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preference /ˈprɛfrəns/ noun
plural preferences
plural preferences
Learner's definition of PREFERENCE
: a feeling of liking or wanting one person or thing more than another person or thing偏好;偏爱;爱好
[noncount] : an advantage that is given to some people or things and not to others优待;优先权
[count] : something that is liked or wanted more than another thing : something that is preferred偏爱的事物
: the sexual feelings that a person has : a person's identity as homosexual, bisexual, or heterosexual性取向

in preference to

: instead of (something or someone) : rather than (something or someone)而不是



ˈpre-f(ə-)rən(t)s How to pronounce preference (audio)
: the act of preferring : the state of being preferred
: the power or opportunity of choosing
: one that is preferred
: the act, fact, or principle of giving advantages to some over others
: priority in the right to demand and receive satisfaction of an obligation
offensive, see usage paragraph below : orientation sense 2b
sexual preference
Usage of Preference

The term preference as used to refer to sexual orientation is widely considered offensive in its implied suggestion that a person can choose who they are sexually or romantically attracted to.

Choose the Right Synonym for preference

choice, option, alternative, preference, selection, election mean the act or opportunity of choosing or the thing chosen.

choice suggests the opportunity or privilege of choosing freely.

freedom of choice

option implies a power to choose that is specifically granted or guaranteed.

the option of paying now or later

alternative implies a need to choose one and reject another possibility.

equally attractive alternatives

preference suggests a choice guided by one's judgment or predilections.

a preference for cool weather

selection implies a range of choice.

a varied selection of furniture

election implies an end or purpose which requires exercise of judgment.

doing a tax return forces certain elections on you

Example Sentences

Car buyers have recently shown a growing preference for smaller vehicles. When it comes to music, everyone has their own preferences. Some people like small cars and some people like big cars. It's a matter of personal preference. She listed her favorite restaurants in order of preference. He has tried not to show preference in giving out jobs. The policy of the school is to give preference to minority candidates. “We could go to an Italian or Chinese restaurant tonight. What's your preference?” “Either one is fine. I don't have a preference.” See More
Recent Examples on the Web However, USA Today’s NBA reporter, Jeff Zillgitt, reports that their preference might be for Bogdanovic alone, given their desire to retain future cap flexibility. Eric Walden, The Salt Lake Tribune, 8 Sep. 2022 But Varsho said catching is no longer his preference. Nick Piecoro, The Arizona Republic, 7 Sep. 2022 If lazing about is your preference, this is a fine time to catch up on your napping. Ed Silverman, STAT, 22 Aug. 2022 If your preference is the latter, opt for laundry room doors that match the overall color palette and style of your home. Marisa Donnelly, Better Homes & Gardens, 18 Aug. 2022 In this light, if your preference is to stay in your current position, be prepared to make your case for continuing remote work. Johnny C. Taylor Jr., USA TODAY, 10 Aug. 2022 Supervisor Janice Hahn said her preference would be to stay aligned with the state, which strongly recommends — but does not require — masking indoors while in public. Los Angeles Times, 27 July 2022 The message was echoed by St. Louis Fed President Jim Bullard, who told Nikkei Asia that his preference was to stick to a hike of three-quarters of a percentage point for now. Rachel Siegel, Washington Post, 15 July 2022 My preference is to stay home and get takeout and watch a movie together. Annie Lane, oregonlive, 11 July 2022 See More

Word History


Middle English preferraunce, from Middle French preferance, from Medieval Latin praeferentia, from Latin praeferent-, praeferens, present participle of praeferre

First Known Use

1673, in the meaning defined at sense 1a

Time Traveler
The first known use of preference was in 1673


ADJECTIVE | VERB + PREFERENCE | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEclear, definite, marked, strong明顯的/強烈的偏愛slight稍稍偏愛individual, personal個人偏愛It's a matter of personal preference.這是個人偏愛的問題。consumer, customer, user, voter消費者的/顧客的/使用者的/投票人的偏愛policy, political政策/政治偏好His policy preferences are pretty centrist.他的政策取向是相當中間派的。dietary, food飲食/食物偏好modern children's food preferences現代兒童的食物偏好gender, racial (both NAmE) 性別/種族偏袒his consistent opposition to racial preferences while a legislator他在擔任議員期間對種族偏袒的一貫反對sexual性偏好discrimination based on race, religion, gender or sexual preference基於種族,宗教,性別或性偏好的歧視aesthetic, cultural審美/文化偏好first, second, etc.第一、第二等選擇My first preference is for the applicant from Hong Kong.我的第一選擇是來自香港的申請者。Most local voters gave West second preference. (BrE) 大多數當地選民的第二個選擇是韋斯特。VERB + PREFERENCEhave有偏愛Do you have any particular preference?你有什麼特別的偏好嗎?demonstrate, display, exhibit, indicate, reflect, reveal, show表現出偏愛designs that reflect their individual preferences反映他們個人喜好的設計Learners show a preference for one learning style over others.學習者顯示出他們對一種學習風格較其他風格的偏愛。express, state表示偏愛;聲明更喜歡Older people tend to express a preference for dark chocolate.年紀大的人往往表現出對黑巧克力的偏好。give sb給予某人優先權Preference is given to students who have passed mathematics and chemistry.通過數學與化學考試的學生優先考慮。receive受到偏愛Some countries receive preference over others.一些國家獲得優惠待遇。affect, determine, influence, shape影響/決定/支配/形成偏好A combination of factors determined preference.多種因素決定偏好。fit, fit with, satisfy, suit適合/適應/滿足/符合偏好She was happy to arrange her schedule to suit their preferences.她很高興安排自己的日程以適應他們的喜好。PREPOSITIONfor preference由於偏愛I travel by plane, for preference.我乘飛機旅行,個人喜好。in preference to而不是⋯They bought French planes in preference to British ones.他們沒有買英國產的飛機,而是買了法國產的。preference as to, preference with regard to在⋯方面的偏愛He has not expressed a preference as to which school he wants to go to.他還沒有表明自己更想上哪所學校。preference between⋯之間的偏愛people's preferences between brown and white bread人們在黑麪包和白麪包之間的取捨preference for sth (over sth)(與⋯相比)對⋯的偏愛the government's preference for tax cuts over greater public spending政府較願意減少稅收而不是增加公共支出preference in⋯方面的喜愛changing preferences in furniture styles對傢具式樣不斷變化的喜好preference regarding關於⋯的喜愛their preferences regarding websites他們對不同網站的喜好preference towards/toward對⋯的喜好student preferences towards / toward the various activities學生對各種活動的喜好PHRASESin order of preference按照優先順序List the candidates in order of preference.按照優先順序把候選人列出來。
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0_0: Translations of preference
  • # n.
    偏愛: favor, favoritism, favour, favouritism, preference
    優先權: first choice, main concern, favorite, favourite, fondness, preference

0_0: Definitions of preference
  • # noun.
    - a greater liking for one alternative over another or others.
    * he chose a clock in preference to a watch
    - a prior right or precedence, especially in connection with the payment of debts.
    * debts owed to the community should be accorded a preference

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