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1 crack /ˈkræk/ verb
cracks; cracked; cracking
1 crack
cracks; cracked; cracking
Learner's definition of CRACK
: to break (something) so that there are lines in its surface but it is usually not separated into pieces摔裂;砸裂
[+ object]
[no object]
[+ object] : to hit or press (something) so hard that it breaks apart or opens suddenly破开;敲裂;砸开
[+ object] : to hit (someone or something) hard and usually suddenly砸;撞击;猛击
[+ object]
: to open (a bottle or can) for drinking开(瓶或罐)usually + open
: to open (a book) for studying or reading翻开,打开(书本)
usually + open
[+ object] : to open (a safe) illegally without having a key, combination, etc.非法打开(保险箱)
[+ object]
: to find an answer or solution to (something)找到…的解决办法
: to find the meaning of (a secret code)破解(密码)
[+ object] : to open (something, such as a door or window) a small amount打开(门或窗)一条缝usually + open
: to cause (something) to make a sudden loud sound(使)突然发出声响
[+ object]
[no object]
see also crack the whip (below)
[no object] of a voice : to change sharply in tone or pitch especially because of strong emotion(嗓音因为强烈的情感)突然变嘶哑,突然变沙哑
[+ object] informal : to tell (a joke)开(玩笑)
[no object] : to lose strength or the ability to resist or fight垮掉;崩溃;瓦解
often + under

a tough/hard nut to crack

see nut

crack a smile

: to smile露出微笑

crack down

[phrasal verb]
: to start to be strict about punishing people for doing something that is illegal or not allowed : to enforce a law or rule more strictly镇压;竭力取缔;严厉打击
often + on
see also crackdown

crack into

[phrasal verb]
crack into (something) informal
: to enter or get started in (something, such as a profession)开始从事(职业等)

crack the whip

: to force people to work very hard迫使他人努力工作

crack up

[phrasal verb] informal
crack up or crack (someone) up or crack up (someone) : to begin laughing or cause (someone) to begin laughing suddenly and in a way that is difficult to control忍俊不禁;捧腹大笑;使爆笑
: to become mentally ill : to lose control of your thoughts and emotions so that you cannot continue to live in a normal way精神崩溃
crack up or crack up (something) also crack (something) up US, informal : to damage (a vehicle) by crashing撞坏(汽车)
see also crack-up
◊ Something that is what/all/everything (etc.) it's cracked up to be is as good as people say it is.和别人说的一样好
◊ This phrase is usually used in negative statements.此短语通常用于否定句。

crack wise

US, informal
: to say something that is funny and smart : to make a wisecrack说俏皮话

get cracking

: to start doing something开始做(某事)
2 crack /ˈkræk/ noun
plural cracks
2 crack
plural cracks
Learner's definition of CRACK
[count] : a thin line in the surface of something that is broken but not separated into pieces裂缝;裂纹
often + in
see also crack in someone's or something's armor at armor
[count] : a very narrow space or opening between two things or two parts of something缝隙;狭缝;窄缝
[count] : a sudden loud, sharp sound(突然的)爆裂声,噼啪声usually singular通常用单数
[count] : a brief change in the sound of a person's voice especially because of strong emotion(尤指因为强烈的情感而)嗓音沙哑usually singular通常用单数
[count] : a weakness or problem瑕疵;问题;缺陷
often + in
[count] informal : a joke or rude remark玩笑;粗俗的言论often + about
[count] : a hard and sudden hit重击;猛击usually singular通常用单数
[count] informal : an effort or attempt to do something努力;尝试usually + at
[noncount] : an illegal drug that is a form of cocaine强效可卡因
called also crack cocaine

a fair crack of the whip

British, informal
◊ If you are given a fair crack of the whip, you are given the same chance as other people to do something.同样的机遇

at the crack of dawn

: very early in the morning : at dawn破晓;黎明;清晨

fall through/between the cracks

also slip through/between the cracks
: to fail to be noticed or included with others未被注意;被忽视;未被包含在内
3 crack /ˈkræk/ adjective
3 crack
Learner's definition of CRACK
always used before a noun
: very good : of excellent quality or ability优秀的;技艺高超的;一流的


1 of 3


cracked; cracking; cracks

intransitive verb

: to make a very sharp explosive sound
The whip cracks through the air.
: to break, split, or snap apart
The statue cracked when she dropped it.
: fail: such as
: to lose control or effectiveness under pressure
often used with up
The stress was so great that she started to crack up.
: to fail in tone
His voice cracked.
: to go or travel at good speed
usually used with on
The steamboat cracked on.

transitive verb

: to break so that fissures appear on the surface
crack a mirror
: to break with a sudden sharp sound
crack nuts
: to tell especially suddenly or strikingly
crack a joke
: to strike with a sharp noise : rap
then cracks him over the head
cracked a two-run homer in the eighth
: to open (something, such as a bottle) for drinking
: to open (a book) for studying
: to puzzle out and expose, solve, or reveal the mystery of
crack a code
: to break into
crack a safe
: to open slightly
crack the throttle
: to break through (something, such as a barrier) so as to gain acceptance or recognition
… on track to crack Hollywood after landing a big screen role. Ed Gleave and Peter Dyke
: to show or begin showing (a smile) especially reluctantly or uncharacteristically
: to impair seriously or irreparably : wreck
crack an opponent's courage
: to destroy the tone of (a voice)
: disorder, craze
Worry had cracked his otherwise cheerful disposition.
: to interrupt sharply or abruptly
The criticism cracked our complacency.
: to cause to make a sharp noise
cracks his knuckles
: to subject (hydrocarbons) to cracking
: to produce by cracking
cracked gasoline
: to break up (chemical compounds) into simpler compounds by means of heat


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: a loud roll or peal
a crack of thunder
: a sudden sharp noise
the crack of rifle fire
: a sharp witty remark : quip
: a narrow break : fissure
a crack in the ice
: a narrow opening
Leave the door open a crack.
cracks between floorboards
used figuratively in phrases like fall through the cracks to describe one that has been improperly or inadvertently ignored or left out
a player who fell through the cracks in the college draftChildren slipping through the cracks of available youth services.
: a weakness or flaw caused by decay, age, or deficiency : unsoundness
: a broken tone of the voice
: moment, instant
the crack of dawn
: a sharp resounding blow
gave him a crack on the head
: an attempt or opportunity to do something
her first crack at writing a novel
got first crack at the job opening
or crack cocaine : a potent form of cocaine that is obtained by treating the hydrochloride of cocaine with sodium bicarbonate to create small chips used illicitly for smoking


3 of 3


: of superior excellence or ability
a crack marksman
crack the whip
: to adopt or apply an authoritative, tyrannical, or threatening approach or policy (as in demanding harder work from employees)
The team needs a coach who isn't afraid to crack the whip.
crack wise
: to make a wisecrack
The comedian often cracked wise about prominent politicians.

Example Sentences

Verb The hailstones were big enough to crack some windows. He cracked his collarbone in a skiing accident. The mirror cracked when she dropped it. Workers cracked the large rock into three pieces so it could be moved. The bird cracked the seed on a tree branch. a tool used for cracking nuts He cracked open the eggs. Someone cracked him over the head with a beer bottle. The baby cracked her chin pretty hard when she fell. He fell and cracked his elbow on the ice. Noun The crack runs all the way from the top of the wall to the bottom. an old patio with grass growing up through the cracks The vase has a few fine cracks, but it is still usable. I could see them through the crack in the doorway. Light came through the cracks in the walls of the barn. Adjective The company has a crack sales force. known as one of the college's crack tennis players See More
Recent Examples on the Web
Like many American cities, Jackson struggles with aging infrastructure with water lines that crack or collapse. Emily Wagster Pettus, ajc, 2 Sep. 2022 The developer could crack or sever pipes, which could affect neighboring farms because the systems are interconnected. Dan Gearino, ABC News, 29 July 2022 The barrel is constructed from high-quality polyethylene and won't crack or peel in cold weather. Better Homes & Gardens, 8 June 2022 Carefully crack an egg into the pan and cook 3-4 minutes or until whites are set. Essence, 2 Dec. 2021 Growers who are scared their sagging pumpkins might crack or cave in sometimes rush them to early weigh-offs. Washington Post, 28 Oct. 2021 Some were addicted to other things: crack or heroin, alcohol or gambling. Sam Quinones, The Atlantic, 18 Oct. 2021 Shaquem joined the Miami Dolphins in July 2021 but failed to crack the 53-man roster, spending some time on the practice squad before his release. Chris Boyle, USA TODAY, 25 Aug. 2022 Riverside took care of business against Perry last week, while Aurora impressed in a win over Euclid to crack the cleveland.com top 25. Jonathan X. Simmons, cleveland, 25 Aug. 2022
In 2017, Morrison pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor drug charge in Columbus after police say crack cocaine was found in his car. Fox News, 31 Aug. 2022 In 2017, Morrison pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor drug charge in Columbus after police say crack cocaine was found in his car. CBS News, 31 Aug. 2022 Following the passage of stiffer state and federal penalties for crack cocaine and other drugs, the incarceration rates for Black and Hispanic Americans tripled between 1970 and 2000. Aaron Morrison, Anchorage Daily News, 30 Aug. 2022 Following the passage of stiffer state and federal penalties for crack cocaine and other drugs, the incarceration rates for Black and Hispanic Americans tripled between 1970 and 2000. Aaron Morrison, ajc, 30 Aug. 2022 To apply the lubricant, simply locate the squeaky joint and apply the powder to the crack. Kamron Sanders, Better Homes & Gardens, 7 July 2022 Mark Dickey, chief of the New Jersey Initial Response Team, described Liza as stuck in a tight vertical fissure that led to an even tighter horizontal crack. Joseph Spector, USA TODAY, 14 Oct. 2021 Officers reportedly found around 114 grams of crack cocaine, cannabis, items used to package drugs for sale, five cell phones and a loaded 9-millimeter handgun that was reportedly stolen in 2020, according to the U.S. Attorney’s office. Mike Mavredakis, Hartford Courant, 25 Aug. 2022 Coddington, who was sentenced to die for murdering Albert Hale in 1997 amid his struggle with a crack cocaine addiction, was executed after Republican Gov. Kevin Stitt on Wednesday denied his request for clemency. Dakin Andone, CNN, 25 Aug. 2022
In 1986, Biden wrote a strict federal anti-crack bill, and sold it by complaining that President Reagan was weak and had surrendered in the War on Drugs. Charles C. W. Cooke, National Review, 23 June 2021 Among the drugs detectives seized were crack cocaine, oxycodone, MDMA and cannabis. Wayne K. Roustan, sun-sentinel.com, 20 Sep. 2019 Police recovered suspected crack cocaine, suspected marijuana, a short straw, a metal spoon and a knife. Bruce Geiselman, cleveland.com, 10 Aug. 2019 Follow along with The Post's crack whip count on where Senate Republicans stand on the revised health-care plan. Paige Winfield Cunningham, Washington Post, 14 July 2017 See More

Word History


Verb, Noun, and Adjective

Middle English crakken, from Old English cracian; akin to Old High German chrahhōn to resound

First Known Use


before the 12th century, in the meaning defined at intransitive sense 1


14th century, in the meaning defined at sense 1a


1793, in the meaning defined above

Time Traveler
The first known use of crack was before the 12th century


1line on the surface of sth where it has broken表面的裂縫ADJECTIVE | CRACK + VERB ADJECTIVEbig, deep, huge, large, long, serious (especially BrE) 大的裂縫;深的裂縫;長的裂紋;大量的裂縫short, small短裂紋;小裂紋fine, hairline, thin細小的裂紋;極細的裂紋CRACK + VERBappear裂紋出現develop, spread裂紋變大/擴展run裂紋延伸A fine crack ran up the wall.牆體向上裂開一道細紋。


2narrow opening縫隙ADJECTIVE | VERB + CRACK | CRACK + VERB | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEnarrow, small, tiny窄縫;小縫wide寬縫VERB + CRACKfill, seal填縫隙;封縫隙We filled the cracks in the plaster before hanging the wallpaper.我們把灰泥上的縫隙填上後才貼壁紙。CRACK + VERBappear縫隙出現Wide cracks appeared in the ground during the drought.乾旱期間,地面出現了很寬的縫隙。open up, widen縫隙變寬PREPOSITIONcrack in⋯上的縫隙There's a crack in the fence big enough to look through.籬笆上的縫隙大得可以看到裏面。PHRASESa crack of light一縷光線a tiny crack of light under the door門下一縷細細的光線open a door, window, etc. a crack門、窗等打開一條縫Could you open the window just a crack?您把窗子打開一條縫好嗎?


3sudden loud sound突然的巨響ADJECTIVE | VERB + CRACK | CRACK + VERB | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEloud, resounding, sharp響亮的劈啪聲;刺耳的爆裂聲sickening令人難受的爆裂聲satisfying令人滿意的劈啪聲audible聽得見的劈啪聲VERB + CRACKhear聽到劈啪聲CRACK + VERBecho爆裂聲回響A loud crack echoed off the empty walls.巨大的爆裂聲在空蕩蕩的圍牆間回響。PREPOSITIONwith a crack劈啪一聲The chandelier hit the floor with a crack.枝形吊燈啪的一聲掉在了地板上。crack of⋯的劈啪聲PHRASESthe crack of a whip鞭子的劈啪聲a crack of thunder一聲霹靂 note at sound


become mentally ill精神崩潰ADVERB | PHRASES ADVERBcompletely徹底崩潰finally最終崩潰The stresses of her job became too great and she finally cracked.她工作壓力變得太過巨大,最終精神崩潰了。up精神垮掉He thought he'd never get through the ordeal without cracking up.他覺得自己即使能躲過這一劫也要變瘋了。PHRASEScrack under the pressure, crack under the strain, show signs of cracking因壓力而吃不消;因緊張而吃不消;表現出崩潰的跡象He is under a lot of pressure but is showing no signs of cracking.他的壓力很大,但還沒看出他吃不消。


crack downADVERBhard嚴厲打擊PREPOSITIONon對⋯採取嚴厲措施to crack down hard on crime嚴厲打擊犯罪
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0_0: Translations of Crack
  • # v.
    爆: burst, crack, explode, quick-fry
    爆裂: burst, bust, crack, flaw
    崩裂: burst apart, crack
    變聲: crack
    坼: break, chap, crack, split
    豁: break, clear, crack, open, play Chinese finger game, remit
    裂: crack, flaw, rend, split, split off
    裂縫: crack, fissure, rend, rift, slit, split
    裂紋: crack, crackle, flaw
  • # n.
    發爆裂聲: crack
    裂: crack, split
    裂縫: cleft, crack, cranny, crevasse, crevice, fissure
    裂痕: chasm, crack, fissure, rift, rip
    裂紋: crack, crackle, flaw
    隙: chink, crack, discord, loophole, occasion for dislike, opportunity
    郤: crack, occasion for dislike
    罅: crack, grudge

0_0: Definitions of Crack
  • # noun.
    - a line on the surface of something along which it has split without breaking into separate parts.
    * a hairline crack down the middle of the glass
    - a sudden sharp or explosive noise.
    * a loud crack of thunder
    - a joke, typically a critical or unkind one.
    * he knew about the gossip and would make the odd crack
    - an attempt to gain or achieve something.
    * I thought I had a crack at winning
    - a hard, crystalline form of cocaine broken into small pieces and smoked.
    * he uses crack and cocaine
  • # verb.
    - break or cause to break without a complete separation of the parts.
    * the ice all over the lake had cracked
    - make or cause to make a sudden sharp or explosive sound.
    * a shot cracked across the ridge
    - find a solution to; decipher or interpret.
    * a hacker cracked the codes used in internet software
    - tell (a joke).
    * he cracked jokes which she didn't find very funny
    - decompose (hydrocarbons) by heat and pressure with or without a catalyst to produce lighter hydrocarbons, especially in oil refining.
    * catalytic cracking
  • # adjective.
    - very good, especially at a specified activity or in a specified role.
    * he is a crack shot

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