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IELTS BNC: 4221 COCA: 3947


chin /ˈtʃɪn/ noun
plural chins
plural chins
Learner's definition of CHIN
: the part of the face below the mouth and above the neck颏;下巴 see picture at face; see also double chin

keep your chin up

: to stay cheerful and hopeful during difficult times不气馁;不灰心

take it on the chin

US : to be badly damaged or affected by something : to be hit hard by something遭受严重打击;受到严重影响
British : to accept something difficult or unpleasant without complaining无怨无悔地承受
IELTS BNC: 4221 COCA: 3947


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plural chins
: the lower portion of the face lying below the lower lip and including the prominence of the lower jaw
: the surface beneath or between the branches of the lower jaw
chinless adjective

see also take it on the chin


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chinned; chinning

transitive verb

: to bring to or hold with the chin
chin a violin
: to raise (oneself) while hanging by the hands until the chin is level with the support

intransitive verb

slang : to talk idly

Example Sentences

Verb the kind of work environment in which staffers can knock off early on Friday and chin with the boss
Recent Examples on the Web
In the final round of their five-round exhibition match, Bell caught Peterson with a hard right hand to the chin that sent the 2021 NFL MVP to the canvas and forced the referee to stop the fight. Steve Gardner, USA TODAY, 12 Sep. 2022 Over the years, Jackson's face changed dramatically as his skin appeared lighter, his nose narrower and his chin more defined, which prompted stories about addictions to plastic surgery and skin bleaching. Cara Lynn Shultz, Peoplemag, 29 Aug. 2022 The victim, 17-year-old Dimitri Hayes, was found early Monday morning by responding officers in his stepfather’s arms with a gunshot wound to the chin, an incident report obtained Friday by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution shows. Caroline Silva, ajc, 26 Aug. 2022 Kaipara, who has had the tattoo on her chin since 2019, also condemned the discrimination and harassment that people with the traditional moko marking endure. Tat Bellamy-walker, NBC News, 25 Aug. 2022 Lizzo's hair is braided down to about her chin, with the rest of her hair worn unbraided and loose and long down her back. Kara Nesvig, Allure, 24 Aug. 2022 The hair work consisted of a full wig with neck-hair additions, an under beard, sideburns, split chin pieces, a mustache and nostril hair. Jazz Tangcay, Variety, 31 Aug. 2022 In Māori culture, the sacred chin tattoo symbolizes a transition from girl to adulthood. Tat Bellamy-walker, NBC News, 25 Aug. 2022 Morty is a kid at the bottom of the food chain; Rick is his grandfather, a drunk and dissolute mad scientist with spit or puke or something always on his chin and easy access to other worlds, dimensions and dream planes. Ed Stockly, Los Angeles Times, 24 Aug. 2022
Swing your arms, focusing on taking your fingertips from hip height to chin height in rhythm with your knees. Amy Marturana Winderl, SELF, 5 Jan. 2022 From neck lifts to tummy tucks to chin implants, these procedures are growing in popularity due to advancements in technology. Adam Hurly, Robb Report, 20 Dec. 2021 Ax was shot in the side of his face just after midnight while K-9 Endo was shot in the paw and chin almost two hours later after separate confrontations with the suspect, who had fled into a wooded area, the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office said. Fox News, 12 Sep. 2021 During several performances, Cándido even deploys his elbow, forehead and chin onto the congas, to the delight of his audiences. John Edward Hasse, WSJ, 20 Apr. 2021 Staying in my car, I was instructed to put both hands on the wheel, close my eyes and tilt my head back and chin up. Janet Kusterer, baltimoresun.com, 7 Oct. 2020 In other words, chin up, shoulders back, and bring your heart and soul forward. Laird Borrelli-persson, Vogue, 25 Sep. 2020 Preliminary injunctions are extraordinary forms of relief and there is a very high bar to chin to receive one. John Lynch, Arkansas Online, 8 Aug. 2020 When the public speaker inside me had to step down due to lack of opportunity, the writer in me stood, arms stiffly at her sides with hands in fists, chin up, and ready to work. Stephanie Land, Longreads, 24 Apr. 2020 See More

Word History



Middle English, from Old English cinn; akin to Old High German kinni chin, Latin gena cheek, Greek genys jaw, cheek

First Known Use


before the 12th century, in the meaning defined at sense 1


1869, in the meaning defined at transitive sense 1

Time Traveler
The first known use of chin was before the 12th century
IELTS BNC: 4221 COCA: 3947


ADJECTIVE | VERB + CHIN | CHIN + VERB | CHIN + NOUN | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEsquare方下巴chiselled/chiseled, pointed, pointy輪廓清晰的下巴;尖下巴firm, jutting, strong結實的/突出的/強有力的下巴non-existent, receding, weak(太胖)看不見的/凹進的/無力的下巴dimpled有小窩的下巴determined, resolute, stubborn堅毅的/果敢的/倔強的下巴smooth光滑的下巴bearded, stubbly, unshaven蓄鬚的/鬍子拉碴的/沒刮鬍子的下巴double雙下巴cleft有凹痕的下巴VERB + CHINjut, jut out, lift, raise, stick out, tilt, tip, tip up伸出下巴;抬起下巴;翹起下巴;傾斜下巴Maria jutted her chin defiantly.瑪麗亞挑釁性地揚起下巴。She tilted her chin at him defiantly.她挑釁性地衝他揚起下巴。tuck in收緊下巴finger, rub, scratch, stroke, tap, touch用手指撫弄/揉搓/抓撓/撫摩/輕拍/觸碰下巴He stroked his chin thoughtfully.他若有所思地撫摩着下巴。lean, prop, prop up, rest把下巴支(在⋯上)She sat resting her chin on her hands.她雙手托着下巴頦坐在那裏。cup手窩成杯狀托住下巴He cupped her chin with his hand.他窩起手掌托住她的下巴。CHIN + VERBrise下巴揚起His chin rose in a proud gesture.他驕傲地揚起下巴。rest下巴支(在⋯上)Her chin was resting on his shoulder.她的下巴靠在他的肩頭。quiver, tremble下巴顫抖His chin quivered and a tear ran down his cheek.他下巴顫抖着,一顆淚珠從面頰上滑落下來。CHIN + NOUNstrap頦帶Fasten the chin strap or the helmet will fall off.把頦帶繫牢,不然頭盔會掉下來。level與下巴齊平的高度Slowly lower the bar to around chin level.將槓慢慢降到大致與下巴齊平的高度。PREPOSITIONbeneath sb's chin, under sb's chin在某人的下巴下He put his hand under her chin and lifted her face to his.他用手抬起她的下巴,讓她的臉對着自己的臉。down sb's chin順着某人的下巴The juice dribbled down his chin.汁水順着他的下巴滴下來。on sb's/the chin在某人的下巴上He had bits of food on his chin.他的下巴上有食物碎屑。She caught him with a hard blow on the chin.她重重地打中了他的下巴。
IELTS BNC: 4221 COCA: 3947
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0_0: Translations of chin
  • # n.
    頦: chin
    下巴: chin

0_0: Definitions of chin
  • # noun.
    - the protruding part of the face below the mouth, formed by the apex of the lower jaw.
    * gray stubble covered his cheeks and chin
    - a member of a people of southwestern Burma (Myanmar) and neighboring parts of India and Bangladesh.
    - the Tibeto-Burman language of the Chin, with about 800,000 speakers.
  • # verb.
    - draw one's body up so as to bring one's chin level with or above (a horizontal bar) with one's feet off the ground, as an exercise.
  • # adjective.
    - relating to the Chin or their language.

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