
    - (of a cow) make a characteristic deep sound.
    * the lowing of cattle

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