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IELTS BNC: 459 COCA: 380


1 foot /ˈfʊt/ noun
plural feet /ˈfiːt/
1 foot
plural feet /ˈfiːt/
Learner's definition of FOOT
[count] : the part of the leg on which an animal or person stands and moves : the part of the leg below the ankle脚;足
often used before another noun常用于另一名词前
see also athlete's foot, clubfoot, cold feet, flat foot
[count] plural also foot : a unit of measurement equal to ¹/₃ yard (0.3048 meter) or 12 inches英尺(合1/3码、12英寸或30.48厘米)
: the lowest part of something : bottom基部;底部
: the end of something that is opposite to the end that is called the head末端;脚部;尾部
[count] : a basic unit of rhythm in a line of poetry made up of a group of syllables that are accented in a certain way(诗的)音步

at someone's feet

: close to someone's feet在某人脚边
sometimes used figuratively有时用作比喻

be run/rushed off your feet

: to be very busy非常忙碌;忙得不可开交

drag your feet

see 1drag

feet of clay

◊ A person who was admired in the past but who has serious faults or flaws can be described as having feet of clay.(曾受人仰慕的人身上存在的)致命弱点,严重缺陷

find your feet

: to start to be comfortable in a new situation : to begin to be confident or successful适应新环境;立足;站稳脚跟

get/start off on the right foot

: to begin a relationship well开始时关系良好

get/start off on the wrong foot

: to begin a relationship badly开始时关系不好

get your feet wet

see 1wet

get your foot in the door

: to make the first step toward a goal by gaining entry into an organization, a career, etc.(通过进入组织、职业等)迈出实现目标的第一步,跨入门槛

hand and foot

see 1hand

have one foot in the grave

: to be close to dying because of old age or illness一脚已经踏入坟墓;行将就木;命不久矣

have/keep your feet on the ground

: to be a sensible and practical person脚踏实地

let the grass grow under your feet

see 1grass

light on your feet

see 4light

my foot

informal + somewhat old-fashioned
used to express surprise or disagreement没这回事,算了吧(表吃惊或不同意)

off your feet

: not in a standing position : in or into a sitting or lying position躺着;坐着;趴下

on foot

: by walking步行

on your feet

: in a standing position站着
◊ In figurative use, to land on your feet or Brit fall on your feet is to be lucky and be in good condition or in a good situation after having a bad or difficult experience.(用作比喻)化险为夷,脱离困境
: in a good position or condition状态良好
: in a healthy condition after an illness or injury(病后)复原,康复
: quickly and while actively doing something敏捷地;即兴地

put a foot wrong

: to make a mistake犯错误;做错事

put your best foot forward

US : to behave very well so that someone will like you and approve of you表现出自己最佳的一面;给人以最好的印象
British : to try as hard as possible to do something difficult竭尽全力;全力以赴

put your feet up

: to sit and relax : to not work or be active坐下休息

put your foot down

: to deal with someone in a harsh or strict way严厉对待(某人)
British : to make a car go faster踩油门;加速行驶

put your foot in your mouth

(chiefly US) informal or put your foot in it
: to say something that causes someone to be embarrassed, upset, or hurt especially when you did not expect that reaction说话不得体;无意中说错话;无意中冒犯别人

set foot in

: to enter (a place)进入

set foot on

: to walk on (something)踏上

shoot yourself in the foot

see 1shoot

stand on your own two feet

: to support yourself without help from other people自立;独立

sweep (someone) off his/her feet

see 1sweep

the shoe is on the other foot

or British the boot is on the other foot
used to say that a situation has changed to the opposite of what it was before形势逆转;情况完全相反

to your feet

: to a standing position起立

two left feet

◊ A person who dances badly can be described as having two left feet.(跳舞等)笨手笨脚

under your feet

chiefly British
: in the way : underfoot妨碍;阻碍

vote with your feet

see 1vote
2 foot /ˈfʊt/ verb
foots; footed; footing
2 foot
foots; footed; footing
Learner's definition of FOOT

foot the bill

: to pay for something付账;埋单
IELTS BNC: 459 COCA: 380


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plural feet ˈfēt How to pronounce foot (audio) also foot
: the terminal part of the vertebrate (see vertebrate entry 1) leg upon which an individual stands
: an invertebrate organ of locomotion or attachment
especially : a ventral (see ventral entry 1 sense 1b) muscular surface or process of a mollusk
: any of various units of length based on the length of the human foot
especially : a unit equal to ¹/₃ yard and comprising 12 inches
plural foot used between a number and a noun
a 10-foot pole
plural feet or foot used between a number and an adjective
6 feet tall
see Weights and Measures Table
: the basic unit of verse meter consisting of any of various fixed combinations or groups of stressed and unstressed or long and short syllables
Each line of the poem contains five feet.
: motion or power of walking or running : step
fleet of foot
: speed, swiftness
showed early foot
: something resembling a foot in position or use: such as
: the lower end of the leg of a chair or table
: the basal portion of the sporophyte in mosses
: a specialized outgrowth by which the embryonic sporophyte especially of many bryophytes absorbs nourishment from the gametophyte
: a piece on a sewing machine that presses the cloth against the feed
foot plural, chiefly British : infantry
: the lower edge (as of a sail)
: the lowest part : bottom
the foot of the hill
: the end that is lower or opposite the head
the foot of the bed
: the part (as of a stocking) that covers the foot
foots plural in form but singular or plural in construction : material deposited especially in aging or refining : dregs
foots plural : footlights


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footed; footing; foots

intransitive verb

: dance
: to go on foot
of a sailboat : to make speed : move

transitive verb

: to perform the movements of (a dance)
: to walk, run, or dance on, over, or through
: kick
: reject
archaic : establish
: to add up
: to pay or stand credit for
foot the bill
: to make or renew the foot of
foot a stocking
at one's feet
: under one's spell or influence
The champion loved the feeling that the world was at his feet.
foot in the door
: the initial step toward a goal
He took a job as a secretary to get his foot in the door.
off one's feet
: in a sitting or lying position
The doctor advised her to stay off her feet.
on foot
: by walking or running
tour the campus on foot
on one's feet
: in a standing position
He works on his feet all day.
: in an established position or state
The business is finally back on its feet.
: in a recovered condition (as from illness)
back on my feet
: in an extemporaneous (see extemporaneous sense 1a) manner : while in action
good debaters can think on their feet
to one's feet
: to a standing position
brought the crowd to its feet

Example Sentences

Noun He was wearing boots on his feet. tracks made by the feet of a bird The people in the crowd began to stamp their feet. They camped at the foot of the mountain. at the foot of the stairs the foot of the table Verb I'll foot the bill for dinner. See More
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The current rules essentially require all vendors to collectively foot the bill for the market’s total operating costs. Courtney Astolfi, cleveland, 21 Mar. 2022 Those without insurance still get their treatment expenses covered by the federal government, and Vermont and New Mexico still require private insurance to foot the bill on COVID costs. The Week Staff, The Week, 2 Oct. 2021 According to data collected from more than 1,000 U.S. workers, many remote employees have had to upgrade their home internet to accommodate their workload … and foot the bill for this and other tech expenses. Larry English, Forbes, 22 June 2021 Although the tour had once raised concerns about Trump's provocative statements about Muslims, lack of a sponsor to help foot the bill was the reason given when the decision was made, according to The Washington Post. Michael D'antonio, CNN, 27 July 2022 Lanterns and signs warned motorists to drive straight through, and train passengers who stepped foot onto the platform were forced to quarantine for up to five days or risk jail time. Laura Yale, Outside Online, 27 Apr. 2020 At least three people said their vehicles were hit by El Cajon police last year, driving up costs for taxpayers who ultimately have to foot medical and repair bills. Blake Nelsonstaff Reporter, San Diego Union-Tribune, 12 June 2022 Corporations to foot the bill: A landmark law in California requires plastic makers to pay for recycling and work to reduce or eliminate the manufacturing of single-use packaging. New York Times, 5 July 2022 The government will foot the bill for half of the venue’s operating expenses; ticket sales will cover the rest. Eamon Barrett, Fortune, 30 June 2022 See More

Word History


Noun and Verb

Middle English fot, from Old English fōt; akin to Old High German fuot foot, Latin ped-, pes, Greek pod-, pous

First Known Use


before the 12th century, in the meaning defined at sense 1


15th century, in the meaning defined at intransitive sense 1

Time Traveler
The first known use of foot was before the 12th century
IELTS BNC: 459 COCA: 380


1part of the body身體部位ADJECTIVE | VERB + FOOT | FOOT + VERB | FOOT + NOUN | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEleft, right左腳;右腳back, front後腳;前腳He shifted his weight onto his back foot.他把重心轉移到後腳上。dainty, little, small, tiny秀氣的腳;小腳big, enormous大腳;巨足narrow, wide窄腳;寬腳flat(扁)平足He was excused military service because of his flat feet.他因為扁平足而免服兵役。bare赤足It's dangerous to walk on the beach in / with bare feet.赤腳在沙灘上走是很危險的。blistered, swollen起了水皰的腳;腫脹的腳broken摔斷的腳dirty, smelly髒腳;臭腳booted, stockinged穿了靴子的腳;穿了長襪的腳the rumble of many booted feet on the bridge許多穿靴子的腳踏在橋上發出的震響聲He padded across the room in his stockinged feet (= wearing socks but no shoes).他只穿着襪子輕輕走過房間。webbed長着蹼的腳Ducks' webbed feet help them to swim.鴨子的蹼足有助於游水。silent腳步輕輕He slipped across the corridor on silent feet.他腳步輕輕地穿過走廊。quick步伐迅速a player with quick feet and a great turn of pace一位步子迅速、善於變換節奏的選手leaden沉重的腳步He walked to the examination room with leaden feet.他步履沉重地走進考試室。winged (often figurative) 步履飛快She flew on winged feet (= ran fast) up the narrow stairway.她飛快地爬上狹窄的樓梯。VERB + FOOTget to, jump to, leap to, rise to, scramble to站起來;跳起來;突然站起來;爬起來He got shakily to his feet.他顫抖着站起來。be on站着I've been on my feet all day and I need to sit down for a rest.我已經站了一整天,需要坐下來休息一會了。place, plant, put站穩;放腳I planted my feet firmly on the chair and reached up to the top window.我穩穩地站在椅子上伸手去夠頂窗。She put her foot down on the accelerator and the car lurched forward.她踩了一腳油門,車歪歪斜斜地往前開去。lift, raise抬腳He raised his foot off the brake.他鬆開了剎車。stamp, stomp跺腳tap輕輕跺腳She was tapping her foot impatiently.她不耐煩地輕輕跺着腳。swing擺動腳He swung a foot at the ball but missed completely.他一腳向球踢去,卻踢了個空。kick踢腳shuffle拖着腳走drag拖着腳She dragged her feet as she reluctantly followed her parents.她不情願地跟在父母後面慢吞吞地走。wipe擦腳Wipe your feet when you come in from the street.從街上回來進門時要在擦鞋墊上蹭蹭腳。tread on (especially BrE) 踩腳That man trod on my foot and he didn't even apologize.那個人踩了我的腳,連對不起都沒說一聲。FOOT + VERBcatch腳絆到⋯His foot caught in the cable and he fell under the train.他腳絆到電纜,摔倒在火車下面。slip腳滑My foot slipped as I was about to shoot and I missed the ball.正當我要射門時,腳底一滑,未能踢到球。crunch, pound, shuffle腳步發出嘎吱嘎吱聲;腳步發出嗵嗵聲;拖着腳走I heard feet crunching over the gravel outside the house.我聽到屋外的砂石路上傳來嘎吱嘎吱的腳步聲。dangle腳懸着I sat by the river with my feet dangling in the water.我坐在河邊,雙腳垂在水中。kick用腳踢They carried him out of the room with his feet kicking.他們把一個勁兒踢蹬着腳的他抬出房間。sink腳往下陷My feet sank deep into the mud.我的腳深深地陷入泥裏。hit sth, touch sth腳踢中⋯/觸到⋯He shivered as his feet touched the cold floor.腳接觸到冰冷的地板時他不由得顫抖起來。FOOT + NOUNmassage腳部按摩injury腳傷passenger, soldier步行的乘客;步兵Foot passengers were allowed to leave the ferry before the vehicles.步行的乘客可以先於車輛離開渡船。traffic步行人流patrol步行巡邏soldiers on foot patrol步行巡邏的士兵pedal腳踏板PREPOSITIONbeneath your foot, under your foot在腳下The snow crunched beneath her feet.雪在她腳下嘎吱作響。from foot to foot雙腳換來換去They looked unsure and shifted uneasily from foot to foot.他們看上去沒有把握,在那兒不安地將雙腳換來換去。on foot步行The city is best explored on foot.探索這個城市最好的方法是步行。in the/your foot在腳裏He's broken several bones in his left foot.他左腳斷了幾根骨頭。with the/your foot用腳She kicked the ball with her right foot.她用右腳把球踢出去。PHRASESthe ball of the/your foot拇趾球I squatted down to speak to the boy, balancing on the balls of my feet.我蹲下來踮着腳和那個小男孩說話。from head to foot從頭到腳She was dressed from head to foot in green velvet.她從頭到腳都穿着綠色絲絨。put your feet up雙腳擱平He likes to put his feet up and watch TV when he gets home.他回到家裏喜歡把雙腳擱平舒舒服服看電視。set foot in sth, set foot on sth踏進⋯/踏上⋯the first European to set foot in Australia第一個踏上澳大利亞土地的歐洲人the sole of the/your foot腳底The soles of my feet were covered in blisters.我腳底起滿了皰。


2measurement度量標準 note at measure

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