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TOEFL BNC: 1214 COCA: 1020


agent /ˈeɪʤənt/ noun
plural agents
plural agents
Learner's definition of AGENT
: a person who does business for another person : a person who acts on behalf of another代理商;代理人;经纪人
see also free agent, insurance agent, press agent, real estate agent
: a person who tries to get secret information about another country, government, etc. : spy, secret agent间谍;特工
see also double agent, special agent
: a person or thing that causes something to happen能因;原动力
: something (such as a chemical) that is used to produce a particular effect or result(化学)制剂
TOEFL BNC: 1214 COCA: 1020
plural agents
: one that acts or exerts power
: something that produces or is capable of producing an effect : an active or efficient cause
Education proved to be an agent of change in the community.
: a chemically, physically, or biologically active principle
an oxidizing agent
: a means or instrument by which a guiding intelligence achieves a result
: one who is authorized to act for or in the place of another: such as
: a representative, emissary, or official of a government
crown agent
federal agent
: one engaged in undercover activities (such as espionage) : spy
a secret agent
: a business representative (as of an athlete or entertainer)
a theatrical agent
: a computer application designed to automate certain tasks (such as gathering information online)
agentive adjective

Example Sentences

They worked with a travel agent to plan their vacation. the whitening agent in the detergent is chlorine bleach
Recent Examples on the Web Conover's fraternity brother Kory Keefer, real estate agent Jessica Stocker and Rachel Clark — who came through with some last-minute floral arrangements for Batula and Cooke's wedding — are also joining the Bravo stars in Stowe. Dana Rose Falcone, Peoplemag, 15 Sep. 2022 Then in 2011, the home was purchased by fashion and costume designer Jeff Mahshie, who then sold it in 2018 to Glen Rice, a real estate agent who has now put it on the market. David Kaufman, Robb Report, 14 Sep. 2022 According to Malia Tarasek, a real estate agent of Lucido Global at Keller Williams and Pat Tarasek’s daughter, one property is on the market: a four-bedroom, three-bathroom rambler for $650,000. Madison Rudolf, Washington Post, 14 Sep. 2022 Home buyers are less likely to buy flood-prone houses if they’re made aware of the risk, U.S. real estate agent Redfin found through an experiment in collaboration with climate non-profit First Street Foundation. Eamon Barrett, Fortune, 14 Sep. 2022 But not just any couple — a couple that happens to be one part real estate agent, one part Hollywood star. Jodi Guglielmi, Rolling Stone, 14 Sep. 2022 Bure plays Maggie Larson, a busy real estate agent and Type-A mom, in the new film. Emily Longeretta, Variety, 13 Sep. 2022 The seller is real estate agent Fred Bernstein of Westside Estate Agency, who doubled as a developer and bought the property for $12.25 million in 2016 from Megan Ellison, the film producer and daughter of billionaire Larry Ellison. Los Angeles Times, 10 Sep. 2022 All while designer Hilary Farr and real estate agent David Visentin battle it out to convince them to, well, either love it or list it! Janaya Wecker, Country Living, 9 Sep. 2022 See More

Word History


Middle English, "force capable of acting on matter," borrowed from Medieval Latin agent-, agens "something capable of producing an effect, person authorized to act for another," going back to Latin, present participle of agere "to drive (cattle), ride (a horse), be in motion, do, perform, transact," going back to Indo-European *h2eǵ- "drive," whence Sanskrit ajati "(s/he) drives," Greek ágein "to lead, carry off," Armenian acem "(I) lead," Old Irish ad-aig "drives, impels," Old Norse aka "to travel in a vehicle"

First Known Use

15th century, in the meaning defined at sense 1

Time Traveler
The first known use of agent was in the 15th century
TOEFL BNC: 1214 COCA: 1020


1works in an agency代理ADJECTIVE | VERB + AGENT | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEbooking, ticket, travel預訂代理人;票務代理人;旅行代辦人election, parliamentary (BrE) 選舉代理人;受託在議會為黨派效力的議員advertising, press, publicity廣告代理人;新聞廣告員;廣告員land, leasing, letting, managing, rental (NAmE) 地產管理人;房屋租賃代理;房屋中介;經理人;租賃代理estate, real estate (NAmE) 房地產經紀人They were advised by the real estate agent that their house would not be saleable.房地產經紀人說他們的房子不能出售。border-patrol, law enforcement邊境巡邏人員;執法人員insurance保險代理人literary, sports, talent文稿出版代理人;體育經紀人;星探local地方代理The company has developed sales through local agents in key markets.該公司通過當地的代理商增加了在主要市場的銷售。VERB + AGENTemploy, have, use雇用代理人;有經紀人;用經紀人I have an agent who deals with all my contracts.我有一個處理我所有合同的經紀人。appoint, get (sb), hire (especially NAmE) 指定經紀人;(給某人)找代理;聘用經紀人If you want to get published, get yourself an agent!想出版,你就得找個代理人!act as任代理fire, sack (BrE) 解雇代理PREPOSITIONthrough an agent通過代理人She got the work through an agent.她通過經紀人找到了這份工作。agent for⋯的代理an agent for a shipping company一家航運公司的代理商 note at job


2spy間諜ADJECTIVEintelligence情報人員enemy, foreign敵探;外國特工federal, government聯邦特工;政府密探covert, secret, special, undercover密探;特務double雙重間諜As a double agent, he worked for the Americans and the Russians.他是雙面間諜,同時為美俄兩國服務。


3person/thing that has an effect起作用的人或物ADJECTIVE | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEchief, main, primary, prime, principal首要的/主要的/重要的/關鍵的/最主要的原因effective有效的力量human人類的力量moral, rational道德的/理性的力量free按自由意志行事的人I told him I couldn't stop him and that he was a free agent.我告訴他我無法阻止他,他有行動自由。PREPOSITIONagent for⋯的力量The charity is an agent for social change.這個慈善組織是推動社會變革的力量。PHRASESan agent for change, an agent of change變革的動因
TOEFL BNC: 1214 COCA: 1020
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0_0: Translations of agent
  • # n.
    代理人: agent, assignee, deputy, proxy
    間諜: agent, emissary, espionage, intelligencer, lurcher, overlooker
    經紀人: agent, broker, middleman
    媒介: agency, agent, instrumentality, intermediary, intermedium, medium
    施事: agent

0_0: Definitions of agent
  • # noun.
    - a person who acts on behalf of another person or group.
    * in the event of illness, a durable power of attorney enabled her nephew to act as her agent
    - a person or thing that takes an active role or produces a specified effect.
    * these teachers view themselves as agents of social change

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