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IELTS BNC: 3169 COCA: 4154


grin /ˈgrɪn/ verb
grins; grinned; grinning
grins; grinned; grinning
Learner's definition of GRIN
[no object]
: to smile widely咧嘴笑;露齿笑;龇着牙笑

grin and bear it

: to accept something that you do not like because you have no choice默默忍受;苦笑着忍受

— grin

noun, plural grins [count]
IELTS BNC: 3169 COCA: 4154


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grinned; grinning

intransitive verb

: to draw back the lips so as to show the teeth especially in amusement or laughter
broadly : smile
grinning from ear to ear
grinner noun
grinningly adverb


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plural grins
: a facial expression produced by grinning especially in pleasure or amusement
a happy grin
She grew into a nimble young girl of seven winters, a thoughtful girl with shining brown eyes and a wide grin Louise Erdrich
I wanted to wipe the grin off his face [=make him stop smiling.]



Example Sentences

Verb She continued to tease her brother, grinning wickedly. grinned at the kids' fooling around in the pool
Recent Examples on the Web
McCarthy would have to grin and bear the minority until the GOP, boosted by a wave of anti–Barack Obama Tea Party sentiment, enjoyed a 64-seat swing in 2010. Grace Segers, The New Republic, 11 Aug. 2022 But the rest of the world is left with less to grin about. Julia Horowitz, CNN, 7 Aug. 2022 For the rest of the drive, the two of you grin at each other through the mirror, delighting in this secret shared so many miles from home. Bryan Washington, The New Yorker, 4 July 2022 My heart goes out to all who have to grin and bear it, or grimace and bear it. Jay Nordlinger, National Review, 29 June 2022 All that was left to do was grin and bear it and hope that Mom would give me a turkey sandwich for lunch the next day. Washington Post, 7 Apr. 2022 All the Blazers can do is grin and bear it and hope their luck turns at the June 23 NBA draft, during free agency or in the trade market. oregonlive, 17 May 2022 Even as the show around her stutters, Garner leans into her role with a vulpine, barely there grin that proves irresistible. Caroline Framke, Variety, 9 Feb. 2022 For instance, when infielder Ramón Urías worked a walk-off walk to beat the Yankees earlier this month, his first move was to grin and bring his hands to his face. Andy Kostka, Baltimore Sun, 28 Apr. 2022 See More

Word History



Middle English grennen, from Old English grennian; akin to Old High German grennen to snarl

First Known Use


before the 12th century, in the meaning defined above


1565, in the meaning defined above

Time Traveler
The first known use of grin was before the 12th century
IELTS BNC: 3169 COCA: 4154


ADJECTIVE | VERB + GRIN | GRIN + VERB | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEbig, broad, Cheshire, Cheshire-cat, huge, large, wide咧嘴笑;大笑;露齒笑faint, feeble, slight, small一絲笑意;淡淡一笑;略帶笑容friendly, sympathetic友好的笑;同情的笑happy幸福的笑infectious有感染力的笑lazy慵懶的露齒一笑cheesy, foolish, goofy, silly, stupid做作的笑;愚蠢的笑容;傻乎乎的笑boyish, cheeky, devilish, devious, impish, mischievous, playful, sly, teasing孩子氣的笑;厚臉皮的壞笑;惡毒的笑;刁滑的笑;頑皮的笑;淘氣的笑;調皮的笑;狡猾的笑;揶揄的笑Edmund looked up with an impish grin.埃德蒙帶着頑皮的笑容抬起了頭。mocking, teasing嘲諷的笑;戲謔的笑cocky, smug狂妄自大的笑;自鳴得意的笑satisfied滿足的笑sheepish, shy羞怯的笑容;腼腆的笑rueful, sardonic, wry悔恨的笑;冷笑;苦笑knowing會意的笑insane, manic神經質的笑;狂笑amused開心的笑evil, feral, hideous, malicious, sinister, wicked, wolfish惡毒的笑;狂野的笑;可怕的笑容;惡意的笑;邪惡的笑;刻毒的笑;獰笑crooked, lopsided歪着嘴的笑gap-toothed, toothless, toothy露出豁牙縫的笑;癟嘴的笑;露齒的笑VERB + GRINhave露齒笑He had a cheeky grin.他不知羞恥地咧嘴笑了笑。I wondered why Dad had a grin on his face.我不知道爸爸為什麼面露喜色。crack, flash (sb), give (sb), let out (NAmE) 綻出笑容;(衝某人)閃過一絲微笑;(衝着某人)咧嘴一笑;咧嘴笑起來He gave the photographer a big grin.他對着攝影師咧嘴大笑。grin, smile咧嘴笑;笑瞇瞇He grinned his adorable grin.他露出可愛的笑容。force, manage擠出笑容;勉強笑出來He forced a grin despite feeling angry.儘管很生氣,他還是勉強笑了笑。break into, curl into, form, split into綻開笑容;撇嘴而笑;咧嘴而笑;咧嘴笑起來The old man's face broke into a grin.老人的臉上綻出笑容。Her lips started to form a slight grin.她的嘴角開始有了點兒笑意。fight, fight back, hide, hold back, stifle, suppress盡量不笑;忍着不笑;隱藏笑意;忍住笑;抑制笑意She tried to stifle a grin.她試圖忍着不笑。wear面帶笑容return報以微笑GRIN + VERBbroaden, grow, grow broader, grow wider, widen笑得更開懷;笑得更厲害appear, break out (across sb's face), come across sb's face, come over sb's face, creep across sb's face, creep onto sb's face, cross sb's face, form on sb's face, spread across sb's face, spread over sb's face笑容出現;笑容綻放(在某人臉上);笑容展現在某人臉上;笑容在某人臉上慢慢展開A mischievous grin spread across the little girl's face.小女孩的臉上露出頑皮的笑容。be plastered across sb's face, be plastered on sb's face, light sb's face, light up sb's face, play on sb's face, split sb's face, tug at sb's lips笑容掛在某人臉上;笑容使某人容光煥發;笑容使某人臉放光彩;笑容出現在某人臉上;笑容在某人臉上綻放;笑容使某人嘴角上揚a grin tugging at the corners of his lips他嘴角露出的笑容disappear, fade笑容消失/退去His wry grin faded.他臉上的苦笑消失了。turn into sth笑容變成⋯Her grin turned into a frown.他不再微笑,皺起了眉。PREPOSITIONwith a grin帶着笑容'Fooled you!' he said, with a cheeky grin.“你上當了!”他臉帶壞笑地說。grin at對⋯的咧嘴笑a grin at his wife對着他妻子的咧嘴一笑grin of⋯的笑a grin of triumph勝利的笑容PHRASEStake the grin off your face, wipe the grin off your face收起笑容Take that grin off your face!別嬉皮笑臉的!wipe the grin off sb's face讓某人得意不下去I'll soon wipe that silly grin off her face.很快我就會讓她笑不出來了。


ADVERB | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADVERBbroadly, widely咧嘴笑;張嘴笑He appeared in the doorway grinning broadly.他喜笑顏開地出現在門口。slightly, weakly微微地/淡淡地一笑crookedly歪着嘴笑brightly, cheerfully, happily愉快地/爽朗地/高興地咧着嘴笑amiably親切地笑boyishly, cheekily, devilishly, impishly, mischievously, playfully孩子氣地/頑皮地/惡毒地/淘氣地/惡作劇地/調皮地笑madly, wildly狂笑;瘋笑triumphantly得意地笑proudly自豪地笑;驕傲地笑inanely, stupidly愚蠢地/傻乎乎地笑nervously, sheepishly緊張地/羞怯地笑He just stood there, tongue-tied and grinning sheepishly.他只是張口結舌地站在那兒,羞怯地笑着。apologetically, ruefully, wryly抱歉地笑;悔恨地笑;苦笑She grinned apologetically when she saw him.她一看到他就報以歉意的笑容。evilly, maliciously, slyly, wolfishly惡毒地笑;惡意地笑;狡猾地笑;獰笑knowingly會意地笑smugly自鳴得意地笑back, down at, up at回應以微笑;向⋯低頭一笑;向⋯抬頭一笑She relaxed and grinned wickedly back at him.她放鬆下來,向他報以頑皮的一笑。He lay grinning impishly up at me.他躺在那兒衝我頑皮地笑着。PREPOSITIONat對⋯咧嘴而笑He stopped eating to grin at me.他停止吃東西,衝我咧嘴一笑。like像⋯一樣地笑He just stood there, grinning like an idiot.他只是站在那兒,像個白痴似的咧嘴傻笑。to衝着⋯笑She grinned to herself at the thought.想到這兒,她不由得笑了出來。with⋯地笑They grinned with pleasure.他們高興地笑起來。PHRASESgrin ear to ear, grin from ear to ear笑得合不攏嘴She looked at us, grinning from ear to ear.她看着我們,笑得合不攏嘴。
IELTS BNC: 3169 COCA: 4154
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0_0: Translations of grin
  • # n.
    露齒而笑: grin
  • # v.
    露齒而笑: grin
    微笑: beam, grin, smile, smirk, sneer

0_0: Definitions of grin
  • # verb.
    - smile broadly, especially in an unrestrained manner and with the mouth open.
    * Dennis appeared, grinning cheerfully
  • # noun.
    - a broad smile.
    * “OK,” he said with a grin

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