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BNC: 719 COCA: 1118


relation /rɪˈleɪʃən/ noun
plural relations
plural relations
Learner's definition of RELATION
relations [plural]
: the way in which two or more people, groups, countries, etc., talk to, behave toward, and deal with each other(两个及以上的人、团体、国家之间的)关系,联系,交往
see also industrial relations
formal : sexual intercourse
: the way in which two or more people or things are connected(人、事物间的)关联,联系,关系
: a person who is a member of your family亲戚;亲属

in relation to

used to talk about what something is like by comparing it to something else or by seeing how it is related to something else与…相比;以…来看;结合…
: about (something or someone)关于;有关
BNC: 719 COCA: 1118



re·​la·​tion ri-ˈlā-shən How to pronounce relation (audio)
: the act of telling or recounting : account
: an aspect or quality (such as resemblance) that connects two or more things or parts as being or belonging or working together or as being of the same kind
the relation of time and space
specifically : a property (such as one expressed by is equal to, is less than, or is the brother of) that holds between an ordered pair of objects
: the referring by a legal fiction of an act to a prior date as the time of its taking effect
usually used with back
: a person connected by consanguinity or affinity : relative
: a person legally entitled to a share of the property of an intestate
: relationship by consanguinity or affinity : kinship
: reference, respect
in relation to
: the attitude or stance which two or more persons or groups assume toward one another
race relations
: the state of being mutually or reciprocally interested (as in social or commercial matters)
b relations plural
: dealings, intercourse
foreign relations

Example Sentences

The incident led to tense international relations.
Recent Examples on the Web The Memphis man accused in the kidnapping and murder of Eliza Fletcher made a court appearance on Monday for a misdemeanor theft count just days after being charged in relation to an alleged 2021 rape and kidnapping of another woman. Fox News, 12 Sep. 2022 Las Vegas police confirmed officers served search warrants in relation to German's death but did not immediately provide any additional information. Paradise Afshar And Travis Caldwell, CNN, 8 Sep. 2022 Mario Abston was also arrested Sunday on unrelated drug charges but has not been charged in relation to Fletcher's disappearance. Natalie Neysa Alund, USA TODAY, 7 Sep. 2022 Justin Yoon, 16, is also facing the same charges in relation to the killing. Chris Harris, Peoplemag, 6 Sep. 2022 The Legislature responded by requiring that felons who completed their sentences first pay all fees owed in relation to their crimes. al, 6 Sep. 2022 The dominant use of williwaw throughout the 19th century was in relation to storms around Cape Horn, including the Straits of Magellan. David Reamer, Anchorage Daily News, 4 Sep. 2022 The ruler seen in the image is to give a sense of their size in relation to other objects. Arkansas Online, 2 Sep. 2022 Lone Star said in a statement that the tribunal's ruling vindicates its claim that South Korean regulators violated domestic and international law in relation to the company's multiyear effort to sell its controlling interest in KEB. Chron, 1 Sep. 2022 See More

Word History


Middle English relacion, from Anglo-French, from Latin relation-, relatio, from referre (past participle relatus) to carry back

First Known Use

14th century, in the meaning defined at sense 1

Time Traveler
The first known use of relation was in the 14th century
BNC: 719 COCA: 1118


1connection between two or more things關聯ADJECTIVE | VERB + RELATION | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEcausal因果關係direct直接關係The energy an animal uses is in direct relation to speed and body mass.動物消耗的能量與其速度和體重直接相關。complex複雜的關係the complex relation between business and society商業與社會之間的複雜關係close, intimate密切的/親密的關係The study shows the close relation between poverty and ill health.該研究表明了貧窮與健康不佳之間的密切關係。significant顯著的關係spatial空間關係The right side of the brain deals with spatial relations between objects.大腦右側負責處理物體之間的空間關係。VERB + RELATIONbear, have有關係;有聯繫The movie bore no relation to (= was very different from) the book.這部電影與該書沒什麼關係。The fee bears little relation to the service provided.這項收費與提供的服務沒多大關係。establish, show建立/顯示關係He established a relation between asthma and certain types of work.他證實了哮喘與某些工種之間的關聯。analyse/analyze, explore分析聯繫;探索關係Her work explores the relation between technology and culture.她的工作是探索技術與文化之間的聯繫。PREPOSITIONin relation to與⋯有關Similar policies were pursued in the 1970s, particularly in relation to health services.類似的政策在 20 世紀 70 年代實行過,特別是有關公共醫療衞生服務的政策。relation between, relation to⋯之間的關係;與⋯的關係the relation of the subject to the object主語和賓語的關係


2member of sb's family親屬ADJECTIVE | VERB + RELATION | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEclose, near近親distant遠親blood血親poor (often figurative) 同類中較次者Other sparkling wines are often considered the poor relations of champagne.其他起泡葡萄酒往往被認為較香檳酒為次。VERB + RELATIONvisit探望親戚PREPOSITIONrelation to與⋯的親屬關係What relation is Rita to you?麗塔是你的什麼親戚?PHRASESfriends and relations親戚朋友


3relations between people/groups/countries關係ADJECTIVE | VERB + RELATIONS | RELATION + VERB | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEclose, intimate密切的/親密的關係cordial, friendly, good, harmonious誠摯的/友好的/良好的/融洽的關係improved改善了的關係a period of improved trade relations貿易關係得到改善的一段時期difficult, poor, strained難以相處;糟糕的關係;緊張的關係Relations between the two countries are strained.兩國之間關係緊張。bilateral, diplomatic, foreign, international, political, trade雙邊/外交/對外/國際/政治/貿易關係The US broke off diplomatic relations with Cuba's communist government.美國中斷了與古巴共產黨政權之間的外交關係。the growing chill in Anglo-French diplomatic relations日益趨冷的英法外交關係industrial, labour/labor勞資關係The change of government led to improved industrial relations.政府的更替讓勞資關係改善了。class, gender, race階級/兩性/種族關係economic, power, social經濟/權力/社會關係public公共關係a public relations exercise公關活動customer, investor客戶/投資者關係human, interpersonal, personal人際關係;私人關係family, marital家庭/婚姻關係a breakdown of marital relations leading to divorce導致離婚的婚姻不和sexual性關係parent-child, student-teacher, etc.親子、師生等關係Anglo-American, East-West, etc.英美、東西方等關係VERB + RELATIONScultivate, develop, establish, foster, maintain培養/發展/建立/促進/維護關係the need to establish good relations with our European partners與我們的歐洲夥伴建立良好關係的需要break off, sever, suspend斷絕/切斷/中止關係Diplomatic relations have been broken off between the two countries.兩國已經斷絕了外交關係。damage, poison, sour破壞關係The move soured relations between Washington and Moscow.這種做法破壞了華盛頓與莫斯科之間的關係。improve, strengthen改善/加強關係Renewed efforts are being made to improve the strained relations between the two countries.為改善兩國的緊張關係正在作進一步的努力。normalize, repair使關係正常化;修補關係re-establish, restore, resume重建關係;恢復聯繫Venezuela re-established diplomatic relations with Cuba.委內瑞拉重建了與古巴的外交關係。govern, regulate支配/調節關係the system governing social relations in India支配印度社會關係的體制RELATION + VERBimprove關係改善Relations between the two states have improved.兩國間的關係已有改善。deteriorate, sour, worsen關係惡化;關係變質PREPOSITIONrelation among, relation between, relation with⋯之間的關係;與⋯的關係PHRASESan improvement in relations關係的改善
BNC: 719 COCA: 1118
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0_0: Translations of relation
  • # n.
    關聯: conjunction, relation, relationship, relevance, relevancy
    關係: connection, footing, hypotaxis, nexus, rapport, relation
    聯繫: affiliation, connection, contact, link, relation, touch
    係: connection, relation
    敘述: depiction, narrative, relation

0_0: Definitions of relation
  • # noun.
    - the way in which two or more concepts, objects, or people are connected; a thing's effect on or relevance to another.
    * questions about the relation between writing and reality
    - a person who is connected by blood or marriage; a kinsman or kinswoman.
    * she was no relation at all, but he called her Aunt Nora
    - the action of telling a story.

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